Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius Global Prediction for Relocation and Career Transitions

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There are major shifts and changes happening all across the world. Being centered in the core of who you are will help you ride the wave into the evolving future. The Jupiter Saturn conjunction is on the solstice December 21st at 0 degrees of Aquarius.

The cosmos are calling to find ones place on the planet. To work in a career that resonates with your talents. To live in a place you feel at home. If you do not have that in  your life the search begins for another type of employment. Moving to a new location, across town, across the country or to another continent calls to the spirit as the Jupiter in Aquarius with Saturn urges to seek belonging.

The Sabian symbol for this degree is an Old Adobe Mission. James Burgess interprets the symbol as “Some aspects of life are more important than others and we build lasting forms for those that we want to outlive us.”  Rudyar gives the key word for this symbol as endurance.

Jupiter Saturn Conjunction AquariusThis is a time to build something in your life that will endure. To use the raw materials of your own gifts and talents is your mission. The caution of this symbol is about fundamentalist thinking. There will be segments of society that will think their way of life, beliefs and ideas are the only way. Isolation and exclusion of others is the shadow side of the Saturn Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius.  This creates further division in the fabric of society and rigid thinking in the USA political system, UK with Brexit, European countries grappling with immigration and refugee issues, struggles in India in class division, China with freedom of speech versus censorship and on and on.  

Jupiter Saturn Conjunction in Aquarius

The Jupiter Saturn conjunctions happen every 20 years, the last one was in Taurus in May of 2000. In a life time we will experience 3 to 4 of these cosmic shifts indicating change in world events that impact our lives. The next Jupiter Saturn conjunction will be October 31st 2040 at 17 degrees of Libra signifying another quantum leap in different forms of and acceptance in relationships and the world of the artist.

The change coming will disrupt employment, relationships and our communities. Many new opportunities will present themselves that are Aquarian Air oriented. There will be opportunities that are internet related, educational, technology, artificial intelligence and development of products connected to advancing technology that shifts away from taking raw material from the earth and using energy that is air and solar. Much of our life will become virtual, shopping, visiting, training, or education. New realms of virtual travel will become popular to those who are no longer able to physically visit places far and wide. Saturn dipped into Aquarius briefly March 20th 2020 for 3 months, during the pandemic and global lockdown when our work and much of our world was catapulted into this Aquarius virtual world.

Jupiter Saturn New Year 2021Jupiter Saturn Conjunction with Fixed Star Altair

New Year’s Eve ushers in 2021 with Jupiter and Saturn aligned with the fixed star Altair at 2 degrees of Aquarius. This is one of the 15 Behenian fixed Stars recorded in the Book of Hermes on the 15 Fixed Stars, Agrippa, and other ancient sources. The 15 fixed stars have been attributed certain magical powers of strength to embody in astrological talismans. Jupiter and Saturn are connected to the fixed star Altair which is in the constellation of the Eagle that has been connected to fire and lighting and sun gods for over 3500 years. According to Bernadette Brady in her excellent book “Star and Planet Combinations” the principle of Altair is “boldness and military power. With Jupiter it is the courage of ones convictions through bold actions and with Saturn building and seeking honor in daily life.”

jupiter in aquarius connectAquarius has to do with connecting. The desire to connect and find a place where you feel you belong will increase. This will lead to many people moving to other locations. Some of the moves will be prompted because of earth changes while Uranus makes its sojourn through Taurus, which is one of the 3 earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) that have the closest connection to mother earth. The last time Uranus was in Taurus, (the 1935- 1942) mass migration happened across the globe prompted in part by the dust bowl in the USA and the rise of fascism in Europe, and the destruction from WW2.


Finding where you feel at home in all arenas of life over the next 2 years while Saturn is traveling through Aquarius is a major message of the cosmos. A sense of belonging where you work, where you live, your friends, your larger community all become essential. 

In astrocartography or relocation astrology having your moon in your chart in a position that represents ease is one way to consider possible places to move. Moon is symbolic of home and living in a place that feels safe and secure.

The shift into Aquarius is more than the normal 20 cycle of change, as the cycle has now moved out of the previous 200 years of Jupiter Saturn conjunctions which happened in earth signs to the next 180 years of Jupiter Saturn 20 year cycles which will be in air signs.

We had a preview in the year 1981 in Libra. In 1981 the conjunction happened in Air then a reversion to Taurus earth sign in 2000.  Now we are full speed ahead with less emphasis on industrial growth and into an era of the virtual world, mental, and educational development.

