Shine your light this Leo New Moon

The Leo new moon more than any other time of the year is the time to play have fun, and enjoy the gift of life and honor the special person that you are.

The Leo new moon is July 31st 11:12pm EDT just minutes before Mercury moves direct. Sitting still and listening to the wisdom in your heart will reveal what you have been seeking.

Venus is in Leo next to the Sun and moon in Leo. The new moon with Venus in Leo adds another emphasis on bringing into your life what makes your heart sign. She is in a complicated pattern with Uranus and Neptune (Square Uranus and sesiquadrate Neptune) this is a curious combination of wanting something different and a longing for divine love and acceptance.

Venus traveling with the sun is her sacred time, she is invisible now and preparing in the weeks ahead to be reborn as the evening star. Having Venus and the Leo New moon connected with shake up life Uranus and reality isn’t real Neptune has a strange effect that is lovely and unsettling at the same time.

In addition Mercury which has been retrograde the last three weeks moves direct the day of the Leo New moon. Mercury is connected with deep thinking Pluto, the journey over the last 3 weeks to reconsider what brings security, safety, and a sense of belonging begins to take form. The next phase is to implement changes that you have decided will help you have more of what brings contentment and joy.

Every year at the Leo New Moon is a time to set intentions for our hearts wishes.

How to work with the energy

  • Connect with your younger joyful self. Let loose and be a kid again.
  • Sign up for an art class, music lessons, or another creative outlet.
  • Crank up the music and dance.
  • Plan a party. Make time for friends.
  • Celebrate being alive. You are the leader in your own life, develop your leadership skills.
  • Do naked mirror work; tell all parts of your body how much you love them.
  • Take a risk, in love, in life, in revealing a side you have kept hidden.
  • Go to the theatre, try out or volunteer in your local theatre.
  • Play Queen for the day, hair, nails, spa, whatever special treatment is for you.
  • Find a rose quartz for healing the wounds of the heart.
  • Meditate on the heart chakra, and clear out any accumulated emotional blocks that snuck in since last year’s Leo new moon.
  • Put plenty of time off and play time into your schedule.
  • Let someone know how much you appreciate them.
  • Allow acknowledgement, love, and admiration from others to sink in.
  • Give that love, acknowledgment to yourself. Loving self first, no negative ego, inner confidence that radiates.

Mars is in Leo with Juno, the marriage, or clan signature, and is in a configurations with Neptune and Pluto call a yod, or finger of fate. Mars in Leo is about tapping into our inner courage. The Lion roars if someone threaten or crosses those you love. Standing up to bullies or gossip is a power tool now that can change the direction of relationship. It may not be what you expect, yet it can be better than you ever imagined.