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Understanding that the Sun sign astrology, will give you a broad view of the planets around you. How sun sign horoscopes work is an astrologer interprets where the planets are in the sky in relationship to your sun sign. Even though this method is simplistic, and knowing that it is meant for every zodiac sign no matter what year they were born in, you will get general but very significant information that will be important to know about.

When you don’t get your personal astrology reading you can have the next best thing by listening to an expert astrologer give meaningful affirming insights to help you each month.
In checking your monthly astrology you will find out if Venus is in your sign, when Venus is in the same sign as your sun sign then you are more apt to feel better about prospects in life, especially of the romantic nature. If Mars is in your sign, you will feel more irritated or put upon, or more likely to succeed in a challenging goal such as a new exercise or diet program or something you are competing for. You may have a feeling within to do something about it, and checking your monthly horoscope will affirm that it is time to take action on those thoughts and feelings.

The sun sign horoscopes do not substitute for a complete astrology reading using your birthday, time of birth and place of birth. When you have your own astrological chart you will have more specific information to know what degree and sign each planet is in. If you know what sign your Venus is in, then when you are listening to your monthly horoscope and you find out that Venus is in the same sign as your Venus you will know it will be a month to look your best and reconnect with friends and do the things that bring you joy.

Understanding the significance of the angles between your Sun sign, and the planets moving through the zodiac gives you more understanding of why you feel the way you do, what you can expect in the upcoming month and more importantly what the universe is nudging you to put effort and energy into. In your monthly horoscope understanding the phases of the new moons and full moons to your sun sign are arguably the most significant reason to discover what your astrology says about you each month. As the new and full moons move around the zodiac through the year, moving closer to your birthday, it activates what is called your solar houses, or areas of your life that represent money, career, love life, health, travel, learning, friends, to name a few. Know what areas are being activated and you will be have insight into what will be happening for you each month and more importantly be able to put your time and energy into those areas that will reward you the most.

Check Your Monthly Horoscope Astrology Forecast and the energies for your sun sign, your moon sign and your ascendant. If you do not know your moon sign or ascendant fill in the request on the free chart page and I will send your astrology chart to you and that will tell you which signs your planets are in.

It is very important to know and understand the messages from the universe. Having this knowledge helps you stay in tune with the planetary vibrations. This will confirm your inner knowing that you are doing what you need to do. Being in tune with these messages will help you on the earth plane and supports you in your spiritual evolution and awakening.

Monthly forecast are not intended to replace your personal chart readings that are unique to your birthday, time of birth, year of birth and place of birth but will give information that will help you with the overall picture for you.