May Astrology 2024

May Astrology


We are flying high off of the expansive Jupiter Uranus new cycle that occurred in late April and has just now begun to unfold. Over the next several weeks there will be special times to understand where unforeseen opportunities will show up in your life. The new moon in Taurus will be one of these times, as will when Venus touches that spot on May 15th, and again when Mercury catches up on May 28th. Pay attention to what is happening around you as doorways open that lead you to fulfillment of unexpected surprises.

Pluto, the planet of transformation, empowerment, and rebirth makes its station retrograde on May 2nd. This is one of two days of the year when Pluto’s power and our ability to tap into that essence is the strongest. The next day of Pluto power is October 11th. There is the ability to see what has been hidden on the world stage from leaders who have done nefarious undertakings in their exploitations. People will stand up for the interest of humanity and the earth and want action. Our day dreams are filled with fantasies of accomplishing great things that have deep personal meaning. Meditation this day followed by creative visualization has strong roots to manifest.

Taurus New Moon

The Taurus new moon on the 7th of May is our annual chance to steep into a place of gratitude and appreciation for life and its abundance. The Taurus new moon is ruled by Venus, she is in Taurus this year which reminds us to stop and enjoy nature, art, and all good things that bring a feeling of a luxurious life. This isn’t necessarily about opulent expenditures but moments of pure enjoyment. Sitting in the gentle sunshine while indulging in your favorite desert and listening to the soft rustle of leaves and birds chirping. Sure, it also includes a splurge or two for an activity that is special and you will cherish the memory.


Sun in Gemini

Pluto insights Venus

The sun moves into nimble and quick thinking Gemini of the 20th of May. Sedna, a dwarf planet, has recently moved into Gemini, when the Sun enters Gemini the sun will be making a new cycle with Sedna. This Gemini season will have the underlying message that Sedna carries with her. This message is about shedding what no longer serves you, especially out dated ways of thinking and beliefs, to step into a freer time to explore the you beneath old expectations. There are many versions of the story of Sedna, the gist of the message is about understanding that the promise of others is not always what it was made out to be, and even through painful experiences where we leave the past behind the journey takes us to embody our inner gifts and emerge as the goddess of our own life.



Sagittarius Full Moon

We have e a wonderful fun loving full moon in Sagittarius on the 23rd, just in time to kick off the USA memorial day weekend and more importantly two days before Jupiter enters into Gemini. This is a full moon to be remembered. Exuberance and excess is keyed into this full moon. Wanting to live life large is seen around every corner. The urge to travel and take risks is strong and the underlying message is to go for it, whatever that it is in your life that you have put on the back burner b/c you didn’t know if it would work out. This vibe helps to take a chance and know if something doesn’t work out the way you wanted it to that there is always another chance and you can learn an enormous amount to make the next one happen. The motto for this full moon is to embrace optimism as a way of living life. Always find what is good in all situations.

Jupiter and Venus in Gemini


Venus shifts into Gemini just hours after the full moon seeking good friends and ease of conversations. Being with friends that are light hearted and can bring a fresh viewpoint to circumstances brings lightens the heart.

Jupiter goes into Gemini on Saturday the 25th which is the first time he has been in Gemini since he left in June of 2013. Wherever Jupiter travels he expands that area of life. In Gemini it is about being able to be curious, and explore our environment. The next 12 months opportunities to take short trips to check out different places will call our name. It is a time to be open and curious in life. Ask questions, find out why people think the way they do, learn something new that makes life easier. This is a time to find shortcuts, easier ways of doing things that save time.

Friends are more significant, find connections with others that open doors to new ideas and experiences.

Enjoy the ride!

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