Naturally there will be factories and the creation and manufacturing of material goods, yet more and more will be through robots and artificial intelligence. The industrial age is now on the decline. The need will shift to the creative process and using our intellect. Artificial intelligence will be ubiquitous and traditional customer service jobs will become more and more obsolete.

Now is the time to contemplate the changing world and where you want to land in it. Finding your niche that resonates with your gifts and talents will protect you in the tumultuous years ahead. Jupiter wants to experience life, to expand and grow, and Saturn is cautious and is concerned with our material well-being.  Aquarius is extremely intellectual and scientific.

There is a tendency to intellectualize any situation and forget what your heart and intuition is telling you.

If you find that your career path is leading to a dead end be mindful of whether or not you are choosing something new because it is logical and forgetting whether it will bring satisfaction to your overall happiness.

In seeking a new career many factors are taken into consideration; however the moon in your chart does symbolize where you feel at home or at peace with your life and circumstance. Choosing a career that resonates with your moons desires isn’t everything but it sure does help the contentment factor. The other factors for choosing a career are to balance the planets that are in or rule your 6th house of work and daily routine and your 10th house of recognition and success. Of course your basic Sun, Moon, and ascendant signs will help narrow down options along with the ruler of your 2nd house delineating finances.

AriesAries​- You are quick to make a change and the times are a-changing. The Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Aquarius happens in your solar 11th House of friendships, groups, and organizations. It is time to reassess who you still feel connected to and who you want to be connected to. Friends could be moving or you might decide to move away from your friends. The larger meaning is to find connection in the world where you joyfully express yourself and feel free.

When you look at the chart for this new beginning of the 20-year cycle the Capricorn solstice is happening in your career sector but this is about the larger picture of your life. What do you want to do with your life? Uranus in Taurus is in your money house; there will be a change for you around your finances connected to what else you want to do with your life and your job. Friends and acquaintances that you know will help connect you or bring you to this new beginning.

Jupiter will be in your 11th house for 1 year while Saturn will be there for the next two years. Jupiter always wants to protect and to expand and bring you growth. There will be unusual connections with like-minded individuals where there is mutual benefit for personal and professional growth. Saturn traveling through your 11th house for 2 years is a reminder to focus and be serious about who you want to spend time with and who or what groups you want to contribute towards. This is an extraordinary time for you of meeting eclectic people that open up your mind to a new way of looking at the world and a new reality.

TaurusTaurus​– ​The Jupiter Saturn conjunction is happening in your solar 10th house of career and what you are known for. Sometimes this is considered the house of reputation and sometimes this is considered the house of your job. In reality it is the part of the chart that represents what you want to be known for whether it is your occupation or your hobbies. On the one hand Jupiter in your Solar 10th house provides a protection in your work and life environment. On the other hand Saturn in your tenth house brings a serious type of situation where if you have been unhappy with your work you will feel disappointed or disillusioned with what you have been doing for the last 7 to 14 years. There is an astrological saying that goes with Saturn that when you put in the effort and work the rewards are delayed but they will come.

If you have been following what you have wanted to do and you have put in the hard work then now is a time the rewards of your efforts are fulfilled. One possibility is that you acquire another position or a new job. However since this is a new cycle that takes 10 years before the culmination and another 10 years before the next new 20 years cycle you are planting the seeds for work and career. Jupiter says there is an opportunity here.

This conjunction happens on the day of the solstice which is another annual important event to look at. The sun is in your solar 9th house which is about knowledge, learning, and sharing information. There is something that you learn that nudges you into seeking a different career path. One must acknowledge that the planet Uranus is in your sign of Taurus. Uranus is known as the Great awakener and even though Uranus takes 7 years to travel through all of Taurus somewhere along the line it promotes a major shift in your life. With the Jupiter Saturn conjunction in your career and this is what I want to be known for sector of your chart the position of Uranus in the middle of Taurus this year is a strong indication of changes in your life. This is the year for more freedom and self-expression and to break away from old patterns that felt comfortable in the past but no longer represent who you are now or who you want to be.

