2022 May Astrology

May Eclipse Season

may astrology 2022The new moon solar eclipse on April 30th ushers in May and announces a very dynamic month ahead. The Taurus solar eclipse energy holds until the full moon, and it carries with it a lovely Venus Jupiter in Pisces energy of dreaming in your future, one of beauty, pleasure, and security. It is a wonderful new moon to meditate or journal with and to send wishes out to the universe of your version of the life you desire.

May is certainly a month to be ready for a wild and unpredictable ride; not necessarily negative, complicated?  Yes, Busy? Definitely!  With Venus being in the sign of fast moving, I want it now Aries and Jupiter jumping into Aries on the 10th the normal slower pace of Taurus is agitated with let’s get moving now. Venus and Jupiter both bring opportunities to go after what brings joy and pleasure.

Mercury Retrograde May 10th

Mercury puts the brakes on too many impulsive decisions when the retrograde on the 10th starts. Mercury is in the curious and communicative sign of Gemini. Mercury loves being in Gemini, it is a great time to catch up with friends while revisiting your favorite places.

Traditionally Mercury retro is a time to double check your communication before you hit the send button, and make sure all is in order with paper work and agreements. Double check your ability to cancel w/o penalty on your reservations for vacay times for those just in case scenarios.

Mercury is retrograde until early June, and very strong. There is a side of Mercury that is known as the trickster; a little mischievous vibe that can find humor in the miscommunications between humans. If you already know someone who doesn’t quite get what you mean, make the effort to double check that what they think you meant is actually the point you are making. Otherwise a gulf can divide you and a friend over something totally unnecessary.

Scorpio Full Moon Lunar Eclipse May 16

The weekend of May 14th with the moon in Scorpio leads up to the lunar eclipse on the 16th @ 12:14 am EDT; this is the most intense and passionate full moon of the year. The eclipsed full moon is connected with Saturn, not so sweet and inviting. In fact this full moon in Scorpio will prompt us to eliminate that which is unnecessary so we can have more time, money, and energy to focus on whatever is most important. With Venus in Aries together with Chiron and vibrating with Uranus, healing old hurts that you have hung onto and shifting perspectives is liberating.

The Sun moves into easy breezy Gemini on Friday the 20th and with the Moon in Aquarius it promises to be a fabulous weekend to chill with friends that are full of laughter and acceptance of your personal quirks. If the Scorpio lunar eclipse threw you for a loop and your mind is in a quandary over what action to take; then this weekend is great to get a helpful perspective from a friend.


As Mercury backtracks in its retrograde cycle it steps back into Taurus on Sunday the 22nd bringing a slower and measured thinking process to choices ahead. That issue at work that riled up your emotions or an emotional drive to make a move in your living situation, career, or relationship gives pause. Suddenly the practical and material consequences bubble up to the surface for consideration.

Mars moves into fiery Aries on Tuesday the 24th.  Mars revels in the sign of Aries, where it rules, and is ready to give you courage in risk taking adventures. This is a time to forge ahead and clear your own path to reach the destination you want rather than traveling a crowded road with others.

Venus moves into Taurus Saturday the 28th, the sign she rules, adding the urge to create your world just as you like it. With Venus in earthy, artsy, beauty oriented Taurus Memorial day weekend feels right when you make plans that include what you value most. The Gemini new moon is on Memorial Day, Monday May 30th and has the dilemma of choosing what to do from the bucket of options presented. The astro dilemma is between Venus strong in Taurus wanting to sit, relax, and not be rushed and Jupiter and Mars in Aries wanting to do it all. With Jupiter conjunct Mars over the weekend over committing and over doing is so much part of the deal, by Monday it’s obvious that the choice is between a little of everything or relishing in your favorite activity.

Reflecting back on the years it is easy to see how the message of the stars and planets unfold in our lives.

may astrology reading


2021 May Astrology

There is a lot going on in May: it is time to have your psychic antennae open. May has the continuing vibe of Saturn square the planet Uranus, (there are 3 months this happens in 2021, next exact date is June 14th). This is the continuation of upheaval and tensions between the old and new world. Jupiter is helping us as he moves into his sign of Pisces  (read strong and happy to help) on the 13th. Mercury enters into its own sign of Gemini on the 3rd  and Mercury stays in Gemini all of June, and continues on its long and happy stay in his/her own kingdom until July 11th due to the retrograde on the 30th. Saturn moves retrograde the 23rd stepping back into the node of Neptune signifying secret meetings whose intentions are to uncover the consequences of decisions from the past. All of this signifies a whirlwind of chaos, change, and decisions to make. Some decisions are not a big deal, such as what to do for Mothers Day or a holiday weekend, others are bigger- is it time to change my career type or commit t or break-up with my partner.


