October Astrology 2022

astrology readingsOctober begins with Mercury stationing ready to move direct. On Sunday October 3rd Mercury moves forward and this signals the beginning of a month of many changes. Mercury spends the first 10 days of October in Virgo; a good time to get all the details and information you need for work, health, and it is a good time to absorb information. The rest of the month Mercury is in Libra lending his support to pleasant conversations and seeking to share ideas and to listen to the stories your friends share.

Throughout October Saturn and Uranus are square each other. This is a tension vibe that disturbs the status quo. The energy of Saturn pushes to focus on commitments and working towards the future and Uranus wants to chuck it all out and live in the moment reveling in freedom and change. If you have been torn between making a change, staying or going, then October will provide the reason to feel confident in your decisions.


Aries Full Moon October 2022


The weekend of the 7th – 9th is a powerhouse of intensity. Pluto, the planet of passion and focus moves direct on Saturday, then Sunday is the Aries full moon.

The annual full moon in Aries is the time to remember to have balance between what you need to do for self and acknowledging the desires of the important people in your life. If you have been compromising too much and neglecting what makes you happy then this is the time for a reset. This year the vibration to create the reset is fairly smooth. There is a harmony between the planets that help with difficult conversations and ability to respect individual needs and boundaries.

astrology readingMars in Gemini spends most of October vibrating with nebulous Neptune and is highlighted this full moon. Whereas many promises or ideas with good intent will be discussed, following through on the promises will be more difficult. In other words, if you sense that someone’s promise is unrealistic, trust your intuition. Ditto if you are making promises to yourself over anything that you want to pursue; you may have all the intentions in the world, however limited time and energy can be a downer.

Venus joins with the Sun on October 22nd. She is traveling with the sun and is not visible in the sky until December when she will reemerge as an evening star. Venus with the Sun is a time to go deep within your heart of heart to discover what is missing. Venus is in the “underworld” at this phase and is symbolic of a time of purification and transformation.  This is especially significant since she will be with the Scorpio new moon solar eclipse.


Both Venus and the sun enter Scorpio on Sunday October 23, and the solar eclipse new moon is just two days later. Saturn moves direct on Sunday the 23rd of October also. It is a significant day of feeling the energy change. If work issues have been problematic or troubled by tough choices, now the universe is helping to clear out cobwebs and move forward.

Solar Eclipse in Scorpio October 25

scorpio new moon eclipseEvery year the new moon in Scorpio wants us to reconnect with our passion, our personal reason to get up in the morning and live. Having the new moon in Scorpio new moon be an eclipse magnifies the energy ten times. What are you passionate about? What can you get lost in because it is so interesting and absorbing to you? Having Venus with this eclipse means it is a personal passion, not necessarily your work, although it could be. And of course, if a relationship is not fulfilling, it could be “eclipsed” and moved out of your life.

The key to getting aligned with the cosmic energy is going within to rekindle your hopes and dreams. It is a time to seek inner strength and courage to go beyond your comfort zone and trust in order to grow into the next phase of your life.

Also with Scorpio, many times the universe will request that in order to have what is next, letting go of what is becomes the cost to achieve your dream.

Mars in Gemini Retrograde October 2022

Sunday Mars begins its retrograde in Gemini which continues into 2023. Having Mars in Gemini for 8 ½ months is quite unusual. Our minds can get over active and pull us in several directions. Since Gemini is the sign of communication and connecting and Mars is the action planet sharing of ideas and forceful opinions will be common. Words as weapons is the negative side of this vibe and the last month if you have been hurt or insulted then the retrograde Mars could be when healing takes place.

The universe always has a higher purpose for every astrological signature. Mars retro in Gemini is a great time to pick up your journal again and write. Or makes lots of fun day trips. Having a way to jot down your brilliant ideas is also helpful.


May the stars guide you brilliantly through the month of October.

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When you reflect back on previous years you see how the planets and cosmos dances with you as you walked through time.

October Astrology 2021


october astrology reading

Fair weather Libra October days are not as light hearted as in the past. Pluto, the planet that is connected to death, rebirth, obsession, and regeneration has its most powerful presence moving direct on the day of the Libra New moon on the 6th. In addition Mars is exactly conjoined with the new moon adding the martial strength of its presence to push forward with agendas.

Libra New Moon: Passionate Pleas to Bring Beauty and Fun into Life

Granted the new moon in Libra is the yearly time to seek peace and harmony. The land of Libra is about enjoying life in artistic and easy going settings. Think pleasant times with friends over brunch, and outings to art and music festivals. The obsessive and passionate nature of Pluto will intensify the core need to have time for pleasure and peaceful enjoyment.

