Mercury Retrograde

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Mercury in Astrology

Mercury is called the messenger of the Gods…

When Mercury is retrograde the common advice is to be cautious around anything that has to do with messages, devices that operate or deliver messages, or traveling.

You may find that communications needs to be redone or that the machines that deliver the messages become problematic or need a little TLC.

It is a good idea to back up your computer, double check your cell phone service and message delivery systems and think twice before you hit send on emails.

On a deeper level when Mercury moves retrograde it is the symbolic time to retreat, go back to your source, retrieve divine messages from within and when Mercury moves direct you can implement fresh ideas and thoughts into your life.

Mercury on average moves retrograde 3 times a year for 3 weeks at a time. Therefore 9 weeks out of the yearly 52 is a time to pause for a few weeks to rethink and catch up on what you have been doing in the previous 3 months. Unfortunately in our modern day busy world most schedules are so packed with obligations, whether social or work, that we are constantly adding on more to the pile with the inevitable I will get to that later attitude. This leads to a mental and emotional overload on the to-do list without ever enjoying the feeling that we have finally caught up with everything. For the sake of our sanity we ignore or conveniently forget all of the little things that have been left unfinished.

  • When noticing the next Mercury retrograde, listen to your inner voice, what is your inner heart prompting you to do? What would you most like to take care of that you have been putting aside? What books or magazines are calling you to read? Who do you want to get back in touch with? What have you left undone?


  • When you first think and account for all the areas of your life that are left undone it may be overwhelming. Honor your inner guidance of how best to accomplish what weighs you down the most or what your spirit needs. It could be that you take a break from saying yes to most of the social activities that come your way to have extra time to yourself to rethink and regroup. It could be you take a vacation day or two and tack it onto your weekend and give yourself a long weekend to zip through everything that has piled up. Perhaps you find it in your best interest to get some help to thoroughly clean your home or to organize and recycle the unused stuff in your closets and basement.


  • Taking time to retreat to the “gods” to receive the messages would be the greatest gift to you during Mercury retrograde. If your chosen spiritual discipline has a program for a weekend or yearly program this is a good time to research the details of future programs and think about what it will take for you to attend during this time. If spirit has blessed you with a program of interest during the retrograde cycle why not honor this time and enjoy it? However just because your spiritual family may or may not have a structured program of meditation or retreat during these times does not mean you cannot create one for yourself.


  • Becoming in tune with the energy of the planets will allow your life to become on time and in sync with the best possible unfolding of your life path. Using the Mercury retrograde time to embrace the essence of retrieving the messages from the “Gods” will support your mental harmony (Mercury as ruler of Gemini, thought) and your physical well-being and harmony (Mercury ruler of Virgo, our health and daily work habits).



Be sure to check the Mercury retrograde tables and mark them in your personal calendar.


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