March Astrology Pisces New Moon 2022

March begins with the Pisces new moon on the 2nd. The new moon is at 12 degrees of Pisces, and very close to Jupiter at 14 Pisces. This is a wonder-filled energy to expand our consciousness, remove the cobwebs of pessimism and depression, and fill us with gusto to move beyond our safety zone to explore more of what the world has to offer.

Venus Mars and Pluto are together at 27th degrees of Capricorn. What an incredible opportunity to focus on creating something in your life that makes your world more beautiful. Mars says get going, put energy into something, and that something is Venus, that which we want, value, and love. Pluto brings us the focus and drive to make it happen.

If there was one new moon during the year to choose for a manifestation ceremony; this is the one to pick. The new moon energy is amplified in a harmonious connection with Uranus, the great awakener that helps bring changes. And the new moon is connected to the Venus Mars Pluto combo by a 45 degree angle intensifying the potency of this new moon. Granted, if you are not happy in a relationship, your work (Venus and Mars are in the business sign of Capricorn) or if you feel unstable or insecure for your future this new moon can rock your world to take action for change.

The negative manifestation of this new moon is when someone thinks the rules of right and wrong do not apply to them and decide that any tactics to get what they want are justified. Then the justice side of this new moon erupts with Mars Pluto anger and rage for taking advantage of others.

On March 6th Venus and Mars move out of earth serious Capricorn into airy intellectual Aquarius and officially join together to begin a new cycle at 0 degrees of Aquarius. This is the same point in the zodiac that Jupiter and Saturn made their new cycle on December 21st 2020. With Mars and Venus activating that same degree, watch out for how much in your world has shifted and changed. This is a time to value your friends, it is a time to find the sweet spot in life where you feel connected, whether it is one on one, with a group, or where you live. It is an intellectual vibe, so part of this desire to connect or find that place of belonging will be felt from the surrounding attitudes, thinking, and beliefs of those around you.

March Virgo Full Moon

The full moon in Virgo is at 3:18 am EST on the 18th. You will feel the full moon the night before Thursday the 17th as she gets fuller and fuller. (It will be a crazy time for St Patrick Day partiers.) The Virgo full moon moves the new moon energy forward with the moon trine to Pluto, amplifying our focus and intensity that we set forth. Venus and Mars having moved into Aquarius are in connection with the rebel Uranus by a square aspect, which is an energy that demands attention to resolve or push through to break free of the past in order to enjoy life in the moment. It is an “I want it now and I don’t care about the consequences” feeling.


Aries Ingress 2022 Mundane Astrology

When the sun marches into Aries it is time to shake off any hangover of any not so happy feelings and step into the equinox with bravery and gusto. Ancient astrologers would read this chart for the king or queen of their country, seeking insight into what to expect. The moon in the chart represents the people, and the Moon is at the very end of Libra, seeking fairness, peace, and justice, just having passed an exact square (conflict) to Pluto, (power, intensity, and revealer of secrets). This represents people being at the end of their rope over power plays and information that has been withheld.

The ascendant is Gemini, (for USA) which is a mutable sign indicates the meaning of the chart will hold for 6 months. Mercury is the planet that rules Gemini and Mercury is in Pisces with Jupiter. Lies, gossip, exaggerated truth, half-truths and more are the negative side of Mercury in Pisces with Jupiter. Since Mercury and Jupiter are high in the sky (in the USA at this time) the ideas and thoughts will be very public. Unfortunately for the chart of the Sun in Aries for Ukraine, Neptune is on the line of the enemy and other people. Neptune problem side is confusion, uncertainty, and deception. Ukraine’s disappointment in others will be an understatement.

The last week of March finishes with Venus crossing over Saturn starting another new cycle to eliminate all that is unnecessary in life that holds us back for having the time, energy, and financial resources to focus on what we love and desire the most.


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march 2021March Astrology 2021

March astro winds are swirling as the month moves from the sun in Pisces towards the vernal equinox with the sun in Aries March 20th. All the planets are in direct motion instilling the desire to move forward in life. This can be internal thinking towards the future and can include beginning new projects.