There is one word that sums up the astrology for the first of May, May Day and the Celtic celebration of Beltane: Yummy. May greets us with 4 planets in Taurus, the moon in earthy Capricorn, Mars in the water sign of Cancer, and Neptune continuing its long journey through Pisces, another water sign. This luscious sensual combination of earth and water blankets us with the opportunity to enjoy an outdoor picnic replete with laying on the grass soaking in the gentle sunshine and gazing at the beauty of the unfolding of spring into summer.


On May 3rd Venus returns as an evening star and will shine her light at just after sunset for the next 260 days. On May 12th Venus meets with the moon, the first of 7 times until her retrograde in December 2021. In one of the myths of Venus this is called the first gate, root chakra, the place of manifestation. It is a time to take the first steps of empowerment after a period of loss, grief, or disillusionment.

The first half of the month the void of course moon (last aspect with a planet before it enters another sign) is connected to Jupiter or Venus. Venus is known as the lesser benefic and Jupiter the greater benefic- in other words the days end on a happy note. This changes when Jupiter moves into Pisces on the 13th, which is happy for Jupiter although the transition from void of course to the moons next sign ends on mostly Pluto or Neptune until the end of the month. Our obsessions or fantasies for what we want and desire seep into our mind for a few hours every couple of days.

Taurus New Moon  May 11

Taurus New MoonThe Taurus new moon at 21 degrees is at the Sabian symbol “A white dove over troubled waters”. (M.E. Jones) This is a reminder to tap into your inner guidance system through whatever means works for you, whether it is meditation, doing a tarot card spread, connecting with your spirit guides, whatever it is you use for guidance this new moon is a time to remake that connection.

There is a connection with the Taurus new moon and the Leo full moon we had January 30th (by antiscia). Issues that came to your attention during the last days of January and into mid February bubble back up to be mulled over, taken care of, and released to the cosmos.

Every year during the new moon in Taurus it is time to set our “Taurus” intentions to carry us through until the next new moon in Taurus the following year. This is true for all of the new moons; you set the intentions for what each individual new moon has to offer. For the landscape of Taurus it is about comfort, indulgence, art, earthy delights, nature, good food, time to enjoy, physical comfort and pleasure. Think about what you want for those areas of life, it does include the financial resources to acquire the big and little luxuries that make life full, pleasurable and abundant.

Of course every year has a new flavor and this year is the abundance and luxury that Taurus land craves will lean towards including learning tools, phones, computers, books, courses, travel means, and anything that enhances the mind and ideas. This is b/c Venus, the planet that rules Taurus is in learning land of Gemini.

Jupiter in Pisces

The 13th of May Jupiter moves into its home territory of Pisces, which is a lovely time to reconnect with our dreams and have faith in the process of life even when we can’t see or figure out the outcome. Jupiter stays in Pisces until July 28th at which time he steps back into Aquarius to share his goodwill to grow friendships and connections through the rest of the year.

Saturn has its yearly station on Sunday the 23rd at 13 degrees of Aquarius essentially putting pressure on making decisions that deal with being with people you can connect with and living in a place where you feel that you belong. If you are unhappy or not satisfied with where you are living or who you are living with then making a choice for more is around the corner.

Full Moon May 26 2021

Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse 2021

May Flower Super moon: Total Lunar Eclipse: by all definitions it is the biggest and brightest of the four super moons of 2021. It is even an Eclipse giving it more super power.

saagittarius lunar eclipse May 2021The lunar eclipse on May 26th is at 5 degrees of Sagittarius. The Rudhyar Sabian symbol for this full moon eclipse is “A game of cricket”. Playful banter with friends is happening, yet the energy of the full moon does come with an underlying seriousness to ‘win’. Be conscious of power trips in communications where a playful discourse turns into a win at all cost argument.  Jupiter is squaring the eclipse and the tendency for radical opinions and take radical risk is very strong. Pay attention when traveling as the mind can be busy entertaining brilliant ideas and not your immediate surroundings.

