Saturn in Aquarius: March 21 2020 

Saturn in Aquarius: Watch out for flying saucers!

Aquarius is an air sign and in the current times of the coronavirus pandemic has a complex relationship with the airborne disease. On one hand when Saturn is in Aquarius it is a time when allergies and other airborne problems are exacerbated. On the other it is a time when scientists come up with brilliant solutions to solve complex problems to help humanity. The coronavirus itself is rooted in the Saturn/Pluto conjunction of January 2020 when Saturn was in Capricorn and Neptune halfway through the sign of Pisces. As Saturn moves away from Pluto and into Aquarius the fallout from the Saturn/Pluto conjunction wreaking havoc in the foundation and stability of governments and corporations Saturn in Aquarius will have the job of uniting humanity to work together for the common good of all.

Seriously, about the flying saucers…. whenever Saturn moves into a sign it will bring out the qualities that the sign values. Aquarius traits include science fiction and far-fetched ideas. Saturn traditionally is well positioned in Aquarius, it rules the domain of Aquarius as it does Capricorn. This gives it strength to manifest and develop the properties that are in the wheel house of the Aquarian empire. Uranus is the modern ruler therefore we have 2 ways to interpret what the outcome and future will hold. Saturn in Aquarius for the first have of the journey (0 degrees until 15 degrees) will reveal just how ossified and stuck the old way of thinking or systems are and the second half solutions for changes that help systems and humanity.

If you ever met someone who appears out of touch with the times recognized by their clothes by wearing an outdated trendy fashion statement from decades ago, that is an example of someone who is usually in their mid-forties or beyond and has the early degrees of Aquarius prominent in their chart.

What will show up in the early degrees of Aquarius will be strong ideas, and wild fashion statements, and a battle between the what the old way of thinking versus the evolution of new ideas that support humanity and the planet.


Aquarius trends for Saturn in Aquarius

Here are some examples:

Global warming arguments- the need to find new solutions to the earth’s crises versus the resistance to adapting to the reality that there is global warming.

Civil and Humanitarian right,

The last time Saturn was in Aquarius early 1990 the American with disabilities act was passed.

The cycle before in 1962 the Civil rights act was passed.

In 2020 2021 there will be a similar movement for more inclusion and acceptance of individuals who are deemed different b/c of race, religion, disability, or origin.

Uranus ruling Aquarius enters into the mix with an exciting twist of new inventions and explorations beyond the earth plane.

Amazon Delivery by drones? Yep.

New Space explorations? Yes.

More security and more exploration for the web based applications.

Increase demand for highly specialized scientific professions.

5 G network prompting upgrading the cell phones? Absolutely

Tech explosion and implosion? That too.

More independence at work, hours, location? Yes

Rebellion against religious dogma – Yep

Scientific evidence of cosmic intelligence? That too.

Homes, cars, gadgets, controlled by wireless systems? Yep

Interest in cross cultural exchanges? More of that also.

Relationships based upon conversations and intellectual stimulation? Definitely.


Wherever the sign of Aquarius falls in your chart that part of life will be the area of your life that one or more of these scenarios will play out.

When Saturn moves through a house that is when you get approximately 2 ½ years to get that side of life together.

There are three important ways to discover how this Saturn transit in Aquarius will manifest in your life. You can contemplate what it will mean for you by looking at the house system according to sun sign astrology (as if your sun sign is on the ascendant). The second is from whole sign houses, reading it from the sign that is on your ascendant, and third is from looking at your chart with the usual house system you use, then look for the degrees on the house cusp and determine which houses that Saturn in Aquarius will vacillate between. This is the most accurate although all three have validity.

Saturn in Aquarius for All Signs

Aries: It’s all about friendships; who fits into your life? How do you want them to fit in? Who no longer resonates with what is important to you? What do you want and need to further your soul’s evolution? This may mean a few good-byes or at least less time with some individuals in order to have more time for something else that is calling you. Professionally this is a good time to rethink what circle of influence you want to participate in. How’s your LinkedIn account? Is it time to revamp it? Do you feel the need to trim a few ‘friends’ off your Instagram or Facebook account? Or is it time to reach out and make more connections? Have you considered volunteering for a position on a board of an organization that inspires you? Saturn in your solar 11th house says, think it through, but if it fits the long range vision go for it. Have you been bored or aggravated with one of the groups you participate in? Then Saturn suggests to pull back and give it some space.

Taurus: Saturn will be moving through your solar 10th house of career. This is a time to reflect on just how far you have traveled and accomplished in the path of your career so far.  With the oh so serious side of Saturn meandering through that sector of your chart if you are insecure, lackadaisical, of just plain over the job you are doing it may be time to retrain your skills for something new. Since Saturn is in Aquarius, keeping up with modern technology and the futuristic progression of the work world expectations is important.  If all is well in your heart and soul about the work you are doing in your life then Saturn will push forward slowly but surely towards the future you envision. The cost of the effort is seen in the opposite house, the house of home and family. Time spent honing your skills and furthering your career has consequences on your family life if you are not mindful of giving that area of life time.

