Gemini New Moon May 22, 2020

Things aren’t what they seem. Gemini is the area of the cosmos that relishes communication and variety. This Gemini New Moon has the potency to be able to speak your vision with deep conviction and the universe will do its part to respond. 

paris luxemburg gardenThe new moon on Friday, May 22 is at two degrees of Gemini, the Sabian symbol for this degree is The Garden Of The Tuileries In Paris, connecting with the keyword Luxury. There is a desire to take time to do something that makes you feel luxurious. This isn’t connected to a dollar amount, it is the feeling of a splurge, whether it is goofing off in the afternoon and listening to the birds or being able to order your favorite latte at Starbucks. 

Venus and Mercury are both out of bounds and ties together in the chart with a partile (exact) square to Neptune, the planet that loves to make things uncertain and confusing. This is super important as Mercury is in Gemini and ruling the Gemini new moon. Our ideas can be all over the place, yet the core vibration is about getting together with people we love and care about whether it is physically or through the medium of technology. When a planet is out of bounds it has a wild feature to it. Sweet charming Venus isn’t so demure and in Gemini if she is bored doing something outlandish will appear very attractive.

Mercury out of bound in Gemini is critically important. The Mercury ruled Gemini new moon brings wild and outrageous ideas that spur the next great invention or solution to a situation. Let your mind roam and allow the Neptune creative possibilities flow through you. Now is an excellent time to journal and engage in automatic writing as amazing insights are bursting to come through.

erisEris, the goddess of discord is square Pluto, (an unhappy position). The thought of being controlled or told what the so called truth of a situation is, stirs deep. Anger against authority dictating what to do or not to do is very close to the surface and one rule too many will spark outrage against the system. This behavior is intrinsic in simple observations in the current time of Covid 19 and whether or not individuals feel compelled to comply with social distancing and other suggested measures such as wearing a mask. 

The asteroids have a lot to say in this Gemini new moon. Ceres, the asteroid that covers our food supply, especially grains and fruits of the earth, is with Mars. Mars in Pisces is aggravating the growth and cultivation of the crops. Partly from weather and partly from migrant workers who are in a disadvantage position to be able to harvest or work the crops.

Hygiea, the asteroid of health and cleanliness is with Vesta the goddess that keeps the warmth of the kitchen and home together. There is a continued effort for banishing the virus out of the home.

Asteroid JunoJuno, the symbol of marriage and partnership is opposite Chiron. Quarantined relationships that have unresolved issues fester. Venus with Neptune may create an uncertainty about how to get out of a bad relationship. Partly because of the unknown factor Neptune stirs and partly because of uncertainty over finances or future in general. Using the time together to understand each other and the willingness to heal the problems in the relationship will bring the healing and change that Chiron represents. 

Pallas Athene, the female archetype of an independent woman who can handle life on her own is with Saturn in Aquarius, solidifying the need to plan for the future systematically with detached wisdom.

The main gift from this Gemini new moon is about taking time to allow your mind to connect to universal consciousness as there is a cosmic line to incredible insights and wisdom.

The Sirius program is used to create charts calculations for this video. With kind permission from Cosmic Patterns software,