Mercury Heliocentric Node

NN 17 Taurus 44 (1950) 18 Taurus 20 (2000) 18 Taurus 56 (2050)

SN 17 Scorpio 44 (1950) 18 Scorpio 20 (2000) 18 Scorpio 56 (2050)

Venus Heliocentric Node

NN 16.14 Gemini (1950)  16.41 Gemini (2000) 17.08 Gemini (2050)

SS 16.14 Sagittarius (1950) 16.41 (2000) 17.08 Sagittarius (2050)

Mars Heliocentric Node

NN 19 Taurus 10 (1950) 19 Taurus 33 (2000) 19 Taurus 57 (2050)

SN 19 Scorpio 10 (1950) 19 Scorpio 33 (2000) 19 Scorpio 57 (2050)

Jupiter Heliocentric Node

NN 09 Cancer 57 (1950) 10 Cancer 28 (2000) 10 Cancer 59 (2050)

SN 09 Capricorn 57 (1950) 10 Capricorn 28 (2000) 10 Capricorn 59 (2050)

Saturn Heliocentric Node

NN 23 Cancer 14 (1950) 23 Cancer 40 (2000) 24 Cancer 06 (2050)

SN 23 Capricorn 14 (1950) 23 Capricorn 40 (2000) 24 Capricorn 06 (2050)

Uranus Heliocentric Node

NN 13 Gemini 45 (1950) 14 Gemini 00 (2000) 14 Gemini 16 (2050)

SN 13 Sagittarius 45 (1950) 14 Sagittarius 00 (2000) 14 Sagittarius 16 (2050)


Neptune Heliocentric Node
NN 11 Leo 14 (1950) 11 Leo 47 (2000) 12 Leo 20 (2050)
SN 11 Aquarius 14 (1950) 11 Aquarius 14 (2000) 12 Aquarius 20 (2050)

Pluto Heliocentric Nodes
NN 19 Cancer 38 (1950) 20 Cancer 17 (2000) 20 Cancer 59 (2050)
SN 19 Capricorn 38 (1950) 20 Capricorn 17 (2000) 20 Capricorn 59 (2050)

The heliocentric nodes in astrology chart interpretation are an overlooked aspect when analyzing the natal chart. However, every astrologer knows that the personal planets or sensitive points in your chart, ascendant, mid heaven, when in aspect with outer planets have an effect in the interpretation of the nature of the core expression of those planets. Likewise each node when connected to a personal planet, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Ascendant Mid-Heaven, will bring the nature of the planets node to combine with the planet that it is conjunct with. This brings a whole new level of interpretation to chart analysis.

Planets aspecting these points, have significance according to the nature of the node of the planet. What we call the north node of a planet is that point where the orbit of a planet crosses the plane of the earth’s orbit as the planet goes north. The south node is the other point, and when the planet crosses the south node, it is traveling southerly. Actually, no planet ever crosses the earth’s orbit. It crosses the plane of the earth’s orbit.

A person with her Moon at 23 degrees Cancer connected to the node of Saturn will display a deeper sensitivity towards being depressed than if her moon was at 10 degrees of Cancer connected to the node of Jupiter. The difference between a Cancer or Capricorn Moon at 10 degrees or 20 degrees connected to the node of Pluto, or 23 degrees connected to the node of Saturn is tremendous. Being able to use this information in your chart interpretation is extremely helpful when consulting an individual seeking to understand their life and situation.

Likewise, a person with their Sun in Leo or Aquarius at 11 or 12 degrees connected to the node of Neptune will have an element of their life and personality that is far different than an Aquarius or Leo who does not have any connection to the Neptune node.

There is much to study when you want to learn astrology. There are many aspects in interpreting charts and yes it can be a daunting proposition to add yet one more level to the body of knowledge needed in astrology chart interpretation, yet this piece of information on the heliocentric nodes will enable you to pinpoint your accuracy and therefore your counseling skills as a professional astrologer.
Here are some questions that this post is meant to answer.

Using the nodes is not heliocentric astrology which is casting a chart not from the earth’s perspective but from the sun’s position.

What are the degrees of the heliocentric nodes?

How to incorporate the interpretation of heliocentric nodes in astrology readings.

How to interpret heliocentric nodes in the astrology chart.


What are the nodes of Pluto?   20 Cancer/Capricorn

What are the nodes of Neptune? 12 Leo/Aquarius

What are the nodes of Uranus?  14 Gemini/Sagittarius

What are the nodes of Saturn?  24 Cancer/Capricorn

What are the nodes of Jupiter?  10 Cancer/ Capricorn

What are the nodes of Mars?   19 Taurus/Scorpio

What are the nodes of Venus?  17 Gemini/Sagittarius

What are the nodes of Mercury? 20 Taurus/Scorpio

Heliocentric Model Space

More heliocentric space pic

Astrology is a tool to help you know when the planetary cycles are around you and how to make the best use of those energies. It is not to be substituted for legal, medical, financial or other professional advice.