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Pisces Full Moon Gentle Sweetness Sweeps Away Angst

There is a complex mix of gentle sweetness and underlying angst with this September harvest full moon. The full moon in Pisces is September 14th 12:33 am EDT and carries with it the energy of Neptune, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, and Venus. Every year on the Pisces Full moon the universe sends us a window of time to connect with grace, compassion, service, and acceptance. This year the message is even stronger as Neptune, the modern ruler of Pisces is with the Moon and opposite the Sun. Neptune rules the realm of the spirit world, the other side, intuition, creativity, spirit guides, dreams, music, and the desire to merge with the infinite, and to escape the dreariness of everyday life. This is one reason why Pisces and Neptune are connected with drugs and alcohol.

Capricorn Saturn fear depressed lonely thinkingThe shadow side of Neptune takes us to a place where one feels lost, abused, taken advantage of, a victim of circumstances, overwhelmed or helpless. If there is a place in your life where you feel the difficult side of Neptune the way out of the proverbial Neptune fog is to sit still, meditate, connect with your higher self, or spiritual helpers until the fog lifts and your intuition of what step to take next becomes clear. In most cases an internal acceptance or forgiveness occurs that releases angst and agony which then allows one to move forward without the pain.

Mars is exactly opposite Neptune and square Jupiter; on a mundane level this is a troubling signature that represents angry delusional individuals that are willing to be a martyr for a cause they believe is true. Yikes, let’s hope not and this is a call to the light workers on the planet to raise the vibration.

On the positive side we can see a medical breakthrough especially for people that are dealing with diseases that leave them crippled, such as MS, Epilepsy, Epstein Barr, and diseases that destroy the immune system.

chakra throatIndividually this Pisces Full Moon will help us tap into our intuition to know what we need to do to grow personally and professionally. The September full moon will also recharge our confidence to finish out 2019 with the goals and dreams we set in January. There is an exact trine and sextile with Pluto, it is time to trust your gut with empowering knowledge that you have all you need right here and now to be and do what you know you were born to do.

Mars is infusing the full moon with motivation; watch out for angry outburst.

Jupiter in adding hope, faith, and confidence; arrogance is the flip side.

Neptune is adding compassion and understanding: The tricky side of Neptune is we can go into our own bubble and fool ourselves, believing in what we want to believe and not in the reality of the moment. Granted, this attribute can help us cope through denial when we can’t or don’t want to face the hard truth of what is going on but will be a short respite until denying the issues are no longer an option. The USA is having one of these moments.

Ultimately the Pisces full moon leads us to Jupiter, the traditional ruler of Pisces. Jupiter is in its rulership in Sagittarius, this means that faith, hope, and confidence are the key in going forward. Adding on knowledge is part of the message, however not knowledge without wisdom. Having the wisdom to know what most is important to learn is essential for your next step.

 A few Ideas to Enjoy the Full Moon in Pisces are:  October Astrology new directions

  • Go to a concert.
  • Hang out in nature.
  • Break out your tarot cards.
  • Bubble bath and glass of wine.
  • Volunteer at your local homeless shelter or rescue center.
  • Sign up for a photography class. 
  • Yoga retreat.
  • Meditation retreat.
  • Sensory deprivation tank.
  • Help out a friend in distress.
  • Chill out with your favorite movies.