The Libra desire for go along to get along still resonates however with Pluto stationed direct and Mars in the mix arguments and force are required to get your point across. Mars in Libra is traditionally said to be in its detriment, which means it isn’t able to perform as easily in the sign of Libra and reverts to round a bout tactics to get his point across. Unexpected adjustments are required which will take diplomacy and demand personal growth to see beyond the surface ruckus.

If you are in a work situation with others who are nice to your face and secretive behind your back the first week in October will inspire you to look for another job where the environment to work in is pleasant.

6th Venus Gate October 2021Venus at the 6th Gate Third Eye Chakra

October  9th Venus meets with the moon at 29 Scorpio at the 6th gate; the third eye Chakra of seeing as she returns back from the underworld in her 584 day journey. This is a time of penetrating awareness and insight.  It is also considered the gate of creativity. The next new Venus cycle 584 day cycle is in January 2022. Venus will be at the furthest distance from the sun on the 29th, shining brightly in the sky.

Venus in Sagittarius: Freedom to Be

Venus moves into live and let live (or don’t tell me how to live) Sagittarius on the 7th. The need to get away from drudgery goes beyond a desire to do so. Venus in Sagittarius and stepping out of the routine of life to see something you never saw before is good for mental and emotional wellbeing.

Saturn Direct at 6 Degrees of Aquarius October 10th

Saturn shifts direct on the 10th. With the two heavies, Pluto and Saturn, both stationed moving direct within five days of each other this will be a significant week for change. Pluto: find your passion and eliminate unhealthy obsession. Saturn: Focus on what is essential that will get you to what you are meant to do this life.

Mercury Direct: Communication Catches Up

Mercury moves direct on the 18th, communication you have been waiting for comes through this week. Mercury will be opposite Chiron the day of the shift forward. Communication leans towards that which heals or harms. Choose your words carefully. Mercury will be direct for the rest of 2021; mercury has the reputation of being the trickster or the mischievous one. As he/she moves through the signs for the rest of 2021 journaling your thoughts and ideas reveal what is true and what has been said to mislead or obfuscate the truth.

Full Moon in Aries: Confronting Missed Opportunities and Broken Promises

The full moon of Aries is the 20th the yearly message of having balance between relationships and the need to focus solely on self-care, and your own interest. The Sabian symbol for the degree of the Aries full moon is

Rudhyar: A Large Audience Confronts The Performer Who Disappointed Its Expectations. Wow, this is pertinent for our times. Whether it is b/c of covid or politics in general. Promises made and promises broken are revealed and the frustration and anger of being misled is revealed in the full moon. Jupiter continues to vibrate as the midpoint between Neptune and Pluto: Jupiter expands, and with Neptune/Pluto it tends towards delusional or misguided ideas. The shadow of Neptune /Pluto is a controlling person who hides behind the image of helping or is very charismatic. The positive side is the expanding knowledge of esoteric wisdom.

Mars is the ruler of the Aries full moon and is at the fixed star of Spica, traditionally seen as the star of fame and fortune. The research from Dr. Brady sites Spica as a gift to excel in an area one can use on a daily basis. With Mars it is connected to the designer. HGTV network inspired ideas are ready to be put into action.

The nodes of the moon are nearly through their 18 month trek of Gemini Sagittarius which has been imploring us to understand Mercury as it moves through each sign. Ideas, thinking, learning, communication school is about to end. How you embrace those skills will serve you in the years ahead. The next sign the north node of the moon will be for 18 months is in Taurus, focusing on what brings beauty into our world.

Sun in Scorpio: The veil between the seen and unseen worlds is thin.

The sun moves into Scorpio on Saturn the 23rd announcing the time of year to honor that which no longer serves and the ability to regenerate what we need from what appears to be nothing. Intuition runs strong and psychic hits are more common. Your dreams will reveal messages from the unconscious and sometimes even prophetic insights.  

Mars in Scorpio

On Saturday the 30th Mars enters into Scorpio, Mars is the traditional ruler of Scorpio and when he is in his own sign he has the tools at his disposal to be at his best and get things done. Mars in Scorpio is excellent for eliminating what you no longer need or use. If you have procrastinated in cleaning out unwanted and unused possessions now is the time to have help in doing so. Need to cut out time wasting distractions? Yes, good time to do it.

Having Mars in Scorpio for Halloween with the Sun square Saturn brings intensity to this time. All saints Day, Samhain, the half way point between the fall equinox and the winter solstice is celebrated not only as a harvest time in preparation for the winter ahead but as a time when the portal to the other world is open. Mars is the opening strong planet as we move into November

October Astrology 2020


The full moon in Aries kicks off the month of October with Venus in the last degree of Leo and the intensity of the Pluto station of Sunday looming.