Gemini: Saturn will be traveling through the compatible air sign of Aquarius giving you a positive experience with this sometimes problematic tough guy. Since Saturn is the oh so serious let’s get to the heart of the matter character of the zodiac while floating through your solar 9th house of travel, ideas, beliefs, and education this can be a welcomed intrusion into your life that helps you focus on learning new skills. It is a good time to go back to school and being in the buck tradition sign of Aquarius all types of education and schools are implied. You will find that travel begins to fill your mind, you may or may not actually take all of the imaginary trips that intrigue you yet a few will begin to find a way to make it into your plans. Old beliefs are up for a rethink; as simple as reversing your opinion on your favorite podcast or as complex as in challenging scientific training or childhood religious upbringing.

Cancer: Saturn spends 2 ½ years in any one sign, and hence about the same amount of time trekking through an area of your chart depending on the house system you use. Having the sign of Aquarius on your solar 8th house may just be one of the reasons why you are innately intuitive and sensitive. Aquarius as the ultimate air sign, scientific and thought vibrations being in the psychic house in your chart implies that you can pick up what other people are thinking. This is especially true if you are in a sexual relationship with that person as the 8th house is the area of life for intimate sexual encounters. What does it mean for Saturn to spend a couple of years there? One level is getting rid of debt or being very careful so you do not feel over obligated or stressed because of a heavy debt load. Another level is understanding your deepest fears especially those that are connected to being abandoned, betrayed, or separated from a means of support that trigger survival issues. No worries, this is all an undercurrent, like the loch ness monster, that shows its head seldom yet when it does pop up being able to see it show up erases the fears around what is imaginary and what is real.


Leo: Saturn will be opposite your sign for 2 ½ years while it strolls through your 7th house of partnerships. This can signal a change in the life of your partner, such as a change in job status or simply temperament.  If you have not been happy in your relationship with your S/O then Saturn is asking you to take a careful look at whether the relationship can be saved through hard work and serious communication efforts or if your paths have grown too far apart to be content and true to your souls calling. Others you have relationships with are up for scrutiny also; business, merchants, doctors, other practitioners that have been part of your life may be moving on or you decide that you no longer need or want their support or services. If you also have a transit happening regarding your work or career house, then issues with coworkers or your boss come into play. Appropriate boundaries are necessary and building a bridge in understanding helps cement the relationship so it isn’t painful to go to work.

Virgo: Time to get all your ducks in a row Virgo. Saturn will be in your natural solar sixth house that is traditionally seen as Virgos domain. Health, routines, daily habits, work are all up for a 2 ½ year spring cleaning. Being born a Virgo does not mean you incarnated being an incredibly well organized, super smart, health conscious, disciplined exercise guru, and detailed eagle eyed critic. However it does mean that not having your papers organized, a healthy diet, and work you enjoy will one day confront you with not so friendly consequences. The good news is Saturn marching through your natural house of Virgo helps you recognize and put into practice those nagging attributes that you haven’t taken care of. This is a transit to get healthy to stay healthy, to finally organize and eliminate what is hanging around you that no longer serves you, to work smarter and incorporate more technological systems into your career world. If you listen to the message from Saturn then by the end of the sojourn of Saturn in Aquarius you will find that you do have time to eat healthy, get an exercise routine in, use your time at work wisely and do more in less time, stay ahead of your field, and have your environment organized and functional. The sixth house is a space to get healthy in body, mind and spirit, utilizing Aquarian principles, research what is cutting edge and fringe ideas, will enable you to sail through these years with flying colors.

Libra: Saturn in Aquarius will be spending 2 ½ years traveling through your solar fifth house of romance, hobbies, gambling, and an overall general area to play and have a good time sector. Saturn is in your natural air element, that is quite helpful, yet bringing the serious planet to the house of lighten up and have fun has a double meaning. On the one hand it is time to take a risk in the dating world on the other hand Saturn demands a certain amount of caution so you don’t waste your precious time with someone not suitable. If you have children this is a time to reset the appropriate boundaries for them and you as your kids develop. If you don’t have children then when Saturn moves through this sector contemplation of whether or not you will regret having kids or not having kids enter your mind. All in all making time in your life to enjoy is the message here. Old hobbies that you loved may no longer light you up yet trying out something new, hiking, skiing, salsa lessons, scuba diving, painting, joining a band, connecting with your local theatre group, sailing, photography, games, and the list is endless. The task is to find something worthwhile that has brings meaning to your life outside of what you do for your living.

