2023 and January Astro Events

Winter CapricornThe main events in 2023 are Pluto moving into Aquarius, Saturn into Pisces, and Jupiter flying through Aries and slowing down in Taurus. Get ready for major shifts in global attitudes and scientific advances.  Saturn moving into Pisces brings awareness of water issues, too much water, (i.e. flooding) too little and the basic need for unpolluted drinking water. The shifts into new signs for Pluto and Saturn happen in March. Jupiter will speed through Aries, compelling us to get a move on with whatever has been brewing, and then in May Jupiter moves into Taurus, bringing awareness to basic needs of stability. The need to have stability in life whether it is financial, secure housing, safety in general and healthy food supply become front and center. Also the appreciation for nature and taking time in the outdoors is a Jupiter in Taurus desire along with the ability to slow down and enjoy what is in front of us.

The planets that travel closer to the earth and sun are more influential in our daily lives. Namely, the sun, urging self-expression in our daily lives, Venus, wanting us to seek happiness and pleasure, Mars, pushing us to take action, Mercury, stirring our intellect to think and rethink, and of course the moon, when she is in her fullness connecting us with our emotional body.


Venus enters Aquarius on the 2nd of January and spends 26 days nudging us to share time with those we love and care about. Friendship, the concept, what we have what we don’t have in connections with others is on our minds.

Mercury, the messenger, is retrograde in Capricorn until the 18th of January. Our thoughts can ramble back and forth over our career goals and what we want to accomplish in our lives in general. With Mercury retrograde reassessing how we want to be known and who we want to spend time with is essential in understanding what needs to happen to fulfill our desires.

Mars in Gemini finally will move direct on the 12th although it will stay in Gemini until March 25th when it enters Cancer. If you have been torn between which direction to take since last summer, the urge to get on with it and make a choice is strong.

winter full moonJanuary Full Moon in Cancer

The full moon in Cancer is on Friday January 6th at resonating deeply with Mercury and in harmony with Uranus. This full moon will help you to find harmony and balance between your professional or public life and time for your personal and inner life. Mercury retrograde opposite the moon is concrete readjustments in your schedule and focused attention to what is essential to get done. This energy brings to light the necessity to create time for self-care and personal space.

Aquarius New Moon

The new moon in Aquarius on the 21st of January is at 1 degree, super early in the Aquarius cycle which is great as we will have plenty of time to anchor in the opportunities of finding connections. Uranus, the modern ruler of Aquarius is about to go direct, which means the Uranian vibe of breaking free of restrictions is super strong.

Having Uranus so powerful within a day of the new moon empowers the times to find courage to go your own way in spite of the hold the past has on you. With Venus in Aquarius next to Saturn on this new moon, being true to your values and seeking a life you love, your personal idea of a beautiful life beckons.

The month finishes with Venus moving into creative Pisces on the 26th. This bodes well for opportunities to attend music events, theatre and time to watch your favorite movies and TV series.

Capricorn Mountain Goat

Full Moon



Reflections from the past: Understanding how the cycles of the planets have unfolded in your personal life is easier with hindsight.

January Astrology and the New Year.

2021 astrology forecast new yearNew Year’s Day heralds 2021 with a fun loving moon in Leo letting us chill and enjoy the long weekend. Mars is in its last few degrees of Aries urging action on promises made to self since it went into Aries June 30th 2020.

When Mars enters Taurus on January 6th slow and steady wins the race becomes our motto. If you are inspired to set New Year’s intentions the Mars energy will give you a good kick in the behind to jump into it, yet when Mars moves into Taurus a week later setting up a realistic schedule and mental attitude of patience is the key. Better yet, wait until the New Moon in Capricorn January 13th and ride with that energy as it has phenom vibe to set intentions in motion with fortitude.

Check out February next

There are two times we can consider the start of the new year, the first being on the winter solstice when the sun begins to spend more time above the horizon, (daylight) than below. The second at the Capricorn New Moon, the traditional sign signifying setting intentions or goals for the future and what is desired to be accomplished.

Capricorn new moon January 2021

The New Moon in Capricorn is Wednesday January 13th at 23 degrees of Capricorn. The Sabian symbol for this degree is a woman entering a convent. Hmmm…. The keyword according to Rudyar and M. E. Jones is Consecration: the act of making or declaring something sacred. The sacredness of life is the message this Capricorn New Moon. How to make the time you are given this life Sacred?

The 23rd degree of Capricorn with the new moon is on the node of Saturn emphasizing the importance of being mindful of your time on the planet and utilizing your resources in the best way possible. It is a serious vibe, yet it is about being serious to the commitment to your highest good and authentic path.

