The Dance of the Cosmos Continues

Welcome to the Leo New Moon

leo astrologyThe new moon in Leo is the time to listen to your heart and reconnect to the childlike wonder and faith within. In this world that can at times appear to have gone mad, the New Moon message is to remember the joys of everyday life and find beauty and wonder in the simple pleasures that surround you.
Neptune, the planet of dreaming, is connected with the new moon beckoning to take time to chill, watch the clouds in the sky, and imagine how things could be. Even though the new moon it is connected with the not so easy aspect of adjusting to ones dreams, once the help from Mercury in I can figure it out Virgo kicks in, the path to your vision is clearer.
Mars has moved out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius, firing up rhetoric and defending opinions and beliefs once again. (Oh vey, more of what we in the USA have been getting only stronger.) A healthy use of this energy is to recommit to an exercise program, being physically active, and discovering new subjects that are of interest to you that you would like to learn. The urge to travel and get out of town can kick in with Mars in Sagittarius. Plans for the holiday’s months ahead can be made during this time.

The message from this New moon is very clear. Reconnect with what brings you joy while honoring the pragmatic wisdom your intellect offers.

How to honor the new moon in Leo Mystic Manifestation Capricorn Solstice

1) Be generous. Open your heart to those who have less, encourage them as they seek their path towards happiness.

2) See the cosmic humor in lives drama. We are all part of a cosmic play and each of us have their part. See the absurdity in events.

3) Watch the night sky and contemplate on how enormous the universe is, and how the earth, and each person, and the time we are here fits into the larger scheme of things.

4) Plan a party, gather friends together for no special reason.

5) Try out a new hair style, Leo after all is the ruler of the hair, the mane of the Lion and the crown of the king and queen.

6) Venus is still in Leo, she has dominion over purchases, in Leo it is a good time to find jewelry or other objects that adorn and make life special.

7) Spend time in the sunlight, feel the life giving qualities that the beams of the sun have. Consider how important the sun is for the well-being of the earth and the sustenance for human existence.

8) Get in touch with wherever you may feel a need for approval, then let it go and feel the difference.

9) Let go of anywhere that you may feel tempted to compare yourself with others.

10) Be confident, everyone has their own unique talent and gifts, reconnect with yours and let it shine.

11) Connect with your own form of spiritual identity and wholeness, share the wisdom of your love and heart with others.

12) Most important, it is the time to get back in touch with the joyful feeling of youth filled with hope, enthusiasm, and the freedom to be totally self-expressed.