One vibe of the month is about moving along in life and going with the flow. We just came off of the Virgo full moon the last day of February and are swirling in the energy of balance between work obligations and desire to zone out and retreat from the world. Mars is at the end last degrees of Taurus giving it the dubious role as the void planet until it enters Gemini on late in the evening on the 3rd. Being the void planet for a couple of days means that our day ends on a Mars vibe, which is either irritated, frustrated, or just plain can’t relax and being on the move. (April brings more )

march astrology 2021With Mars meandering through Gemini for most of March and crossing over the north node of the moon this month will be full of ideas and communication. The roads will once again be congested as people become freer to travel. A strong desire for short trips stirs throughout the weeks ahead, if only in the idea stage or bouncing back and forth in the mind.

The Pisces new moon is at 23 degrees which is the degree of the fixed star Markab. Ancient astrologers deemed this a problematic star associated with explosions, however Bernadette Brady interpretation is positive, “a point of steadiness or the power to maintain stability under pressure”.

The Sabian symbol for the degree of the new moon is “On A Small Island Surrounded By The Vast Expanse Of The Sea, People Are Seen Living In Close Interaction”

We may find ourselves in our own world, seeking community and desiring to be cut off from the chaos and discord of the world. This is a continuing theme that was seeded with the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius December 2020 and will stay in our consciousness for years to come.

The new moon in Pisces is closely connected to the Saturn Uranus square vibrating in the sky. Another pull to discard that which no longer serves you and seek your authentic expression of what you value most.

Mercury leaves logical Aquarius and enters imaginative Pisces on the 15th. The poet in us emerges.

Aries Equinox Sun In Aries Happy Spring Happy Fall down-under 

The sun enters Aries on the 20th ushering in the new season. The ruling planet, Mars is in Gemini with the north node of the moon and the moon in Gemini. The tendency is to be scattered, interrupted and sidetracked. Starting or attempting to complete projects is a challenge for weeks to come. Ultimately the help will come from an unlikely source, Mercury in Pisces. Yet it will be the trained Mercury in Pisces that is able to connect with intuition and cosmic source to guide you with what is important to do and what is an unnecessary distraction.

Venus is at the fixed star Scheat in the equinox chart, the ancient astrologers interpreted this as a difficult fixed star one in which to be mindful of relationships that cause harm or suffering.  According to the research of Bernadette Brady Scheat is “the love of intellect, the searcher for the truth”. Perhaps in ancient books Scheat has the name of sorry and suffering b/c intellect and searching for the truth is closed societies brought troubles. The desire to help those who suffer through bringing the Gemini and Aries fresh point of view will be useful.

Venus moves into gotta have it now Aries on the 21st. No more longing for what you desire, she says take action now. Venus has disappeared in the rays of the sun and no longer visible in the morning sky. She is going through her process of rebirth to emerge later as an evening star. The next days you may feel the need to discard that which is given up in anticipation of something you desire but is not yet in your world. Venus meets with the sun on March 26th at 6 degrees of Aries.

The beautiful big march astrology 2021 full moonfull moon in Libra is seeking harmony and balance between what you want for yourself and how much you compromise your values to have others in your life.

The Libra full moon on 28th craves peaceful relationships and happy moments pursuing artistic and social gatherings. The full moon in Libra is opposite the Aries Sun exactly conjoined with Venus in Aries and Chiron in Aries- Ouch. This is a scorcher. The positive spin is going into the heart of who you are, the essence of your core to ruthlessly admit your culpability in the state of your relationships and determine what are your deepest desires then a beautiful relationship emerges. Primarily the relationship with self. Self love and acceptance emerges from this Libra full moon which is reflecting back to you the duality of how you exist in the world versus how you want to be, especially in relationship to others in your life.

The month ends with an incredible drive to get things done. The determined Aries sun is sextile Saturn helping projects flow and ending with the intensity of the Scorpio Moon sextile Pluto using focused intuition to accomplish.  

March Astrology 2020


Solar Eclipse in Cancer July 2019March is filled with an incredible amount of cosmic messages that one could write a book to cover it all.  Yet life is moving quickly therefore I will do my best to highlight what the most critical configurations are to be conscious of to help you get an overview of the month ahead.

The good news energy is Venus will be in Taurus from the 4th of March for the rest of the month. This is a time where she will help us get in touch with what we want, value, and need to feel comfortable and secure. Also a time when you can find that some items to buy that will be treasured and last.