The new moon is ruled by the planet Saturn in Aquarius. Saturn in Aquarius brings awareness to how much you feel connected or not to the world around you. (detailed analysis here).

In addition the Capricorn New Moon sits with Pluto, the planet of empowerment, transformation, tremendous creation potential. It is a serious even difficult vibe yet if you can sit with the energy for manifestation for the highest and best for all the planetary help is there to create.

One of the messages of this New Moon in Capricorn is to understand what we as mortal human beings can do and what is beyond our control. Living day to day with doing what needs to be done is essential. Having a wry sense of humor gets us through the days and nights.

Uranus Direct at 6 degrees Taurus January 2021

The planet Uranus is stationed on the New Moon day moving forward from its retrograde motion since August. Thursday January 14th Uranus moves direct from 6 degrees of Taurus with Mars hanging out close by, an interesting combination that symbolizes unexpected situations that stir things up and keeps us still. Covid? Winter storms? Traffic Jams?  Stock up on goodies for a long weekend and you will be covered.

A fun exciting vibe is Jupiter square Uranus on January 17th. These two planets when they resonate together want to expand unusual experiences. A time of opening the mind and your world to go beyond your comfort zone, take a chance or risk and see what evolves.

The Sun moves into the air sign of Aquarius January 19th at 3; 40pm EST ready to shed the heavy vibe of earthy Capricorn and embrace the cerebral and detached view of life. The following day is Inauguration day in the USA with the exact Mars Uranus conjunction, plenty of nervous energy as the Sun moves towards Saturn in Aquarius Saturday January 23rd suggests getting back to basics and clearing the to do list to create more time and space for friends and intellectual pursuits.

Venus is flying through the cosmos, starting off in January in ever hopeful Sagittarius, moving into serious Capricorn on the 8th and jumping into friendly Aquarius February 1st.

Thursday January 28th brings us a fabulous Full Moon in Leo. The Sun is at 9 degrees of Aquarius exactly conjunct Jupiter at 9 degrees. Jupiter wants it all; it is the confidence and expansion symbol. Jupiter vibrating with the Leo Full moon is about finding that spot where you shine and feel good. The Sabian symbol for the full moon degree is “Early Morning Dew Sparkles as Sunlight Floods the Field” (Rudhyar).  The keyword connected to this degree from Marc E Jones is rejuvenation.

Venus is exactly with Pluto in Capricorn. We are reminded to live life with passion. Since Capricorn includes being able to make the most of whatever is at hand, it also reminds us to use up what we have. Many times Pluto with Venus is a relationship that demands transformation, change, and if not release. 

The basic message is to have fun, appreciate life, and find joy in the simple pleasures. Celebrate the little experiences and dream of bigger and better times to come. Now is perfect and the best is yet to come.

Mercury retrograde in Aquarius January 2021

mercury retrograde


The month ends with Mercury in Aquarius going retrograde, on the surface time to reconnect with friends and reconsider plans. Aquarius is the sign of electronics, backing up your computer and essentials has double meaning for this retrograde Mercury who is known as the mischief maker.




January 2020

Welcome to 2020 a Huge Huge astrological month of major happenings.

The year begins with mars moving into adventure seeking, fun loving Sagittarius on Friday January 3rd. It gives a great boost to help put effort and energy into being active. Sagittarius is a fire sign and needs fuel to keep the flame alive, fuel for Sag is learning, traveling, and even sports or physical activity.

The real punch of January starts from the 10th, the day of the Lunar eclipse which also is the same day the planet Uranus, the rebel and unpredictable one, begins to move direct. At this juncture all of the traditional planets will now be in direct motion until February 16th which translates to get your groove on as life is moving quickly and you can get much done.

The Cancer full moon Lunar eclipse is a wild one. This eclipse may just be one of the most potent patterns that will impact not only the month, but the year ahead. First the intense signature is that the eclipse is on a degree of the zodiac the is the node of Pluto. This indicates the eclipse will bring up fears that are harbored around loss. The key is to release emotions that are related to fear of situations outside your control, especially dealing with other people or anything that has perceived power over your security.

One reason the eclipse is so magnified this year is that it holds in it the Saturn Pluto conjunction that is exact on the 12th and vibrating its energy the whole month and beyond. The Saturn Pluto conjunction has not happened for nearly 40 years and will change how corporations and governments do business. In our personal life it will churn the fear factor if one does not feel secure in being able to have a skill that will be able to provide enough income for the essentials of life and financial responsibilities one is obligated to pay or repay.