To add more vibrancy to the eclipse time we have Saturn at the midpoint of Jupiter and Pluto receiving their energy. Jupiter Pluto wants to live life large, for self or for humanity. Saturn is the cauldron holding the wishes brewing and going over the necessary means to make the dreams reality.

This is definitely a time to be mindful of the thought forms you are sending out to the world as a boomerang wind current will bring what you are thinking about back to you.

Mercury Retrograde in Gemini May 29th

The month ends with the second Mercury retrograde of the year in Gemini. This is a VERY powerful Mercury retrograde as not only is it in the sign it rules, it touches the eclipse points that we have been experiencing since 2020. Processing what has occurred in the last 18 months is part of the cycle as well as focusing the minds eye to create the future. The sun will be at the royal fixed star of Aldebaran the day Mercury is retrograde. This is a star linked with integrity and honesty. Honesty and integrity are essential during this mercury retrograde cycle in order to have great success.


More on Venus star point 





May Astrology 2020 Venus and Neptune Rendezvous

may astrology pinkMay is a huge month astrologically speaking.  Saturn, Venus, and Jupiter are stationing and begin their retrograde cycle the second week of May. That alone is a big week of shifting vibes and adds to that the intense and most passionate full moon of the year May stirs our life back into action.

We enter into the month of May on Beltane, May Day, the half way point between the spring equinox and the summer solstice. This day has been traditionally celebrated for centuries as a time of fertility. We can see the earth spring forth with the new cycle of growth and lushness. The world being held in lock down for the weeks and months prior to May only will add to the intense desire to shed restrictions and metaphorically if not literally dance around the Maypole.

Venus will be in an intimate dance with Neptune this month. There are many layers of meaning for Venus/Neptune. To connect with the positive side of Venus Neptune listen to music that helps you get into a meditative mood. From that internal space find compassion and acceptance in your heart and watch it grow and expand.

Venus Neptune combination loves music and art, however since Venus is in Gemini the written and spoken word takes extra significance. Poetry anyone? Fantasy and romance novels certainly will fit the bill. Or how about that book or songs you promised yourself that someday you would write?

Romantically Venus Neptune can be sweet, just be sure that you are not idealizing your SO into someone you want them to be and not seeing who they really are.

There is a component of finances with the signature; basically it is a caution against paying more for something than it is worth unless it is for something that has meaning for you beyond the price tag. Considering what has gone on in the last weeks and months with the virus it can be reflective of the reality that some people may need to use money they didn’t expect to, and see their savings whittle away or their credit card balance increase. With the money part that goes with Venus Neptune be mindful of your financial wellbeing so you don’t get down the road and have a what was I thinking of when I bought that moment.

At the same time splurging on something that brings art or music into your life is a great way to honor the Venus Neptune combo.

Certainly Venus Neptune is dominating the scene this month, and may even reveal what is true and not true in romances that began online during the quarantine. However there is a lot more in the astro air than romantic notions and longing for a life of leisure.

may astrology unicornMay Scorpio Full Moon

The Full moon on May is on the 7th at 17 degrees of Scorpio. This is a degree connected with communicating in a direct if not forceful manner. The Scorpio new moon is one of the most sexiest and passionate times of the year. Get your sexy on, put on your favorite outfit and dance to music that stirs you. This is one of many ways to connect or reconnect to what moves you, what makes you want to get up in the morning excited for the day ahead. It is a time of the year to reignite something you feel passionate about.

Saturn Retrograde May 11th @ 2 Aquarius

Saturn will be stationed and move retrograde at 2 degrees of Aquarius just after midnight EDT on Monday the 11th.  It has been 28 years since Saturn moved retro in Aquarius, take note of what you are doing, how you are experiencing life, as the next 2 ½ years will unfold along those lines. If you are not in a good space, raise your vibration by imagining how you would feel if life was the way you wanted it to be.

Venus Retrograde at 21 Gemini May 13th 

Venus retrograde is just two days later the same day that Mars left Aquarius and moved into Pisces. Remember that Venus in Gemini is about friendships and communication. It is a light hearted experience sometimes to conceal anxiety and grief for situations that can’t be helped. Venus is also a beneficial planet and the retrograde movement means she will be bringing help to an area of your life when she passes through the Gemini house in your chart. (If you need your chart email me with your birth day and time- which is needed to know your personal Gemini house).

