June Astrology 2023

Full Moon in Sagittarius June

June Astrology

There are 9 significant Astro happenings in June; the first being the Sagittarius full moon on Saturday the 3rd @ 11:42pm Eastern. The intense desire dominates all weekend. The moon is at an important degree of Sagittarius which is very close to the nodes of Uranus. This infuses the energy of the full moon with an extra dose of a call that cries “let me be me, get me out of this boring ordinary routine!”  In addition Mercury in the usual slow down let me think it through Taurus is crossing the node of Mars which enables the quick tongue to defend ones interest. Further with Jupiter vibrating with Mars Pluto midpoint, wow! This is a full moon of promise to put your life into action big time.

If you have been sitting on a thought of what to do next, sudden burst of motivation will enable you to do more in a few days than you have in weeks. The downside is an all over the place feeling. The motivation to get moving can be so strong that a whirlwind of activity leaves you in the midst of questioning how to get everything finished.

On the 5th Venus moves into Leo where she will meander, slow down, take a long nap during her retrograde, and not leave Leo until October. Keep an eye out for events that happen the week of the 5th as they can be an omen to how your Venus retrograde will unfold. Remember that Venus wants us to have a beautiful life, full of joy, pleasure, and abundance. In Leo she enhances celebrations, asks us to stop and smell the rose’s type of thing. Make the time to go to birthday parties, backyard BBQ’s, girls weekends, and events that make everyday life special. She reminds us to follow our heart in love and what we love. The key to understanding and channeling the gifts of Venus in Leo is tapping into a child-like wonder of the magic of life. Appreciating and acknowledging the specialness in all, from rainbows to dew drops. Self-love is the other key, loving and honoring each part of who you are and what makes your life yours. We have several months this year to get the message. Going within our heart of hearts is the quickest way to smooth out any part of your life that you want to change.

On the 11th there are two events and one is Pluto is dipping back into Capricorn for the rest of this year. Expect more global upheaval in governments and big institutions that have not played by the rules. Pluto moves very slowly through the signs and as it teeters back and forth between Aquarius and Capricorn. For the next couple of years we are transitioning from traditional concepts of what companies and governments role is for its employees and citizens towards more sensitivity to the needs of the people.  On a personal level a reassessment for what it takes to be successful in career as we transition to Aquarius ways of being, connecting with others of similar interests.

Mercury thinking Neptune dreamingMercury moves into Gemini on the 11th and is moving very fast as he will jump into Cancer on the 26th.  Mercury in Gemini is in its own sign; this is an excellent time for Mercury endeavors, buying and selling, computers, phones, cars, bicycles, anything that has to do with transportation and communication. Our minds are keen to find solutions now; quick ideas pop into the mind of how to do whatever. Mercury is known as the trickster and has a mischievous side. Watch out for your mind being the devil’s advocate as soon as you decide on one thing, Mercury swoops in and whispers a yes but what about that?





Saturn goes retrograde once a year, and this year it is on Saturday the 17th from 7 degrees of Pisces. Saturn will slowly retrace its steps back to 0 degrees of Pisces in November when it moves direct again. The important point to know about Saturn retrograde is on the weekend of the 17th, leading up to the Gemini New moon Sunday, is that Saturn wants us to slow down and contemplate what is really needed and useful and not to waste time, energy, or money on things that are not in alignment with what is most important to you.


new moonThe Gemini New Moon is in close connection with Neptune, the planet of dreams, visions, and our greatest fantasy. That new moon has a dreamy quality to contemplate what is possible. Allow your mind to play with the what ifs of life. What is your fantasy life? What would you do? Where would you live? How would you express your gifts and talents? This is more than a “if I win the lottery I would” exercise. The message from the universe is to break beyond self-imposed or society imposed limitations to imagine a life that is your vision. What can be someone’s ideal profession, or vacation is another’s nightmare. But this is about your dream.

Neptune doesn’t care if something is practical; hence we can run off chasing a dream that never manifests, however Neptune believes that if we never gave it a chance that is worse than the disappointment of not obtaining. The key to embracing Neptune dreams is when you can promise yourself that no matter what the outcome you know it is something that you have to do and will not regret your choice.


The sun enters Cancer heralding in the solstice on the 21st.  Slowing down and listening to your emotional body is the key for the next 30 days. We finish the month with Neptune shifting retrograde on the 30th another message to embrace the gifts that reside within your creative intuitive side.


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