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Saturn Return

Saturn Return and Saturn Transits: What to expect

When you are experiencing a Saturn transit the world can seem a bit heavier, you may feel oppressed or depressed. When you are having a Saturn return it is time to reevaluate your life.

Many times you will work harder for the same results. In essence the lesson of Saturn is to help us figure out what we need to be spending our most precious asset on, our time. Saturn has been called father time and many depictions of Saturn are with a clock. Saturn is by nature the internal voice within that reminds us that time is ticking. Life will expire and the question beckons: Are you doing what you need to be doing with the time granted to you?

astrology loving light

The Saturn orbit around the sun is approximately 29 % years. Depending on your personal chart and the retrograde motion of Saturn your Saturn return will happen somewhere between the ages of 28- 30, and again in your late fifties (57-60). Your first Saturn return will wake you up to get moving in life. Many people change careers or become more serious in a career. Others who married young may discover that the person they married in early youth is not right for them at 30 and divorce. Others may literally move, pack up and relocate to an area on the planet that speaks to them.

The lessons of Saturn can feel oppressive and difficult yet on the other side of the transit is accomplishment and peace. One of the best gifts from Saturn is to realize what you want and what you do not want. Divorce can be painful yet the other side of becoming unencumbered with the wrong mate frees you to be by yourself or with someone that is better for you. Struggles in a job can free you to seek better employment or the recognition after a job well done.

Where do you feel oppressed? The awareness of oppression is brought to the surface to be liberated. Although the transit of Saturn while you are in the midst of it is far from liberating, the ultimate destination is liberation of that which oppresses you.

When you are under a Saturn transit, or having a Saturn return the best way to work with the energies is to let it be OK that you feel what you feel without judgment that it needs to be different Happy go lucky, jump for joy and gleeful feelings do not usually accompany Saturn; let it be OK that you feel a bit sad, dreary, pessimistic or just grumpy. When Saturn is around just do the work that needs to be done, do not neglect your obligations and honor the rules.

Saturn transits don’t last forever. During this time frame use try accomplish a goal you have always held and take care of your duties and obligations. Figure out what you are really responsible for and get rid of what is not your responsibility. Let go once and for all the inner critic that is telling you what you should do or are supposed to do.

As Saturn moves past your personal planets you will feel free that you have removed the dead wood in your life, lightened your load and are carrying what you need and want.

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