June 2022

Mercury is direct and Saturn retrogrades

Mercury moves direct on the 3rd of June opening the way for ideas that brewed in the last weeks to have more clarity. Yet Mercury is intimately connected with Saturn which slows down fast and impulsive actions.

June begins with the vibration to think through what we want, why we want it and if what we are doing is really necessary. This thinking process allows us to focus on using our efforts on what our core values are and not waste time or effort on anything that is not lasting.

The first days of June we have Mercury and Saturn shifting gears, Mercury stationed direct and Saturn retrograde exerting extra influence, the end of the month Neptune is retrograde with his extraordinary focus to manifest ones ideal vision of life. Neptune will be dancing in and out of focus all month bring the urge to seek a fantastic version of your ideal life. Think of the innocence of a child, desiring to meet a purple unicorn, not caring if it is realistic no matter how many times the adult tells the child they don’t exist. Neptune calls us to believe in one’s dream and know that the pursuit of the ideal is just as important, if not more so, than living in a world of restrictions and limitations.

Saturn is doing its yearly 5 month retrograde from the 4th of June until October 23rd. The heaviness of Saturn with its get down to the basics vibe will be felt mostly from June 1st – June 5th.  A way to honor this energy is not to waste time on anything that isn’t important in the long run, and to consider what you can do to accomplish long term desires.

Venus is comfortable traveling through her sign of Taurus until the 22nd. When Venus is in Taurus it is a good time to find deals on items that are of good quality that you want to keep around. A way of honoring Venus is in the appreciation of what you have, and seeing life as abundant and the richness that life can offer, whether in nature, art, music, or the gifts that is created from the materials from mother earth.

Full Moon in Sagittarius June 14th

The full moon of Sagittarius on the 14th highlights the call of Neptune to pursue ones fantastic vision of your ideal life. Yes, it could be considered unrealistic by those around you, yet your inner wisdom will guide you more than the outer voices. The Sagittarius full moon is a time to seek new horizons. The desire to travel and experience something different and new is part of this message.

Sun in Cancer

The sun enters Cancer on the 21st, heralding in the summer solstice for the northern hemisphere, the longest day of the year. This year the solstice chart has the Moon in Aries with Jupiter in Aries, with its enthusiasm to take advantage of the each opportunity as it comes. Venus is in late Taurus together with Sedna, and both flowing with Pluto in Capricorn, honoring that which is meaningful to you without struggle. Sedna reminds us to pursue our own path, especially when we have felt let down, or even betrayed by the traditional accepted viewpoints of the “right” or “normal” way of living life.

New Moon in Cancer June 28th

The new moon in Cancer on the 28th is the day Neptune moves retrograde; again emphasizing the quest to follow your vision. The cancer new moon is connected with Jupiter, another message to break free from fear, to believe in what is possible. Jupiter wants to grow, to have, to move beyond what is already in place. Coupled with the new moon in cancer it is to have a place, internally and externally that is safe, protected, and very comfortable.  When that is all set then the freedom to explore new vistas, relationships, and opportunities is from a place of strength and confidence.




June Key Points

  • Think clearly, If needed get the facts for decisions 6/1- 6/10
  • Experience your world as abundant 6/1- 6/22
  • Chuck out negative thinking patterns 6/1- 6/22
  • Move into a judgement free zone 6/12- 6/15
  • Enhance friendship connections 6/22- 7/17
  • Develop your imagination and creative skill 6/26 – 6/30


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June Astrology 2021

Let’s check out the astro weather for June. There are months that we just move along w/o too many bumps or surprises in life. Then there are times when every time we turn around someone is telling us about a life changing event. June is one of those months. Saturn is square Uranus for the second of the three times of 2021.  This is the major vibe of 2021 as Saturn squares the planet Uranus bringing the continuation of upheaval and tensions between the old and new world.