October AstrologyThe Sun and Moon are in a partile (same degree) connection with the ever unpredictable planet of Uranus. This connection is with a semi sextile and a quincunx, which means you feel change around you put you can’t quite see what it is; you simply know something is about to happen.

The Sabian symbol of the degree of the full Moon is “A teacher gives new symbolic forms to traditional images” (Rudyar). We are looking at life differently now and interpreting what is and has happened with new meaning.

Mars, the ruler of the Aries moon, continues to be square Saturn in Capricorn. We want to get going and make things happen yet something keeps holding us back from being able to move at full speed. Eris, the goddess of discord is with Mars, fueling frustration and anger and they are in direct conflict, square Saturn, Charliklo, and Pluto the new 40 year cycle that began in January. The virus is only the delivery method that is igniting the global shift in changing structures in government and corporation responsibility towards humanity.

The full moon in Aries illuminates the problems yet the solutions are not agreed upon or even known at this time.

October Astrology Mercury Retrograde MeditateOn a personal level meditate on where you feel stuck and how you can slowly make progress towards the future you desire. With Mars square Saturn the going is slow but with determination each step brings you closer. Allow for change and sudden insight that Uranus is attempting to bring; which comes out of the blue or in places that you wouldn’t expect.

The north node of the moon is in Gemini, therefore we follow where Mercury is each month as Mercury is the ruler of Gemini and this month Mercury is in early Scorpio with the asteroid Juno, the goddess of marriage and community. Communicating deeply (Mercury in Scorpio) and revealing your fears with a partner or others of like mind that you trust is helpful.

Pluto moves direct on Sunday October the 4th at 22 degrees of Capricorn. (The same degree as the ominous Pluto/Saturn conjunction in January 2020.) The three days before and after Pluto stations are power days to focus your intention and will to master something before you.

Mercury moves retrograde at 11 degrees of Scorpio on October 13th. This is extremely intense Mercury retrograde not only because it is in the sign of Scorpio which demands the deep dive into the difficult issues before not confronted but because of the day itself. October 13th, the day Mercury moves retrograde Mars, which is the traditional ruler of Scorpio, hence ruling this retrograde time, is exactly opposite the sun and Square Pluto. This is a complicated pattern of rage and fighting and polarization. Granted the USA is in the midst of an ugly election time. Protecting yourself from the emotional web in the atmosphere is essential to keep your own consul and inner peace.

The saving grace of this Mercury retrograde is a Moon Venus conjunction in Virgo, living your daily life in a healthy way. Moon/Venus in Virgo will prompt you to make a list to stay on track or to journal your thoughts and feelings. This is a fabulous Mercury retro cycle to understand how your thoughts provoke your emotional and physical body and find out just what your body needs to stay healthy in mind body spirit.

The week of October 12th through the 18th is a trying time. Not only are we contending with Mercury retrograde Mars passes several points in the sky that reflect back to Mid to late March 2020 when stay at home became mandatory and financial repercussions began. The Libra new moon this week is on Friday the 16th and is blessed with the alignment of a fortuitous fixed star called Spica, a star of fortune while it is in difficult juxtaposition being opposite mars and square Saturn/Pluto. The message of this new moon appears to be to the trite saying of count your blessings, let go of that which you can not control, be patient, and be kind and secure within your own inner space even when others rant and rage against whatever they take umbrage to.

October Astrology 2020The Sun enters Scorpio on October 22nd with the Moon exactly conjunct Pluto; the modern ruler of Scorpio. How much intensity do we really need universe? What are the gems in this new moon? The Moon Pluto conjunction in Capricorn is to find what brings us emotional support that gives a solid foundation and sense of security. The Scorpio season reveals that which has been hidden as long as we are willing to look at what we fear. In doing so the solution arises. Mars, the traditional ruler of Scorpio retrograde in the other sign it rules, Aries is square Jupiter. The juice of this time is Mars activating Jupiter; what is your vision for your future? Where do you want to grow, what do you want to learn, how can you move beyond self-imposed restrictions?

The 27th of October both Mercury and Venus change signs. While Mercury is stepping back into Libra due to the retrograde, Venus is moving out of health and work oriented Virgo into a sign she rules, Libra. It is a breath of fresh air with the two inner planets moving into a gentler more socially lighter time.

The month ends with a blue full moon, the second full moon of the month in Taurus. Saturday October 31st the Taurus full moon is at 8 degrees of Taurus and exactly conjunct the unpredictable shake up the norm planet Uranus. Keep your options open for trick or treating as this signature represents changing circumstances or surprises. Ultimately Uranus is the awakener; however he does not judge in human terms of easy or problematic of how it cracks open our consciousness. Becoming aware of our true nature is one of the roles of Uranus. This full moon is a time that we can tap into our higher consciousness and see life from a different perspective than the drama that is unfolding in the role that we are playing in this time and space.