On the 13th sweet Venus which has been spending her days in Aquarius since late December wanting to connect with friends now moves into Pisces and finds concerts and movies attractive while being with compassionate companions that can automatically feel what you are thinking and going through.

The sun enters Aquarius on the 20th shifting the energy into a lighter mode especially as that day the moon in Sagittarius brings hope and confidence that better days are ahead.

The new moon in Aquarius on the 24th is connected with Uranus ready and waiting to shake up the doldrums of routine life and bring in something to do that is out of the ordinary. Mars, Venus, and Neptune are all interconnected in the new moon. As the weeks ahead unfold, Mars in Sagittarius is urging Venus who is next to Neptune to get on with it and bring into ones world more beauty, harmony, music, love, and in general time to dream of how life can be if only the practical side of life didn’t take up the day.

We race into February with the distinct notion that being true to self and what we want, even if others attempt to manipulate or bully us into thinking we are being selfish, is ultimately what will be best for everyone in the long run.

January 2019 Astrology Forecast


Happy New Year Polar Bear


We have tremendous support from the universe this January 2019 to help us with our hopes, desires, and purpose. It is truly a time to leave the past in the past and embrace a fresh start.

The month will bring us two eclipses, Uranus direct in late Aries as well as the direct motion of the other planets, and four planets in their rulership, which allows for the areas of life that they rule to manifest more quickly into our world. These four planets are Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune are in rulership, governing self-assertion and physical activity, travel and education, career and accomplishment, and mystic revelations along with music, film and art forms.

January first Mars moves into the sign of Aries. Mars recently began a new cycle with Chiron in Pisces, demanding we heal hurts and wounds that we have suffered over. Some of the healing could be around love and relationship issues, other healing could be ancestral wounds or negative programming about deserving, or chronic sadness around situations that you were born into that you had no control over.

Mars in Aries is the trigger to take action, the fast start to get the momentum going on whatever is important to you. Mars is in its rulership, meaning it is very strong and brings results.

The solar eclipse on January 5th at 8:28pm EST in Capricorn is another powerful momentum vibration that is nudging us mere mortals to get to the core of our own unique purpose and find the means to express our gifts in tangible ways with the time we have in the earth body. This solar eclipse new moon is positioned between Saturn and Pluto, hence the urgency to express our passion (Pluto) in form (Saturn). Dream Jupiter Neptune

The 6th of January Uranus moves direct in Aries. At this time all the planets will now be in forward motion. This is a fortunate time to forge ahead with your intentions without too many obstacles or delays.

Venus moves into Sagittarius leaving behind her long retrograde journey she had in Scorpio. Give room to roam as Venus in Sag, like Jupiter in Sag does not want to be stifled or stuck doing the same thing over and over.

The 23rd of January brings a super full moon Lunar eclipse in Leo.

february love


The Leo Lunar Eclipse is all about love. Love of self, love to others, love for the earth, love to all creatures. It is a cosmic shower of unconditional love. Venus will be conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius trine Mars. There is freedom to love with this combination. The letting go of the past and hope for the future is what this combo brings. With the sun in Aquarius and Moon in Leo spending time with friends that accept you  as you are will be fun and  rewarding.

The energy of the full moon will carry through the rest of the month and be rekindled on the 24th when Mercury enters Aquarius. The weekend of the 25th – 27th brings together great conversation with easy going friends.


January 2018 Astrology Forecast

Super Moon Full MoonJanuary astrology; the month begins with a super full moon in Cancer and ends with a lunar eclipse in Leo. Mixed in the middle is the annual Capricorn New Moon of cementing and reapplying effort to our life’s vision and purpose. The Super Moon is a great way to begin a New Year with reflections on the overall state of one’s life. Look for balance between your professional world and personal world, if it is missing 2018 is a year to bring it back into harmony.

It is a time of reflection especially for the areas of life of family, parenting, home, security, and feelings of safety, and what brings you comfort.

Do you get the support you need? The super full moon in sensitive Cancer can illuminate memories from the past.

The conjunction of Venus/sun in Capricorn on January 8 is a great time to refocus on your dreams and goals. Respect in relationships, good boundaries, and clear intentions are part of the equation.  Both beginnings and endings are possible. Finding time to do what you value most and be with the people you love and care about are part of what the universe is nudging us to do. The Sun Venus conjunction is with Pluto, the lord of the underworld demanding deep and intimate relationships. Passion and purpose in doing what you love is critical for meaning in life at this moment. Money or the lack thereof can be an issue that hits a nerve, how much is needed to live a life of meaning. How does money control one’s life, a Pluto question wiggles its way into this Venus Sun goddess tribute.

