New Moon in Libra October  2017   

October Libra New Moon With Uranus Brings Big Changes       

Libra is all about relationships, fairness, kindness and balance. This is the time to set your intentions to create more peace and harmony in your personal and professional life however this Libra new moon is intricately connected to the planet Uranus giving this new moon a whole different twist.

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The Libra new moon (October 19th) is a time to attract into your life harmonious relationships, peace and harmony.  However Uranus is infusing this new moon in Libra therefore  it is about breaking free from old relationship patterns that feel restrictive and encouraging relationships that expand your life with new and different experiences.  Venus is now in Libra, and in its rulership, therefore it is ruling the Libra new moon, which means she, and what she stands for gets the last say. Venus in Libra wants harmony, balance, to enjoy life in artistic and social settings.


When thinking about what intentions you want to send forth during this new moon cycle contemplate what you want to attract in the Venus in Libra terms.

What art do I want to surround me?

How do I honor art?

Where do I want to go to experience art?

What social activities do I love most?

Are my relationships loving and harmonious?

What can I do to bring more peace into my world?

Is my life out of balance in any aspect, and if so how do I want to change it?

Do I have the relationships that I want in my life?

Are there any relationships where I compromise too much for the sake of peace?

This is the first of 14 new moons since Jupiter went into Scorpio on October 10th. There will be an undercurrent of getting on with life, the proverbial bucket list that is driving the embracing of wanting to get out and do things.  Mercury and Jupiter are hanging out together, Mercury in Scorpio is sometimes called the one who can think down and dirty. Critical thinking has a sharp edge to it in the undercurrent of the pretense of being nice in Libra land. Listen to your intuition and side step individuals who you know do not vibrate on a higher side of their being and have a way of giving under handed cruel comments in the guise of being funny, nonchalant or with the bully’s defense of joking or telling their version of how they see it.


Astrology Chart of the Libra New Moon on October 19th 2017 3:12pm EDT


Libra New Moon Chart


The nodes of the moon are at the degree of our previous lunar eclipse in February 2017, this is a completion point. If something happened or came up for you in the early part of 2017, January or February, this is a time to find resolution.

libra meditate art inner peace harmonyAnother aspect to note is that 3 planets are 30 degrees away from each other, setting up a vibrational pattern. 30 degrees is the circle (360) divided by 12; the number 12 is an important number in human history. 12 months of the year, the clock 12 hours of day and night, the 12 apostles, the 12 signs in the zodiac. Having 3 planets, Chiron, Uranus, Sedna, vibrating in this harmonic and Sedna and Chiron creating a yod configuration with the new moon is suggesting that new beginnings are on the horizon where you will be using your creative and artistic talents to break away from a stagnant job or way of living to develop a life that allows for healing, independence and creative expression.

Know that this October new moon in Libra is a time that you can make a quantum leap in shifting your life to have kind and loving relationships and give you the space to be your unique and individual self.  It is also bringing a wave of energy to sweep into your environment more beauty and harmony together with time to enjoy the artist of the world and the gifts they share to experience.