Libra 2019

2019 begins with the sun conjunct Saturn bringing a serious focus to have a plan and fulfill goals. January 6 there is a solar eclipse and Capricorn with Saturn in your solar fourth house of home and family and your subconscious. Self-doubts that may have held you back in the past can bubble up to be examined and released. The nodes of the moon have now shifted into the cancer Capricorn axis. For the next 18 months the pull between career aspirations and time for yourself will become an issue.

Solar and Lunar Eclipses for Libra 2019


On January 21 there is a lunar eclipse in Leo. This lunar eclipse refers back to the previous 18 months when the North node of the moon was in Leo in the south node of the moon was in Aquarius. During that phase it was about friendships and love. A reminder will pop up about the value of friendships and the importance of having an open and loving heart. A flurry of invitations can come in at this time for events over the next few weeks. As this time coincides with the last weeks of Uranus being in Aries and urgency to be with people where you feel you can be yourself and self expressed is powerful.


On March 6 Uranus will go into Taurus and stay there for the next seven years. Uranus will be traveling through your solar eighth house of shared intimacy, deep thoughts, and the awakening of intuitive and psychic abilities. There can be challenges of how you share money with other people. And perhaps a feeling that it is time to become debt free.  Adjustments will be made in order to accomplish that.




There will be three Mercury retrograde this year with Mercury being retrograde the majority of the time in the water signs. The first Mercury retrograde in March is happening in your solar six house of your daily work schedule and your health. Ideas may present themselves that will support you in your overall well-being of mind body and spirit, that will also help you be more productive at work. The second Mercury retrograde begins July 6 in the fire sign of Leo then dips back into watery cancer where it will go direct. Ideas will come from friends or acquaintances that will inspire you in your pursuit of a more fulfilling career. The third Mercury retrograde occurring October 30 through November 20 is in the water sign of Scorpio. This Mercury retrograde is happening in your solar second house of money and finances. A perusal of your financial statements in order to dig out the income desired for purchases or activities you want becomes fruitful.


Jupiter in Sagittarius for Libra 2019

Jupiter has moved into Sagittarius as of November 2018 and will stay in Sagittarius all of 2019 until December 2. Jupiter in Sagittarius is moving through your solar third house. This is a time when the development of your ideas, opinions, and knowledge expands. It is an excellent time to learn new things especially anything that has to do that will be of benefit in your day-to-day life. Whether this is of course that looks good on your resume for that next job you want or it is learning how to use your new phone and all of its functions. This is also a year where smaller trips such as weekend getaways are in the cards. You may find that a long weekend is not only rejuvenating to the spirit but feels necessary for your mental health. Weekend seminars, even if you have to travel to participate, that bring a new view of life can be part of this mind expanding experience. Another manifestation of Jupiter in Sagittarius in your solar third house and be new transportation, even if it’s hobby related such as a bicycle or moped.


The main planetary configurations that are going on this year have to do with Saturn catching up to Pluto which will not happen until 2020. However there is a feeling with these two moving through Capricorn that the world not only is changing but needs to change. The specific planetary configurations that will be more prominent are between the planet Jupiter and the planet Neptune. They will be square each other three times during the year. In your chart it will be happening from your third house of knowledge and your six house of routine, work, and general well-being. What can come up for you that can be very good is that you decide to create a routine in your life where you are learning in something that supports your happiness and health. The conflict can come from not being 100% sure of what to learn. The resolution is to listen to your intuition, especially if there is something that is going on where your body does not feel is vibrant as it used to.


The month of July is an especially important one for you to listen to your intuition as well as your logical mind in order to make the best decisions for more harmony, peace and balance in your life. You may decide sometime between July and September 18 on making either a major or minor change in the direction of your life. This is because Saturn moves direct on September 18 square the Libra energy. This may prompt you to take a serious look at what you want to be responsible for in life, and whether it is time to make a change.


The year ends with Jupiter going into Capricorn on December 2 joining the earth party with Saturn in Capricorn, Pluto in Capricorn, and Uranus in Taurus. Neptune has been in Pisces all year and will continue to be there for several more years. Both 2019 and 2020 have the outer five planets being Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto in either fire, water, or earth signs. You as a Libra being an air sign may find yourself scratching your head at all of this seriousness going around. Your friends can truly appreciate the lighter side of life that you can bring to complicated times.

Libra 2019 overview

Libra Fate and traits

libraWhen you have your Sun in Libra your identity can be tied up into looking good, being fair, and having the world be fair and peaceful around you. This is not to say that you will have it, just that it will be a theme in your life, you will be wired to notice when circumstances around you are not fair, are not peaceful and you will be prodded, willing or not, to find balance when there is none. The astrology behind the Libra identity reveals so much more.

Many times these concerns are not thought about as they are on a subconscious level, living below the surface of day to day existence. A woman who has her sun in Libra became aware that beauty was important in some people’s eyes early in life. She will either embrace that looking good will be helpful, or be frustrated at the unfairness that pretty people seem to be able to get things easier or are admired more than the ordinary. It is not that other people are not aware of this; it is a problem and concern in our society it is that Libra individuals are attuned to it in a deeper way.

Libra’s have been emotionally taught at a young age that someone was prettier, or that they were attractive, or that attractive people will go farther and have an easier time in life. This is of course not universally true, it may be true for some but for others they will have another believe system that they work on, such as the “dumb blonde” belief. Or that looks don’t last forever, personality and charm will get you what you want”. Or “there may be people who are attractive and have lots of people that like them but being an intellectual genius is where it is at and those people have nothing over me”

Libra 2018 Astrology

One of the challenges of being a Libra will be to recognize your way of operating in the world, and whether or not you are making compromises to who you really are or what you really want for the sake of not wanting others not to like you. Many times as a child the Libra person was told to “be nice” don’t make a fuss and was manipulated by someone else with a strong personality that molded the Libra child into making someone else happy, doing what they wanted, so as not to upset the adult. Therefore the adult Libra can find themselves saying I want to do what you want, not out of not having an opinion, but from a long ago programming that taught them when they asserted themselves anger was present or love was removed.

The Libra Sun is here to share the joy that kindness and peace bring. Yet the lesson for the Libra is to be able to stand up for what they want even if it creates discord and ultimately make sure that you create your world where there is harmony and peace around you. It is time to have around you on day to day basis people who value fairness and harmony. Disengage from individuals or circumstances where you feel manipulated or controlled through emotional blackmail. Read more on astrology or ask your astrologer for other insights into your chart.

This is just the beginning of understanding the quest and path for Libra, yet understanding these hidden messages you were taught will free you to be happy and healthy.

It is very important to know and understand the messages from the universe. Having this knowledge helps you stay in tune with the planetary vibrations. This will confirm your inner knowing that you are doing what you need to do.
Being in tune with these messages will help you on the earth plane and supports you in your spiritual evolution and awakening.

Monthly forecast do not replace your individual chart readings that are unique to your birthday, time of birth, year of birth and place of birth but will give information that will help you with the overall picture for you.

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