October Astrology

The month of October is very intense and offers plenty of opportunities to be focused on that which is most important to you in your personal and professional life.

The month begins with the new moon in Libra, the first new moon with Jupiter in Libra in 12 years. It is synchronistic that the start of Jupiter in Libra and the first new moon that happens after Jupiter went into Libra is also the Libra new moon.

What does this mean? That the pull to seek more harmony, love, peace and balance in life will be magnified tenfold. What you can expect to see happen is all the places in your life where things are not in harmony, not in balance and where peace and kindness is missing.

As you know, new moons are times to work with your vision board, journal or whatever other tools you use for creative visualization. The first 2 ½ days are the most potent times to set it forth. However when you focus on what you want to create that is in the domain of Libra, relationships, art, social connections, beauty, fairness, balance, partnerships, what you set forth on your vision board it will continue to pull into your life those wishes until the next Libra cycle in 2017.

The full moon on October 16th is a super full moon.  It is very volatile as it is opposite the planet Uranus, known for its sudden unpredictable changes, and Eris the Goddess of discord. In addition the time of the full moon there are 4 planets are aligned with powerful fixed starts. The Sun is conjunct a fixed star of fortune called Spica, Saturn with Rastaban, (the dragons eyes, keen insight and perception) and Uranus is with Baten Kaitos, (associated with shipwrecks and migration, ability to rise out of difficulties or move past tragedies ) Pluto with Vega (creating order and peace in turbulent times).

full-moon-rising-aries-full-moonYou will feel the intensity of the full moon from Friday the 14th through Sunday the 16th. It is a time when you can capture the qualities that you want to have in your life. To have more Luck and wealth (Spica) insight and perception, (Rastaban) move past the difficult times of life (Baten Kaitos) and create stability (Vega) meditate with these energies and consciously pull them into your body during the time of this full moon…

There are three other new phases this month, which are times of accessing the gifts that the planets of these new phases represent. The first is Mars conjunct Pluto, the second is the Sun conjunct Mercury and the last is Venus conjunct Saturn.

Mars conjunct Pluto happens every two years; it is a new cycle of extreme effort and energy. It is exact on October 19th, the new phase; (time of beginning something new) is for three months. Many athletes have this in their charts, as do others who view life as a competition. If you feel you need an extra push of motivation to get yourself in the lead this is the energy you want to connect with. If you want to start an exercise program, or any athletic hobby, this is your baby to do it on.

The sun is conjunct mercury several times a year as it is part of our Mercury retrograde cycles. October 27th it is conjunct again and a time of connecting with universal wisdom to access knowledge from the collective unconscious, or in other words, take time to sit and reflect on a situation that you want wisdom on. Flashes of insight happen during these times. It also represents a time to do something that you want to stay hidden or unknown to others, if you want to plan a surprise party or event this is the time to set it in motion.

Venus conjunct Saturn is October 29th, a time of being serious about what you want and need in your relationships. This conjunction with Saturn is special as it gives contradictory messages. At first glance it is saying that it is a time to check the fences, are others overstepping and squashing your spirit? Taking advantage of your kindness? Or is it time to give more and take less? Using what you have is also the message here. Looking further into the depth of the placement, 14 degrees Sagittarius it is connected with the nodes of Uranus, unpredictability, excitement and change. Relationships can break up or you can meet a new person is much different than what you are used to. In any case, this is a time when less is more, trimming away the excess consumerism in favor of having only what you truly love and enjoy abounds. This cycle happens every 10 -12 months depending on whether Venus is retrograde in any given year. The phase of planting the seed for this cycle is for 6 weeks.

The month finishes with the New moon in Scorpio on the 30th.  Mars is the traditional ruler of Scorpio and it is in a very strong position in Capricorn (exaltation). This is further support from the universe that will give the fuel to catapult your visualizations into manifestations. However it comes with the caveat, be careful what you ask for….

The asteroid Europa is involved with Uranus and Eris in the Scorpio new moon chart which is closely connected to the chart of the European Union, news about the EU and the impact of the Brexit vote will undoubtedly make headlines once again.

On a personal level the Scorpio new moon is a time to reconnect with your passion and purpose. What excites you? What would you want to wake up to with the feeling of “I can’t wait to get back to …”?  Feeling passionate about something is what Scorpio brings us, it doesn’t need to be connected to work, or love, or any specific part of life. It is the eternal quest of what am I living for? What is worth dying for?

October brings us great opportunities for shifting and change. Accepting the gifts from the universe expands self love and moves you towards your highest and greatest good.


 Aries Super Full Moon

October Astrology 2015

Think of October as the big bang month. There will be plenty of shifts and changes to go around. If by chance your life is restful and without drama you can peek your head into another s life to see what all the fuss is about.

Mercury is retrograde from the 4th through the 25th. Mercury begins retracing its steps from deep thinking Scorpio back into even keel what is your side of the story Libra where it will be until November 8th. When you consider the shadow of the retrograde time the whole month of October we are dealing with the communication planet reminding us to take care of what we already began. That is no big deal in and of itself as Mercury is retrograde three times a year.
The astrological jolt comes in from the Lunar eclipse on the 8th .

