March Full Moon in Virgo: The unveiling of wisdom

march full moonThere is a deep call to have a spiritual purpose as you walk through everyday life.  Finding routines that fill you with inner calm are part of the energy this full moon brings. Compassion and understanding go a long way in navigating the next three weeks and having a slice of time to meditate, contemplate, or be in nature is the key. Purification is part of the process also, whether with burning incense or sage in your home or cleaning out the junk food in your diet.

There is a strong Neptune connected with this Virgo full moon. Neptune pulls us out of our material world to lead us towards another worldly view of what is possible. This is the realm of the visionary, the angels, and the spirit guides. Connected to down to earth Virgo moon it is seeking to reveal a path that allows for creative time, quiet time, and a work that has purpose and meaning in one’s life.  neptune pisces dreams visions

Now is a time where heart ache and suffering is more palpable. This full moon emotes a deep compassion for those that have lost their loved ones, especially through tragedy, or for those who lost their homes, or experienced violence at the hands of tyrants. A call to help and be of service is part of this energy and for those that feel the pull on their heart strings there will appear a situation where you can help out someone in need. It may come in the form of rescuing a friend who has a flat tire and no spare or making a donation to a stranger whose plea for help is on a gofundme page.

There is another vibration which is a deep undercurrent, not quite in your face, yet it has a profound significance that has just begun and will continue for the next 2 years. Pluto has now crossed what is called its own node. This has not occurred since 1773, when challenges were being made to the old established hierarchy of the Monarchy and in the USA it was the year of the Boston Tea Party. On a personal level an inner rumbling to over throw the structures that are holding you back from a life that fits your vision is part of the message. Since this energy will be here for many months, each full moon and new moon will contain a different component of the personal revolution.

ceres nurture virgo healthThis Virgo Full Moon component has to do with your work and health. A more holistic view of health and resistance to negative programming in regards to illness is part of this. The Pisces sun with Neptune part of the full moon equation will illicit emotions in regards to being a victim of one’s health or ones circumstances around work. The struggle against old accepted dogma of how one can’t fight the system erupts. The inner discord erupts around society’s preconceived notions about what one can or cannot do to overcome illness and discontent for jobs that discourage a person’s creativity, contributions and talents.  

The element of sacrifice is connected in this full moon to bring up hidden emotions that are not healthy. If you feel that you are sacrificing your life in any way, this full moon can expand that emotion. Part of this is to ask the tough questions around that area of life. Is it something that you want to continue to do? And if yes embrace the act fully. If no, why not change? Facing ones fear about changing and the repercussions of making tough choices is part of this process.

Fun Things For The Virgo Full Moon




full moon virgo cleanOn the lighter side this full moon is perfect for making time to get things done around your home. Go for a massage; splurge on extra time for deep relaxation. Get stuff done that has been on your to-do list and celebrate your accomplishment. Perhaps put in place a health routine that you love that brings you into a contemplative reflective space.  It is also a great time to balance what you feel you need to get done with what you want to do.

In the end the consciousness of need and want and any contradiction between the two find resolution with the help from this full moon.


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