Libra New Moon 2019

The Libra New Moon is Saturday the 28th of September at 2:26 pm EDT


art beauty libra aquarius starEvery year when the Libra new moon happens is a time to set our intentions for positive, healthy, kind relationships, beautiful surroundings, social outings, and more peace and harmony in life.  Friends, coworkers, romantic, family, it doesn’t matter the category of the relationship, what matters is whether or not the give and take between you and the other has the elements of harmony and reciprocity. It is a time of embracing the qualities of Libra and the planet that rules the sign, Venus.

This year has a complex pattern with the other planets which influence the new moon.

This new moon is exactly 150 degrees away from Uranus in Taurus. This angle between the planets represents the need to adjust. You may find yourself making adjustments in your relationships, not negative just the need to be flexible when you know the connection you have is worth the effort. Both Libra and Taurus are ruled by Venus which adds to the urgency of listening to Venus, the ruler of those signs.

Healing Old Relationship Trauma with Libra New Moon and Chiron

The new moon is at 5 degrees of Libra and opposite Chiron at 3 degrees of Aries. Healing our wounded self is back on the table. Sometimes this is literal representing that it is time to heal the physical body. The healing symbol is pointing directly at relationships. Are there any old, discarded, abandoned, or current relationships that cut deep? If so the emotional trauma or poison underneath the scar that appears healed will fester up this month. It is time to allow old (or new) wounds to be healed. This signature especially is applicable to relationships that were unpredictable, one day showering you with love and attention, and another time totally self-centered and cruel or turning the tables and blaming when you wanted to address a situation. (Chiron in Aries negative side can be harmful narcissistic patterns.)


Venus in this new moon is in her rulership in Libra. This is good news as she is strong there and the will to create a more harmonious pleasurable life prevails.

november astrology 2018 venus 
 direct in libraHowever Venus is connected with Saturn, Pluto, and Neptune. Basically all of the heavy serious outer planets have a stake in this new moon vibe. First with Venus, what we love and value, has just passed a connection with Saturn, this is a be sure about what you want message. Does that relationship, new dress, new job, concert, etc. really give you want you want and need?

Then Venus pays a visit to Neptune in the adjustment angle. Neptune wants the ideal; usually the unattainable too, so the adjustment is saying don’t give up the vision of what is possible, but see how you can shift your life to get as much as you can within what is realistic.

After the visit with Neptune she connects with Jupiter, this is an easy going conversation, (connection sextile) and reminds us to have faith and confidence that even if we can’t see how we are going to make our life more harmonious and peaceful there is a way that will be shown.

Finally the connection with Pluto brings the change, this comes with a realization which is a resolve to let go of whatever is stuck in order to have room for what is possible.   

The new moon in Libra is also the time to set your intentions for what you want in your social life. This is for more than just the next month; we won’t have another Libra new moon until October 2020. What can you do to create a more aesthetically pleasing environment for where you live and work? What about how you dress? Do you love the clothes you wear? What is the right amount of extrovert activities for you? How many concerts do you want to attend? Are there neighborhood or art festivals to attend? How about groups that put on special events around charity or holiday themes?  Who would enjoy these events as much as you and make the effort to get out and about. You get the picture; take a look at your local and regional calendar of events and see what is inspires you.


New Moon in Libra Rituals and Vision Board Ideas


Vision Board Ideas for the Libra New Moon Cycle:

  • Plan time with friends
  • Check out art festivals and weekend happenings
  • Find out when your favorite bands are coming to town/ get tickets
  • Cruise through a museum
  • Sign up for a art class
  • Take a weekend and explore beautiful scenery
  • Learn more about personality differences to understand others more- (astrology, enneagram, Myers Briggs, etc)
  • Libra rules the kidneys… Do yours want a Kidney cleanse?
  • Say yes to the outfit that you think is gorgeous.
  • Sign up for a painting class.
  • Really go to town with your vision board with colors, pictures, and cutouts.
  • Splurge on flowers for your home or office.
  • See life from others perspective, be curious about how they view the world.

Cultivating peace, harmony, and kindness is the essence of what the spirit of the Libra New Moon is suggesting. Bringing this vibration onto the planet and into your own sphere of influence will support you as the shift of the planets move into turbulent times ahead.