Zodiac Sagittarius

Inspiration to find the perfect Travel Destination

Chaos, uncertainty, excitement and enthusiasm mark the Sag new moon.

The Sagittarius new moon is being pulled in different directions as other planets tug at the heels of the new moon wanting to be part of the equation. The urge to seek new horizons is always part of the experience during this new moon time. One way to find places to travel to is to check out your astrocartography map. Astrology for timing and travel is a cool way to figure out if your dream getaway will be a dream of a bummer.

Lots going on now: First is Uranus in Sag’s sibling fire sign Aries trine the new moon pulling the energy towards fun and excitement. Yet Chiron lurks around the corner prodding us to look within and acknowledge our personal growth all the while the new moon is looking to connect with its ruling planet Jupiter for support to be free. Yet Jupiter in Virgo reminds us to deal with the details of life and take care of the little things. Then there is Mars in Libra, ready to move away from relationships that are not balanced opposite Uranus creating situations that don’t go quite as planned. Meanwhile, Venus in Scorpio is hiding in the corner in a harmonious angle with Neptune longing for romantic and unconditional love as Mercury, who just moved out of free thinking say whatever is on your mind, (especially if it can stir up a debate) and entered into Capricorn that wants the plan. Yet still, Mercury is what is called out of bounds, acting as if it doesn’t have to play by the rules of accepted conversation. Expect some crude jokes and say it like I see it statements to continue for a few more days. Yikes, what is one to do to harness the potential of these amazing energies?

  • If a plan doesn’t go the way you expect it to, then adapt to the situation and find the hidden benefit in the change.
  • Freedom calls, what do you need to do to feel free of obligations and duty?
  • Examine your belief systems, let go of negative programming.
  • Plan a new and exciting trip.
  • Take a course, learn something new.
  • Find the positive in every troubling circumstance.
  • Challenge yourself to move beyond your comfort zone.
  • Visualize something you want that is currently beyond what you believe you can have, be or do. Then change your belief around that.
  • Experience something from another culture, an ethnic restaurant, different music, or foreign film.
  • Plan a party and let loose.

Sagittarius goddess

How many qualities of Sagittarius do you embody?

How full is your glass of water? The Sagittarius new moon invokes exploration of how deeply you believe. What are your beliefs about life? Do you engage in life with confidence that no matter what happens you will be OK? Do you believe that you can have, do, or create whatever you want as long as you are willing to learn and keep trying? Do you have faith in tomorrow? When was the last time you were super excited about exploring a place that you never went to before? How open is your mind to discovering new people, places, and learning experiences? Do you relish taking a risk, even if the outcome might not work out as anticipated?

The Sagittarius new moon brings opportunities for us to try on the attributes of Sag and use them in our life to expand our experiences.


Happy New Moon.

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