Jupiter Transit in Scorpio

JupiterJupiter enters Scorpio on October 10th 2017 at 9;20am EDT with the moon in Gemini. The journey of Jupiter in Scorpio takes almost a year, and during the last few months of 2017 and most of 2018 you will be able to use and develop the gifts that this time brings. Knowing what to expect while Jupiter is transiting Scorpio will help you to understand what is going on, why things are the way they are and how you can benefit the most from Jupiter as it moves through your chart.


goddess wisdom heartThink of the planets as archetypes, super heroes and heroines that are larger than life representations of aspects of our human selves. The signs are territories, cultures and environments that are immersed in tradition and ways of life. Jupiter is the vibe of a can do attitude, that luck is always on my side, that the rules don’t apply to me and with sheer will power, confidence and belief one can overcome anything. Jupiter embodies the essence of if you think it then it will be. Jupiter has the attitude of being on top, a king or queen vibe that can make the rules to suit him or herself. And with having the world at ones disposal the ability to be generous and giving. Jupiter is not content with an ordinary or small life, Jupiter wants to experience it all. The concept of Jupiter is to do it, whatever it is, big. To jump into whatever adventure is next full force, to not test the waters but to take the plunge and dive in the waters below.


scorpio water deep lake craterThe territory of Scorpio is a land that one enters that demands constant transformation and change. It has plenty of large lakes very still, reflecting that which looks. This will be a year of deep reflection and mirroring. The world will reflect back to you an aspect of yourself to see and contemplate. When the winds of the storms cross over the lake will they disappear and you will be able to dive into the waters to get to the depth that reveals truth.  It will be a time of strong emotions and undercurrents. On the surface all might appear normal or business as usual – yet underneath there is an urge to understand the emotions that go beyond the accepted reasons of why feelings bubble up. Is it really love or is it a sexual attraction? Am I furious at my boss or is it at myself for not trying to get a better job?  Why am I depressed; is it a call for spiritual awakening or because I don’t have what I think I should have in my life?

This is a time when no stone will be left un-turned. It is time to get to the underbelly of what has been lucking beneath the exterior tough, ‘I am a rock’ exterior projection and expose the bugs that have been hiding below.

Practical considerations in our material world will be health and finances.  Jupiter brings opportunity and protection. The realm of Scorpio in matters of health deals with prostate, uterus, bladder lower intestines. There can be good news that will help those dealing with cancers, specifically Ovarian and prostate, and colon. New treatments will emerge or awareness for those issues will be in the news. Individuals dealing with intestinal problems brought about from the use of herbicides on the GMO grains can get some relief as more awareness of the impact from consuming those foods will make its way to treatments and preventions.

As for the financial side of Jupiter in Scorpio it will bring an opportunity to borrow money, part of this is to be careful what you ask for as you may get it. There will be a see saw vibe with finances, the ability to borrow, buy that new car etc. and get into debt, and the flip side is wanting to be totally free from being controlled by owing money to any institution. 

On a business level this will be the year of huge mergers. Companies will be swallowed up by larger corporations. If you work for a smaller company that appears to hold a threat or competition to a big rival don’t be surprised if by the end of the Jupiter Scorpio cycle you get a notice that the paycheck you are receiving is coming from a different account. Another area of expansion will be in drugs that can prolong life, funeral homes, and companies that deal with extracting the natural resources and materials from underground.

Jupiter in Scorpio will also reveal the need and benefit of working together, how combining assets and resources can be not only helpful but necessary. Neighbors sharing knowledge and tools for the common good of all.

Speaking of sharing resources, Jupiter in Scorpio will support you in clearing out all of the old clothing, bedding, furniture, housewares, tools, etc. that you have collected along the way in life and no longer use or like. The spirit of donating to organizations that pass on your stuff will bring you more freedom than you thought it could. This is a time to give a critical eye to the purchases or gifts that you brought into your home over the years.  When you enter the room and you look at what is surrounding you what feeling comes up? That which does not elicit an emotional feeling of deep stillness and contentment maybe what is next to the recycle department. Clearing the space to allow a new you and that which reflects you is on the hunt.


The shadow side of Jupiter in Scorpio will enlarge the feelings of jealousy, envy and hate.

alchemy Jupiter in scorpioThe good news about the emotions of jealousy, envy and hate emerging is recognizing it for what it is.  That is any feeling of lack, that someone else has something that you don’t. The gift is to discover that there is no lack that your life is all right as it is and that your path will bring to you everything that your soul needs for its own fulfillment.  The extreme emotion of hatred, whether directed at self or others tears off the band aid on core wounds of loss and desperation. Meditation will have a profound impact in the healing component. What can emerge is tremendous compassion and forgiveness. When embracing the vibration of forgiveness and directing it towards the object of envy or hatred the negative cords are cut and freedom abounds from the toxic emotions that held you prisoner.