The planets during June have a lot of strength; in astro lingo it is called essential dignity. What this means in plain English is the location, meaning the signs, that the planets are floating through are supplying the planets with the ‘essential’ tools they need to do their thing. In turn the energy that they can send to us is enhanced and we can find that we are able to tap into the resources of the vibrations to move our lives forward.

venus star gate second chakraVenus, the planet of desire, beauty, and what we love will spend most of the month in cancer. Putting effort into self-care and nurturing our environment just seems like the place to bring us comfort and joy. Mars entered Cancer in May and with Mars the action planet in the same sign as Venus the impetus to spend the money and effort for taking care of what is brings us comfort and safety is available. Venus meets with the moon on June 11th as the second of the 7 gates of her 584 day cycle, this I the 2nd chakra, creativity.


Gemini Solar Eclipse June 10th 2021

The main event for June is the solar eclipse on the 10th at 19 degrees of Gemini.  According to Rudhyar the symbol is: A Modern Cafeteria Displays an Abundance of Food, Products of Various Regions. The symbol for Venus from Rudhyar is: A Large Diamond In The First Stages Of The Cutting Process.

Both of these symbols are pointing towards gifts from the earth that is in front of us and it is up to us to allow for the abundance that is available to nourish. The symbol of the diamond not quite cut or polished is a reminder that at the core of who we are is precious and beautiful.

gemini solar eclipse Neptune influenceThis eclipse is square Neptune, the planet that wants us to step into our fantasy world, to dream something up working with our creative and intuitive gifts. Yes, it is important to pay attention to your intuitive guides when something or someone around you is presenting as too good to be true. The old line of don’t believe everything that you hear rings loud during this eclipse.

Mercury, the ruler of the Gemini Solar eclipse is moving retrograde into the heart of the sun which will happen later that day. This is a powerful time that strengthens Mercury and enables him/her. If you can find time to meditate and open to the universe this time is symbolic of downloading from cosmic consciousness. Many inventions and amazing designs can be plucked out of the ethers now.

Mars moves into sun loving Leo the day after the eclipse, bringing motivation to let loose, have fun, laugh and dance. There is a mischievous vibe happening on and off all month, when Mars in Leo gets in the mix drama plays out after unchecked communications stir up differences. A few days later Saturn is exactly Square Uranus really creating break-ups, job changes, moves, and unusual news and chaos.

Sun In Cancer Solstice 2021

The sun enters Cancer on the 20th the day our helpful planet Jupiter stations to move retrograde. It is a good day to be settled and relax. We are moving into a time of water, which beckons to find the emotional equanimity and stillness within.

Mercury moves direct on the 22nd on the node of Venus, conversations with friends prove fruitful and meaningful.

Capricorn Full Moon June 2021

capricorn full moon june 2021The full moon in Capricorn on the 24th vibrates with the station of Neptune adding an uncertainty in how to have balance between what you do to survive, (job, work, duties) and how to nourish your personal and family life. What is more important to you at this time? Have you ignored one side of life in order to focus on another? The full moon in Capricorn at 3 degrees seeks healthy boundaries and desires the appropriation of time to how you want to be seen and known in the world without sacrificing your inner life.

Venus is opposite Pluto and at an important degree that will circle around at the end of the year when Venus goes retrograde. Venus Pluto has been a theme on and off since 2020. What is your obsession? What do you fear losing? Do you have good boundaries in relationship? What are you hanging onto that you no longer need? What are you hanging onto b/c of fear of the future or unknown? Big questions when answered bring the intention of the full moon into being; balance of our life’s mission with the world and emotional fulfilment and peace in our personal life.

In addition Jupiter is at the midpoint of Saturn and Neptune. This is a tricky energy as Jupiter expands whatever it is involved with. Saturn and Neptune are either putting form to your dreams and spiritual path or magnifying sadness, hopeless, and loss. If you have been thinking of doing a yoga retreat, meditation program, or any action towards making your visions of possibility come true it is good. Be conscious of the collective energy on the planet seeping into your emotional state as those who are disadvantaged, hungry, sick, emotional distraught from the loss of loved ones, employment, and personal aspirations will be circulating in the etheric fields.

