Pisces 2020 Astrology Forecast

pisces astrology forecast for 2020 Neptune in Pisces Saturn Pluto conjunction Jupiter traditional ruling planet in Capricorn help Pisces have a wonderful year aheadPisces your intuition is going to carry you to great heights this year. There are several new cycles that are huge this year. First in January there is the Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn; the last Saturn Pluto conjunction happened in Libra in 1982. This is occurring in your house of connections and friendships. Out with people that you have outgrown and new people arrive whose relationships can last for the next 40 years. Then there are three conjunctions between the planets Jupiter, your traditional ruler, and Pluto again in the sector of your chart for friendships, groups, and organizations. These 2 planets can bring big rewards especially when you cultivate valuable contacts with those who are in sync with your dreams. Mars will go retrograde in 2020 in your house of finances adding extra motivation for more prosperity in your life and Venus retrograde in Gemini in your solar forth house adding more beauty to where you live.

Career and Life Desires:

With Neptune making its ever slow passage through your sign in Pisces the long awaited desire to have an ideal life keeps lingering in the background. Three planets, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn are two signs behind you making a harmonious aspect to Pisces along with Uranus in Taurus two signs ahead of you making the other sextile harmonious aspect to Pisces. This is an element of practical wisdom that helps you to move you towards what you want. It isn’t anything that will be an absolute for change, more of if I want it what do I need to do kind of vibe. With Mars spending from July through January in your house of finances this can be the biggest motivator to find a different career path that will lead to more financial freedom. The eclipse patterns are shifting into your house of career, which will begin to stir the desire to look at whether or not you are living the life you feel destined to live.

Love and Romance:

The eclipses for the last year have been bouncing in your 5th house of romance, setting off times to look at your relationship situation. Though the eclipse patterns are shifting to the work, home axis, there are still a couple of eclipses happening that will linger as a reminder to have that part of life fulfilled. This energy can wake you up one morning thinking about whether or not you feel loved. Sometimes it appears as an awareness; it is time to have more fun in life. It is a time for simple pleasure that make the heart happy and carefree feelings of having nothing to worry about except being in the moment of enjoyment. If you don’t have a hobby that brings you pleasure, finding one this year is on the agenda.

Friendships and Connections:

2020 is a fantastic year to spend more time with your friends and to expand your circle of acquaintances and connections. Jupiter, the planet of expansion and opportunity will be spending the year in your solar house of friendship, groups, and organizations. This brings with it the blessings of friendships and the ability to meet new people that you can develop relationships with more easily. The only caution with Jupiter is whether or not you get over extended, making too many promises to too many people and being over burdened with obligations and not enough time to cover them.

Travel and Education:

Uranus in Taurus is slowly trekking through your third house of short trips and this can be just what you want and need to keep your sanity in an insane world. Weekends away to escape from whatever knocks you off balance to recharge and rejuvenate are meant to happen. Learning to let go and relax while getting grounded will be something that you keep years ahead. This part of your chart is also about education. Different courses or classes can come your way that will boost your skills. It will be on everyday practical information that makes your life easier. It could be a new computer skill or learning how to use a new gadget or finding out the capabilities on your new phone.

Passion, Drive, and Health:

Your passion for life is connected to whether you feel that you are on the path you are destined to be and that your life has meaning beyond the robotic nature inherent in day to day life. Mars is the planet that helps us with our drive, spending 6 months in your house of money and self-worth cultivating your natural talents to fulfil your destiny is powerful this year. With Leo on your natural sixth house of health, and Leo ruled by your Sun in Pisces, and Neptune dancing through your sign it is imperative that you listen to your intuition around your health. Be especially attentive to knowing when to step back when you are running on empty, as with Neptune in Pisces feeling under the weather and needing more TLC comes with the territory

Finances and Fortune: 

The parts of the chart that have to do with finances are the second house and eighth house, money you have and money that other people have that you are connected to by some relationship. With Mars retrograde this year and spending six months in your second house of your money action on the financial front is guaranteed.


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