2024 and January Astro Events

Winter Capricorn

Our new year begins with a big start as Jupiter moves direct and on the first Mercury, the messenger, ends his retrograde and moves direct in truth exploring Sagittarius.

The first of the year will be a great time to contemplate and put pen to paper your ideas of your imagined journey in 2024. Beginning the New Year with 3 planets in Sagittarius, Venus, Mercury and Mars, and the Sun in Capricorn on the node of Jupiter thinking beyond what you would ordinarily think possible is called for.

There is a vibe to get out and explore. Take the day to go somewhere fresh and new. Taking the time to discover something out of the ordinary routine sparks a new confidence in believing in yourself that your dreams can come true.

Capricorn New Moon

The Capricorn new moon on the 11th is vibrating with the node of Pluto bringing intensity to the cycle ahead. The Capricorn new moon is traditionally a time to focus on what is most important and to use your time wisely. Distractions of life can impede your progress on what is most important to you. The Capricorn new moon energy helps you to clear out the clutter in your life, literally and metaphorically, for you to put your time and energy in the goals you have set. There is a harmonious aspect with Uranus which helps to make changes needed without too much disruption. If you are looking for another position now is a good time to send or resend your resume.

Pluto in Aquarius

The sun enters Aquarius on the 20th with Pluto re-entering Aquarius the same day. This is the first time the sun and Pluto were together in Aquarius since Jan 20th 1779. The news around us tells us we are on the verge of a new world, (AI) and the astrology has been telling us that also. This is a great day to concentrate on what you want to create, there is a will power that goes along with sun Pluto. If there is something you are motivated for but seem to lack the will power to carry through the necessary actions this is a day to charge ahead.

Venus shifts into Capricorn on the 23rd leaving behind carefree Sagittarius to the more practical view of Capricorn. Venus loves earthy Capricorn and appreciates it when you do what you say you are going to do. She teaches us about knowing when it is appropriate to say I don’t have time or simply no, and not to feel weird about it.

January Full Moon in Leo

winter full moonThe Leo full moon is on the 25th reminding us to follow our heart. It is a great time to connect and reconnect with friends that bring laughter and joy into the world. Jupiter is deeply connected to the full moon expanding the need and desire to live from the heart. This full moon supports us in being open to experiences that move us out of our comfort zone yet offer tremendous opportunities for growth and exuberance. Whether it is going to a new restaurant with dishes you never tried or saying yes to an out of town adventure, or taking a risk romantically.

The last weekend of January the planet Uranus is moving direct the same day Mercury and Mars join together which charges up our thinking process. Uranus being super strong for the weekend loves to bring surprises, sometimes welcomed, other times not so. The planets are very bust this weekend, which indicates we also can be tempted to get many things squared away. There is an independent vibe that goes along with this combination. Trust yourself that if you want something, you will find the inner resources and determination to make it happen.

Capricorn Mountain Goat

Full Moon



Reflections from the past: Understanding how the cycles of the planets have unfolded in your personal life is easier with hindsight.