Sex.  When discussing Scorpio the subject of sex is part of the mix. In the realm of Scorpio sex is part of the fabric of life. Thinking about it, engaging in it, exploring it and more.  Jupiter in Scorpio will push the boundaries of sexuality.  An increase in sex trade awareness will prevail and help for the innocent children sold into sex trade will become available. Power struggles will happen between the organizations that are advocating to eradicate the mafia groups that kidnap, drug, and sell the young woman and men.

cliff standing on edge scorpio vista ridgeDeath by drugs. Unfortunately an increase in drug overdoses that result in death are expected during this time. With Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Scorpio a continued rise in the opioid crises will prevail. Jupiter in Scorpio has a daredevil side and dares one to walk to the edge to see what happens. Among young adults this can correlate to the sense that other people die but I am invincible. The temptation to alter into other states of consciousness is greatly enhanced during Jupiter in Scorpio, this is primarily with drugs and sex but also includes other feats of riding the edge of defying death.  Extreme sports will be another example along with tempting fate by wanting that selfie while standing at the very edge of the Grand Canyon rim.


Jupiter in Scorpio and the influence on other realms, psychic development, shamanic experiences, EVPs.

scorpio psychic meditate third eye

Now is the time to develop your skills in intuition, telepathy, clairvoyance, esoteric wisdom, communicating with your spirit guides, and shape shifting between worlds. There will be an expansion of interest in these areas and it will be easier to find classes and courses that resonate with your interest. Jupiter expands whatever to passes by and occult knowledge is no exception. Experiences with reality altering substances that take you to another dimension will expand. Peyote and Ayahausca ceremonies that connect you to another realm as well as help you develop relationships with your spirit guides.

As Jupiter moves through the territory of Scorpio several areas of life will come to the forefront. The need to let go and move on will be one priority. Scorpio deals with deep issues of life and death. This will be a year that you may feel the impact of death closer. Not everyone will have someone close to them pass to the other world, but the feeling that death could come calling at any given time seems more real during the time while Jupiter is transiting through Scorpio.

Rebuilding ones life will be prominent, it can be forced upon you or someone you know. The precariousness of life is palpable during this time, people that you know whether they are near and dear to your heart or casual acquaintances, or even strangers and their life and death struggles is meant to bring to your conscious awareness that life is passing and it is time to do what you feel passionate about.

Many people will find that the circumstances force them into a situation that change is inevitable. For some it can be that they are laid off from their job, others it can be from a natural disaster such as the recent hurricanes, fires and floods. Still for others the letting go of the old and rebuilding ones life can be brought upon by a divorce, major break-up or illness of a family member.

Looking at the chart of the ingress of Jupiter into Scorpio we can glean even more information of where the most of our potential to develop this energy will come from. The day that Jupiter moves into Scorpio the Moon is in Gemini in a grand mutable cross with Mars and Venus in Virgo, Chiron, and Saturn. This is an extremely complex energy pointing to emotional healing in relationships and our thoughts and beliefs about what they should or should not be.

The transformations components of Jupiter in Scorpio will hinge on letting go of the need to be right, smart, and acknowledged for ones way of thinking. At the same time lines can be drawn between different belief camps and polarized in their thinking leading to wounding others financially or with toxic emotions such as hate and vitriolic verbal abuse. Ouch! On the other hand the death and rebirth of relationships that are willing to confront each other and battle it out to the end can end up being stronger and more loving and connected than ever. This applies to personal relationships as well as organizations that feel competitive against each other or at odds within the different group members.

Jupiter does not rule the sign of Scorpio, Mars and Pluto do. Mars is in Virgo- in order to make the best use of Jupiters generosity and desire to bring abundance and luck into your life the component of understanding Mars in Virgo is vital.  Your luck and opportunity will show up through the willingness to work at the little things in life you normally might think of as grunt work. Yet it will be through the commitment of the day to day routine of getting things done that will expedite your growth and open the doors of blessings. Mars in Virgo is working with Mercury in Libra, who is working with Venus in Virgo. The elements of bringing the mind to a point of peace and balance along with the nature of being mindful and discerning to what you value most opens the floodgates to Jupiter’s flow of grace.

In conclusion this time of Jupiter in Scorpio can be fruitful no matter what sign your sun is in. Obviously if your Sun is in Scorpio you may feel the urge to take more risk than others. However everyone has Scorpio somewhere in their chart. It is important to think holistically and not that you will be left out of the grace and opportunity that Jupiter is bringing. Depending on which house in your chart the sign of Scorpio resides that will be where you can experience the blessings of Jupiter more.