The full moon eclipse on October 8th will reveal how well you understood what you learned from the message of the new moon. How good are you at being able to communicate with people you are in partnership with and see their side of the situation. Mutual cooperation and peaceful, nonviolent solutions were the message from the new moon. If understood then the eclipse will be no more than a ripple passing by in a soft breeze. However if reasonable communication is not your favored response to disagreements sudden outburst of aggressive behavior can create discord to unravel.

A polarization can become apparent between what you want versus what someone else may want. This will manifest in the micro and macrocosm of the universe. Whether in your love life, between the interest in companies, or in politics.
Venus is in Libra, her rulership and is the final despositor of the chart which means that harmony, compromise, peace and balance is the foundation from which solutions will arise.

The next big shift in energy happens on the 23rd when the sun enters Scorpio, Venus enters Scorpio and the new moon is a solar eclipse the same day. Whereas the full moon eclipse was palpable in feeling the building up of the energy a few days before the 8th, the solar eclipse can sneak up on you with all of a sudden an urge that you must find your passion and live life to your fullest potential and purpose. The sun, moon and Venus are connected to Pluto and Jupiter with an angle that represents magical mysteries. It is the septile, dividing the circle by 5 = 72 degrees. This is extremely creative. When you divide the circle by 5 you get the pentagram, a mystical symbol. In addition Saturn is connected to the new moon solar eclipse. The need to be serious about passion and purpose is palpable. Every month gives you a great chance to learn astrology.

Mercury moves direct on the 25th and Mars moves into its sign of exaltation Capricorn on the 26th.

There is an indepth video on the Lunar Eclipse and the Solar eclipse click to follow to see.
Every month gives you a great chance to learn astrology

We start the equinox on the 22nd, 10:29 at night Eastern time with the moon in Virgo, the moon will be in Virgo all day on the 23rd. and basically go into Libra at midnight with the new moon on the 24th at 2:14 a.m. And Libra moon on the 25th, early morning 26th until 10:29am Eastern, and the moon going into Scorpio. On the 25th—and this energy will be part of the process for the whole month with Jupiter trine Uranus. So we have a Jupiter trine Uranus energy. That’s exact. There always has to be one day, of course, where there is an exact moment that two planets are exactly square, trine, conjunct, etc. But the order of Jupiter and Uranus, meaning within a couple of degrees, will be through the whole cycle. The Jupiter and Uranus…and it’s a trine,

is getting into the flow, getting into the current.

One of the dwarf planets is named Makemake, and Makemake is at, in the sky right now, 0 degrees of Libra. So what does this mean?

That in the Libra ingress, when the sun ingresses the equinox, spring if you’re down under—of course, it’s spring for the rest of us above the equator where we have the fall equinox—that the new moon and the equinox chart will be infused with Makemake, the planet Makemake. And what is the next question that you should be thinking is “What the heck is Makemake?” And also remember the equinox chart is also infused with the fact that Pluto is going direct, which is that deep intensity of going within an inner drive to find that passion, passion of purpose. But Makemake is from the eastern island and Makemake is a…in the mythology is a creator god, creator of humanity.

When an astronomer discovers a planet, they leave it out in the void. They just put a number on it for a while, and then after there’s this collaboration and they say “Yes. It really is a planet…” or in this case a dwarf planet, then the discoverer gets to name the planet. And the planets are when we look as astrologers, we say, “There is no coincidence in the world.” Right? There is no coincidence. We actually have…there’s this feeling, an intuition that says, “There’s more going on than the arbitrary naming of a planet.”

That the universe itself has its own intelligence and it can speak through—I know this is a little out there, but just think of it as what if the universe has its own intelligence? We have our intelligence. What if the earth itself was a living creature in itself and the earth had its own intelligence? Right? We don’t think of the earth that way, but what if? What if the universe had its own body and the universe itself—different galaxies, different solar systems—what if they in themselves had their own consciousness—like the consciousness of the universe—and their own intelligence? And if there were no coincidences, right, synergistic? We look at the naming of the planet and go, “Okay. How is this related? How is this symbolically—what’s the message symbolically back to us as looking at charts in this cold creative world that we have with the universe?” And Makemake being a creator god symbolizes that with the new moon there and the
ingress chart—remember because there are only 28 hours away—that this can be a time that can have very deep creative principles, very deep creative principles. But it is of humanity; therefore, there may be a humanitarian crisis that erupts at this time. I mean there’s always some sort of humanitarian crisis. That’s true. But this energy is saying that it can be brought more to our attention just like the energy when we were talking about the Libra energy itself, that what’s fair, what’s just, there’s always stuff going on, but will be brought more to our attention now. And so the attention of the humanitarian crisis in any particular spot can rise up to the surface and we can become more
aware of it. What about our own humanitarian crisis? What about our own sense of our humanity? And we will be called to connect with our humanity; what is important within us. So that’s part of the Makemake.

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