Leo 2020 Astrology Forecast

Hey Leo Suns and Ascendants, 2020 is your year to roar; well every year is your year to roar after all you are the King and Queens of the zodiac.  With Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto being in the heavier earth and water signs, and Saturn in earth bound Capricorn for 8 months, you may feel everyone around you is being way to serious to have fun with. No worries, Mars will be spending the second half of 2020 in your sister fire sign Aries giving you just what is needed to keep the flame of an inspired life burning. And Venus taking her time retracing her steps in chatty Gemini will bring the conversations to you.

Career and Life Desires: Uranus has been making its every so slow but significant trek through your house of career and recognition. If your life’s work hasn’t shifted yet, hang on there will be an opportunity for you. The only caveat is to understand when it is best to make a complete round about or if your spirit is seeking something new that may or may not have anything to do with how you earn your living.

Love and Romance: In a nutshell 2020 in the arena of romance is all about serious friendships. Another way of saying this is deep communication with your SO is essential this year otherwise when Saturn moves into your 7th house of marriage and partnerships in March the cracks in the foundation of the relationship began to sever. Saturn is only spending 4 months in Aquarius, opposite your sign, but it will be a precursor to 2021 and 2022 that will nudge you to be mindful of having strong relationships that are based upon trust, friendship, and agreeable viewpoints and mindsets.


Friendships and Connections: Once again true friendships play front and center stage as Venus will be in your house of friendship for four months this in the agreeable sign of Gemini as this year she moves retrograde. Friends come back into your life that you haven’t seen for quite some time, especially in the months between April and July. If you have felt disconnected with life in general this is a great year to find people of like mind especially through gatherings anchored around a mutual interest.

Travel and Education: Mars in Aries will be spending 6 months in your house of travel and education this year beginning in July. In fact with Venus being in Gemini starting early April you will have 2 helpful planets for 9 months that support you in learning, knowledge, sharing your knowledge and putting your plans for new adventures in motion. The only downside of Mars in Aries retrograde in your 9th house is arguing over philosophical points with someone that has no intention of changing his or her opinion. Lawsuits would be a bit tricky also, you might win but the emotional cost and drain of energy will prove frustrating. The best way to use this vibrant compatible fire energy is in learning and or traveling about and to places that inspire you. Coming out from behind the proverbial curtains are also another aspect of this vibe where you as the teacher shares her wisdom.

Passion, Drive, and Health: Pluto has been crawling through your 6th house of health and well-being for years along with Saturn and will continue to do so in 2020. The Saturn/Pluto conjunction in January 2020 will spark a new beginning of just what you need for a reboot in your energy level to surge your motivation and passion into high gear. Jupiter spending nearly the whole year in this sector is not only good for your daily routines and habits, but will offer you the opportunity to discover just what you might need to fix or heal a long standing issue.

Finances and Fortune: Since in your solar chart the sign on the area of your chart for money is ruled by the planet Mercury, every time mercury moves retrograde is an opportunity to change your fortune in your financial world. In 2020 Mercury will be spending nearly all of its retrograde time in the water signs and in your houses of intuition. What this means is to tap into abundance, prosperity and more favorable and fortunate financial circumstances listen to your intuitive self for ways to know what to do to increase your financial situation. Both ups and downs, good cash flow months and restricted cash flow times will be revealed through self-discovery from your higher side. The beauty of this is that help from the other side, your spirit guides and higher self will show you just how to have a more prosperous and abundant lifestyle.

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