At the same time the Capricorn full moon has the planet Uranus, the great awakener, at the midpoint between the Sun and Neptune. This cracks open and dismantles any illusions we have been living and you will see truth being exposed in the news about fraud and deceit. For us? Don’t buy into what other people are pushing when has a fishy smell and don’t let someone belittle what is your truth.

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We finish the month out with Venus moving into Leo on the 27th and heading into sunny July reminding us that life is to be enjoyed. We are entering the next month as a time to play, laugh, and have the small pleasures of life be celebrated. 




Reflect on years gone by to see how the movement of the planets had meaning in those times.

June Astrology 2020

June Astrology 2020The eclipse season has arrived; Venus begins her new 584 day cycle and retrogrades pile on. All in all it will be a month to remember. An eclipse month has a way of shifting patterns in our life to open our eyes to new possibilities. In addition to the lunar and solar eclipse there is a Venus retrograde during her new cycle, and Mercury retrograde all suggesting that it is a time to rethink what we want: changes are bound to happen.

Changing times continue throughout the month of June which include lunar and solar eclipse as well as Mercury retrograde, Neptune retrograde and Venus shifting direct. Mars will be spending the majority of the month in Pisces, getting your way is using your intuition to know what and when to make the move. To top the month off we have another Jupiter Pluto conjunction to end the month. These two planets when they get together plan and plot to be able to do something big. The key words for Jupiter Pluto can be go big or go home. In other words, combining with the Neptune vibe of imagination it is a message to keep dreaming your vision.

There will be a few days when the only planets direct will be Mars and Uranus, (the sun and moon never are retrograde).

A plethora of planets always refers to going back over or back to something. The desire or need to get back to the old ways before the pandemic speaks loud and clear. However it really isn’t as straight forward or clear as we want it to be. Neptune, the planet of uncertainty, confusion, and yes even deception is fortified throughout the month in various planetary pictures. Simply stated don’t believe everything that is being presented and keep asking questions.

The key June astrology dates to pay attention to are:

June 3rd : The new Venus cycle on June 3rd, what do you Really want?

Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse at 15 degrees

June 5th : The Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius on June 5th, What sets you free? What do you want to know or learn? How can you explore new horizons during the year of the pandemic?

June 18th : Mercury retrograde in Cancer: How well do you know and treat your emotional body? Who is your chosen family? Pay attention to how your thoughts impact your body and emotions. Shift your thinking to know from your gut as much as from your brain.

June 21st : Solar Eclipse at 0 Cancer, which is one of the four world points (0 degrees of the signs for solstices and equinoxes) is a major wake up call. The closest aspect (planets talking to each other) is with Saturn at 1 Aquarius (150 degrees). This configuration is demanding adjustment to the rules whether self or outer imposed. More or less if you don’t do what only you know is for your best and highest interest and make the effort to figure out how to do that — then life can get complicated or harder for you. The asteroid Hygeia (hygiene) is with the solar new moon eclipse, a signature we have been tracking for a couple of months pointing to some remedy or relief to help us with covid-19.

June 23rd : Neptune retrograde: Tap into your psychic side, take time to dream, visualization and imagination are enhanced even more so due to the solar eclipse. Caution against being swayed by charismatic people that have their own agenda.

June 25th: Venus direct: Decisions on what to do to have more of what you want begin to emerge from the unknown with more clarity and determination.

June 27th : Mars enters Aries- pay attention to the shift in energy this day as we will be entertaining Mars in Aries an extraordinary amount of time (until Jan 2021) due to his retrograde cycle that occurs this year. Harness the forcefulness and drive that Mars in Aries provides to stay healthy and take care of those you love and care for.

June 30th: The second of three Jupiter Pluto pow wows, (when the 2 planets come together). This is a message from the universe to allow yourself to think big and live your life according to your authentic nature. A time of empowerment and new project that ultimately has a meaningful impact for your life and those around you.

For the happiness factor follow Venus in Gemini. Gemini appreciates variety, curiosity, and interest if many subjects, events and ideas. According to psychologist Catherine Hartley:  “People feel happier when they go to novel places and have a wider array of experiences. The key is having more variety in daily routines.”