New Moon Sun Moon StarsThe new moon in Capricorn on the 16th/17th  squares Uranus in Aries and conjuncts Venus. This combination creates the opening for the unusual and unexpected. Life can be moving very quickly now, work, school, obligations can be overwhelming all the while Uranus is tempting one to break free from obligations and chuck it all.  

The north node is with Ceres, time to add fire to the hearth and create a warm and nurturing environment. Healthy food is the direction to head. The south node is with Juno, letting go of petty annoyances, jealousy and passiveness is freeing. With Venus having just moved into Aquarius on January 17th, the attitude of all getting along and spending time with your friends begins to be put on the calendar.

January Astrology shifts the energy with an influx of Aquarius vibes.

The sun moving into Aquarius on the 19th add to the desire to meet and greet friends and connect with people that have interesting knowledge and conversation to partake in. The same old conversations and rehashing past grievances will feel trite. New ideas flood your consciousness and being with others that have similar concepts that allow for your consciousness to expand feels right.

Mars shifting out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius will reveal the dirt that was uncovered in scandals and investigations. For us to use Mars in Sagittarius in a healthy way getting back into ones favorite mode of exercise can be useful. As well as putting effort into planning a vacation and learning.

Leo Full Moon eclipseJanuary ends as it began with a super full moon that is an eclipse. This lunar eclipse in Leo on the 31st of January opens the heart chakra to experience love. The sun in Aquarius and Moon in Leo are vibrating on the planetary node of Neptune. Stepping into the realm of compassion, and unconditional love and acceptance is possible. Becoming aware of one’s own delusion or illusion of the pettiness in the world and moving beyond polarization brings a sweet joy of connecting with all that is.


January 2018 Astrology





January Astrology

January Astrology 2017

January begins with Mars and Neptune together, waking up to the lingering effects of the extra glass of wine, the late night, or having indulged in too many sweet and savory treats will be felt.

On the other hand Neptune Mars to start the New Year is a perfect combination to begin 2017 with a commitment to your spirituality, artistic endeavors, and physical activities such as Yoga, tai chi, swimming, dance, or really any sport that you find a spiritual or artistic connection with.

It is true that Mercury is retrograde and many new commitments that start could be side tracked when Mercury moves direct on the 8th. However it is also a time to return to an activity once again, a re-commitment, especially if it is one that is short term project that can be completed before Mercury goes direct.

Girl with Owl Friends Moon Mercury Venus AquariusVenus moves into idealistic Pisces on the 3rd, a sweet and gentle Venus. Every year when Venus is in Pisces it is a time to connect to loving from afar, accepting others as they are, even if you are not able to agree with their actions or stay in a relationship with them. It is the longing for a soul mate, the illusive partner that understands and completes the other. Relationships that begin under a Venus in Pisces time can start off with the rose colored glasses, be very romantic, and many times are long distance and when scrutinized at another level, not realistic in fitting into the other part of your life.

Astrology Forecast for January 2017

The full moon in Cancer on the 12th holds extra power as it is directly connected to the Uranus Jupiter opposition. The Jupiter Uranus connection is the gift of freedom and independence to be our own person, to live according to our unique soul’s path as we accept others with compassion and reach out to help those who are unable to help themselves. It is a powerful time where sudden insight can come to the light of consciousness that will illuminate your path of walking the razors edge of living in the world but not of the world. Or in other words the ability to have balance of taking care of the physical necessities and commitments you have while pursuing the path that speaks to your higher consciousness and souls path.

Dream Time ImageThe full moon is on the day of the new phase of Venus and Pisces, another indication from the universal guides to remind us to embrace and embody love, wisdom and compassion. There can be deep longing and strong emotions that surface with this full moon. Thoughts of what could have been, might have been, or negative thinking of how you could have done life different surface. It is important under these moments to release sadness or heaviness in order to embrace the higher element of spiritual wisdom and growth.

Also on this day Venus is at her peak, meaning that she is at the point furthest away from the sun as she will be in this cycle. She will be shining brightly in the skies.

The sun enters Aquarius on the 19th, the day that Mars is square Saturn- a push to accomplish projects and move beyond obstacles.

As the days move towards the Aquarius new moon on the 27th Mars is in its last degrees of Pisces which is brings emphasis to the full moon energy of standing up for the downtrodden and effort towards a more compassionate society. Unfortunately Mars in Pisces can also be misguided idealism and martyrdom.

