March Astrology 2024


march 2024Friday, March 1st the Sun is in a harmonious aspect to Jupiter urging us to go with the flow and listen to our intuition especially in matters that appear complex or hidden. The weekend continues with the Moon in expansive Sagittarius delivering a vibe of desire to get out and enjoy. Venus and Uranus are dancing together this weekend bringing opportunities of new experiences and special moments. It is a great weekend to go somewhere that frees your spirit and refreshes your soul.

As we travel through the month of March Venus and Mars continue to unfold from their recent new cycle that began in Aquarius. The ideal of Venus in Aquarius is friendship that loves you for you and supports you to be your greatest version of self. Venus will shift into Pisces on the 11th bringing a deeper emotional component to our relationships. When Venus is in Pisces small gestures of caring and compassion are deeply appreciated. This is a time when music touches the heart. An evening of good music brings not only enjoyment but healing. While listening to meditative music during the time Venus is in Pisces deep emotional and cellular healing happens.

Mars will be in Aquarius giving us the ability to research and state the facts to make our case until March 22nd when he shifts into Pisces. In Pisces Mars way of helping us get what we want demands the intuitive approach. Mars in Pisces motto could be; “It is better to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission.”.

Pisces goddessThe new moon in Pisces on the 10th is in a harmonious aspect with the unpredictable and change agent planet of Uranus. An underlying desire for an uncomplicated life that is free of too much pressure and drama stirs from within. This new moon energy is a wonderful day for meditation and getting back in touch with your higher self.

Heartfelt compassion for those who are suffering finds a voice as Mercury moves into Aries on this new moon day. Mercury will slowing way down as he will be retrograde in April and not exit the sign of Aries until the middle of May. Mercury in Aries doesn’t have much of a filter and what you are thinking can be spoken even before you figure out if it is a good idea to say it or not. The positive side of Mercury in Aries is authentic speech that advocates for truth.

The Sun in Aries heralds the spring equinox at 11:06pm EDT on the 19th with a Leo moon to add more fire to feed our motivation for fresh beginnings. The ancient astrologers interpreted equinox charts to glean the future for the months ahead. In this chart Venus is with Saturn in Pisces which points towards separations that holds sweet sorrow. You may be very happy for a loved one to have achieved something great in their life but know it may mean you don’t see them as much.

Lunar full moon eclipse in Libra,

The strongest vibrational pattern in the eclipse is about how we function in the world, or better stated what we do to have what we want. With the moon in Libra and the sun in Aries this illumination will focus on our relationships and our need to live our own authentic paths. The Libra moon is ruled by Venus exalted in Pisces, which means there is a lot of strength to support and develop kind and loving relationships. Empathy and understanding is the secret ingredient for deeper connections. In addition Venus is connected with Pluto; this combination amplifies desire to have what we love in our life and the willingness to do whatever it takes to achieve it.

Mercury the planet of communication is between Eris and Chiron. Mercury also is the symbol of younger people, there will be news around the youthful generation speaking about they have been hurt or wounded (Chiron) and witnessing them speak out loud and clear (Eris) over situations they are unhappy about.

The last weekend ends as it started, with the moon in free spirited Sagittarius promising a weekend of stepping away from the daily grind and embracing a fresh perspective towards the future.



How to work with the energy of the Pisces New Moon

1) Connect with your creativity.

2) Begin a dream journal

3) Plan a trip to the ocean, lake, aquarium or vineyard.

4) Learn photography.

5) Digitize your old photos and film.

6) Find time for your spiritual growth and meditative contemplation.

7) Listen to music and allow yourself to disappear into a great movie.

8) Replace anger, frustration, disappointment or judgment of others with compassion.

9) Take a break from relationships that are filled with so much compromise that jeopardizes your integrity.

10) Imagine what is possible without the mind telling you all the reasons why it can’t happen.

11) Connect with your psychic side and listen for messages from your higher self.



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