That is definitely a Venus in Gemini sentiment and absolutely speaking to the lunar eclipse with the Sun in Gemini, Venus Mercury in Gemini and Moon in Sagittarius.

Wishing all a happy healthy month.

The Sirius program is used to create charts and chart calculations for all videos and charts. With kind permission from Cosmic Patterns software, www.astrosoftware.com”

June Astrology 2019

Astrologers consider the beginning of June a mutable month, as the sun is travelling through ever changing mutable sign of Gemini into the summer solstice of Cancer. This is a good time to make changes and be flexible with your daily schedule as well as more important aspects of life.

dreams timeThe new moon June 3rd at 6:02 am EDT is at 12 degrees of Gemini in a T square patter with Jupiter and Neptune. This is indicating that the month will resonate with feelings of hope and optimism along with frustration when life is getting in the way of what is possible. Underneath the vibration of the strong Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn which deals with getting rid of the old to make way for something better is the message to be mindful of your thoughts as they are the precursor of what is to come.

Both Mercury and Mars are out of bounds which indicates they are a wild card. Mercury out of bounds has the tendency to wake you up in the middle of the night with a brilliant idea that has your mind racing with all of the possibilities that comes with it. Mars, the action or warrior planet, out of bounds in Cancer is hypersensitive to insults and even real or imagined threats against home, family and or ones sense of belonging in their country and community. What does it mean for you?  Be mindful of individuals around you that could take offense by invading their space, (think road rage) or unintentional comments perceived as insults.

The weeks that follow the new moon vacillate between unbridled enthusiasm to embrace all that life offers with a blur of commitments to friends, work and family. Remembering to breathe through your whirlwind is essential especially if your sleep is relegated to the bottom of your priority list.

The full moon is at 25 degrees of Sagittarius on June 17th at 4:31 am EDT. Jupiter rules this Sag moon and is in its home in Sagittarius. There is a deep desire to cut the cords that bind you and fly free under this signature. However with Mars and Mercury together in Cancer opposite Saturn and Pluto together in Capricorn the push and pull between let me free and what about xyz will test your beliefs and patience. The key is to acknowledge the supposed limitations that society, your past, and your own mind has over you. Then observe the frustration or anger that bubbles up around the circumstances that are holding you back, release the emotional charge and then be open to the messages and symbols that appear.

 On June 18th Saturn in Capricorn is sextile Neptune in Pisces, for the second time this year. This is a time when focus and determination along with vision and creativity helps make our dreams a reality.

The day of the solstice, June 21st at 11:54 am EDT, Neptune stations retrograde.

This day is profoundly infused with the connection to other realms and the opportunity to go very deep into meditative states of being. Relationships, love, family, and close friends are the theme for this solstice chart. Venus in Gemini is closely connected with the Jupiter Neptune square activating the pull towards generosity and loving support to those you care about. In addition the Sun at 0 degrees of Cancer is opposite the planet Cupido (TNP from Uranian astrology) which symbolizes families, marriages, companions and partnerships. Focusing on creating caring partnerships that support each other in what is possible will reap the rewards of abiding friendships.

Mercury moves out of Cancer and into Leo on the 26th of June beginning to slow down before it makes it station retrograde in early July. The intuitive internal thinking process gives way to a stronger need to be inspired through symbols and visual cues. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, if someone doesn’t understand what you are trying to say, send them a visual.  

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 June Astrology 2018

June Astrology 2018

June Astrology 2018 The Great Slowdown begins

Here are the highlights for the astrology in June 2018.

Venus is out of bounds until the 7th of June and although she is in the loving safe place of Cancer she isn’t quite herself at the moment. The wild woman in you can be speaking desiring to be free of what is expected of you and want to let loose. We are still under the beams of the ruler of the last full moon in Sagittarius, which is ruled by Jupiter in Scorpio. What does that mean??? Until the 13th of June, Jupiter soaring in intuitive detective sexy Scorpio will own the day. Uranus is now in Taurus having just left 7 years in Aries and moved into Taurus a mere two weeks ago. Check out what the big Uranus in Taurus deal means here.

