The best astrology calendar for astrologers is one that will also have your personal transits. When you have a calendar that includes your personal planetary influences you essentially all the tools right in from of you to know how to plan for your day. In essence it will act as a transit report and astrology calendar in one.
An advanced astrology personalized calendar includes transit to transit with void of course moons so you will know the general influence of the day, and also transits to your personal birth chart.

This all in one feature ends up being a reference for you to glance at each day when you are making appointments and plans. You will see on your calendar your personal transits so you can avoid scheduling an important meeting when it is not a good day for you.

This type of calendar is the astrologers’ choice. You can do it yourself if you have a computer program that will give you the transiting aspects to your natal chart, then transfer them to a traditional astrology calendar that has only the daily transits on it. This is a good exercise for astrology student but of course tedious and time consuming.

Whenever something happens, whether it is an ordinary event like running into someone you haven’t seen for a while or unordinary event like getting pulled over for speeding, if you are an astrologer or student of astrology you wonder, what are my transits today? All astrology students know to be extra careful when you have an exact Saturn transit, but might forget what day it happens. When you have your own individualized astrology calendar personalized to your birth chart you will know your personal daily transits as well as see what transits are happening in the sky.

If you study astrology this calendar is essential, you learn how the transits manifest by looking at the calendar. The best way to learn astrology is by studying your own personal life and what happens against the background of your natal chart. Imagine, instead of memorizing when the moon is conjunct Venus in Cancer you can have a pleasant meal with a female friend versus living life, checking your calendar and connecting that you happened to run into a friend and sat down to lunch with her on the day the Moon was with Venus. It makes it more real and easily remembered and therefore helps you learn astrology.
Interpreting transits is a method to forecast your future using astrology. Obviously to predict your future is more complex than that however it is a start. To accurately predict how a transit in an astrology chart will reveal itself in an outcome in a person’s life, that is to predict an event; one must first accurately be able to interpret that individual’s natal chart. That said, transits are a way of being able to get a sense of what will happen in the future.

I like to think of the transits in astrology to the birth chart as a personal weather report that will help you know the astrological influence around you, It will then be up to you to pay attention to the opportunities to make something happen, or to avoid something negative.

People wonder if astrology can really tell you what will happen and the answer is yes to a certain degree, but just exactly how it will play out will be up to how many of your life lessons you have learned and whether or not you are on the right path for you in your life. The more spiritually aware and evolved you are the less impact the difficult transits have in your life.

That said, interpreting transits is an ancient astrology method to forecast the future. Predictive astrology interprets the planetary positions of the natal chart against the transiting planets to foretell what will happen. When a planet in the sky makes a mathematical angle to a planet in your chart it sets off your chart and something will happen according to the nature of the combined planets. This is very useful to be able to avoid disappointment and to encourage action when times are favorable.

If you want to use astrology to know what to expect in your future then you need to know where the position of the planets are in the sky in relationship to your chart. You can buy an ephemeris, a transit report, or look up a monthly ephemeris on the web to compare it to your chart. Look first to the outer planets in the sky to the inner planets in your chart, and at the same degree as your planets in angles of 90 degrees, 45 degrees, 180 degrees, or at the same degree. These aspects are the ones that push events to happen.
If you want to know how to interpret transits to help predict your future in career or new job, look to transits to your 10th house and the ruler of the 10th house and to your sun.

If you want to predict when you will meet someone new look to transits to your Venus.
Sometimes people want to know if they will be famous, get married, have children be rich or other questions about life. Your natal chart shows the potential and the transits to your birth chart show the when. For anything that you are wanting, whether a job, relationship, to move, a child or anything you desire, look to the transits that will bring you happiness. Usually Jupiter to your Moon or Venus. This isn’t a failsafe method depending on the other transits in your chart, as sometimes you want a relationship to work out and if you have a Jupiter transit to your Venus and the relationship breaks up you are being protected, it could be the best thing that happens for you but can’t see it immediately.

The best way to use astrology transits is when you are consciously working to manifest something you want. You will learn when the most favorable times will be for you and then you can take action to make them happen. When you have done your own inner work and know yourself in an authentic way, then you can take advantage of positive transits where the flow of life is on your side and doors are easier to open.
There is a well-worn statement that timing is everything and astrologers know that. Learning astrology and especially the significance of transits to your chart you will know the best times to move, marry, change jobs and all the other important life decisions.

Your natal chart shows your destiny, what is fated to happen and the transits tell you when it will happen. Think of is this way, the birth chart indicated potential of being, and the planetary transits reveal when you will be able to realize the potential inherent that you were born with.

It is always important to remember that planets don’t make things happen the transits allow for the unfolding of what is meant to be, to learn, to grow, and to change. When you learn astrology, first understand your natal chart, then jump to your transits and have fun seeing if what the transits say might happen really does turn out the way it was predicted.