GeminiGemini- The Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Aquarius is in your sister air sign. This is happening in your solar ninth House of travel, education, beliefs, sharing knowledge. On the one hand you might decide that it is time to chuck it all and move, travel, go see friends or even develop a romantic relationship virtually that is long distance and that friendship develops into a meaningful committed relationship. Jupiter will bring you the opportunities for these things to happen. There will also be an opportunity to explore different ideas and determine if you have any old beliefs that are holding you back from your full potential. An old belief could be something that was valid to you long ago or considered the truth from society such as “I’m too old to learn something new, I already spent too much time in one career to change my career now, I can’t do this because I have children, if you don’t make it by a certain time it will never happen”. This Jupiter Saturn conjunction awakens you to see where your mind is holding you in prison and how to free yourself. Saturn will show you what else there is to know and to learn. Especially if it is connected to something bigger that is important for you to have, do, or achieve in your lifetime. Sometimes this is going back to school for the sake of knowledge sake. Perhaps it is taking classes or courses in order to have more advantage in job hunting. 

The planet Uranus in the sign of Taurus is in a sector of your chart that has to do with the unconscious. Since Uranus is known as the Great awakener being in that sector of your chart of the unconscious it is a waking you to things that you have not considered in the past. There are many aha moments that come off of oh that is why this doesn’t happen for me in this way. Such as: I see where I have been setting myself up or failure. The awakener planet of Uranus brings to your consciousness different parts of the psyche to help us develop our potential.

The combination of the Jupiter Saturn conjunction with Uranus in Taurus is especially significant in the year of 2021. They will create an aspect that is a square to each other. Therefore those two sectors of your life freedom from negative thinking or false beliefs and the awakening of that which was hidden and now is no longer unconscious frees you to move, metaphorically speaking, forward in your life. It include some very fun down to earth experiences such as travel, education, workshops, along with new thoughts and ideas to share with people you feel connected to.

cancerCancer- You are probably so happy that Saturn is out of Capricorn (which is been opposite your sign for the last two-and-a-half years) and has moved into another sign a huge wave of relief comes with this new Jupiter Saturn conjunction. However Jupiter and Saturn are in an air sign and you are a water sign. This causes a bit of a disconnect in some regards.

Jupiter Saturn conjunction is happening in your solar 8th house of other people’s money and serious intuitive secret knowledge. On the one hand is Saturn Jupiter conjunction is an intellectual disagreement with people that you are in partnerships with in terms of the give and take in the relationship. Meaning if you are married there might be a discussion around finances and how your partner wants to or doesn’t want to spend money. In an employment situation there are serious discussions about benefits and getting more money. It is a bit uncomfortable for you because this angle between Aquarius and Cancer is 150 degrees away which is an angle of learning and adjusting. However have faith and state your case and all will be well. It is also a time to take a closer look at any agreements that you have such as your health insurance, anything to do with insurances, credit cards, car insurance, to negotiate a better deal. 

The planet Uranus is in Taurus in your solar 11th House of friendships. The Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Aquarius has a lot to do with changing and finding and connecting with people of like mine that you are free to be yourself. The planet Uranus in your 11th house is emphasizing this. The emphasis is suggesting that there is opportunity but the opportunity does come with making some changes and moving beyond your comfort zone to find or connect with these individuals. The astrology is suggesting that the connections will be around a mutual interest such as a hobby. Perhaps it is arts or crafts, gardening, community organizations, and the opportunity to help or support a group that you feel strongly connected to is present.

leoLeo- The Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Aquarius is opposite your sign in your solar 7th house. This is so exciting. On one hand it is bringing you opportunities to expand your relationships yet on the other hand with Saturn in your 7th House of partnerships is saying be particular about who you are giving your loyalty and spending time with. If you have been in relationships with individuals, whether it’s romantic or a friendship, and you have not been receiving what you want then over the next two years there will be a time to change the pattern or break away.

2021 with Jupiter in Aquarius in your 7th house of partnerships is a good time to expand your circle of friends and connections. The conjunction of Saturn Jupiter in Aquarius is what that is all about in any case. Some connections will be with groups or organizations. Another partnership could be with a business idea that you have, with somebody to help you be motivated and help each other promote a new business. 

The planet Uranus in Taurus is connected with this new cycle of Jupiter and Saturn as in 2021 Uranus will be squaring these planets. Uranus is now in your solar 10th House of career and what you want to be known for in the world. Uranus breaks things open to create the space for change. It can come with a change in your job, it can come through a change and where you’re living, and it can come from you wanting to be free from what you have been doing and do something completely different. The opportunity energy will be from Jupiter in Aquarius in your 7th House of other people. Even if you do not know the person individually, there will be a person out in the world that serves as a role model for you or a partner of sorts. This person will teach you or share with you ideas and knowledge and information that will inspire you to take on a new career path. Look towards the virtual world since that is much of what this connection in Aquarius is suggesting. Keep your intuition attuned to things that come across your screen, or ideas popping up in your mind that ignite a spark in your heart that says this is for me.

