March Astrology 2023

march 2023March has a tipping point that will not be denied. There is an old song by Carole King, with lyrics, “I feel the earth move under my feet, I feel the sky tumbling down”. This is March friends. Huge cosmic shifts are under way. Your personal life might not change yet there is a rumbling from deep within and strange coincidences happening that make one wonder.

Virgo Full Moon

The full moon in Virgo on the 7th of March is the same day that Saturn leaves Aquarius and enters Pisces. The energy imprinted in the Virgo full moon has both Saturn and Pluto at the critical degree 29 for Aquarius and Capricorn. This vibe is akin to standing at the edge of the Grand Canyon, looking into the abyss and taking in its beauty, awe, and frightening awareness that unless one is mindful of your footing all could be lost in an instant. Great change is on its way and being steady on your path while embracing the wonders of life will support you during the cosmic shifts.

The Virgo full moon is an annual reminder to embrace the grace of service towards a higher purpose. Where in your life do you set aside the desires of the moment for a greater commitment of who you want to be? Sometimes it is a small “sacrifice” of sharing your lunch when you really want to eat the whole thing but knowing who you want to be is generous and giving. Other times it is a greater commitment in helping out a friend in need when you had plans for something different. And then there are the life altering decisions such as letting go of a job that provides stability to devote to a path that holds more meaning.


Jupiter is with Chiron with the full moon. There is a wonderful opportunity to release old wounds and petty annoyances. Jupiter expands whatever it touches; with Chiron it can shine a light on old hurts and grievances. Yet Jupiter brings optimistic view that tomorrow dawns a new beginning. The compassion that the full moon carries has the gift to acknowledge past hurts and frees you to walk into the future without the weight of what could have been.

Saturn in Pisces

Saturn, the task master, the let’s get real vibe, will spend the next 2 ½ years in Pisces. This will challenge our compassion for others and at times be overwhelmed with how much suffering is on the planet and whether our tiny contribution has significance. It does. Finding significance and meaning in a world when so much dysfunction is present is examined during Saturn’s trek through Pisces.

Mars Square Neptune

Another reason March is a seismic month in the Astro atmosphere is Mars in Gemini will make its final square to Neptune as it passes its point that it went retrograde before heading into Cancer. A bubble will burst open the squabbles have been going on around you and reveal what has been hidden as Mars passes its square to Neptune. In addition if you have been of two minds or torn in what action to take uncertainty dissipates.

On a mundane level this is a time that lies and agendas are revealed from government and corporate institutions. Neptune and Mars combination can be a lethal combination for polluted water and air, and it is a time to guard against viruses and infections.

2023 Equinox Sun in Aries

The sun moves into Aries March 20th marking the equinox and the Aries new moon follows just 20 hours later on the 21st. Whereas the Virgo full moon has Uranus, the planet pushing us to make changes, in a harmonious and gentle manner, Uranus with the spring equinox and Aries new moon is impatient and more forceful.

At the core of Aries energy there is a profound desire to be authentic to who we are and who we are meant to be. If you have been sitting on the fence about making changes this Aries new moon will stir up impulsive feelings to take risks and find the courage to make your next move.

The north node of the moon, (the path forward) is conjunct Venus in Taurus. This happens only twice in 19 years. The path forward includes creating and embracing a life that is based upon what you love and value. What is your dream of a beautiful life? Where can you be courageous and take a risk where your sense of true authenticity of being shines forth?

Pluto in Aquarius

Pluto is vibrating with the Aries new moon by sextile, a harmonious nudge for transformation. On March 23rd Pluto enters Aquarius stepping over the border which gives us a glimpse into the tremendous cultural changes to take place over the next 20 years. The first view is the blunt realization of how technology is replacing jobs. Even though it has been coming in several fields, there is a shock of how AI can replace what was once thought of as a safe career. The sign of Aquarius reminds us of how important connections are. The urge to connect with those of like minds heats up. Finding that place where you feel connected to, where you feel you belong is part of this energy.

Mars in Cancer

The month ends with Mars moving into the water sign of Cancer, after several months staying in the air sign of Gemini. It is a welcome relief for the planet of action to leave the debating intellectual space of Gemini and dip into accessing what to do from the gut emotional feeling that being in Cancer makes easy.

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