May is the Taurus month, the time of planting, fertility and growth. May 1st , even in our modern day, is remembered as the day to dance around the May pole. The custom of dancing around the maypole is an ancient fertility rite when tree spirits were worshiped and indeed the first maypoles were tall slender trees.

Taurus is a fertile sign, it is ruled by Venus, the planet of art, pleasure, and love. Dancing around the maypole was once a very merry celebration and it is not a bad idea to take a break to honor this time with releasing your free spirit within to dance.

Astrologically it is a fertile time to plant the seeds of your desires. To cultivate patience and steadfast conviction. No need to wait for the Taurus new moon, begin by fertilizing your body mind and spirit with an abundance consciousness that Taurus brings to us every year.


May Astrology

easter lady grass flower skinThe astrology of May is filled with hope and optimism for prosperity, enjoying life, and sharing time with friends.

Take a few moments to immerse yourself into the celebration of the spirit of the earth. Tap into your intuition and feel the voice of the earth, whispering through the wind. Step barefoot on soft grass and feel the rumble of mother earth rising from below. In doing so, you are calling into being the growth of your intuitive relationship with the energy of Taurus. Taurus cycle is about getting in touch with the gardener in you. What do you want to grow in your life? What demands patience as you wait for the fruits of your labor to bloom?

Why is this important? The Taurus New Moon on Friday the 6th and the few days following it have the greatest power to help you in your creative manifestation in regards to what you want and need on the physical plane we live in. Every new moon has its own strength to support our growth, however Taurus, being ruled by Venus, is what we love and value and has the potential to supercharge your visualization to draw to you what you have been wanting. The law of attraction works quicker during this time of year.

Taurus, among other things, is about feeling comfortable, safe and secure- it includes the value of having things: a roof over your head, food to eat, and enough money to purchase what you want. Go within ask with conviction and honesty, what makes you feel safe and secure? What brings happiness? What gives you the space in your life to develop your own unique gifts and talents? Do you have that in your life? If not this is the month to manifest.  

Jupiter in Virgo moves direct on Monday the 9th in a harmonious aspect with Taurus and Capricorn, giving wind to the sails of the thoughts and feelings you sent forth with your visualizations.

May Monthly Astrology

The sun enters Gemini on the 20th with the full moon the next day. A palpable shift in the energy takes place that Friday and throughout the weekend. The full moon in Sagittarius is complicated. On the one hand the energy is screaming freedom, let’s get out of town and have fun. On the other hand a biting edge is connected with the vibe suggesting not everyone will agree with what to do or where to go. Keep your cool and pick your battles. The motto will be each to her own and live and let live.

Mercury moves direct on the 22nd , snafus you might have experienced with mundane matters such as banking and returns get settled. On a deeper level, the Mercury has been retrograde since the beginning of the month and prompting us to go within to reconsider what we have always thought we needed. The Mercury direct motion brings to the surface more clarity of what is most important.

Venus enters fun loving, communicative Gemini on the 24th the same day she is opposite Mars. Sparks can fly in relationships. This is a time to loosen up and expand your circle of friends. Friday the 27th Mars, which is retrograde is moving from Sagittarius, where he has been mischievous in stirring up confrontation, (especially in political debates) moves back into Scorpio. Take advantage of the next couple of months of Mars in Scorpio to recycle or sell the stuff you no longer want, need, or use. Letting go is the message here.  Mars in Scorpio is super determined. Capture this energy to help shore up your motivation factor in something you want but haven’t gotten around to.

The last week of the month carries the vibration of the exact Saturn Jupiter square. This is an intrinsic message of keeping the faith and confidence that all will work out in the long run, as long as you are willing to put the time, effort, and work into the vision of the future you have.

Taurus New Moon