October Astrology DreamsOctober Astrology 2019   Passion and Purpose come before etiquette and niceties.


The month begins with Venus square Pluto, intensity in relations are brought to the surface. Recommit to what you love. Pluto moves direct on the 3rd,

the three days before and two days after have the power and focus to make meaningful changes that have significant impact on your world.


Mercury moves into deep thinking Scorpio the same day that Pluto moves direct adding into the cosmic mix the pull to dive deep into what it means to make change.

On the 4th Mars moves into Libra and the question becomes how to keep the peace and still get your way? The best way to harness the vibe of Mars is to take action in the areas of the sign that Mars is traveling through. Therefore when Mars moves through Libra, do Libra things. Easy peasy, social events, art fairs, drinks with your pals, collaborate with others, take an art class, get a make-over, you get the idea.


Venus in ScorpioVenus leaves her happy place of Libra and enters into the deep emotional waters of Scorpio on the 8th. Venus has a whole other vibe in Scorpio, the nice girl steps aside and the don’t play games with me woman steps forward. Negotiations on the expectations in relationships are on the table. Not just romantic, work negotiations, if you want me to do that, then pay me this. Venus in Scorpio loves to use her intuition. If you are feeling something is off with a friend, love, or family member you are probably right and Venus in Scorpio gives you the strength to bug them to fess up until they do.

The Aries Full Moon on Sunday the 13th at 5:08 pm. If you were born around the 12th or 13th of any month you will feel this full moon more acutely. There will be an inner knowing that it is time to rise up and claim what you want. No longer playing small will feel OK, others may appear to be happy for your success or ambition although some will hide their inner feelings of disappointment or jealousy even as they are superficially encouraging you to go for your dreams.

Basically there is a division of energy during the full moon time. One of pushing forward to overcome obstacles and stand up for what you want and believe in, and the other is breaking away from old values and concepts and going in an unconventional direction. When you combine the two concepts there will be a major breakthrough that will take your life in a new direction. Even if no change happens immediately on the exterior world, (like a job change) the vibrational rate of your being begins to draw to it magical happenings.


The sun enters Scorpio October 23rd at 1:20 pm EDT and a primal urge to prepare for tougher days ahead stirs deep in the lower chakras. Thousands of years our ancestors would begin to store food for the coming dark nights and cold days ahead. It is in our DNA to feel the need to stock up. The intuition factor is ramped up now. The Scorpio cycle is an excellent time to develop your intuitive skills. Perhaps taking out your tarot cards, going over the Seth material, listening to guided meditations, whatever works for you that brings you towards the deeper knowing that lives within.


The Scorpio new moon is on Sunday the 27th at 11:39 pm EDT, 8:39 PDT, and the phase of the new moon lasts for 2 ½ days. Finding time to set your intentions during the new phase is advised, or during the Scorpio cycle that also coincides with your personal moon phase.


Mars Venus GlyphsWhat an intense Scorpio New Moon we have! Imagine what it is like for fireworks exploding under water, and you have the feeling of this new moon. The sun and moon are opposite Uranus in Taurus, we have only begun to feel the effects of how Uranus in Taurus will bring change on the planet in our money systems, housing, land, and farming. The ripple effects of these changes will begin to be felt from this new moon forward. From new inventions that will help feed the world, to new forms of payment processing. On a personal level new ways that ‘feed’ you, that give you a return on the energy you put out, are up for renewal or even reinvention.

Venus, Mercury, and Athena are traveling together in late degrees of Scorpio. Meaningful conversations with friends that you can share your inner most thoughts w/o the fear of betrayal feel sacred. Protective emotional walls can be penetrated and the sweet intimacy of connecting brings the bounds of friendship ever closer.

The month concludes with Mercury stationing retrograde, the last of the Mercury retrograde water cycles for this year. Mercury moving slowly through Scorpio for the next few weeks gives us pause to think deeply about how we want to be living our life for the time we have on the planet in the body we are in. Mercury in Scorpio retrograde is also a great time to study esoteric subjects, or get back to learning a skill that enables you to use both your intellect and your intuition. Courses in hypnotherapy, dream analysis, deep body work, enneagram, or simply daily meditation and journaling are a great use of the Mercury retrograde time.