Venus is considered a benefic and wants to bestow events, people, and material comfort that bring happiness and pleasure. In Taurus, an earth sign, it is a reminder to connect with nature and feel deep gratitude towards the abundance on mother earth. Small gestures such as flowers or houseplants can help honor Venus in Taurus.

Mercury will move direct the day of the Virgo full moon on the 9th. Mercury moves direct in Aquarius therefore set your scientist cap on to download information that will give solutions to any problem or question that has been bouncing around in your brain the last month or so.

The Virgo full moon is complicated and connected with Neptune. Every year when we have the Virgo full moon it is a time to align our actions with our compassion. To be in service to those who are in need. To find a balance between our daily life and our need to reflect, rejuvenate, and to mind our spiritual needs.

This year with the outbreak of the coronavirus which is connected with Neptune, the planet prominent in the full moon chart as it is with the sun in Pisces and opposite the moon in Virgo. Virgo by nature has the realm of health and taking care of our health. Neptune influence with the Sun and Moon is problematic with the immune system. Therefore this is a time to be extra vigilant in personal health care. The full moons illuminate an issue; this Virgo full moon will reveal news on the spread and containment of the coronavirus.

The Aries equinox ( March 19) is celebrated across the globe as the sun once again spends more time above the horizon each day. The Aries ingress chart (together with the Capricorn solstice chart) for centuries gives clues to what to expect in the months ahead. In this chart Mars is very strong as it is in the sign of Capricorn and is conjunct Jupiter. This can indicate a war like environment within factions of governments and large corporations (Capricorn thing). In the USA and other countries there will be a rock solid demand for fairness and compensation, especially in regards to benefits and security in the workplace.

The Aries new moon (March 24th 5:28am EST) is the first new moon in 28 years with Saturn in Aquarius. The new moon is conjunct Chiron, and if you haven’t paid attention to healing your emotional wounds, now is the time.

Saturn in Aquarius will shift the heavy earth vibe of Capricorn that reveals what is wrong, what is corrupt, what is old and has outlived its purpose into a the realm of solutions. Saturn in Aquarius is still a serious vibe yet in Aquarius solutions to problems are future oriented. Saturn in Aquarius brings new and refreshing approaches to old issues that will support where we are today and carry us into the future.

There is strong desire to break free from restrictions with the Aries new moon as the planet of breaking free, Uranus, is resonating with the Aries new moon at exactly 30 degrees, one sign apart. It isn’t an in your face type of configuration although underneath the willingness to move away from situations and people that are not healthy for your self-expression the Uranus vibe brings an unsettled feeling with it.

Jupiter is conjunct Pluto in this new moon: that big project you have been contemplating is waiting to be birthed.


The month ends with Mars moving into Aquarius and conjunct Saturn in Aquarius heralding another movement towards launching a new project of plan.

Making efforts to connect and reconnect with those of like minds heralds the weeks ahead as we move into April.

March Astrology 2019

pluto insights venusMarch begins with Venus moving into Aquarius where she will stay until March 26 when she goes into Pisces. Venus spending time in Aquarius for most of March is very supportive in helping us create and maintain loving friendships. Finding time to be with friends that let you be you lighten up any of the heaviness or obligations from the other part of your life. Mars spends the month in Taurus, supporting us in the slow but steady attitude as we build and work towards our desires.


Mercury goes retrograde on March 5 in Pisces and stays retrograde until Thursday, March 28. The Mercury retrogrades for 2019 are in the water element bringing deep insight and messages from the intuitive realm. The month of March with Mercury retrograde in Pisces is the perfect time to keep your dream journal next to your bed. The dream world will bring you many messages.


The Pisces new moon is on March 6 the same day that Uranus moves into Taurus. The new moon in Pisces is conjunct Neptune and closely configured with the planet Uranus. This new moon taps into the creative potential within all of us. There is an urge to want to escape from the pain and suffering that is apparent across the globe. Yet at the same time there is a call for deeper compassion and awareness. One of the best ways to work with this new moon is to begin a creative project. With Uranus going into Taurus on the same day the more unique your art project is the more in tune you are with the universal influence. Mars in Taurus also helps us to use this time to put forth an effort in artistic endeavors.

