Sagittarius 2020 Astrology Forecast

sagittarius horoscope for 2020 bug possibiities for you as Jupiter Saturn and Pluto are moving throguh your house of money, relationship that are interesting, fun, and likeminded can forge long term partnershipsHi Sag Suns and Ascendants, 2020 will certainly be a year that will go down in memory as a milestone. The cosmos are on your side give you a boost to motivate you in taking action to have what you want and love. The major planetary configurations in 2020 include Saturn with Pluto in January, Jupiter with Pluto three separate times which all of them happen in your solar second house of finances and self-worth. This year is a bright new beginning to start something that you feel strong about that will develop your confidence and lead towards a more prosperous life. Perhaps the most help from the universe gifts will be Venus moving retrograde in your seventh house of partnerships shining her good vibes back at you. In addition, Mars will be in your sister fire sign of Aries for 6 months due to Mars moving retrograde in September. Mars as the action planet hanging out in the sector of your chart for romance, enjoyment, and hobbies is sure to stir desire to follow your bliss.

Career and Life Desires:

It not so much about work this year, it is more about having a life you love and if it means holding down a job that pays the bills in order to love your life so be it. Uranus, the planet of many sudden changes, is moving through one of the work/career houses. The difference with this sector versus the other career house, indicating the overall life I want to have such and such written on my headstone, is this part of the chart is about doing what one needs to do in order to accomplish the bigger picture. You won’t let your ego stop you in having an ordinary job while you are figuring out what you really want or how to get what you really want.

Love and Romance:

With the warrior and action planet Mars spending six months this year in your house of romance, and Venus retrograde in your house of partnerships, love and romance is huge this year. If your love life is all settled then the energy will play out in finding a new hobby or spending time with younger people or people you knew in your younger days enjoying your favorite pastimes. If you are single, this is a year of dating and getting to know people. With Venus retrograde you can very easily change your mind over the do I want him or not thing. Keep it open and flexible. If your love life is not giving you what you want then it can be time to reevaluate the relationship, talk things through, and get to the core of whether it is a passing boredom or truly a difference of what each other wants and needs in a relationship.

Friendships and Connections:

This is a great year to expand your connections and friendships. Most of the vibe picks up at the end of March when Saturn, the let’s get serious and do something about it planet, goes into Aquarius, one of the natural signs of friendship and into your house of communication for three months before it retrogrades back into Capricorn. This means take the time to talk and get together with people you want to forge a long lasting relationship with. More than a text, lunch, or coffee; you get the picture. In addition Venus in Gemini shining her light back to you from the house of partnership for an extended period in May and June b/c she goes retrograde is another signal of connecting with a variety of people that bring new experiences into your world.

Travel and Education:

Learning and exploring what the world has to offer is part of your life path. It will be more of the same this year. When Saturn dips its toes into your third house of learning and trips in March, April, May, and June the urge to get away for long weekends is stronger. A skill that will be practical and useful also crosses your path that piques your interest.

Passion, Drive, and Health:

Uranus in Taurus is slowly traveling through your house of health, daily routines, work, and habits. Uranus is known for sudden changes and unexpected shifts, however in Taurus the rumble of change can be slow and steady. Taurus is an earth sign, this combination in your house of health does point to making changes in your diet and exercise plan that has a lot of new science behind it. Since it is Uranus, the planet of change, if one routine doesn’t bring the results you want, and then do a little research to check out cutting edge info and try another route. This keeps your energy at high levels and the knowledge you gain from the research supports your intuition that you know what your body needs best.

Finances and Fortune:

You might not always feel so lucky, yet if you are willing to tap into your higher knowledge, your intuition, and follow through on what you learn this year can lay the foundation for huge abundance. You are getting the Jupiter Pluto conjunction three times in your solar second house of finance. This is a great bonus from the universe and it is a signature of expansive wealth. However it comes with a caution, that the job, business, venture, or whatever you are doing to bring in more abundance must be of the highest integrity, otherwise it signifies an implosion of great proportions.

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