Leo Full Moon Sun with Jupiter and Venus with Pluto and Mars Making Mischief 

leo full moon february


Lovely brilliant Leo full moon cries out for fun and joy and a carefree life once more. Jupiter is the closest friend exactly opposite her brilliant light encouraging to go beyond what is known and comfortable and to take a risk in matters of the heart.


The inner voice deep in the chambers of the heart is free form dancing like a small child would do enveloped in pure ecstasy of the moment. Yet the adult voice from Saturn looking at the moon is sending a be careful look as we tumble into the unknown risk the future holds.


It is a time to believe that you can have a life you love even if the present choices do not appear so. The magic happens in claiming that your present is perfect; not the circumstances you don’t like, the moment of right here right now that all is well in the micro seconds of breathing in and out.


Venus is with Pluto at a partile conjunction in Capricorn; exact! They are glued together merging and brewing becoming one in desire for intense obsessive passion for mastery in what you find most meaningful in your life. What brings your life beauty, joy, and pleasure? Venus and Pluto are whispering that the key for your next step is in answering that question.


Yes, this can be an incredible time over the next couple of weeks to shake out, throw out, or recycle that which no longer belongs in your sphere. Sometimes it is friends, sometimes it is old clothes in your closet, and sometimes it is about chucking it all out, (job, lover, apartment) and starting all over again.


Remember Mars is vibrating by a square to this lovely Leo full moon and impulsive actions result. This is exacerbated with the underlying Saturn square Uranus signature that is prevalent and the main headliner for 2021.


Saturn square Uranus will continue to be an underlying issue demanding change and restructuring of our lives. This is a welcome change when change is desired and needed. However the problem lies within the fundamental difference between Saturn which honors the safe path through hard work and determination and Uranus which brings about chaos or circumstances suddenly changed which require an abrupt reconsideration of what to do next.


Trusting the wisdom of your heart and cultivating joy in each passing moment is the gift this Leo full moon is here to help us develop.


Whether it creates change in our outer world is secondary to kindling the flame of love in the heart. The inner light radiates brilliantly to illuminate whatever choice is being presented in the outer world.