October Astrology 2018


October Relationship Alert Venus retrograde in Sexy Scorpio Squaring off with Mars in Aquarius

October Astrology 2018Monday morning the first of October is a bit on the  slow side with the moon void of course then moving into the emotional sign  of Cancer. In addition, Pluto just went direct a few hours before the page turned on the calendar to October. This means that the month begins with the intensity of Pluto with the focused laser quality charging up your manifestations. Definitely want to be conscious of what your thoughts and emotions are, as the Pluto charge can bring into existence what you are thinking about.

The first week of October heralds the big astrology monthly news, which is… drum roll… Venus going retrograde in Scorpio on the 5th at 10 degrees of Scorpio digging in deep for a time out for romantic ventures. If you have personal planets at 10 degrees then Venus will set your chart vibrating. Venus is considered the lessor benefic of the zodiacal bodies, with Jupiter given the first place. Venus retrograde is not a negative energy if all is going well in your world and you are happy with who you are with, what you have, and what you are doing. However if that is not the case, then Venus retrograde in Scorpio demands looking at life through the magnifying glass to see what is not normally looked at to make shifts and changes for the better.

Pluto Insights VenusExplosive insights of ones wishes and desires happen with  the new moon in Libra . The Libra new moon is October 8th 2018 at 15 degrees of Libra. There are two significant aspects dominate this message; one is the tight square between Venus and Mars, the tension between romantic relationships, and the battle between what we desire and how much we are willing to work to have it. The second major message is between the Libra new moon and Neptune in Pisces at an angle called the inconjunct, which represents connecting in an uncomfortable way. It is an aspect of adjustment. Neptune in Pisces opens the door to the realm of spirit, creativity of imagination, and the vibration of unconditional love. The new moon in Libra is concerned with the human element of personal relationships, fairness and justice, and the human qualities of kindness, beauty and appreciation of art. Infusing our live with kind relationships and understanding how another person thinks and feels to treat others with fairness is just part of this message. How to bring compassion and love to relationships including compassion for yourself especially if there is a gap between where you are, or who you are with and where you want to be or who you want to be with. 

Jupiter passes its shadow point from where it went retrograde in March 2018. Situations or dreams that were swirling around you in March can pop back up to the surface. The vision that you set back then, can stir again and be reawakened.

The sun moves into deep passionate Scorpio Tuesday October 23rd with the Taurus full moon the next day. The next two weeks will have a Venus energy, as she rules the Taurus moon. This day is intense as Uranus in Taurus is conjunct the moon and opposite the Sun. Uranus likes to shake up the norm, wherever one has been sleepwalking through life, doing life on routine without thinking if what you are doing is authentic to your unique life and gifts, Uranus brings a sudden event that can rock your oh so predictable life. So it is with this full moon. The Scorpio Taurus axis is concerned with intimacy and sharing. How much do you share with others and how much to you keep to yourself. It can be a simple as sharing on social media sites to the more complex arraignments you have with your intimate partner.

To further complicate this full moon message is the Sun and Moon, and Venus but not quite as tight are square the moons nodes, which is called at the bendings. This generally is not a good sign as it diminishes the natural strength of the planets. Issues around global finances can surface, whether it is connected to the breakup of the UK with the European union or major jitters and movements in the global stock market. In May we had a brief taste of what to expect with the 7 year passage of Uranus in Taurus, this in another glimpse that will put a microscope on how you want to live your life in relationship to money. Are your possessions worth the sacrifice you make in giving your life to your job? Who are you living your life for anyway? Uranus and Neptune are at a phase, crescent, that represents the struggle to emerge and is connected with the Taurus full moon.



The crescent phase of or Uranus Neptune is on and off for several months and is 7 years after the conjunction that occurred when Uranus first went into Aries in 2011. That new phase is about Uranus opening up the possibility of a world with more compassion and selfless love for others and to bring about technology that will help the oceans and bodies of water on the planet. Connected with the Taurus full moon, the push and pull between ownership and sharing, water resource issues will rise to the surface in the news media. October Astrology Water Venus in Scorpio

October 31st, Halloween, has two planets shifting signs ushering in a change in the planetary weather pattern. Mercury moves in to knowledge seeking and I know it Sagittarius and Venus dips back into her territory of Libra. She is still retrograde and will move direct from the sign she rules. If you have been concerned over your love life peaceful solutions and kind understanding resolves the situation. Taurus Full Moon October



In recap this month begins with Pluto newly direct; a great help for will power and determination for whatever you want to manifest for your life. The Libra New moon on the 8th shifts the energy to Venus and she goes retrograde on the 5th reevaluating what you love, want, desire in your life. It also is intimately connected to whatever houses in your chart that Venus rules, so look at your personal chart to find what houses the signs of Taurus and Libra are in. Social event, getting out and enjoying music, festivals, art and easy gatherings are abundant. When the Sun moves into Scorpio on the 23rd followed by the full moon in Taurus the next day whatever cracks are in your relationships are no longer ignored. The intensity can bring you closer together or decide you need a break. The month ends at Halloween with the Moon in Leo, Venus in Libra, and Mercury in Sagittarius. This combination is sure to bring out fancy costumes for kids and the kid within us, along with plenty of tall tales and light hearted joking around. 