Cancer Sabian SymbolSaturn and Pluto are now at the same declination, which means these 2 planets are in effect a conjunction which is starting a new cycle in the earth element of Capricorn. Once again the message is to do more with less and be brutally honest with oneself that you are living your life with integrity in the commitment you have to your path. The Pisces new moon adds the element of vision, creativity, compassion (for self and others) and intuition that will guide you on your way.

The sun enters Aries on March 20th the same day as the full moon in Libra. The sun in Aries marks the equinox around the world. Ancient astrologers would predict for the leaders of the countries from these charts. This indicates extreme frustration and volatility between leaders who feel they have been given a bad deal or treated unfairly. With the sun in Aries conjunct Chiron in Aries striking back at perceived injustice is strong.

In our personal lives the same holds true and the conscious awareness we keep will help us move beyond frustration and hatred to the promise that Chiron offers to bring healing to broken relationships. Part of the message is finding peace through acceptance of what was in order to have a future free of pain and resentment.

The Libra full moon is a time to bring fairness, balance, and right relationships into our lives. However there is the deep challenge with this full moon for several reasons. First there is Chiron, do your relationships bring understanding and healing or wounding? Some of the more meaningful relationships are the ones that open a wound that results in the souls journey towards more completeness and healing. Venus, the planet that is ruling this full moon, is in Aquarius who wants freedom and autonomy. However she is square Mars in Taurus which wants security and can be possessive. The conflict square between Venus and Mars can manifest externally as arguments in relationships. Internally it is a duality we carry within our own psyche where part of us wants to have something and another part doesn’t want to make the effort in order for us to have it.

There are 5 Saturdays this month, the first weekend with the moon and Venus in Aquarius is great for gathering friends together. The Second Saturday with the moon in Aries is excellent for getting a lot done quickly and physical exertion. The third Saturday, the 16th is extremely busy in the astrological sense with the moon moving from Cancer into Leo suggesting getting home stuff finished before taking time to play and have fun. The weekend after the full moon has the moon in Scorpio, deep emotions and powerful feelings.

Venus moves into Pisces, where she is content and brings the poet and romantic out from within. If you experienced a rough full moon the previous week, there is a softeningdreams neptune pisces that comes with Venus in Pisces. Understanding and acceptance opens the door to more love.

Mercury moves direct on the 28th with an exact conjunction with Neptune. This is an incredibly creative and intuitive combination. Ideas and images from the other realm can flood your conscious mind. Giving time to day dream can prove fruitful. On the other hand, Mercury with Neptune can be unclear thinking, or being led to believe something that is false.

The month finished with Mars moving into Gemini, shifting our action oriented side to engaging in a multitude of activities. Banter in conversations can be fun or infuriating, seeing both sides of the intellectual argument can keep the alienation from happening. It will be important not to jump to a conclusion as what seems obvious at first is in fact something completely different. Mars in Gemini is also a good time to check up on all your communication devices as well as your transportation. Getting your ideas as well as your body from one place to another quickly will create the space for more fun.

March is a pivotal month where we can use our intuition to reach past the constant noise and chatter around us to enter into other realms that have messages to help guide us in the direction that once we attune to it, we realize a big Yes! My soul seeks this.









How to work with the energy of the Pisces New Moon

1)Connect with your creativity.

2) Begin a dream journal

3) Plan a trip to the ocean, lake, aquarium or vineyard.

4) Learn photography.

5) Digitize your old photos and film.

6) Find time for your spiritual growth and meditative contemplation.

7) Listen to music and allow yourself to disappear into a great movie.

8) Replace anger, frustration, disappointment or judgment of others with compassion.

9) Take a break from relationships that are filled with so much compromise that jeopardize your integrity.

10) Imagine what is possible without the mind telling you all the reasons why it can’t happen.

11) Connect with your psychic side and listen for messages from your higher self.

March Astrology 2018

Every month has its own feel and vibration and March begins with several planets in water and earth. Mix them together and they create mud. The key will be not to get stuck in a quagmire of duties and frustrations. This is a natural environment for creation, to begin to shape and mold your dreams into a form. The end of the month is mostly fire and earth, perfect for setting your form into the kiln. The full moon in Virgo March 1st opposite the Pisces Sun opens the windows to let service, compassion and empathy into our lives. The month ends with the full moon in Libra. The potential of the weeks in between is to embrace practical work and pragmatic solutions to problems with intuition, compassion and empathy that will lead us to have balance in our lives where we are free to be our authentic self and have harmonious relationships with others.