Jupiter Retrograde May 14th 2020 at 27 degrees of Capricorn

Then bang, the next day Jupiter in Capricorn shifts retrograde. Jupiter expands whatever and wherever it touches. Jupiter traveling through Capricorn has expanded our sense of time. The upside down world created by the coronavirus signals back to the Jupiter Saturn Chariklo conjunction in January setting off the beginning of big changes in corporations, governments and how we work. Look for where the sign of Capricorn in your chart that is where Jupiter will bring help and opportunity.

You will feel a subtle shift in energy on Wednesday the 20th as the moon in Taurus keeps the vibe grounded as the Sun moves into the sign of Gemini. Venus is exactly square Neptune today giving off a wistful air of longing for what is possible but not here yet.

Gemini New Moon May 2020

A couple of days later, Friday the 22nd the Gemini new moon at 2 degrees Gemini are loaded with sweet friendship signals. The ruler of the Gemini new moon is Mercury in its rulership in Gemini conjunct, (with) Venus. This lovely combination is perfect for spending time with people that are easy to talk to, to laugh with, and those that lift your spirits. It is a great vibe to float into the weekend and to carry the energy through the week ahead as we walk through the last days of the month of May.


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Scorpio Full Moon 17 degrees May 7th

Saturn Retro May 11th 12:09 am 2 degrees Aquarius

Venus retro May 13th 21 degrees Gemini

Sun in Gemini May 20th

Gemini New Moon 22nd at 2 degrees

new moon stars full

May Astrology 2019

The New Moon in Taurus, a very sexy Scorpio full moon, and Venus entering her home sign of Taurus are just 3 of the highlights this month in the astro news. The beginning of May has been celebrated across Europe and the western world for many centuries as a celebration of the half way point between the equinox, the first day of spring and the summer solstice. The first of May will invigorate us to get out and get moving.

Taurus New Moon May 2019

The Taurus new moon is May 4th at 14 degrees of Taurus and connected (through midpoints) with Neptune and Pluto. This new moon indicates is a strong psychic and intuitive month ahead. Deep insights are revealed through meditation or when your mind is quiet. At these times you are open to the messages from other realms. The Taurus new moon is always a time to reconnect with the earth, her abundance, and beauty that surrounds you. Finding time to appreciate your surroundings or keeping a gratitude journal this month increases prosperity.

Venus is the ruler of Taurus, and will be the star of the new moon show until the full moon in Scorpio on the 18th. Since Venus is in Aries on the new moon, taking decisive action towards what you want is the way to go. Venus in Aries is not timid; in fact she is willing to go to battle to defend her loved ones or her beliefs. Granted she is square both Saturn and Pluto, and conjunct Eris during this time yet this can inspire her to remove any and all obstacles to happiness through persistence and passion.

The 15th of May has Venus moving out of Aries and into her home territory of Taurus. Now is a time to reap the rewards of the tenacity and determination of Venus in Aries. Relaxing, enjoying the sunshine in a park with your favorite beverage and snack or strolling through the kiosk of an art show are just a couple of activities that Venus in Taurus enjoys.

Mars moves from 5 projects going at once Gemini into the more relaxed let me eat and sleep Cancer on May 15th. Mars in Cancer is a bit complicated. On one hand Mars has a mission to look out for number one however in Cancer the mood is to take care of others. What to do? Putting effort into your home, family and food is a great way to make this Mars content. Perhaps you will feel motivated to cultivate an herb garden and new healthy recipes that you and your loved ones will imbibe in. Or paint or remodel your living space. Passive aggressive tendencies can show up under Mars in Cancer; clearing out your emotional body of negative energy will put a strong aura around you to deflect being pulled into others drama or neediness.

May Full Moon 2019

The full moon in Scorpio is on Saturday the 18th of May at 5:11pm EDT and filled with intense feelings of passion and urgency for fulfillment. Venus, the planet of what we value, our desires, love, and the abundance principle is with Uranus who will shake up old patterns of what we held dear in the past. It is time to break free from limiting relationships or financial obligations of old. The energy of the full moon will be felt from Thursday the 16th forward. The weekend will be filled with many parties and events of celebrations. With the moon at the last degrees of Scorpio and entering into Sagittarius soon after this will be a great weekend to travel or to attend a seminar or workshop that includes wisdom that challenges old beliefs that no longer serve you.

