May Astrology 2023

May Astrology



May Day, May Day! We are half way between the spring equinox and the summer solstice. This time has been celebrated for thousands of years, from the South American Andes to the northern Celtic cultures. With Pluto turning retrograde on the 1st and the Scorpio full moon eclipse on the Cinco de Mayo, May 5th the month begins with a powerful turning of events.



Scorpio Full Moon Eclipse

full moon scorpio The full moon is connected with the planet Uranus, notoriously known for sudden and unexpected happenings. Both signs, Taurus and Scorpio have connections to security, be it financial or other areas. The degree of the eclipse is 15. This number is significant as Jupiter in September will station retrograde at 15 degrees of Taurus.  When Uranus is involved change happens. Many times a choice is finally made for something you have been contemplating for months or even years; then all at once everything begins to move very quickly.

The Scorpio full moon eclipse reminds us that life has a beginning, middle and end. Scorpio goes deep; it wants to focus on what is most meaningful. This eclipse likes the idea of having something in life that is worth being totally engaged in.

Nearly all of the planets in the eclipse chart are connected to fixed stars adding more meaning. The moons node determines what sign the eclipses take place. The north node is currently in Taurus which is ruled by Venus. Why this is important is the planet that rules the north node determines the path forward. Venus is in Gemini now and conjunct a fixed star called Polaris, the North Star.

The message of the eclipse has very strong elements of embracing friendships that are light hearted and easy and also deep and trustworthy. With Venus connected to the North Star, the message of following your north star is obvious. Where is your internal compass leading you? Is your life path leading you to the future you want? Is it time to light the fire once again to fuel your purpose and passion?

The moon is conjunct a fixed star called Menkar, which is a star on the nose of Cetus, the whale. There is a tendency to get “swallowed up” with this configuration. It is a psychic influence of feeling the world vibrations. The moon is also connected with Poseidon which has deep psychic and spiritual significance (Uranian astrology). This eclipse energy offers a window to deep meaningful transformation for spiritual consciousness.


Venus in Cancer

Pluto insights VenusVenus moves into emotionally driven Cancer on the 7th. Seeking comfort with those that are your chosen (or biological) family continues through the rest of the month. With Venus in Cancer it is a good time to enjoy your home and surroundings; making it as comfy and cozy as you want. Venus in Cancer reminds us to nurture ourselves. The real nurturing comes from within via self-love and self-care. This will continue to be a major theme in the months to come. Healing emotional wounds and letting go of the past sorrows and disappointments is essential.

Mercury Direct on Mothers Day

Mercury moves direct late Sunday (EST) on May 14th at 6 degrees of Taurus, which is coincidently the same degree that Jupiter will go direct in December. There is interplay between Mercury and Jupiter this year that is important to listen to. In a nutshell, this message is about having confidence in your own gifts and talents and the willingness to reach beyond your comfort zone to expand your gifts and material world. One scenario can be in taking a risk to show your artwork to enter into gallery or diligently working on your inner dialog to truly believe that you have what it takes to create abundance and a comfortable lifestyle.


Taurus New Moon

The new moon in Taurus is May 19th at 28 degrees of Taurus. The vibe of the new moon is connected to the planets Neptune and Pluto in a harmonious way. There is a linking between seeking the ideal fantasy life with the tenacity to create it. In Taurus, the first of the three earth signs and most connected to the ground beneath our feet, this is a powerful time to visualize your dream life, the harness the power of Pluto for the motivation and focus to create it.

Mars in Leo

Mars moves into hot fiery heart centered sign of Leo on the 20th , In some ways this is to light a fire under our butts, however it is self-motivated, not from without. Leo is the realm of the Kings and Queens. Not to be dictated to by others. However when the Queen decides she wants or needs something, then amazing amount of will power and action, (Mars doing its thing) happens. Listen to your heart of what you want to do, not have to do, not supposed to do, as that gets stalled when Mars is in Leo. However when the heart is behind even the most daunting project, Mars in Leo will cut through all obstacles.

Sun in Gemini

GeminiThe sun moves into lighthearted lets experience life Gemini on the 21st. The suns energy moving through Gemini reminds us that knowledge can be fun and useful. Is there something else you want to know or learn that helps you navigate the complexities of life smoother? This is a time to make plans for short trips and places that you haven’t been to in a while. Gemini time brings us options; it isn’t about being stuck in non-decision, it is about honoring the fact that there are many choices. This is a time to play with ideas, what if I did…. What would that look like? How would I feel? It is easy to get stuck in the mind chatter; Gemini gives us the awareness that thoughts have power and in mastering the chatter of the mind brings the courage to say yes to our dreams with conviction.

Have a great month.


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