Planets in the Chart

The astrological planets in astrology are not the same as the astronomy definitions that defines planets yet for simplicity when an astrologer is talking about the planets in your chart they are referring to the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. The Sun is a star, the Moon is a satellite of the Earth and Pluto has been demoted to the status of a dwarf planet. The meanings of astrological planets are derived from legends and myths that have survived and evolved over thousands of years. The planets are symbolic representations of different parts of our psychological makeup.

dr sun




The Sun is the center of the solar system and is given much weight when interpreting personality in the chart. Sun sign astrology is very popular and the majority of people know their sun sign. The sun will represent a good portion of what you will do or strive to do in your life. It will also show your natural inclinations for obtaining what you want. For example when your Sun is in Aries when you want something you will just go for it; while if your Sun is in Capricorn you would ponder the pros and cons, what might happen or might not happen and plot a course to achieve what you want.



dr moon



The main astrological meaning of the Moon is emotions. The moon represents how we respond to the world. It symbolized your early conditioning from family and home environment. The moon is what you feel you need to have in order to be safe and understood. What sign and house your moon is in, and how it connects to other planets reveal your deepest most intimate secrets and emotional needs.


MercuryMercury is called the winged messenger; the astrological meaning of Mercury is communication. What sign and house Mercury is in your chart will reveal how you communicate, whether it is easy for you to be self expressed or if you have difficulties and getting your thoughts and feelings across to others.




Venus GlyphsVenus is commonly referred to as the planet of love yet Venus is more about what we love. Venus is where we like to spend our time and money. If your Venus is in the sign of Taurus then you are attracted to quality products, if your Venus is in Sagittarius you would spend money on a great trip over having an art object that is nice to look at. Of course Venus is about relationships and the person we want to be with. Where Venus is in your astrology chart will tell you what type of relationship you will attract.

Mars retro 2016




Mars is symbolic of the motivation force within. A strong Mars will express itself in life as someone who has a strong sex drive and a competitive edge. Understanding the meaning of your Mars will inform you how easy or difficult it is to be motivated to accomplish your goals. A weak Mars can indicate you start a project or have a desire then lack the fuel to complete the journey.




Jupiter in astrology is considered the great benefic (with Venus as the lesser benefic) meaning that Jupiter brings good things. Jupiter is the planet of moving forward, growth, expansion, protection, opportunity, and blessings. The downside of Jupiter is we can feel so good about what is going on that we never think something bad will come out of what we are doing. One can be caught off guard thinking the lucky streak will never end when it does.





Saturn has the reputation in astrology that is not the most flattering. Saturn is the task master, hard work, struggle, effort, and not being able to get away with anything. It is true that under Saturn we reap what we sow. When you have a strong Saturn in your chart you can achieve and accomplish great things. You will have the capacity to stick with something and keep working through the obstacles. A weak Saturn can imply that you give up or do not even try.

Uranus Glyphs




The astrological cliché for Uranus is: expect the unexpected. Uranus is the planet that shakes life up in a different and new way. Wherever Uranus is in your chart you can expect to do things different. For example is Uranus is in your eleventh house of friendships then you can have an eclectic mix of friends and seek out friendships with people that have something different to bring to the table. Uranus is in the same sign for 7 years therefore the sign it is in will be the same for a large group of people but what house it is in and how it connects to your personal planets will make it unique to you.






The common astrological meaning of Neptune is creative, dreamy, spiritual seeker, escapist, and having the ability to see what you want to see and denying what you don’t want to accept. A strong Neptune in your astrology chart implies that you are a dreamer. You have the ability that great artist have and can see what could be; as an artist can look at a chunk of clay and not see clay but see a magnificent sculpture. In life that means you see the best in people. A strong Neptune in your chart can indicate that you are let down by people because of this.







Pluto may have been demoted to dwarf status but carries a big punch. Astrological meanings for Pluto include death and rebirth, and transformation. When you have a strong Pluto in your chart you will experience many changes throughout your lifetime. There will be many deaths and rebirths, metaphorically speaking. It is common to have different careers, marry more than once, and completely revamp your personality as you go through several transformations and transitions in life.

The meanings of astrological planets is a complex subject and each planet is worthy of several books to describe the depth of symbols and interpretations. The astrological planets in your astrology chart are a way for you to understand your life and how to navigate through difficult or complicated times. Understanding symbolic representations of the planets helps us to understand why we are the way we are and unravels the mysteries of life.