Gemini New Moon and June Astrology

June Astrology

During the month of June Venus will be traveling with the Sun, therefore will not be seen until later in July when she reemerges as an evening star. When Venus is with the sun she traditionally goes through a phase of reevaluation of what brings love, joy and happiness into life. Often times with shedding the old and allowing for an evolution of values.

The Gemini new moon is all about seeking and embracing friendships, fun, and joy.

The new moon on the 6th  is at the degree (16) in Gemini that vibrates with the node of Venus. (BTW all planets have their own node, not just the moon.) In addition Venus herself is at the exact same degree, place, that the new moon is. It is time for a happy dance as this new moon is enveloped in the comfort of finding all good things that bring light hearted fun and joy into life.

However Saturn is lurking around the corner ready to put a damper on playing hooky and making plans with friends becoming more prominent June 8th and 9th. Gemini is about options and staying interested in life. There will be plenty of ideas that pop up that are enticing that will add more enjoyment into your life. However the Saturn aspect will be the reality checker on how to make it happen, whether what you want is something that cost money, takes time, or isn’t totally realistic.

Around the corner vibrating with the Sun, Moon, and Venus is Pluto albeit in a subtle way. Pluto may argue that he is never subtle yet the angle that Pluto is with the new moon doesn’t knock you over, it simply is an undercurrent to follow your passion no matter what. Pluto will bring the desire to not make compromises on what brings you happiness.

Jupiter and Mercury recently entered into Gemini adding to the cosmic atmosphere to let go of whatever holds you down and imagine possibilities. With Mercury, the planet of the mind, communication, and friendships in Gemini it is a great to brainstorm with others. Now is a time for plenty of what if’s and why not.

This vibration will continue to unfold for the next couple of weeks until the full moon in Capricorn shines her light the with the summer solstice June 21st.

Mars enters the sign of Taurus on June 9th and is in combination with powerful Pluto. When Mars and Pluto square off you can expect to see a surge in my way or the highway thinking. The universe will give you the extra energy needed to push beyond procrastination and get something done that you have set aside.

When the sun moves into Cancer heralding the first day of Summer Venus and Mercury have already paved the way to slow down the pace. After a whirl wind of ideas and intellectualizing work and love, this is a time to connect with how you feel about your situations, not just the abstract concepts. The solstice chart sets the vibe for the next 3 months (until the equinox chart September 22nd). The solstice chart has the Sun intimately connected with Neptune, the planet of dreams, ideals, and fantasies. Throughout the summer the vibe will be towards imagining the possibilities of our ideal life. There will be an emphasis on seeking community, friends that feel like family and those that have the same philosophy towards life.


Mercury retrograde thinking

Mercury and the Moon are out of bounds. When planets have gone beyond their normal declination they operate in a wild and unpredictable way. The moon in Sag feelings and emotional responses can be magnified, and communication through Mercury in Cancer is extra sensitive and intuitive in nature.

The Full moon in Capricorn on the following day emphasizes the duality of our private life and our public life. In other words how do we find space for what nurtures us and still be accountable to the obligations we have chosen. However the declination of the Moon is accentuated in a very extreme way giving the out of bounds condition a huge emphasis on the unpredictability of emotional states. Anyone who normally gets super charged either on the highs or lows during a full moon will be incredibly sensitive to this full moon. The normal guide of what the Capricorn full moon brings is turned on its side. The usual idioms of focus on goals, responsibility, practicality, and discipline and structure are shattered to reemerge in a form that fits more of who you are now and helps guide you towards your dreams and ideals.

saturn return

The month ends with Saturn retrograde at 19 degrees of Pisces. Saturn is the hard core realist with seeping “can I really do it” insecurity thoughts and questions that beg to be answered to create good boundaries to carry on a plan for a balanced home career life balance. Yet Saturn has been taking a backseat to Neptune since Neptune is at the last degree of Pisces, hence being the void planet in the sky. A void planet is the last planet that the moon has contact with before she enters another sign. For the month of June and in the months ahead the last experience the moon encounters is with Neptune. Neptune is the planet that can confuse or blur issues and is more concerned with planting the seeds of the ideal or fantasy than the realistic viewpoint that Saturn thinks is so important.



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