Leo Full Moon Eclipse

Winter Full MoonThe astrology behind the eclipse and what it means for us is an opening of the heart chakra, following one’s bliss, and the confidence and exuberance to trust one’s heart and intellect that you can have the life you want. The sun and moon are closely connected with three planets that are influencing the lunar eclipse to bring about freedom, confidence, love and enthusiasm for life. These are the qualities from Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, and Venus that will bring into our world and our personal life new directions.

The full moon Leo eclipse is a total lunar eclipse which is also a super moon and will loom large as it is rising over the eastern horizon Sunday, January 20. When we have an eclipse, whether solar or lunar, it is a message from the universe to pay attention and shed light in order to illuminate what is being hidden in the corners of our psyche.

Jupiter is square Neptune and will make this dance three times during 2019. Jupiter and Neptune want us connect with the world of the divine, the world of creativity, and to embrace deep faith in life and in ourselves. The lunar eclipse has Venus with Jupiter and this is an expansion of love, however it is a love that touches on unconditional acceptance and allowing those in your world to be who they are without judgment.

Embracing your dreams and realigning yourself with your soul’s journey, the journey that brings joy into your life or in the words of Joseph Campbell to follow your bliss is the message from this lunar eclipse. The problematic side of the energy is anchored with the Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn demanding accountability and structure in life. Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn are also with the south node of the moon, a reminder to let go of resentment, anger, embarrassment or anywhere in your life you have regrets or shame. In a nutshell Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn are saying let go of what no longer serves you and in your material world to do more with less.  Mars is in Aries wanting to go go go and is being held back by Saturn in Capricorn. This may manifest as a frustration from the obstacles in your physical world, such as not enough time, not enough money, that can be used as a reason why it may appear impossible to have what you want. The solution, so says Saturn in Capricorn, is to make a plan.

Creating a vision of what you want not only for yourself but for the world is very powerful during this time. Listen to your heart, bring in the play, dance, sing, be with your friends. The obstacles in one’s life will give way when one harnesses the strength and determination from within and with an honest assessment of choosing a path after deciding that no matter what happens you will have no regrets.