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And They Shout… The Eclipses are Coming The Eclipses are Coming and They Pack a Super Moon Hidden Agenda

The Sagittarius lunar eclipse at 5 degrees happens the 26th of May at 7:15 am Eastern Daylight Time. The eclipse will be visible in the USA from Hawaii to the west coast and the Rockies. With Jupiter and Neptune in what you see is not what you get Pisces this time can be very interesting.

Will you see the eclipse?  Go to a time converter app for EDT to your time zone and if it is nighttime in your part of the world you will (most likely) be able to see the eclipse. Let’s hope for clear skies.

What to expect?

It’s complicated as the saying goes.

On one hand the super moon eclipse is happily connected to Jupiter prodding us to expand our awareness, get out, get moving, and go beyond your comfort zone. The Sun in Gemini and Moon in Sagittarius square Jupiter makes everything to do with traveling, learning, and ideas really big and urgent. However under this happy go lucky vibe an underlying current of get out of my way exists. This is not a vibe of harmony, if you like a good argument you will be in your element on this full moon eclipse.

If you are tired of arguments and defending your position on subjects turn the conversation to storytelling. In fact this is an excellent time to give and receive the history, drama, and stories of life so far.

Venus is with Mercury, a friendly connection. It is a great time to meet new people and reminisce with longtime friends. Keep it light, too much pressure or obligation on relationships will have them look for the way out.

With Venus and Mercury (Mercury is very slow as he/she will be retrograde in a few days) square Neptune, dreamy times of possibilities are ripe for the imagination to soar.

The difficult side of this eclipse is if a person does not have a handle on the emotional body, or another words if they have anger management issues. Rage and anger that is simmering below the surface will erupt in uncontrolled fashion.  Mars is in Cancer which has the reputation of passive aggressive behavior.  On the eclipse chart Mars is on the node of Pluto amping up the rage factor. The best way to utilize the strength of Mars in Cancer is to put effort and energy into your emotional work, taking care of your home, and developing caring relationships with people you call family.

The astrocartography map for the lunar eclipse has lines of Mars and Pluto (the violence anger aggression planets) going through the Middle East. The Israeli and Palestine violence will probably come to a head during this time frame before a cease fire is honored.

There is a strong connection for meeting with people.  Get ready to embrace old and new friends. The midpoint vibes of the eclipse continues to have an undercurrent with Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto which is getting to the core of that ‘thing’ in your life that you are passionate about and has deep and lasting meaning to you.

With the strong Neptune connected to the intellect planet, the key is to listen and develop your intuition and suspend the need to figure it out logically. When you know you will know and the logic part will follow.

Chiron is all over various midpoints in the lunar eclipse vibe. This is a reminder to do your inner work to heal and step into your wisdom.

The core message of the super moon Sagittarius lunar eclipse is to do what you know you ‘gotta do” and choose who you want to be with while out doing your thing.

  • What do you want to learn?
  • Where do you want to travel?
  • Where can you take a risk and grow?
  • What do you want to explore?
  • Are your beliefs helping you? Or do they hold you back?
  • What can you do to enhance your friendships?
  • Any projects on the home front that can use a little energy?
  • Continue to explore moving into your future self as you create a strong foundation of support, positive beliefs and framework to seeing the world, and knowledge that your intuition whispers will be needed for the life you want to live.

This is the last lunar eclipse in Sagittarius is not until June 15th 2030!  The next lunar eclipse the 19th of November 2021 shifts into Scorpio; which is a whole new message and opportunity to open other horizons (but not these). Therefore get your journal, vision board, whatever works for you to catch the cosmic wave of opportunity to expand your world with knowledge, information, wisdom, new healthy mindset, and confidence in the future and growth.