Solar Eclipse July 2 2019


















The eclipse season is here.

How to be in tune with the cosmos and setting intentions under the Cancer Solar Eclipse of July 2 2019.

The solar eclipse is on the heliocentric degree of Jupiter, opening a portal that infuses this new moon with the ability to dream big and manifest your future. Teachings from the cosmic mind can appear to you as an inner knowing. If you are connected to a teacher, or spirit guide this new moon eclipse opens the avenue of communication more than other times. Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune are in resonance with each other as they are each around 17 degrees of Sagittarius, Capricorn and Pisces respectively. This configuration helps anchor the vision of what is possible into our physical material world.  
The areas of life that are sensitive and will support changes are:

  • Family: Creating closeness with those that you can call family, whether blood related or not.
  • Home, Sprucing up your space, rethinking if you are living where you feel the best. The message will be love where you live.
  • Healing the emotional body, meditations that include chakra cleansing are supercharged.
  • Taking time to relax in nature, especially if there is water nearby.
  • The urge to nurture, rescuing a homeless kitty or dog.
  • Comfort food that feeds the body, mind and soul.
  • Letting go of past grievances and starting fresh.
  • Connecting with friends from years gone by.
  • Discovering your ancestors, genetic and spirit guides.


In this solar eclipse new moon Venus is in Gemini and she’s conjunct two fixed stars, one is Polaris and the other one is Betelgeuse, they are both positive energy. 
Polaris is the Polar North Star. 

What is it that you know you truly enjoy, you love, what brings you a sense of pleasure, a sense of joy into your life? Have that be your guiding star as you’re going through the weeks ahead and since Venus is in Gemini, she does not want to be confined, she does not want to be told who she can talk to, who she cannot talk to, so give your relationships a little freedom and give yourself some space also. Let yourself be curious.

Cancer energy wants to merge and feel safe and Venus in Gemini wants to make lots of connections with a variety of people and places. Your intuition takes you to the right people and places. 

Being in touch with your inner being that knows from deep within you are safe, secure and loved is the essence of the message this Cancer new moon solar eclipse.