January Astrology 2017 forecast

The new moon in Aquarius is a breath of fresh air. Mercury has crossed its shadow point of the last retrograde cycle and Mars is on the brink of entering into Aries where he is in his home territory bringing another round of excitement and enthusiasm.

Jupiter in Libra is slowing down preparing for its retrograde in early February at a degree that represents blessings and fortune.

The new moon brings with it the message of acceptance, tolerance, sisterhood, and the wisdom of breaking free from the obligations of the past that no longer serve who you are or what you believe. Intuitively you may feel that now is the time to begin a new project that you have been anticipating. Whether it is something you want to learn, going after a new career, a new hobby, or a different health routine. This will be the ONLY new moon we have this year when all of the traditional planets are moving direct. No one is retrograde between January 8th and February 5th. An unusual phenomena and one to take advantage of when you want to begin something with the wind in your sails moving you full speed ahead..


Aries    Taurus   Gemini   Cancer   Leo    Virgo   Libra   Scorpio   Sagittarius   Capricorn   Aquarius   Pisces 

Reflect back and see how the January astrology manifested in a previous year.  Here is 2016

January begins with the planets in direct motion spring boarding the New Year with enthusiasm to have 2016 a year filled with all kinds of possibilities. Embrace your dreams, as they have more potential to come true than many other years.

Even with Mercury moving retrograde early in the month, (Jan 5th) it will help in gathering information and reassessing what needs to be done to fulfil the plans ahead. Mercury begins its retrograde in Aquarius, catching up with friends and seeking innovative solutions are plentiful. Yet this retrograde is intense as the Sun joins Pluto, diving us into the depths of intuition to embrace our strength and be empowered.

Jupiter moves retrograde 2 days later sending positive energy to uplift confidence and a can do attitude. Remember that Jupiter in Virgo, although not Jupiter’s favorite hometown, brings out the details needed and hones the schedule of daily life to include healthy routines and habits that can lead towards the discipline needed to accomplish what has begun.

Mars moves out of Libra on January 3rd moving into Scorpio, the sign it rules. Mars is able to get a lot done in Scorpio, although the energy wields a sharp sword when crossed or threatened. Take advantage of this powerful ability to focus your motivation to keep on track with the decisions you have made.

The 8th of January begins a new cycle of Saturn in Sagittarius with Venus, there are only 2 Saturn Venus conjunctions in Sagittarius in a 29 year time frame. The importance of this cycle is to get serious about what you love and value when it comes to travel, risk taking and adventure, knowledge and education, and your personal philosophical, religious and views in life. That is the first step, the next is to bring into existence that which is important to you. Setting your intentions in these areas over the next 45 days are important in being able to have them manifest in your life over the next several years.

The Sun shifting into Aquarius on the 20th is a breath of fresh air and brings with it the ability to detach from problems and seek another perspective to discover solutions.

Mercury spends the last 10 days of January conjunct Pluto demanding contemplation that will result in ideas of how to carry out plans for the year ahead. Being willing to let go of old ideas and challenge the collective mindset is part of the message.

As Mercury moves direct on the 25th the meditation and visualization you have spent time on since December 19th will begin to take form.

Aries: Clear out debt, financial and obligations, think how to advance in your life’s work.



Taurus: Stand your ground with confidence only after contemplating your deepest intentions. Rethink what constitutes a joy filled life.


Gemini: Full speed ahead in taking care of your daily routine, health and work. Restructure obligations to others so it is a win win situation.


Cancer: Communicate with others with clarity so they understand exactly how you feel and what you expect. Carve time out for your favorite hobbies.


Leo: Your health is calling, make changes in your routine to look and feel your best. Inner awakenings happen that reveal patterns you can let go of that create strife and arguments.


Virgo: Time to rediscover your hidden talents and spend time having fun. Intellect is sharpened as clear communication is necessary to get the job done.


Libra: Money issues versus abundance in your life coincides with reevaluating early conditioning from others expectations for your life.


Scorpio: Mars moving into your sign brings to you inspiration and motivation to do whatever you set your mind to.


Sagittarius: Rumblings from deep within stir intuition to listen carefully to what you sense is going on behind closed doors. Ideas of greater prosperity that lead to freedom keep changing from one idea to the next.


Capricorn: Your month of incredible inspiration and ideas that can move mountains of objections. Plans may take time, yet have ability to manifest with work.


Aquarius: Your ability to find solutions bubble to the surface after time in solitude and meditation. Stand up for what you believe yet don’t become the martyr.


Pisces: Connections, whether close friends, or casual acquaintances making the right connections with good boundaries help you immensely.


astrology loving light