April 28 Mercury RetroMercury retrograde in Taurus along with the full moon can stir up deep feelings around relationships and finances.

Libra wants fairness, peace, balance, kindness, and harmony. Being opposite the Sun in Aries the duality of me versus you is highlighted. The full moon in Libra is the yearly checking in point to access how well your life is balanced and whether you are being true to your essential self. The question underneath any discomfort will be “are you compromising too much of your life for the sake of looking good, what society expects, or what others want from you?” 

Libra Full Moon purple full moon flowers bloom peace night

Since Libra is the relationship sign, (it is ruled by Venus who is currently retrograde) if you feel unhappy you may be looking at your significant other with critical eyes. However remember that the full moon reflects, is it really a problem someone else created or is life mirroring back to you something to see that is part of you?

Mercury is moving retrograde in early Taurus, this position will be a rethink on finances and your beliefs regarding abundance principles. It is a good time to go over your budget with an eye to find ways to have more of what brings you freedom and happiness as well as bringing out your positive affirmations that support the life you want.  Mercury will dip back into Aries and move direct with the planet Uranus, which wants freedom. There will be new ideas that inspire you to have more freedom and an abundant life.

The general heads up for Mercury retrograde is to back up your computer and be cautious on purchasing electronics or vehicles. It isn’t that you will get a bad product, but it may be that you change your mind about what you wanted.

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Ideas for this full moon

  • Find time to do your own thing.
  • Create loving and kind relationships.
  • Compromise when it isn’t a big deal, examine your reasons if you feel coerced or manipulated.
  • Do something you never have tried before.
  • Plan a way to create more abundance in your life