March Astrology 2017

When I was a little girl there was a saying about March, if it come in like a lamb it will go out like a lion. This of course referred to the weather and living in the northeast of the USA the weather in March was always unpredictable.

Astrologically March is coming in like a Lion and the waves of the planetary upsets will calm down a bit by the end of the month but not completely. The first days of March covers the landscape with a mystical feeling that something is about to happen but not sure what with an underlying anticipation for huge shifts in life and love coupled and insightful understanding of how to change. (Sun with Neptune, Jupiter opposite Uranus, Mercury with Neptune and Venus moving retrograde!)

What makes the astro weather so unsteady in March is Venus retrograde in Aries. Venus in Aries is a bit of a wild card, impulsive and strong. She is reassessing if what she has in her life is what she still wants and needs. She will also recognize what is missing and be making plans on how to get it into her life.


March Full Moon

The full moon on the 12th reflects back to late February, issues that came up the last week in February that are still unresolved surface to let go or complete. The annual full moon of Virgo calls forth the urge to go beyond self-interest and help those around you, family, friends, and community. 

The spring equinox (or fall for down under) heralds in new hope and determination. A deep urge to protect what is yours and what is just will continue for the next several months. The Aries cycle is always a good omen to begin something anew, or even to return to something that you have always wanted to learn, do or master but set it aside. And with Venus half way through her retrograde cycle insights of what is of most value to you begins to surface.

The day of the new moon in Aries March 28th will stir strong words and action. Inspiration is powerful and the impulse to rule your own life and face any fears that are in the way of your path and destiny.  Along with the equinox are two potent planets Jupiter and Pluto planting a seed within urging greatness in all that you know is possible. Great risk is rewarded with great growth. However facing fear of failure is part of the task the universe is doling out.

In a nutshell, March offers us the opportunity to reexamine what is near and dear in our hearts, to resurrect an old flame of sorts, whether in the embodiment of human form or an unfulfilled passion of art or sport. March is a time to fan the flames of that desire while moving beyond fears and embracing new and exciting challenges.


2016 March begins with Mercury in Aquarius opposite Jupiter in Leo, plenty to talk about although the mind can be so active the talking can be to self.

You can find that March is a turning point in many ways. The full moon on the 5th from the Pisces/Virgo axis is seeking meaning and purpose in everyday life. If you feel fulfilled and at peace, all goes forward as is. If you have feelings that something is missing, then taking steps to shift your current position happen. The full moon is complicated with Venus, the planet of what we love and value caught up in the Uranus Pluto square pushing for change.

Saturn makes its first retrograde in Sagittarius on March 14th. Saturn in Sagittarius demands truth and justice. Even exaggerating a story will be challenged as the need for honesty and truth will prevail. News stories that have manipulated the public for dishonest reasons will have their veil torn away. The desire to travel can stir wanderlust, yet circumstances can hold one back until the responsibilities of day to day life are handled. Education and Universities will be seen in a different light, with Saturn in Sagittarius a reason to spend time and money for the degree.

Venus moves in Taurus, a sign she rules, on the 17th bringing the message to appreciate what you value and not take what you love and care about most for granted. It also can bring to your awareness what you want to have and include in your life and inspire you to gather it to your world.

The Pisces new moon solar eclipse on the 20th is connected to a fixed star called Scheat, the star of sorrow and suffering- ouch, sounds pretty negative yet this eclipse is connected to the last new moon in Aquarius, whatever thoughts, feelings, and emotions you set out at the last new moon can return to you under this solar eclipse.

When the Sun enters Aries on the 20th there is a breath of fresh air with enthusiasm to move forward in life with hope, courage and optimism. It is not that there are no challenges, but the message is to face your challenges and fears head on, change a belief pattern if need be, know what is at the core of happiness for you, and be willing to stand up and even fight for the life you want.

We finish the month with Mars moving out of feisty Aries and into a more relaxed sign of Taurus, suggesting to spend time appreciating nature and the earth.

March Astrology Forecast