In terms of partnerships in relationships if you are single and want to be in a partnership 2021 is a year where you will have plenty of opportunity. Jupiter says there are a lot of people out there to connect with. Perhaps through your friends you meet someone, or through the internet. However Saturn is saying have strong boundaries about what you want and what you don’t want so you do not waste your time.

virgoVirgo – The Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Aquarius is happening in your solar six house of work, health, and routines. This sometimes is called the natural house of Virgo. However the sign Aquarius is 150 degrees away from Virgo. This aspect is an aspect that is called an inconjunct and represents a time of moving beyond your comfort zone and making adjustments. The opportunity for more health and vitality is here for you in 2021.

Saturn for the next two years in this house is saying get a routine in order that will keep you strong and healthy for the next 30 Years which, by the way, is the next time Saturn will come around again and be in that house. As far as your work goes Jupiter will say that you will be protected in your work although the work that you do usually is not at the level of all of your talents and gifts. Saturn is saying stay focused. Be wise and intelligent about the use of your time. The sign of Aquarius is an intellectual sign, it is a sign that deals with communication, and therefore there will be many distractions that come your way around your work or get in the way of your healthy routine. It will be important to stay focused in order to keep things smooth and going the way you want them to.

The planet Uranus is in the sign of Taurus which is in your solar ninth house of education, beliefs, travel, and knowledge. Uranus is making an important aspect with Saturn in 2021 and therefore is very significant in the delineation of what will happen. Uranus in a part of your chart has to do with knowledge and education along with Saturn and Jupiter in your house of work. This is suggesting that there is more knowledge and training that will support your career path. There is a desire to break away from whatever you have learned before in order to do something different in your work. The new cycle in your chart is suggesting insightful knowledge that will bring you more freedom and flexibility in your daily life. With Jupiter and Saturn in the intellectual sign of Aquarius in your house of work and health it is also suggesting that you will be learning something that maybe a bit unconventional however it will support you in your daily life.

libraLibra- The Jupiter Saturn conjunction is in your sister air sign of Aquarius. In addition it is in your solar 5th house romance love affairs, children, hobbies; the general house of doing something that brings you happiness. What a great place for this new 20 years cycle to happen. On the one hand it signifies that you check out different things that you used to like to do or find something completely different and exciting to bring you happiness. Maybe it’s the old gym that you used to go to for Zumba that has the “I’ve been there done that I want something else”. Be open to connecting with others to do these joyful activities with. There could be friends that are no longer interested in doing what you like to do or friends that are moving away and you are finding new groups, new interest, and new connections.

As far as your love life if you are single this could be a very interesting year. Since Jupiter wants to expand the territory and Saturn says get serious about it there could be some serious expansion in the dating world. Granted Saturn in the 5th House of dating is a little funky. Since Saturn is not always easy and says don’t waste your time and there usually are obstacles in the dating world that cause frustration. What you have is Jupiter helping you out and if one person has too much baggage there’s somebody else. For those of you who are set in the relationship department this is all about embracing life and finding fulfillment and enjoyment and doing things, especially with others, that are fun.

It’s important to look at where the planet Uranus in Taurus is in your chart as it is intimately connected to this new cycle of Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius. Uranus is in an area of your chart that has to do with other people’s money, insurance, taxes, credit cards, and intuition. Since Uranus is the Great awakener and the Saturn Jupiter is in a part of your chart that represents hobbies or dating there’s a couple of ways this vibe manifests. One possibility is if you’re in a committed relationship then Uranus brings changes with your partners’ money; sometimes up, sometimes down, sometimes spending in different ways.