There will be plenty of gossip across the news reels, (what else is new you might ask) with more revealing of secrets and exploitations. In your work arena issues of money can come around, who is being paid for what and whether or not there are unfair practices happening.  A great way to use this vibe is open communication with your significant other. Go deep, let the person know what is on your mind, ask for what you want and be honest, (reveal) what you expect from them.

The week of the 4th – 8th expect twists and turns in whatever you want to accomplish. This week has several nodes of the planets are activated while the Sun reaches its first quarter square to Neptune. This is a wild twist and turn week, one day super happy, next day plunged down. The take away is to stay centered in your life while being open to the flux of information streaming in.

The same week, Mars will cross the south node of the moon, this is a symbol of running into Mars type people from your past. It can be strong woman, Aries like friends, or old enemies, or even buddies that you exercised with in the past. In fact it is a good time to reconnect with a pal who is a good work out friend.

June New Moon in Gemini

The June Gemini New Moon has a big sigh of relief. Perhaps it is because school is out, exams are finished, vacation plans are made, big projects at work have been completed, or simply the whirl of events have slowed down. Venus is at her last degree of Cancer ready to step into fun loving playful let’s get out in the sun and shine Leo. Mercury is the ruler of the Gemini New Moon and how it is aspected, what it is doing, will predict how the next couple of weeks will happen. Mercury is in the sign of Cancer at 2 degrees square Chiron who has moved into Aries. Mercury in Cancer wants us to think about how we feel, and feel what we are thinking. With Chiron this is a double edge sword. On the one hand you don’t want your upset stomach to control your thoughts into thinking that everything in your life is sour, on the other hand you don’t want your mind to overrule what your intuition and feelings are telling you.

Three planets, Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter have been retrograde since April, on the 18th Neptune begins its yearly retrograde dance and Mars joins the retrograde party on the 26th. The end of the month and for much of July and August there will be as many as six out of the 8 planets retrograde. (The Sun and Moon are never retrograde.)  Neptune, when it slows down and has the intense beam of its energy pointed at the planet is a time of deep meditation, relaxation, yoga, swimming, music, arts, and movies. The desire to get away and escape from the hassles of everyday responsibilities is palpable.

Mars retrograde In Aquarius June 2018

Mars retrograde on the 26th at 9 degrees of Aquarius can turn technology on its head. If you are in the technology industry it can be back to the drawing board to get the bugs out of a new design. Speaking of bugs, make sure your computer is safe from hackers. Pay attention to your love life around this day, it can bring an omen of what will happen with Venus moves retrograde in October. Venus will go retrograde at 10 degrees of Scorpio, activating the Mars retrograde. Venus and Mars have an antagonistic relationship when they are in square to each other. Differences in what each person wants or values become apparent.  (Let’s go out for Pizza, no let’s go out to fine dining, from trivial to major differences in values)

Summer Solstice 2018 Astrology  (Winter Solstice for Down Under)

The cardinal turning points, (solstices and equinoxes) are traditionally 4 of the main prediction tools ancient astrologers used, along with eclipses. How you will know what will happen in your country is to place the chart for where the leader of the country resides. Then analyze it from there. In the USA chart the summer solstice begins a few minutes after sunrise, which means the rising sign or ascending sign is also in Cancer. Having the rising sign in a cardinal sign indicates the chart will give the story of what to come until the next eclipse or equinox, whichever comes first.   Mundane analysis for the USA is the president will be spending time behind the scenes as he is in that sector of the chart and opposite Lilith dealing with secret negotiations with woman who do not want to be put in their place. This could be his wife, could be tryst.  Neptune is still making a major aspect in the USA chart and in this chart suggesting that the public continues to be left in the dark about what is really going on. The people, represented by the moon, are in Libra, wanting life to be fair and peaceful.  Strong division in the parties continues as Venus and Mars are in an exact opposition.