Scorpio: The 2 ½ year transit of Saturn through your solar forth house will touch on several layers that impact your life. Some are apparent that are easy to recognize and others are more subtle and internal. When Saturn travels through the house of real estate, your living quarters, your home and family many times moving or making significant changes in your home happens. The change can be family related, a sister or someone moving in or out. Making use of your space becomes important and with the Aquarius significance, updating your electronics to a newer model, such as your TV, changing internet services, or other equipment or electronics that you keep in your home happen. The desire for something different usually accompanies this time. Should I stay or should I go can be a reoccurring question that meanders in and out of your thoughts. Being mindful of what is useful and eliminating old things also shows up. The softer more internal happenings are on a deeper psychological level. The fourth house represents early childhood when our parental and societal conditioning began. Memories from that time surface and understanding blooms. New concepts, ideas, courses, and or books that support your personal growth are welcomed during this time.

Sagittarius: You will be happy to know that Saturn will be moving out of your second house of finances this year and no longer putting stress on the money aspect as long as you have taken care not to overextend.  Saturn in Aquarius moves into your solar third house of communication and the need to grow intellectually and share what you know with others in a concrete way begins to take a front seat in your everyday thoughts and actions. Saturn in this position for you also indicates a rethink around transportation. How old is your vehicle? Is it time to trade in and get an upgrade on an electric car or bike? Another manifestation of Saturn’s sojourn through your third house is issues that come up in your neighborhood. Maybe the favorite 100 year old Oak tree is slated to be cut down to make room for an apartment building and the neighborhood has a petition to protest. Or the roads get torn up to put in new fiber optic cable. Keep your ears to the ground if you are moving into a new neighborhood as it will be going through some time of repair or change in the next couple of years that you will be happier to know about sooner than later. Saturn trekking through the third house also brings to focus your relationship with your brother and sisters. Their life can be in flux or your communication pattern with them usually changes during this transit.

Capricorn: You can breathe a big sigh of relief as Saturn exits your sign and moves into Aquarius, well almost a big sigh. Saturn traveling over your sun at one point or another in the last 2 ½ years was prompting you to take a good look at what you are doing and if you are happy doing it. If not then making changes even difficult ones were in order. Now that it is in the sign ahead of you, Aquarius, the focus will be on getting your financial act in order and developing your gifts and talents. Let’s say you decided you didn’t want to continue on the same path, doing your old job and now you are exploring a new profession. You may be making a financial sacrifice in order to learn new skills. Or simply put in order a budget to pay off debt and save money for your long term benefit. It is a fine line between being responsible for your financial wellbeing and not being freaked out over what might happen if your plans don’t work out. The most productive way to work with Saturn moving through your house of finances and self-worth is to put time and effort into developing skills that further your long term plan along with being reasonable over what you really need to have. This also is a time when we take a look at the reasons we buy what we buy; is it for the right reasons, or is there a need to impress or compete with someone you admire or what to fit in with?

Aquarius: Saturn is finally back in your sign. After 28 years of being absent it has returned to the sign of Aquarius. Saturn has a negative reputation in certain circles. It can cause stress, delays, obstacles or a general feeling of frustration. This does occur if you are not being honest with yourself and what you want or need at this point in your life. Saturn is one of those teachers that express the need for self-introspection and change. You can find that you no longer hold onto a pattern of behavior, jobs, or relationships that you have outgrown. Even if you feel you are not ready to move forward if your higher self has different plans for you then the Saturn influence comes about and does not care if it is difficult to get another job, break up the bad relationship, or stop behaviors that are not healthy or supportive for your future wellbeing.

If you are on a path that is congruent with your higher self and souls purpose you will embrace this time. You may be happy to go it alone for awhile, or go in a new direction where you are walking your path solo as you move towards something worthwhile. It is a time to get another job, leave the town that you don’t resonate with, cut off relationships that no longer speak your language. It can be a time to go back to school and get a different set of skills, or take a job in another country. The best way to connect with the positive side of Saturn is the willingness to look deep within and to be true to self. Responsibility is a key word with Saturn, however it ultimately is being responsible to living the life you were born to live.

Pisces: Saturn floating through the sign of Aquarius for the next 2 ½ years can be a huge blessing for you as it will be spending its time in what is considered your natural house, meaning the 12th house of the astrology chart. When any planet spends time in the 12th house it has a Piscean flavor added to its journey. Since the 12th house is the natural house of retreat and inner observation and Saturn is the planet that demands a close and serious look at whatever it touches, seeking self-awareness and spiritual transformation is a key part in handling Saturn’s transit. Saturn demands time and effort; making the effort to make and keep a practice that supports the health of your mind and spirit is important. Opportunities will arise to go on a meditative retreats, quiet get-aways into nature, or other similar experiences that rejuvenate the soul by getting away from the normal daily grind.

If you have been avoiding self-introspection then this time is a wakeup call to pay attention. Clearing out the cobwebs of life especially in areas that are painful to admit are part of this time frame. If you have been frustrated in an area of life that doesn’t change understanding subconscious patterns becomes the key. Such as relationship patterns that are unhealthy or work environments where you are taken advantage of. In other words, clearing out self-sabotage patterns that have been hidden previously show up in your world during this time.