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Personal Growth Astrology

When you are studying your chart, or after you have had a consultation with your astrologer, you can use the information you have received to further your personal growth. There are key aspects in your chart that will help you to understand your life and to move beyond obstacles and develop yourself to your highest good. Wherever you feel blocked in life there will be a point in your chart that you can go to analyze for what might be the problem. That will give you hints of what you can do to remedy where you are getting in your own way for success and happiness.

Personal growth demands introspection, the willingness to look at the shadow, or not so pretty side of oneself and be brutally honest and accept that there is something within you that is co creating the life you have. When it is difficult to accept that you have a say in how your life goes you become a victim of circumstances in life. When you accept being co creator of your life you begin to be free and create changes in your life.

Your chart will show what you have to deal with in life, the hand of cards you are dealt with, but it is up to you to play the cards you are dealt with to the best of your ability. Understanding your chart not only tells you what the cards are, but how best to play them to be happier in life. So many times in life we keep ending up with the same problems, in love, work, finances, and in reality our blind spot, can be contributing to the difficulties. Your chart reveals what feels normal for you to do or respond, however that does not mean that your natural response is what will help you get what you want in life.

You can approach your astrology chart as a psychological tool. Carl Jung, the famous psychologist that produced an enormous body of ground breaking work for self-introspection was interested in astrology along with mythology and symbolism. The symbolism in your chart is a replication of how you approach different areas of life. How you are wired so to speak.

Personal growth means different things to different people. If you feel unhappy in your romantic relationships, then there would be something in your chart that will help you know what you can do to alleviate the problems. Usually we don’t think of romance and personal growth in the same sentence yet realize that when one has a blind spot when it comes to relationships, then seeing what was hidden and doing something about what is revealed then you are growing emotionally and spiritually. What you want to look at would be difficulties to your Venus with outer planets and that will point the way to release issues around relationships.

If you feel insecure and that is stopping you from taking risks in life then most likely there is a strong Saturn aspecting your Sun or another significant point. Learning what the meaning and purpose of your Saturn wants for you helps you to overcome paralyzing fear and move beyond whatever is stopping you. In fact knowing when you have a Jupiter transit to support your confidence is another way that using astrology for personal growth helps you achieve the life you want.

The important point to remember when you are learning about yourself through astrological awareness is that it is a process. It demands conscious awareness to want to change, belief that you can change and motivation to do what is necessary for change. A good astrologer is one who can point you to what is in your power to do for you to have the greatest personal growth possible.


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