The Full Moon Eclipse in Cancer January 2020

The lunar eclipse in Cancer is upon us with its brilliance and intensity.


It is vibrating with the Saturn/Pluto conjunction and urges us to find that place within ourselves where we feel safe and secure.

Fear patterns can surface during this time yet are they real? Yes the Eclipses have been vacillating between the signs of Capricorn and Cancer urging to find a balance between what you do in the world to survive, ie your earthly responsibilities, (a Capricorn thing) such as a job that helps you maintain the physical necessities of food and shelter, and whether you are happy about how you are spending your time in what you do. The other side, Cancer is the emotional well-being side of life; feeling safe and secure emotionally, comfortable where you live and feeling deeply contented with the path you are on.


This eclipse is especially intense as it is connected to Saturn and Pluto which is the reason why insecurities or fears may pop up. Do you trust the work you are doing to support you? Do you have the emotional support around you to feel safe? If there is a hesitation or instability around your work or the relationships that are near and dear to you then you may feel more rattled during this full moon and the days ahead as the energy unfolds.


The way to work with these vibrational patterns is to set aside time, even if just for 10 or 15 minutes, to get in touch with your emotions. If there is any uncomfortable emotion imagine on each exhale of your breath that the negative feelings are being released and on the inhale you are breathing in a positive replacement to fill what no longer serves you.



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