It also suggests that there are things that you want to do with a new hobby that you want to explore which may or may not have to do with work; such as a photography hobby. What if you had the desire to be a wedding photographer? You would be thinking:  I will need this equipment, that equipment, and this for marketing. Uranus in the 8th house would say where you going to get the money. Uranus has a way of opening up changes so keep an open mind if that is your desire. On the other hand it could just be I want to go do this and it will cost that do I put it on the credit card or not. The end result of this new cycle for you will be new people in your life to enjoy the simple pleasures of life with.

scorpioScorpio-​ The Saturn Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius for you Scorpio is in your solar fourth house of home and family. Finding your tribe is front and center. A desire to move pops into your head or it is simply be a metaphor for reconnecting with that which makes you feel at home. Perhaps your friends are more of a family connection than your biological family. Seeking comfort and connection where you are living is part of this new cycle. Saturn and Jupiter urge to create your home as a sanctuary and to be very particular about who you bring into your sacred space. An inner call from your higher or intuitive self whispers now is the time to include those you trust into your private most thoughts. Traveling and researching to different places to seek out whether or not it is time to relocate is part of this energy. The place that is calling to you might be much different than where you have been living for the last decade or two.


The planet Uranus in Taurus is intimately connected to this new Saturn Jupiter conjunction cycle. Uranus is opposite your sign. It is in your 7th house of partnerships and other people. Uranus creates circumstances that bring different people into your life. If you have a great relationship it will not disturb your significant other. If there are problems in your significant relationship then it will create havoc or chaos to stir up whatever has been buried or shoved under the rug to be brought out into the light and dealt with. It usually is a little uncomfortable but the cycle says it is necessary to reveal that which has been hidden in order for you to feel that you are living your authentic life.


Big discussions or a little discussion that result in changes in your home are important now. The good news is that this is an exciting time. If you are single it’s very exciting. If you are contemplating moving with Saturn in your 4th house its suggesting get all of the facts of a new place, whether it is a new city or a new neighborhood and do your research before you move so you do not regret it. That is one of the messages of Saturn in Aquarius. Do the research and think it through so you do not have any regrets.  Uranus in Taurus opposite your sun sign is saying just go for it especially if it has to do with breaking away from individuals that you feel are holding you back or too controlling in some way. That is a very exciting energy albeit it is one where not everything is under your control.

sagittariusSagittarius-You have the Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Aquarius in your solar third house of communication and education. This is an excellent time to learn something new or to go out and share your knowledge with others. Jupiter always wants us to grow and expand. Jupiter in your third house of writing and communication says there will be many areas of life to talk about. Yet it is in Aquarius therefore it is about being able to share your thoughts and ideas with people who will listen to you with an open mind and are able to consider your ideas. Saturn moving through this area of your chart for two years suggests that there is a new training program that will support you in everyday life experience or work.


This is also an area of the chart that has to do with short trips and travel. Mini trips in daily life like around the neighborhood or going to work a different way each week breaks up the monotony of daily life. Weekends spice things up with travel to friends or your favorite getaways that don’t take a lot of time to get to and give you plenty of time to get out of the car and do stuff.


Also with Saturn in that sector you could be looking for a set of new wheels. Or entertaining ideas about a new way to get around such as ditching the car and your bicycle becomes the transportation of choice. 


The planet Uranus in Taurus is intimately connected with this new cycle in Aquarius. In 2021 Uranus will be squaring Saturn. That is conflict between wanting to be free bumping up against the responsibilities that we have. These two planets are happening from your third house of education and knowledge to your sixth house of work and daily routine. When you put these two vibes together it is pointing to new knowledge that will change the work that you do. If you love what you do it’s not bad thing at all. It’s exciting; I want to learn about this it will help me be able to do that. If you do not love what you’re doing it feels more of a necessity.

The planet Uranus is the great awakener that creates change, sometimes unexpectedly, in your house of work. If your work goes away in some unexpected manner and you decide well is time to try something different. Even if in the short-term there’s something unjust about the job situation the vibration will free you up to be more yourself as Uranus in your house of work we Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius in the house of communication is pointing to a new work where you feel more self-expressed.

capricornCapricorn- Finally Saturn has left your sign of Capricorn after its long and arduous 2 ½ year journey. It is now in Aquarius. The new Saturn Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius is happening in your solar second house of money and finance. It represents a new start and new ideas since Aquarius is a sign of the intellect and ideas around money and your financial future. It is a great time for you to consider how much you really need to have the life that you want. Your mind will kick in and do research to ascertain exactly the path needed to get you to where you want to be.


Saturn and Jupiter in this sector of your chart also points towards incredible opportunities for you to develop using your own talents and gifts that allow you to create the abundance and the financial future that brings the freedom and security you desire. Your mind is challenged to think it through since Aquarius is a fixed mental sign about the practicalities that the Capricorn and you knows of what can and cannot be accomplished. Jupiter in Aquarius is asking you to expand your possibilities beyond your comfort zone and what is generally known and accepted as what has to happen to create the reality that you want.


