Money in the Astrology Chart

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Money or lack of it can be the cause of tremendous tension and stress in life. Our lives can become overly occupied by the pursuit of money to help sustain us in our existence.

Astrology can inform you of different times when there will be better opportunities for you to make more money and when your financial struggles will be over.

Astrology also can help you know when you need to pay extra attention to your finances, pull in the spending reins so you don’t get caught with a pile of bills and short on cash.

To find the symbol for money in your chart you need to know the planet that rules your second house. The generic planet of finances is Venus. Venus is usually thought of as the planet of Love but it is also that which we love and value. Sometimes in order for us to have or do the things we love and value it takes cash to make it happen.

To interpret finances it is important to pay attention when certain planets (such as Saturn) are moving through your second house or connected to the planet that represents your money planet.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion, therefore when you have a Jupiter transit that connects with your money planet your money and your spending will expand. Feeling free to spend money and overconfident can be a negative consequence of Jupiter to the money house. As in a time when everyone feels quite prosperous and the money will always be there, why not take on more debt? There is money left on my equity line of credit and I feel positive about my financial welfare. However when Jupiter leaves if your overconfidence was seduced into buying without borders then ouch. However when Jupiter is crossing your Venus it can be a good time to ask for a raise, you just might get it or at least plant the seed. All things equal no negative repercussions will come from asking.

Saturn is the planet of restriction, when Saturn is dancing around the planet that rules your money house, or is traveling through your money house this is a time to be disciplined with your finances. Bring out the budget planning or be prepared to worry about the repercussions of failure or payment. A Saturn transit demands responsibility and the customer service rep in the accounts department will have no sympathy for your problems.

Uranus transits with your financial house and planets are very interesting. Under the Uranus influence you will see a change in money- but it can be change that brings in more money or a change that stops the flow of money all together. Uranus does not judge which it is, the Uranus transits shake up life without judgment. A motto for Uranus can be all change is good. Stagnation leads to death and disruption lets you know you are alive.

When Neptune is hanging around your money planet then the dreamer and schemer appears. Grandiose ideas of fortune and the dream of never having to think about money again seeps into your consciousness. Oh what if I can have the most romantic vacation ever? Who cares about how much it might cost, is what the Neptune transit whispers. Remodeling your home under this influence can be a lot of fun but will most certainly not stay in budget. Neptune dissolves the boundaries, therefore the line drawn in the sand about how much you are prepared to spend is washed away. Be on the lookout for ways that your money disappears when Neptune is in your wallet.

Pluto transits and money is a very interesting combination. Pluto, the demoted planet, has a lot of power and punch when in your orbit. Pluto can bring in a circumstance that the big bucks can be around the corner or it can deliver a sucker punch to your bank holdings and wipe out everything you have been saving. When Pluto is sneaking around your money planet you want to make sure that your money karma is squeaky clean. Pluto likes revenge, and if there has been some funny business in your past then Pluto transits can drop a bomb on the abode of life and you will find yourself picking through the rubble searching for what can be salvaged and pondering how to start over.

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