Neptune Transits

“Some men see things as they are, and say ‘Why?’ I dream of things that newver were, and say, ‘Why not?’ ” – George Bernard Shaw

Neptune by its very nature is a very illusive planet.
Neptune rules the oceans, water, dreams and the subtle unseen side of nature. Neptune (by Roman or Poseidon by Greek) is the God of the Sea, earthquakes, and horses. Many pictures of the Greek or Roman God depict him with a trident rising out of the ocean with horses.

Neptune transits are harder to describe than the other planetary transits. Pluto demands you let go and move on, Saturn demands responding to your duties, Uranus demands change, yet Neptune demands are more subtle. When you are under a Neptune transit you are a day dreamer, forgetful, and not sure of who you are at this juncture in your life or what you want to do.

Neptune veils the reality of the material world; when aspecting the planet that rules your job, there is hidden agenda happening behind the scenes. When Neptune aspects your Venus your love life can feel fine yet you may feel that the relationship lacks specific direction. When aspecting the planet that rules your health there is a hidden problem that is very hard to detect.

The higher side of Neptune is acceptance and love, personal romantic love, spiritual non personal love and sacrificing yourself for a higher purpose.
The best way to work with a Neptune transit is to develop your artistic and spiritual side.
Your being is more sensitive to chemical environments while under this influence therefore consider cleaning out any toxic chemicals in cleaning fluids or other products around your home and office. Even perfumes may begin to bother you, so be aware of soaps, candles and other perfumed products.

Another sensitivity you will have under Neptune’s range is the sensitivity to drugs and alcohol. Neptune is considered the escapist vibration therefore be aware of any tendencies during this time of abusing alcohol as a means of escaping the harsh real world.

Neptune and Victimization

Neptune brings circumstances into your life that can be unfair. Deception happens under a Neptune transit, when Neptune is with your Venus it can manifest as deception by your lover or someone deceiving you out of money: an investment that a sales person sold you that sounded great but was a long shot. Beyond deception Neptune transits can put you in a position where you end up being the martyr for a higher purpose. Such as the whistler blower in a company; you may loose your job but ultimately good and righteousness prevails. Or you take in your sisters’ children while she is recuperating from a terrible accident, sacrificing your money and time to help out in a situation that is beyond your control and challenges who you always thought you were.

Neptune erodes the ego identity. I am a successful business woman who can make the company succeed. Who are you when the company folds and you no longer have the job? Career loss and change happens many times during a Neptune transit.
I am a great mom who shuffles the kids from one activity to another and is the glue of the family. Who are you when the role of mom evaporates?

It is normal to feel confused or uncertain when you are with Neptune. Don’t put the pressure on you to know exactly what it is you are supposed to do, let the time unfold and explore the space of uncertainty. Embrace activities that embody the higher side of Neptune, meditation, music, arts, balance the tendency of not being able to focus with Saturn, create reminders so you do not miss appointments or deadlines.

What to Expect During a Neptune Transit

Neptune transits last around two years. During that time it is wise not to make life changing decisions if possible. Otherwise when the transit is over you can say “What was I thinking?” When the Neptune veil is lifted the reality of the decision is in your face; How is it I married a man with all these bad habits, no job, and lots of baggage? Neptune clouds the practical side; seeks and highlights the ideal and the possibility of what could be. Which has its purpose and beauty, yet when Neptune moves on reality sets back in.


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