October Astrology 2017




October is a very busy month astrology wise and you may find that your month is also filled with a fast pace keeping up with all that you want to include in your life.

The month begins with a new cycle between Venus and Mars the same day as the full moon in Aries. The full moon brings up the desire to stand for what you want and believe is just and fair along with a passionate plea to help those who have been hurt, traumatized or a victim of circumstances. There is a strong Neptune once again in the full moon chart, as there was in September. However this time it can be easier to overlook, as if the constant news of trouble and despair has pushed the compassionate heart to retreat to focusing on what is directly in front and the immediate tasks of day to day life filters out some of the worlds problems. With the full moon in Aries opposite the Sun in Libra the quest to find the right balance between doing for others and doing for yourself is imminent.  

  Venus and Mars have joined together in Virgo. This is a time when relationships will find value in the minutia in life, the daily life of doing. If you want your partner to work with you in a project, or help out more in the grunge work around your living space this is a time to renegotiate or talk about the benefits of working together. If you are considering a business partnership it is a good time to find someone who has the same or complimentary style to connect with. This is a new beginning between the feminine and the masculine aspect of ourselves. If you have felt a divide between what you want, and what you are willing to do to get what you want, we have a window from the cosmic time clock to focus your intention to understand the duality within and rearrange your priorities.

Venus and Mars together in Virgo wants to discover the imperfections of day to day life and fix the problems before they move into the sign of Libra by the end of the month. Venus loves being in Libra, time for friends, social gatherings and pretty surroundings. Mars treads gently in Libra, or at least tries to understand why it isn’t always a good thing to be confrontational when you want someone to concede to your desire. Libra teaches Mars to walk in the other persons shoes before making rash moves.


October 10th Jupiter enters Scorpio for a year (see the full scoop here) and a not so subtle shift happens to take our attention towards transforming our love life, professional life, and spiritual life. You will begin to see signs that will offer you the opportunity to go deeper into living your life with passion and purpose. Workshops that have psychological exploratory messages will become more prolific. Extreme sports that have life or death consequences will draw more dare devils to them. Dreams become rich in mythological symbols. Shamanism will draw more people to explore ancient ways of healing and self-awareness. The call for death with dignity will become louder. Suicide and drug overdoses will be given more media and a call to reach out and help those individuals. Jupiter in Scorpio, in a nutshell, is a time that you can embrace with gusto to discover who you are beyond who you think you are, your past lives, and the power of letting go of the old to create a life that you are exciting about living.

New moon in Libra


This new moon is exactly opposite the wild and unpredictable planet of Uranus. This new moon, just a few days away from the sun entering Scorpio, is a kick ass time to embrace any change that you have been reluctant to make. Especially around relationships. If you have outgrown a relationship then you may distance yourself from them, Libra says do it in a kind way.


If you haven’t seen someone for a while an old friend can come back into the picture. And this is an opening to meet new people especially if they are connected in some way to the Scorpio opening of changing your life. Neptune is involved once again in a subtle way. On the one hand this is a warning to beware of individuals with hidden agendas. On the higher side it is the spiritual world that surrounds you everywhere but is kept hidden. There will be a thinner veil between the material world and the spirit world as Jupiter travels through Scorpio for the next 12 months, and this new moon is suggesting that being able to connect with your guides and helpers from the other side will be available to those who are receptive.


The month finishes with a new cycle of Sun with Jupiter. Hope, enthusiasm and a new found rush of energy to finish the year off with a calendar full of activities and projects to engage in. The universe will give clues on what the next 2 years will bring. It may be that the last weekend in October has you dreaming of all the accomplishments you want to master in 2018 and 2019 along with planning trips and spiritual retreats that tug on your souls longing.











2016 October Astrology


The month of October is very intense and offers plenty of opportunities to be focused on that which is most important to you in your personal and professional life.

The month begins with the new moon in Libra, the first new moon with Jupiter in Libra in 12 years. It is synchronistic that the start of Jupiter in Libra and the first new moon that happens after Jupiter went into Libra is also the Libra new moon.

What does this mean? That the pull to seek more harmony, love, peace and balance in life will be magnified tenfold. What you can expect to see happen is all the places in your life where things are not in harmony, not in balance and where peace and kindness is missing.

