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New Moon AquariusDegree Meanings for the New Moon in Aquarius

The new moon in Aquarius has many layers of interpretation, just as your personal chart does. The degree meanings most in use are from Rudhyar and  M. E. Jones. Given below are the interpretations of the  degree of the sun and moon according to 11 different sources. You can compare the interpretations according to different authors, and decide for yourself which interpretation resonates to you more closely. The astrology software program, Sirius, will give you the interpretations of the degrees of the planets in any given chart.






The sources of the interpretations are as follows:
The Three Hundred Sixty Degrees of the Zodiac by Adriano Carelli
Degrees of the Zodiac Symbolized (and La Volasfera) by Charubel
Astrology for the 21st Century by David Cochrane
Degrees of the Zodiac by Donna Walter Henson
Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones
Zodiacal Symbology and Its Planetary Power by Isidore Kozminsky
Degrees of the Zodiac by Esther Leinbach
Fixed Stars and Degrees of the Zodiac Analyzed by E. C. Matthews
The Degrees of the Zodiac Analyzed by Ada Muir
Zodiac Degrees by Peter J. Weber
Degree Meanings


Sabian Symbol (Sun):

Original from M. E. Jones: A big white dove, a message bearer. Keyword: Conviction

Rudhyar version: A Large White Dove Bearing A Message

Charubel (Sun):

Symbol: A man playing a violin.

Denotes a musician of no mean order; a brilliant violinist with musical ability.

La Volasfera (Sun):

Symbol: A great tortoise.

This denotes one of patient and plodding disposition, disposed to rusticity of habit, endowed with great powers of endurance, an even disposition and contented mind. His position in life will always be secure, owing to his great prescience and providence, and he will create about him by slow and patient toil the means of his own security and well-being. His life is likely to extend to phenomenal years and his position in old age will be one of independence and security from all harm. Of rather solitary and retired nature, deeply philosophical, patient, and contented with simple ways of living, he will yet evince a kindly disposition and will live long to enjoy the fruits of his labors and the esteem of his fellows. It is a degree of PROVIDENCE.

Matthews (Sun):


A person who can accomplish almost anything he undertakes. Favors the arts as well as research work.

Carelli (Sun):

Symbol: Hermes invents the zither.

(Remember how the God of Wisdom built the first stringed instrument by fitting two horns to a turtle shell, thus making up the resonator.)

This degree denotes skill either in art (music in particular and, more especially, stringed instruments), or in industry, medicine or science at large. An everyday philosophy, much fondness of work, a great handiness, a patience apt to stand the stiffest tests, and an even excessive prudence.

By this word I do not mean either fearfulness or sloth; in my eyes the native treads with leaden feet like a tortoise, keeping, as it were, to the Italian proverb “What is done accurately need be done but once.”

Fenced in by a nearly hermetic reserve, he enjoys his neighbors’ esteem, though he holds aloof from them, engrossed perhaps in planning his future welfare. But anyhow, he seems unaware of the outside world. The astrological picture in its entirety will have to say whether such a prudence will sink to cunning or sublime into a noble equanimity.

Barring pointers to the contrary, life will be exceptionally long. The native’s face, however, is liable to appear precociously lined and shrunken, but his die-hard physique is likely to lack real ruggedness.

Kozminsky (Sun):

Symbol: A quaint old chest standing in an old hall, a large key on the floor before it. Around are pieces of armor and old instruments of music. On the top of the chest is a dog asleep.

Denotes one of a somewhat conservative nature, thoughtful, studious, and serious, by whom the training of the mind is placed before all else and whose soul is set on works of cultivation. He may show special genius in some section of art or music, or he may be in a position to advance them. He is a seeker after truth and the key is near for him to use when the guardian has slumbered. It is a symbol of Skillfulness.

Muir (Sun):

One who does much to advance the more conservative arts and sciences.

Leinbach (Sun):

This degree shows characteristics similar to Scorpio. The native may go through the fires of hell and rise up and walk away like the Phoenix rising out of its own ashes. There is a fantastic regenerative ability. Usually, if not always, there is a lifeline thrown to him by someone else. Just as he may be about to go under, a friend is sent to sustain him. There are unusual intellectual and intuitive abilities coupled with the arts. Abilities as an accountant or statistical researcher are also pronounced. He radiates an aura of confidence, commanding respect without being overbearing, which may make him feared because of lack of understanding. The key to his real strength lies in his keen intuitive insight. Lack of self-confidence may hold him back but never defeat him. He may be very influential in presenting great wisdom in simple language so as to be understood by everyone. He goes to the heart of the matter, noting obvious truth.

Weber (Sun):

Sensitive Pisces and noble, fiery Leo here add weight to this degree, which it carries well. Good actor, full of energy, a complainer, and often overly self-indulgent. Pisces delusional quality can create health problems or bad habits such as alcoholism – all of which slow down, but doesn’t alter convictions.

Henson (Sun):

Brings one in touch with leaders of his time; one who can accomplish almost anything he undertakes; favors the arts as well as research work; medical field; gives musical ability a degree of eminence and exaltation; gives an ungovernable temper, malevolence, destructiveness; finds it comparatively easy to become well know in whatever field he is engaged; spine; nervous system of the spinal cord.

Cochrane (Sun):

Charismatic. Able to wield a magnetic influence over others. Usually quiet, sometimes critical and sarcastic. Has a one-sided attitude or conflict regarding sex. (SCO-10-VIR, SCO-10-VIR)