Virgo Full Moon 2018

The questions stirring within include “have we created the peace that is possible in our world within, an inner state of being of calm and centeredness? The Virgo full moon is connected once again with Neptune as was the previous eclipse was for a different reason. This is about connecting with your own spiritual path in whatever form that is. It includes a path of compassion, the path to be able to connect with something that is beyond this world. Something you can’t touch or put a earthly or monetary value on. What does unconditional love mean? Mercury and Venus are together the day of full moon which is very strong for friendship and communicating with kindness to those that you love. There is a perfect trine with Jupiter and Scorpio bring the possibility to go deep and really share with another.

Venus rises as a morning star on March 4th in Pisces with Chiron, a time of expressing and feeling unconditional love that transcends human judgment. As we move through the month several planetary shifts happen. On the 8th, Jupiter goes retrograde. Whenever a planet is retrograde or direct it has the most strength or power. It is a spotlight beaming down its vibration. Jupiter in Scorpio retrograde expands the intensity of feelings, increases the desire to connect with others in a deep way and to understand and know what is normally hidden. It also can be the revealing of secrets. You may see secrets exposed in the news. On a deep level, what is your own secret to be revealed?

By the time that Jupiter goes retrograde, the 8th, Mercury and Venus have moved into Aries, a fire sign. Time to fire up the kiln in your life, acting on your thoughts and going after what you want.

Venus is beginning to move very quickly through Aries, racing towards Taurus. This is her ascension period as the evening star. Take time to notice her after sunset in the western sky. Mercury is slowing down as Mercury will go retrograde this month.

Pisces New Moon 2018

The new moon on the 17th in Pisces, at 26 degrees of Pisces is vibrating with Uranus is at 26 degrees of Aries. This energy is powerful vibrating at the same degree yet the angle that they are connected with creates a feeling that something big is about to happen. Something big is about to explode, something big is about to change. You can’t quite know what it is, see what it is, but the essence of feeling that life is moving forward, that life is about to change, there’s an explosion ready to make itself known. Uranus energy can bring destruction and out of the chaos can come order. It is very possible to experience a shaking up of anything that has gotten too routine or comfortable. It happens in order for you to continue to grow and expand. Mars is at the very end of Sagittarius and soon after the new moon shifts into Capricorn where Saturn and Pluto is. Mars moving into Capricorn brings steadiness and ability to accomplish and follow through on plans and projects.

This is another emphasis that goes back to the January timeframe, the Capricorn new moon of putting your plan together, what is your plan? What is the path that may take some effort, some step by step by step, but you can make it happen. If you are willing to do the work the grounding energy will keep your vision moving forward step by step.

The sun going into Aries, marking the equinox, one of the four cardinal turning points. Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. The charts of these moments reveal information of what to expect ahead in the next 3 month. Mercury and Venus are still traveling together. Suggesting communications with those you love continue to create strong bonds of friendship. This month is an incredible month to reconnect with people and fortify friendships.

The moon will be in Taurus on the equinox and Mars in Capricorn, another earth sign. This is a precursor of the Taurus energy to come that is happening in May with Uranus going into Taurus. There is an awakening energy of beauty for nature to be grounded, to appreciate that which you can touch, that which you can see. There will be a shake up the material world. New beliefs about having and alternative methods of ownership begin to be more mainstream. Do I really need to own this? Do I really need to own that? What is ownership really? Honoring the Earth is also making main stream news through revealing where we have not taken care of the earth and the importance to honor Mother Earth if only for selfish reasons.

We finish the month with the full moon in Libra. Libra is about harmony, fairness, companionship and balance. The sun in Aries however is about the courage to be oneself no matter what others think or what they want you to be. The path of Aries is to lead headstrong in spite of the unknown and with conviction of doing what one feels they need to do no matter what. The purpose the full moon carries is to find the equilibrium in ones path while having peace and harmony as companions. It is not necessarily a battle between you and somebody else, but perhaps it is the battle within. Part of me wants this and part of me wants that. How do you find that center point from within? Saturn’s connected to this full moon energy, so there could be some seriousness, Saturn’s always serious about things. There will be a knowing that it is time to get serious about having the right balance in your life. A time to fight for what you want when you know is part of your soul’s path. Yet an inner knowing that it does not need to be a struggle, there is peace, harmony, fulfillment and balance when you travel you claim your souls journey.