The sun enters Gemini on the 21st of May the same day that Mercury enters Gemini. Mercury is in its rulership in Gemini, happy to be back where it has free range of intellectual stimulations and ideas. When Mercury is exact with the Sun it is a time when we can download information from the cosmos. In a quandary and wondering how tackle one of life’s puzzles? Tuesday May 21st will bring you clues. The time that the sun is in Gemini is especially good for gathering together your summer’s reading list (or winter for down under), to catch up with friends, and to plan short getaways that are light hearted and rejuvenating.

In conclusion, May brings the opportunity to reassess what we want to have around us, whether in material possession or friendships and connections that are helpful to our growth in our journey this life. In taking time to reflect on what we value most we enter into the next month of June with a clear mind void of heavy troubles.

Fairy Garden May New Moon 2019
May 2019 Ireland landscape
May astrology 2019 flower blossom

May Astrology 2018

May Astrology 2018May Astrology 2018, wow, we have a major shift happening with Uranus entering Taurus for the next 7 years. The outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto when they change signs the gap in generations is felt, the culture of companies shift, Political changes happen, and in general patterns emerge that can take us by surprise. Check out the whole story of Uranus in Taurus here.

Uranus entering Taurus is the big news yet May is a big month of shifting energy even without the big bang of Uranus. Mercury is speeding through May beginning in Aries, moving to Taurus in the 13th then rushing into his home territory the day of the full moon on the 29th. When Mercury is traveling quickly, our minds can quickly change. There is a sense of hurry up and speak one’s mind when in Aries, hurry up and buy what you need when in Taurus, and hurry to arrange travel plans when in Gemini.

The 11th of May Mars, which moved into Capricorn Mid-March will pass what is called its shadow point, the degree that it will move direct in late August after the retrograde that happens June 26th – Aug 27th.

Being in tune with your intuition the weekend of May 11th – the 13th will give you clues on how and where in your life the Mars retrograde will affect you. 

Taurus New moon May 15th 

May Astrology 2018 AbundanceEvery year when we have the Taurus new moon it is a time to focus on abundance and appreciation of the material gifts in our life, and acknowledge what we love and value. It is a time of tending to the garden of life, being patient, and setting the building blocks of our life to create stability and security. This is the most powerful month of the year when our visualizations to create the ‘things’ we want have the strongest support from the universe when the intention is imbued with deep appreciation and gratitude of what already surrounds us.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, and Venus will be out of Bounds for most of the month!!! This is exciting; when a planet goes out of bounds, it means that it has crossed the normal elliptic which the planets normally travel between, it is determined by the suns path, the high points are the summer and winter solstice and midway are the equinoxes. (23 ½ north and 23 ½ south) Venus escapes the borders May 6th  reaches the furthest distance out of bounds May 21st, then starts her downward path back to the fence and doesn’t return to inside until June 8th. What happens when a planet is out of bounds? Have you ever had a somewhat behaved dog or cat that decided to get out? Free of rules and regulations? Free to roam without you keeping an eye or making commands? That is what it is like. Venus will still be Venus but freer to do what she wants without regard to her conditioning. If you are prone to be reluctant to spend money, then you may find yourself whipping out the credit card and splurging. If you are reluctant to take a romantic risk, this is the time the energies are saying go ahead.

Uranus in Taurus May 2018

May astrology 2018 uranus taurusThe new moon in Taurus on the 15th is the day that Uranus moves into Taurus, and the last day that Mars is in Capricorn before it moves to Aquarius on the 16th. The vibe of the new moon is connected with Sedna, the archetype of being led to the Promised Land only to be left feeling conned, abandoned, and on ones own. Perhaps you are looking for a new home or apt finding the price or the competition beat you out. Maybe it is graduating with the promised you can get a good job with this degree to find it isn’t so easy or profitable. It can be you are looking to retire and your financial adviser led you astray in investing in stocks that appeared solid but were a bust. Sedna is the concept of being disappointed after certain promises were made, yet the end result is through that let down you take life into your own hands and create something even more beautiful than what you were first attracted to.

