Capricorn Lunar Eclipse July 2020

July Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Caprocorn

Capricorn Lunar Eclipse July 2020 Astrology

The full moon lunar eclipse shining across the lands July 4th and 5th as the earth rotates vibrates with a pattern that ultimately leads us to inner state of emotional and material security.


However it may not be an easy journey or exercise as we follow the path that takes us to that place.

When you observe the full moon eclipse using astrocartography, or astro maps, it is exact when it is over a longitude that spans from near Quebec through Maine, western Venezuela, to La Paz, and continues down to Santiago Chile. Wherever you are on the planet the experience is the same: finding the sweet spot in your life between your outer world, (professional life) and your inner world, (your personal life.)


The sun is at 13 degrees of Cancer with the fixed star Sirius, one of the more ‘famous’ fixed stars in astrology since it was the rising of Sirius that heralded the flooding of the Nile in Egypt.


Having the sun in the eclipse pattern with Sirius which is about recognition and honors this helps impregnate any ceremony that you may do in aligning with your chosen path. The moon is with a fixed star called Ascella which channels positive attitude to draw to you benefits.


The Cancer Capricorn axis stirs emotions of vulnerability and insecurity. If you do not feel settled in your private life or your professional life then this vibe brings to the surface areas of your life that you wish were different and want to change.

Lunar Eclipse in Cardinal Grand Cross

The Full moon eclipse is in a grand cross pattern with Chiron and Juno. The essence of Chiron is about wisdom; essentially turning the hurts and painful experiences had in life and allowing them to bring us to a place of wisdom. The Chiron return happens in a persons chart around the age of 52, it is then that we have experienced 5 decades of life and are able to teach from the experiences that make you stronger.


Juno is considered the asteroid of marriage; however research has shown it to be about community, which I have seen time and time again in individuals’ life. In many parts of the world you don’t just marry a person, you marry into a family structure and their community. The full moon illumination shines light on your significant relationships and your community connections. If you are happy and feel safe and secure in their presence the relationships will continue to grow and be appreciated.

If you feel drained or undercut in any way by those that you consider your friends and connections then the light of the eclipse will show you what you can do to nurture your emotional and physical well-being.



July astrology 2020Ixion is one of the newly discovered dwarf planets. Ixion is conjunct the south node in the Lunar eclipse chart which will continue to play out in our world through the new moon in Virgo in September. Ixion has been connected to a problematic side of human nature which is selfishness, lack of appreciation, taking things for granted, hubris, greed, disregard for ones actions, screwing up second chances, and passing problems down through the generations (for more info check out the works of Zane Stein, Nick Firenza, Mark Holmes).


The south node is a problematic point in the sky; I interpret this aspect of the eclipse as the consequences from the aforementioned attitudes coming back around to bite. Ixion was ultimately tied to a spinning wheel in a particularly nasty territory of Hades. The message from this aspect is take caution that your own self-interest doesn’t throw you into your own hell where you are constantly spinning your wheels and digging yourself deeper into misery

Eclipses in Capricorn eclipse moonsCancer ending the 18 month nodal journey



The eclipse pattern is showing on the surface frustration, anger and discontent on the planet as seen with Eris, the goddess of discord, square Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Pallas Athene. This symbolized our frustration of being controlled (Pluto/Saturn) along with our need to be independent and not beholden to rules and regulations. It creates a lot of internal (wanting to do something or go somewhere) and external noise (news reports of those who are against the covid restrictions).


Yet under the noisy pattern of the eclipse therein lies the solution with Venus hiding in plain sight. Venus wants happiness, comfort, to smile, pleasure and the internal sense that life is abundant and rich.


The north node is in Gemini, the north node points to the solution. Mercury, is the planet to look at since it rules Gemini and Mercury, the planet of thinking and the mind, is in watery emotional territory of Cancer at 7 degrees. This represents checking in with your emotional response to what you are thinking. Be conscious and aware that your thoughts are impacting your emotions and your emotions are spurring your thinking pattern.

Venus with the Lunar Eclipse Why She is Important Key to Joy

Venus is in Mercury ruling sign of Gemini at 7 degrees. Signs that are side by side have trouble seeing each other, as if one is in the blind spot of the other. However they are resonating strongly since they both are at the same number (7). Venus configures in the chart in a behind the scenes way as she is connected by midpoints (halfway between planets). First she is vibrating with Neptune; seeking and longing for the ideal but what isn’t present. Saturn is part of this picture pointing out the disappointment of what isn’t.


Second Venus is vibrating with Saturn seeking down to earth solutions to create whatever she deems will bring more happiness and pleasure into your life. Mars is the other part of this picture and is in Aries, where Mars has the know-how and ability to motivate and take action to make things happen.


Ultimately this is the core essence of this Lunar Eclipse full moon in Capricorn.

plant medicine


Meditations for the Capricorn Full Moon





  • Determine if or what is out of sync between what you want to do in the world and what you need for inner contentment.
  • Examine if friends or associations lift your spirits or not.
  • Be brutally honest with any part of you that is exhibiting Ixion; such as lacking appreciation, screwing up second chances, ignoring problems thinking they will be solved down the road or by others, etc.
  • Acknowledge your own frustration or anger in situations where you feel stuck or controlled.
  • Cleanse your emotional body and chakras with any ceremony that resonate with you.
  • Be conscious of your thought patterns and the emotional connection.
  • Reconnect with what brings joy and happiness into your life.
  • Get into action.