As you know, new moons are times to work with your vision board, journal or whatever other tools you use for creative visualization. The first 2 ½ days are the most potent times to set it forth. However when you focus on what you want to create that is in the domain of Libra, relationships, art, social connections, beauty, fairness, balance, partnerships, what you set forth on your vision board it will continue to pull into your life those wishes until the next Libra cycle in 2017.

The full moon on October 16th is a super full moon.  It is very volatile as it is opposite the planet Uranus, known for its sudden unpredictable changes, and Eris the Goddess of discord. In addition the time of the full moon there are 4 planets are aligned with powerful fixed starts. The Sun is conjunct a fixed star of fortune called Spica, Saturn with Rastaban, (the dragons eyes, keen insight and perception) and Uranus is with Baten Kaitos, (associated with shipwrecks and migration, ability to rise out of difficulties or move past tragedies ) Pluto with Vega (creating order and peace in turbulent times).

You will feel the intensity of the full moon from Friday the 14th through Sunday the 16th. It is a time when you can capture the qualities that you want to have in your life. To have more Luck and wealth (Spica) insight and perception, (Rastaban) move past the difficult times of life (Baten Kaitos) and create stability (Vega) meditate with these energies and consciously pull them into your body during the time of this full moon…

There are three other new phases this month, which are times of accessing the gifts that the planets of these new phases represent. The first is Mars conjunct Pluto, the second is the Sun conjunct Mercury and the last is Venus conjunct Saturn.

Mars conjunct Pluto happens every two years; it is a new cycle of extreme effort and energy. It is exact on October 19th, the new phase; (time of beginning something new) is for three months. Many athletes have this in their charts, as do others who view life as a competition. If you feel you need an extra push of motivation to get yourself in the lead this is the energy you want to connect with. If you want to start an exercise program, or any athletic hobby, this is your baby to do it on.

The sun is conjunct mercury several times a year as it is part of our Mercury retrograde cycles. October 27th it is conjunct again and a time of connecting with universal wisdom to access knowledge from the collective unconscious, or in other words, take time to sit and reflect on a situation that you want wisdom on. Flashes of insight happen during these times. It also represents a time to do something that you want to stay hidden or unknown to others, if you want to plan a surprise party or event this is the time to set it in motion.

Venus conjunct Saturn is October 29th, a time of being serious about what you want and need in your relationships. This conjunction with Saturn is special as it gives contradictory messages. At first glance it is saying that it is a time to check the fences, are others overstepping and squashing your spirit? Taking advantage of your kindness? Or is it time to give more and take less? Using what you have is also the message here. Looking further into the depth of the placement, 14 degrees Sagittarius it is connected with the nodes of Uranus, unpredictability, excitement and change. Relationships can break up or you can meet a new person is much different than what you are used to. In any case, this is a time when less is more, trimming away the excess consumerism in favor of having only what you truly love and enjoy abounds. This cycle happens every 10 -12 months depending on whether Venus is retrograde in any given year. The phase of planting the seed for this cycle is for 6 weeks.

The month finishes with the New moon in Scorpio on the 30th.  Mars is the traditional ruler of Scorpio and it is in a very strong position in Capricorn (exaltation). This is further support from the universe that will give the fuel to catapult your visualizations into manifestations. However it comes with the caveat, be careful what you ask for….

The asteroid Europa is involved with Uranus and Eris in the Scorpio new moon chart which is closely connected to the chart of the European Union, news about the EU and the impact of the Brexit vote will undoubtedly make headlines once again.

On a personal level the Scorpio new moon is a time to reconnect with your passion and purpose. What excites you? What would you want to wake up to with the feeling of “I can’t wait to get back to …”?  Feeling passionate about something is what Scorpio brings us, it doesn’t need to be connected to work, or love, or any specific part of life. It is the eternal quest of what am I living for? What is worth dying for?

October brings us great opportunities for shifting and change. Accepting the gifts from the universe expands self love and moves you towards your highest and greatest good.

October Astrology 2015

Think of October as the big bang month. There will be plenty of shifts and changes to go around. If by chance your life is restful and without drama you can peek your head into another s life to see what all the fuss is about.

Mercury is retrograde from the 4th through the 25th. Mercury begins retracing its steps from deep thinking Scorpio back into even keel what is your side of the story Libra where it will be until November 8th. When you consider the shadow of the retrograde time the whole month of October we are dealing with the communication planet reminding us to take care of what we already began. That is no big deal in and of itself as Mercury is retrograde three times a year.
The astrological jolt comes in from the Lunar eclipse on the 8th .