Mars is at the last degree and minute of Capricorn, Square Uranus. This combo is usually called the accident prone signature. Mars in Capricorn in the tension aspect with unpredictable and volatile Uranus in Aries is sure to see some heads rolling in the political and corporate world. You may also feel  a last chance energy to make changes in the politics that surround you. It is important to keep your eyes on the road and not be distracted during these times.

A softer, more pleasant support is coming from Jupiter in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces. The water element of the 2 planets that rule Pisces, traditional and modern, will allow us to go deep into intuitive awareness to access what we need to know to manifest more abundance.

Mars moves into Aquarius on the 16th, Mar will be going retrograde in Aquarius in June and spend more time than usual hanging out in the sign of friendships and new and unusual experiences.  Putting energy into seeking out new friends and hanging with old is on the astro agenda.

Venus moves into emotionally  protective Cancer; the duality exists with Mars in Aquarius reaching beyond the same old same old and Venus in Cancer wanting comfort and safety it can make for an expensive vacation. Traveling to an exotic location yet booking rooms that are just as nice as home sweet home. Airbnb and VRBO will be quite popular this year.

The Sun jumps into Gemini with a tada! Lets get rockin vibe ready to take on the world, lighten up from the serious of obligations and be ready to sail into the next few weeks with gusto. The full moon in Sagittarius on the 29th has a carefree energy with the travel vibe, lets go someplace, near or far but just go. Saturn is connected to the full moon with an aspect called the inconjunct. It is an angle that has an undercurrent but palpable with a nagging feeling that we need to be responsible. Funny how the universe many times reflects different parts of who we are. Venus out of bounds wants to be free to love and spend money and be able to be a different person just for a short while. The sun and moon in opposition pulling towards having a fresh new perspective on life and adopting a philosophical attitude that is positive and uplifting. While Saturn is the voice in the background with a nagging question if we will regret our moves. All the while Jupiter and Neptune, in a harmonious water trine saying, all you need to do is listen to your higher self, trust your intuition, have faith and go with the flow.






May Astrology Forecast



Compared to the whirlwind in April, May is far more relaxed and easy going. That said there is plenty of passion and lusciousness to be experienced in May.

We begin the month with Mercury moving direct in Aries on the 3rd. Finally all of the brilliant ideas can be sorted out with the misfires and whatever was put in a wait and see mode is moving forward.

Looking for a lightning fast computer, internet, or car? May 3rd – the 10th are great days to hunt that down. The first 10 days of May are dominated with an every mercurial changing of the mind. Should I do this or that? Along with a brilliance of insight that is diligently determining what to do next and how to manifest a life that in alignment with the inner truth and essential self you know you are.

Venus spends the whole month of May in Aries and does not cross over her station point (the degree that she went retrograde) until May 18th, during the release phase of the moon as we prepare for the next new moon in Gemini.

Venus hanging out in Aries for such a long time is pushing our consciousness to acknowledge if we are not being faithful to who we really are and who we want to be, our highest potential, then we cannot be true to someone else. The problem side of Venus in Aries is I want what I want when I want it without regard to the consequences.  Awareness opens and how we are responding to this urge and the subsequent fall out from it will become apparent. With the Sun floating through Taurus and Venus in Aries, impulsive purchases can happen. However it is also a time when you can snag something that you have been longing for before someone else snaps it up. Remember it isn’t always a material object;  it can be anything from a great price on an airline ticket, saying yes to meeting someone new,  to a spot in a Yoga Training workshop, to a bargain price on a new outfit.

 The full moon on May 10th is sensual and deep. You will be able to connect with the divine spark within that knows what it knows and the light of the moon reminds us to listen and trust your inner voice. Following your inner deep knowing you will have the insights you need to make any adjustments in your life, especially in work and your career that will bring more peace and prosperity into your life.

The big news is the nodes of the moon are shifting from Virgo into Leo; we will be learning and remembering what it means to follow ones heart.  Over the next 18 months more time for fun and hobbies will be part of our lives. Bringing romance into everyday life sneaks into our world, little things such as picking up flowers while shopping for groceries to brighten up your living room.  Coming across a special object that your best friend will love and giving it away out of appreciation for who they are. Dancing, singing, music and realizing the little pleasures of life are precious takes center stage.