On a personal level, this time represents making peace with the duality within and with significant others in your life. The polarization can be external, you and your kids, lover, boss, etc or internal between what you want and what you are willing to do to get what you want.

June Full Moon in Capricorn 2018

The month finishes with the full moon in Capricorn 6 degrees. This full moon in Capricorn is not only ruled by Saturn it is intimately connected as Saturn is in Capricorn at 5 degrees. This lends a serious vibe to the day before and after the full moon. Since mars will be retrograde less than 2 days before, plans that you have made will have a slow down along with an urgent push to take care of obligations in order to free up time for the upcoming weekend and following week. Travel and vacation will be in full swing and delays could hamper the expected arrival time. All will be fine when you have a plan B and an extra quota of patience. An interesting configuration in this June full moon chart is Lilith is at 6 degrees of Leo conjunct the north node of the moon. Lilith is the archetype for the independence of woman. Conjunct the north node of the moon the universe is giving a shove to embrace not only the qualities of Leo, creative self-expression, open heart and playfulness, it is doing it in a Lilith way, independent of what the male patriarchy has deemed as the appropriate way for a woman to behave. So have fun, wear your wild and sexy clothes, can you say girls weekend?

Always remember that the planets don’t make something happen, it is the music of the spheres that at times is in great harmony other times with dissonance. When we listen to the messages of the universe we can have foreknowledge of how best to use the energy available. Not too much different than weather forecasting that gives you the heads up if it is a day for sunscreen or an umbrella.

6 JuneAt each moment the planets and how they align offer us opportunity to develop and express ourselves according to the vibrational energy of the moment. June offers many opportunities in healing, contemplation, and integration between our thoughts and feelings. The month begins with Ceres moving direct. Ceres is the principle of nurturing, ruling over food production. Be on the lookout for news about food production, prices and controversy.  Mercury is either in its shadow or retrograde the whole month of June, moving from early degrees of Cancer back into the sign it rules Gemini. How we think about life, and what we want to know and learn are important key points.

 Neptune moves retrograde once a year and creates a very powerful laser beam of all things Neptune at this time. Your meditation practice, creative ventures, acceptance and release of negative events, photos, film, water, yoga, dissolving rigid attitudes and ways of being are all under the Neptune umbrella. This would be a time to honor the Neptune areas of your life that you want to develop or get back into.

Do you long to go swimming? Ocean vacation? Learn how to take dynamite photos or film? Get into a yoga and meditation routine? The days around Neptune station is the time you will have the help and support of Neptune to motivate you and put it into motion.

The full moon in Sagittarius is a fun and adventurous time to step out and express your freedom to be you. The need to know is strong, let go of preconceived opinions and open your mind to universal truths and knowledge.

Chiron retrograde and the Cancer solstice chart and tied together by one day. This time furthers the dynamics of releasing past hurts and allowing for emotional peace and centeredness. There is a deep stirring of frustration or even anger associated with the ingress chart as the Moon in Aries conjunct Eris will bring to light areas in your life that you feel you have been shut out. Sometimes it is from a promotion you deserved, other times injustice and inequality, but most of all, feeling diminished by circumstances that have blocked your ability to life the life you want. The key given from the planetary alignment is to keep reconnecting with what is most important in life. Deep below the surface, when all is said and done, what is the more important to you than anything? Connecting with that emotion and holding it deep inside and allowing it room to be and expand will change your life. The frustration will dissipate and motivation to do what is need to have what is most important in your life will replace hurt and anger.

The new moon in Cancer on the 27th furthers the solstice energy to get on with life. Mars is exactly opposite Uranus electrifying the desire to move forward. When one is not centered in your hearts priority then there is a scattered attempt to do too many things at once leading to an uncomfortable feeling of jarred nerves. The Mars Uranus opposition on the solstice happens to be within one degree of the upcoming lunar eclipse in October. Journal what you did today and you will be surprised when October roles around how the events tie together.

When you listen to the whispers of the universe along with your inner hearts intuition then you will be able to connect with the flow of the energy to move towards your dreams and goal with less struggle and with more ease.

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