The full moon eclipse on October 8th will reveal how well you understood what you learned from the message of the new moon. How good are you at being able to communicate with people you are in partnership with and see their side of the situation. Mutual cooperation and peaceful, nonviolent solutions were the message from the new moon. If understood then the eclipse will be no more than a ripple passing by in a soft breeze. However if reasonable communication is not your favored response to disagreements sudden outburst of aggressive behavior can create discord to unravel.

A polarization can become apparent between what you want versus what someone else may want. This will manifest in the micro and macrocosm of the universe. Whether in your love life, between the interest in companies, or in politics.
Venus is in Libra, her rulership and is the final despositor of the chart which means that harmony, compromise, peace and balance is the foundation from which solutions will arise.

The next big shift in energy happens on the 23rd when the sun enters Scorpio, Venus enters Scorpio and the new moon is a solar eclipse the same day. Whereas the full moon eclipse was palpable in feeling the building up of the energy a few days before the 8th, the solar eclipse can sneak up on you with all of a sudden an urge that you must find your passion and live life to your fullest potential and purpose. The sun, moon and Venus are connected to Pluto and Jupiter with an angle that represents magical mysteries. It is the septile, dividing the circle by 5 = 72 degrees. This is extremely creative. When you divide the circle by 5 you get the pentagram, a mystical symbol. In addition Saturn is connected to the new moon solar eclipse. The need to be serious about passion and purpose is palpable. Every month gives you a great chance to learn astrology.

Mercury moves direct on the 25th and Mars moves into its sign of exaltation Capricorn on the 26th.

We start the equinox on the 22nd, 10:29 at night Eastern time with the moon in Virgo, the moon will be in Virgo all day on the 23rd. and basically go into Libra at midnight with the new moon on the 24th at 2:14 a.m. And Libra moon on the 25th, early morning 26th until 10:29am Eastern, and the moon going into Scorpio. On the 25th—and this energy will be part of the process for the whole month with Jupiter trine Uranus. So we have a Jupiter trine Uranus energy. That’s exact. There always has to be one day, of course, where there is an exact moment that two planets are exactly square, trine, conjunct, etc. But the order of Jupiter and Uranus, meaning within a couple of degrees, will be through the whole cycle. The Jupiter and Uranus…and it’s a trine,

is getting into the flow, getting into the current.

One of the dwarf planets is named Makemake, and Makemake is at, in the sky right now, 0 degrees of Libra. So what does this mean?

That in the Libra ingress, when the sun ingresses the equinox, spring if you’re down under—of course, it’s spring for the rest of us above the equator where we have the fall equinox—that the new moon and the equinox chart will be infused with Makemake, the planet Makemake. And what is the next question that you should be thinking is “What the heck is Makemake?” And also remember the equinox chart is also infused with the fact that Pluto is going direct, which is that deep intensity of going within an inner drive to find that passion, passion of purpose. But Makemake is from the eastern island and Makemake is a…in the mythology is a creator god, creator of humanity.

When an astronomer discovers a planet, they leave it out in the void. They just put a number on it for a while, and then after there’s this collaboration and they say “Yes. It really is a planet…” or in this case a dwarf planet, then the discoverer gets to name the planet. And the planets are when we look as astrologers, we say, “There is no coincidence in the world.” Right? There is no coincidence. We actually have…there’s this feeling, an intuition that says, “There’s more going on than the arbitrary naming of a planet.”

That the universe itself has its own intelligence and it can speak through—I know this is a little out there, but just think of it as what if the universe has its own intelligence? We have our intelligence. What if the earth itself was a living creature in itself and the earth had its own intelligence? Right? We don’t think of the earth that way, but what if? What if the universe had its own body and the universe itself—different galaxies, different solar systems—what if they in themselves had their own consciousness—like the consciousness of the universe—and their own intelligence? And if there were no coincidences, right, synergistic? We look at the naming of the planet and go, “Okay. How is this related? How is this symbolically—what’s the message symbolically back to us as looking at charts in this cold creative world that we have with the universe?” And Makemake being a creator god symbolizes that with the new moon there and the
ingress chart—remember because there are only 28 hours away—that this can be a time that can have very deep creative principles, very deep creative principles. But it is of humanity; therefore, there may be a humanitarian crisis that erupts at this time. I mean there’s always some sort of humanitarian crisis. That’s true. But this energy is saying that it can be brought more to our attention just like the energy when we were talking about the Libra energy itself, that what’s fair, what’s just, there’s always stuff going on, but will be brought more to our attention now. And so the attention of the humanitarian crisis in any particular spot can rise up to the surface and we can become more
aware of it. What about our own humanitarian crisis? What about our own sense of our humanity? And we will be called to connect with our humanity; what is important within us. So that’s part of the Makemake.

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