October Astrology 2023

VenusVenus says goodbye to her long holiday in Leo where she has resided since June on the 8th. Venus will spend the rest of the month into the sign of let’s get to work and be healthy of Virgo. Our antennae is attuned to aesthetic sensibilities that are functional. Whether it is our living space or our relationships. Venus having spent so much time in let’s have fun and party Leo will now question whether good time relationships function in everyday life.

Pluto, the planet of transformation, is moving direct on the 10th the same day that Venus is opposite let’s get serious Saturn. The intensity of this combination will have us determined to find a way to organize our lives to have our work support our free time.

October Libra Solar Eclipse New Moon

The new moon in Libra is a solar eclipse has a daydreaming creative quality to it. The solar eclipse can suddenly reveal that which has been hidden or ignored in relationships. Venus, the ruler of Libra, is in helpful yet independent Virgo. Virgo rises as a morning star now, leading the way before the sunrises. In Virgo the path she is clearing is in determining what parts of life, and relationships, can be improved upon. The Libra eclipse is seeking a harmonious balanced life that includes social interaction. However unnecessary arguments or discord will create a break as will overt or covert manipulations. If the relationships you are in, whether they are deep connections or acquaintances, do not have enough common interests to share and spend time together they will be examined to determine if the energy you are putting into them is something you want to continue to do.

The positive way to harness this solar eclipse vibration is to

  • set intentions for the type of relationships that you want.
  • Create beauty in your surroundings
  • Fix, discard, or donate items that are no longer useful or broken
  • Let go of the need to please that comes from childhood training.
  • Attend social events that are artsy and creative.
  • Plan outings with friends just because.
  • Meditate and seek the place within of inner peace.
  • Practice a random act of kindness


The sun enters into Scorpio on the 23rd announcing the season of deeper thinking and intuition. The modern ruler of Scorpio is focused energy Pluto, while the traditional ruler is take action Mars. Mars has moved into Scorpio giving the Scorpio season more power to get projects done that you are passionate about.

Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus

Taurus full moon eclipseThe October full moon eclipse in Scorpio is on Saturday the 28th 4:24pm EDT is loaded with many hidden messages. The most obvious is with the Taurus moon desiring comfort and security. What is illuminated from this full moon will be what you desire for stability. This can be for your actual living situations, financial security, and emotional safety and trust in relationship. Venus, the ruling planet for the Taurus moon, is still in Virgo and opposite dreamy Neptune. Although Venus in Virgo seeks practicality and function in life being opposite Neptune she is imagining what is ideal and grappling how realistic she desires are. The take action planet Mars in Scorpio is exactly opposite expansion go for it Jupiter. This combination fuels the ambition to say yes to opportunities coming your way. Perhaps the biggest opportunity this Taurus full moon eclipse presents is the yes to believing in what is possible and the confidence that you can carry it through.

Have a fantastic month.


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