Key Astrology Energy

Jupiter moving direct Neptune retrograde

Mars in cancer June 4th , Venus in Taurus June 6th , Mercury in Gemini June 6th , Mercury in Cancer June 21 st

Summer/winter solstice June 21 12;24 am.

Aries love vibe: say goodbye to Venus, she has been drifting through your sign for months and on the 6 th

she shifts into Taurus- new insights have been discovered and lovers that no longer feel like a fit are in

the past. You have places to go and things to do- finding the money to do what you want is part of your

task this month. Your intuition is strongest in at your power days, June 17th , 18th and 19th . Take advantage

of opportunities that come your way at this time. Before you burn bridges with lovers who don’t

measure up- listen to your gut whether it is a momentary passing of intolerance or a true reflection of

not wanting that person in your life

Your sensuality kicks up a few notches the 5th , and 6th , an early week date night can prove to be very


If you have buried frustrations around your living situation don’t let them fester. Mars, your ruling

planet, moves into your 4th house of home and family can motivate you to end toleration and take care

of chores that have not been a priority.

Taurus Love steamy sensual days are ahead for you. Venus , your ruling planet, arrives in your sign on

the 6th and casually drifts through your sign all month. Coupled with a passionate full moon in the

sector of sensuality this month will bring more one on one close encounters. If you are looking for

romance your work or workout routine can bring you clues to find your next lover. A friend may try to

hook you up, however let them know what you want, what they think is good for you and what you

want can be way different. Your power days are the 20 and 21 st . Plans to enjoy the solstice can roll in.

New ideas for creating financial growth pop into your mind to mull over. It may be time to research

what others are being paid for the work you do then have a conversation the those in charge of pay

raises. Patience is the key for road trips, obstacles may irritate the bull within. Keep handy a cooler and

munchies to sooth the nerves while traveling to chosen destinations.

Gemini- you are in your birthday cycle, Celebrate to the fullest. For single Geminis the dam is about to

let loose and possibilities of friends and lovers can be seen around every corner. The full moon on the

11th is activating partnerships, having the perfect balance between me time and merging with your other

have takes on its own quest. Your power days are the 22nd and 23 rd . These are the days to forge ahead

with confidence and ask for what you want.

Mercury, your ruling planet, begins the month in Taurus, zips through your sign form the 6 th to the 21 st ,

then meanders in Cancer at the end of the month. With your ruling planet moving so quickly through 3

signs, there can be significant turn around for you this month. Don’t be shy to look at situations from all

angles. Even your sensual side can crave lots of variety this month, from lengthy love making sessions,

to sexy banter and flirting, to snuggles under the covers.

Cancer. June is leading up to your birthday time and excitement is brewing for a happy new year. Your

inner self can feel that this birthday year is going to be a year of great new options. Venus moves into

your house of friendship on the 6th , a welcome relief of having a couple of close friends that you love and

trust to do things with. If you are single, this is a great month to go out with the girls to make

connections with someone that can turn into a love romance. The full moon time, 9 th is likely to reveal

how you can sabotage the things you say you want, especially when it comes to taking care of your

mind, body spirit. Use this knowledge to motivate yourself as Mars, the motivation planet moves into

your sign on the 4th and is there the whole month. This is very helpful for you to feel inspired. It may

come with the need to state your case and draw boundaries around what you want and don’t want but

all is good in the end. The new moon in cancer on the 23 rd is the collecting birthday for all cancers. The

24th and 25th are the days that the moon shines in your favor, make plans for something special.

Sexy demands and you take the lead. Lover may be surprised by your amorous advances, nothing

ventured nothing gained.

Leo Finding time for friends and fun is big on this months agenda. Planning ahead for a full moon party

on the 9th is promising for fun and making viable connections with great people that can end up helping

you out in your hunt for a better job or career proposition.

A lovers getaway the weekend of the 16th , 17th are filled with possibilities of romance and dreamy down

time to kick back and rediscover each others body. You may even be coaxed into trying something new

and adventurous in the bedroom.

Your strong days this month are the 26th and 27th , you can either kick ass at work and make a big

impression or it can be a great time to kick off the summer season with a vacation.

Virgo- much focus on your career sector the beginning of the month. Opportunities abound to increase

your income. Your ruling planet Mercury is zipping through 3 signs, it begins in Taurus, thoughts of travel

rummage through the brain, enters Gemini on the  6th urging new ideas and ways to improve your

visibility at work, not necessarily to be noticed, but to be recognized for work well done and be

financially rewarded for your skill and efforts. The full moon on the 9th is a cosmic reminder that all work

and no play is not the way to live your life. On the day of the solstice Mercury enters Cancer, friends

dome calling and plans are made to connect.

Friends can be attempting to play match maker with you if you are single. Its not a bad idea to check out

the friend of a friend, but granted their ideal of a perfect match for you and don’t always fit your

standards. Deeper intimacy with your significant other is allowing you to go deeper and feel safe to explore in

the bedroom. Venus moving into sensual Taurus this month only increases your desire for closer

contact. A weekend away from work brings you closer together and time to appreciate the sensual side

of life.


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