Venus has just moved into Taurus, the day of the full moon and that is an awakening to beauty and reveals that beauty is everywhere, in the morning dew to the twilight stars.


Pisces lady
astrology loving light

March Astrology 2017

When I was a little girl there was a saying about March, if it come in like a lamb it will go out like a lion. This of course referred to the weather and living in the northeast of the USA the weather in March was always unpredictable.

Astrologically March is coming in like a Lion and the waves of the planetary upsets will calm down a bit by the end of the month but not completely. The first days of March covers the landscape with a mystical feeling that something is about to happen but not sure what with an underlying anticipation for huge shifts in life and love coupled and insightful understanding of how to change. (Sun with Neptune, Jupiter opposite Uranus, Mercury with Neptune and Venus moving retrograde!)

What makes the astro weather so unsteady in March is Venus retrograde in Aries. Venus in Aries is a bit of a wild card, impulsive and strong. She is reassessing if what she has in her life is what she still wants and needs. She will also recognize what is missing and be making plans on how to get it into her life.

March Full Moon

The full moon on the 12th reflects back to late February, issues that came up the last week in February that are still unresolved surface to let go or complete. The annual full moon of Virgo calls forth the urge to go beyond self-interest and help those around you, family, friends, and community. 

The spring equinox (or fall for down under) heralds in new hope and determination. A deep urge to protect what is yours and what is just will continue for the next several months. The Aries cycle is always a good omen to begin something anew, or even to return to something that you have always wanted to learn, do or master but set it aside. And with Venus half way through her retrograde cycle insights of what is of most value to you begins to surface.

The day of the new moon in Aries March 28th will stir strong words and action. Inspiration is powerful and the impulse to rule your own life and face any fears that are in the way of your path and destiny.  Along with the equinox are two potent planets Jupiter and Pluto planting a seed within urging greatness in all that you know is possible. Great risk is rewarded with great growth. However facing fear of failure is part of the task the universe is doling out.

In a nutshell, March offers us the opportunity to reexamine what is near and dear in our hearts, to resurrect an old flame of sorts, whether in the embodiment of human form or an unfulfilled passion of art or sport. March is a time to fan the flames of that desire while moving beyond fears and embracing new and exciting challenges.

astrology loving light

2016 March begins with Mercury in Aquarius opposite Jupiter in Leo, plenty to talk about although the mind can be so active the talking can be to self.

You can find that March is a turning point in many ways. The full moon on the 5th from the Pisces/Virgo axis is seeking meaning and purpose in everyday life. If you feel fulfilled and at peace, all goes forward as is. If you have feelings that something is missing, then taking steps to shift your current position happen. The full moon is complicated with Venus, the planet of what we love and value caught up in the Uranus Pluto square pushing for change.

Saturn makes its first retrograde in Sagittarius on March 14th. Saturn in Sagittarius demands truth and justice. Even exaggerating a story will be challenged as the need for honesty and truth will prevail. News stories that have manipulated the public for dishonest reasons will have their veil torn away. The desire to travel can stir wanderlust, yet circumstances can hold one back until the responsibilities of day to day life are handled. Education and Universities will be seen in a different light, with Saturn in Sagittarius a reason to spend time and money for the degree.

Venus moves in Taurus, a sign she rules, on the 17th bringing the message to appreciate what you value and not take what you love and care about most for granted. It also can bring to your awareness what you want to have and include in your life and inspire you to gather it to your world.

The Pisces new moon solar eclipse on the 20th is connected to a fixed star called Scheat, the star of sorrow and suffering- ouch, sounds pretty negative yet this eclipse is connected to the last new moon in Aquarius, whatever thoughts, feelings, and emotions you set out at the last new moon can return to you under this solar eclipse.

When the Sun enters Aries on the 20th there is a breath of fresh air with enthusiasm to move forward in life with hope, courage and optimism. It is not that there are no challenges, but the message is to face your challenges and fears head on, change a belief pattern if need be, know what is at the core of happiness for you, and be willing to stand up and even fight for the life you want.

We finish the month with Mars moving out of feisty Aries and into a more relaxed sign of Taurus, suggesting to spend time appreciating nature and the earth.