The planet Uranus in Taurus is connected to the new Saturn Jupiter cycle from the solar 5th house in your chart. Uranus in Taurus in your 5th house is saying that there will be some changes in either your love life, parenthood, or what you enjoy to do. The combination between the money house and the hobby, play and have fun sector in your chart suggest a juggling act between having the money to do what brings you joy. If you are a parent then it’s also about making some changes in your finances to accommodate what you want to do for your children. Sometimes our hobby is our child, or better said our hobby is our baby and you may have a pet project that will take a little bit of financial innovation to get it off the ground. Jupiter in your second house is saying the opportunity is there yet Saturn is saying you just might have to put in the effort to find it and work it.

aquariusAquarius- Wow here we are. The Saturn Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius is the beginning of a new 20-year cycle and the beginning of a new era of Jupiter Saturn conjunction and air signs and it is happening in your sign. Perhaps you are anticipating a major major major major change by the New Year or your birthday. Be patient. Be prepared and get ready.

Jupiter is saying there’s an opportunity for you to bring more freedom and expansion and growth into your life. What else do you want to know? Where else do you want to go? If you could do anything in the world what would it be? In Saturn says just make a plan for it and go for it. It might take a little longer than you expect but that’s okay. In terms of what you are doing when Saturn over the next two years crosses over your sun sign it is a time to be very serious about where you are putting your life energy. Take care of yourself. It is not a time to push your body beyond its limits. Yes Jupiter is there giving you protection but it will only help so much and since you are a fixed air intellectual person sometimes your mind will want to overrule what your body is trying to tell you. So listen to your body.


This is a time for a new start, a new job, a new career, a new relationship, a new place to live, wherever you want a new start 2021 and 2022 is the time to do it. The planet Uranus in Taurus is connected to this Jupiter Saturn configuration. In 2021 there will be a Uranus Saturn square. What this means is that there is a tension between Uranus which wants to break things open and create freedom and create change and Saturn which want stability and says things are not as easy as they appear. This conflict is happening between your solar first house Aquarius where Jupiter and Saturn are and your solar fourth house of home and family where Uranus is. Now the solar fourth house is also the house of the subconscious. Sometimes it’s considered the house of our early upbringing or early family life and that is where we acquire subconscious programming. Uranus traveling through the forth house indicates changes in family life. It is also an awakening of understanding yourself on a deeper level. Different seminars, courses or books that speak to this cross your path.


New experiences are calling to you, the old patterns and relationships you’ve outgrown or places you have lived seem stale it is time for something different. Saturn in your sign for the next two years is saying take your time think it through and don’t be afraid just be prepared. Jupiter brings the confidence to take a chance and says look to the future there is always another chance and a new day is a new day.

PiscesPisces- The Saturn Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius is in the sign behind yours. What this means Pisces is that this new beginning is happening in a sector of your chart that represent the unconscious and the collective unconscious of the world. You will find yourself having brilliant insights of why the world is the way it is and deep premonitions bubble up. At a more practical level the Saturn Jupiter conjunction in your solar 12 house whispers for you to become aware of how you are your own worst enemy. This beckons you to seek the path of awareness and enlightenment. This part of the chart is traditionally considered the sector of hospitals and seminaries; anywhere where one is tucked away. In modern terms we call it the house of the retreat. The desire is to retreat from the busyness of the world and rejuvenate. This new beginning suggests a desire or need to get away and rejuvenate.


There’s a spiritual component to this placement. The 12th house is sometimes called the natural House of Pisces. An inner voice whispers to return to the inner essence where peace and contentment reside. Whether it’s through meditation, music, yoga; anything that brings you to that inner state of calmness and connection with universal source. If you don’t feel this immediately don’t worry; it is a long cycle and you’ll have quite a bit of time to master it.


The planet Uranus is in Taurus and is connected to this new cycle of Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius as it will be square Saturn in 2021. Uranus in Taurus is in your solar third house of communication and writing. With the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in your 12th house of getting away from it all and Uranus in your third house of writing inspiration is sparked and your journal is your friend.  Whether it is a short poem, a song, there will be many gifts that come your way through communication from the collective unconscious. You could be taking a shower and all of a sudden a song comes to you. Or you could wake up in the morning and have this incredible dream that feels very prophetic and you; journal it. Or on your way home from work tired and a little bit zoned out all of a sudden you have this amazing insight of why something is the way it is and how it helps humanity.

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