October Astrology 2022

astrology readingsOctober begins with Mercury stationing ready to move direct. On Sunday October 3rd Mercury moves forward and this signals the beginning of a month of many changes. Mercury spends the first 10 days of October in Virgo; a good time to get all the details and information you need for work, health, and it is a good time to absorb information. The rest of the month Mercury is in Libra lending his support to pleasant conversations and seeking to share ideas and to listen to the stories your friends share.

Throughout October Saturn and Uranus are square each other. This is a tension vibe that disturbs the status quo. The energy of Saturn pushes to focus on commitments and working towards the future and Uranus wants to chuck it all out and live in the moment reveling in freedom and change. If you have been torn between making a change, staying or going, then October will provide the reason to feel confident in your decisions.


Aries Full Moon October 2022


The weekend of the 7th – 9th is a powerhouse of intensity. Pluto, the planet of passion and focus moves direct on Saturday, then Sunday is the Aries full moon.

The annual full moon in Aries is the time to remember to have balance between what you need to do for self and acknowledging the desires of the important people in your life. If you have been compromising too much and neglecting what makes you happy then this is the time for a reset. This year the vibration to create the reset is fairly smooth. There is a harmony between the planets that help with difficult conversations and ability to respect individual needs and boundaries.

astrology readingMars in Gemini spends most of October vibrating with nebulous Neptune and is highlighted this full moon. Whereas many promises or ideas with good intent will be discussed, following through on the promises will be more difficult. In other words, if you sense that someone’s promise is unrealistic, trust your intuition. Ditto if you are making promises to yourself over anything that you want to pursue; you may have all the intentions in the world, however limited time and energy can be a downer.

Venus joins with the Sun on October 22nd. She is traveling with the sun and is not visible in the sky until December when she will reemerge as an evening star. Venus with the Sun is a time to go deep within your heart of heart to discover what is missing. Venus is in the “underworld” at this phase and is symbolic of a time of purification and transformation.  This is especially significant since she will be with the Scorpio new moon solar eclipse.


Both Venus and the sun enter Scorpio on Sunday October 23, and the solar eclipse new moon is just two days later. Saturn moves direct on Sunday the 23rd of October also. It is a significant day of feeling the energy change. If work issues have been problematic or troubled by tough choices, now the universe is helping to clear out cobwebs and move forward.

Solar Eclipse in Scorpio October 25

scorpio new moon eclipseEvery year the new moon in Scorpio wants us to reconnect with our passion, our personal reason to get up in the morning and live. Having the new moon in Scorpio new moon be an eclipse magnifies the energy ten times. What are you passionate about? What can you get lost in because it is so interesting and absorbing to you? Having Venus with this eclipse means it is a personal passion, not necessarily your work, although it could be. And of course, if a relationship is not fulfilling, it could be “eclipsed” and moved out of your life.

The key to getting aligned with the cosmic energy is going within to rekindle your hopes and dreams. It is a time to seek inner strength and courage to go beyond your comfort zone and trust in order to grow into the next phase of your life.

Also with Scorpio, many times the universe will request that in order to have what is next, letting go of what is becomes the cost to achieve your dream.

Mars in Gemini Retrograde October 2022

Sunday Mars begins its retrograde in Gemini which continues into 2023. Having Mars in Gemini for 8 ½ months is quite unusual. Our minds can get over active and pull us in several directions. Since Gemini is the sign of communication and connecting and Mars is the action planet sharing of ideas and forceful opinions will be common. Words as weapons is the negative side of this vibe and the last month if you have been hurt or insulted then the retrograde Mars could be when healing takes place.

The universe always has a higher purpose for every astrological signature. Mars retro in Gemini is a great time to pick up your journal again and write. Or makes lots of fun day trips. Having a way to jot down your brilliant ideas is also helpful.


May the stars guide you brilliantly through the month of October.

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