What to expect from Jupiter in Scorpio

Check out both your sun sign and your rising sign

Jupiter in Scorpio – What it means for each Sign

dr ariesAries:  The Ram within will be reaching new heights in physical and emotional heights. If your life has been void of intimate partnerships this is a year that you can find someone to share experiences with if not your life. Caution is urged in accepting new credit cards, impulse spending could result in frustration when the bill comes around. That said, if you need to get a new car or are thinking of applying for a home loan this is a good year where luck and opportunity will be on your side to find what you want.



Taurus GlyphTaurus: Jupiter is looking at you from across the skies with a eagle eye goading you to take a chance with a partner. It may be for business or pleasure. The key will be to listen to your intuition to know who you can trust and who has the vibe of a taker and not a true give and take equality. The universe will present to you people that you may envy, their position, their money, their freedom, their relationship, whatever it is realize it is a reflection of what you may be missing in your life and a push to do what it takes to rearrange your world in order to bring that which you experience as lacking into your life.


gemini glyph


Gemini: Your opportunity will be found through your work and daily routine. However a bit of deep research will be appropriate to get to the core of what really turns you on. Don’t take it lightly, the willingness to discover your true work that you will excel at is worth the time spent in contemplative time. Jupiter is cheering you from the sidelines for you to Keep your mind body spirit fine tuned as this will open your psychic channels to know who and when to call for that great new job opening.


cancer glyph


Cancer: Follow your heart to what you love to do. This is the year to break out your paint brushes, sewing machine, camera, or wherever your creative urge leads you. It isn’t about being good at it, it is about being passionate towards it. Let your heart open to new romantic connections, whether it is with another human or a 4 legged or winged companion.



Leo Glyph


Leo: Deep knowing from within is your key to good fortune. If you have been stuck anywhere in your life give therapy a try. It might be traditional or alternative but whatever avenue you choose the willingness to search deep in your heart to understand what your ego identity is holding onto and holding you back is the key to your liberation.



Virgo Glyph


Virgo: Thinking and not thinking is your path of awareness this year. Break out your journals and keep up with your intuitive insights. Write that book that has been hidden within. Start a blog. Your deepest knowledge comes from your intuitive self.  Still your mind and your communication with the other side flows.


dr libra


Libra Ascendant: With Jupiter in your second house open your mind to greater possibilities of financial wealth and abundance. If you ever had the inkling to earn a little money through investments or with your intuitive abilities, this is the year to give it a shot.



Scorpio Glyph


Scorpio Ascendant or Rising: If Jupiter in Scorpio is traveling through your first house you may find the desire to shed an old image and become more mysterious and it can be reflected through your appearance and clothing choices. Also feeling and looking good is on your side. Break out the I feel sexy clothes and get ready for a big dose of self-confidence.



Sagittarius Glyph


Sagittarius:  Jupiter is expanding your psychic side this year. Dreams, meditations and sudden insights will all be giving you information that will expand your knowledge of how, what and where to put your time and energy to move your life to have more of what you want. A great way to honor this vibe is to allow yourself to splurge on a yoga or meditation retreat. The deep stillness that you will find will have a profound transformative effect on your well being and life.



dr capricorn


Capricorn: Your intuitive skills will be called upon to know who is in your corner and who isn’t. The openings that will bring you the opportunities you want in life will come from friends that you trust with your life and with your willingness to engage in groups or an organization whose mission is to bring about personal transformation. You may be asked to lead the group this year. Jupiter is urging you to step up to the plate and take a risk at putting yourself in charge of a project. However this is only meant to be one that you feel passionate about and one that feels deep and purposeful to your personal mission in life.


aquarius glyph symbol


Aquarius: Jupiter is protecting you in your professional life. Even if chaos ensues with the company you work for and you are on the outs, realize that in the end it can be the best thing that ever happened to you. Following your passion is key now, and knowing when to side step the power struggles will help too. If you find yourself in a toxic work environment call upon your spirit guide to protect you.  Fine tune your chakras and release any negative emotions and you will find that paths open up to you in a big way for a better job.



dr piscesPisces: This is the perfect year to learn more about intuitive development. Opportunities will present themselves to you in many forms. There may be a group or organization that you notice that is presenting lectures on psychotherapy or other transformative disciplines. Traveling somewhere to experience a life altering transition is also in the cards. A friend may suggest a trip to the rain forest to participate in a shamanic journey. Or you may travel to a convention that has classes on connecting with the ‘other side’. Whatever you choose, know that this year your greatest opportunity will present itself through a learning experience that will help you go beyond where you are now.