Libra 2020 Astrology Forecast

Libra 2020 Astrology Forecast Your horoscope for 2020 Libra you are starting new beginnings for your life and changes that will alter your career, relationships and even how you look, your physical appearance. Saturn is conjunct Pluto in Jan and starts the year with you seriously contemplating about your family or home situation. Is it working for your soul and overall happiness? this aspect can be oppressive and other times you feel like it is safe and protective. One thing this conjunction will certainly do is change whatever isn’t best for your future people or location. Setting boundaries is super important for all your relationships this year.

Lovely Libras 2020 is your year to embrace fresh new beginnings. Venus your ruling planet with be retrograde in your sister air sign of Gemini from May 13th to June 25th in your solar ninth house of travel, knowledge, beliefs, and education. This is a year to be OK with changing directions, in any aspect of your life that you know is ready for a redo.  The all-important Saturn Pluto conjunction in January and the three Jupiter Pluto conjunctions spread throughout 2020 all happen in the bottom of your chart, (forth house) stirring your subconscious and emerging with a wiser broader world view. Saturn dipping its toes into the other sister air sign of Aquarius from late march until July hints at romance overall joy of life taking center stage.

Here are the top most knows for 2020

Career and Life Desires:

Rumbles from within challenge what you are doing and why. If you have the feeling that the path you are on doesn’t fulfill your dreams, talents, and purpose you will change directions this year.

Love and Romance:

Yes. Big time news on the love and romance front. If you are happy in your long term relationship fabulous, but if you aren’t then the Venus retro will bring a huge rethink along the way. Shortly after the Venus retrograde, May 13th until June 25th, Mars will moving into Aries opposite your sign and stay there for the rest of the year. Wowzer. Mars being opposite your sign stirs up passion and aggravation. Someone else irritating you can be what you need to make the change you want.  

Friendships and Connections:

Making connections and cultivating friendships is interwoven with doing what you enjoy, such as your hobbies and going to events. If you are missing friendships do the things that make you happy and you will find people to build a relationship through those activities. The other area of friendship connection is by taking a class or course that is interactive. From there you will find others of like mind that a bond of friendship develops.

Travel and Education:

This is another sector that gets a resounding Yes. Venus will be retrograde in this part of your chart therefore as your ruling planet and her spending an extraordinary amount of time there those areas of life light up. Think your vacation plans through, as you can change your mind if you don’t research it well. On the other hand going back to a place you know you enjoy, and most likely where someone you know lives, is a great idea this year.

Passion, Drive, and Health:

With Neptune making its ever slow journey through your house of health, routines, and well-being keeping a healthy attitude is ever so important. Neptune is the planet of spirit, (among many other qualities) and when spirit resides in your house of health it wants you to listen intuitively to what your body needs. Neptune also teaches to tap into how much of the unseen, such as bad vibes and negative energy, can impact our overall wellbeing. Having a Neptune activity to your daily life, such as music you love, a yoga club membership, that you use of course, and or a meditation practice in your routine keeps the drive and passion up.

Finances and Fortune:

There are three houses that are connected with money and finances that have the three Mercury retrogrades of 2020 dancing in your chart. One is the second house that is literally about your finances, the other two are work related houses. The focus on prosperity this year will be connected with whether or not the work you are engaged in allows you to have an abundant life. Since there is a big rethink on this area, a change in career may very well be what is in store for a change in fortune.

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