The Sun shifts into Gemini on the 20th with the new moon of Gemini on the 25th kicks off more travel time, (day and weekend trips take priority) and becoming more mindful of the options that life presents.

The last 10 days of the month are a good time to gather together books you want to read over the next few months as your mind will be hungry for new knowledge and to be entertained. You may even want to expand your data for your phone and internet as information and communication at your fingertips quickly will be important.

The month ends with plenty of participation in life along with the Node in Leo is all about being engaged in a life that is intriguing and lifts your vibration to a rate where laughter and joy is second nature.

May is the Taurus month, the time of planting, fertility and growth. May 1st , even in our modern day, is remembered as the day to dance around the May pole. The custom of dancing around the maypole is an ancient fertility rite when tree spirits were worshiped and indeed the first maypoles were tall slender trees.

Taurus is a fertile sign, it is ruled by Venus, the planet of art, pleasure, and love. Dancing around the maypole was once a very merry celebration and it is not a bad idea to take a break to honor this time with releasing your free spirit within to dance.

Astrologically it is a fertile time to plant the seeds of your desires. To cultivate patience and steadfast conviction. No need to wait for the Taurus new moon, begin by fertilizing your body mind and spirit with an abundance consciousness that Taurus brings to us every year.


May Astrology

easter lady grass flower skinThe astrology of May is filled with hope and optimism for prosperity, enjoying life, and sharing time with friends.

Take a few moments to immerse yourself into the celebration of the spirit of the earth. Tap into your intuition and feel the voice of the earth, whispering through the wind. Step barefoot on soft grass and feel the rumble of mother earth rising from below. In doing so, you are calling into being the growth of your intuitive relationship with the energy of Taurus. Taurus cycle is about getting in touch with the gardener in you. What do you want to grow in your life? What demands patience as you wait for the fruits of your labor to bloom?

Why is this important? The Taurus New Moon on Friday the 6th and the few days following it have the greatest power to help you in your creative manifestation in regards to what you want and need on the physical plane we live in. Every new moon has its own strength to support our growth, however Taurus, being ruled by Venus, is what we love and value and has the potential to supercharge your visualization to draw to you what you have been wanting. The law of attraction works quicker during this time of year.

Taurus, among other things, is about feeling comfortable, safe and secure- it includes the value of having things: a roof over your head, food to eat, and enough money to purchase what you want. Go within ask with conviction and honesty, what makes you feel safe and secure? What brings happiness? What gives you the space in your life to develop your own unique gifts and talents? Do you have that in your life? If not this is the month to manifest.  

Jupiter in Virgo moves direct on Monday the 9th in a harmonious aspect with Taurus and Capricorn, giving wind to the sails of the thoughts and feelings you sent forth with your visualizations.

May Monthly Astrology

The sun enters Gemini on the 20th with the full moon the next day. A palpable shift in the energy takes place that Friday and throughout the weekend. The full moon in Sagittarius is complicated. On the one hand the energy is screaming freedom, let’s get out of town and have fun. On the other hand a biting edge is connected with the vibe suggesting not everyone will agree with what to do or where to go. Keep your cool and pick your battles. The motto will be each to her own and live and let live.

Mercury moves direct on the 22nd , snafus you might have experienced with mundane matters such as banking and returns get settled. On a deeper level, the Mercury has been retrograde since the beginning of the month and prompting us to go within to reconsider what we have always thought we needed. The Mercury direct motion brings to the surface more clarity of what is most important.

Venus enters fun loving, communicative Gemini on the 24th the same day she is opposite Mars. Sparks can fly in relationships. This is a time to loosen up and expand your circle of friends. Friday the 27th Mars, which is retrograde is moving from Sagittarius, where he has been mischievous in stirring up confrontation, (especially in political debates) moves back into Scorpio. Take advantage of the next couple of months of Mars in Scorpio to recycle or sell the stuff you no longer want, need, or use. Letting go is the message here.  Mars in Scorpio is super determined. Capture this energy to help shore up your motivation factor in something you want but haven’t gotten around to.

The last week of the month carries the vibration of the exact Saturn Jupiter square. This is an intrinsic message of keeping the faith and confidence that all will work out in the long run, as long as you are willing to put the time, effort, and work into the vision of the future you have.