Scorpio 2020 Astrology Forecast

Scorpio Horoscope 2020 says that your life is going to enter into a new phase where you will have the freedom to do something according to your heart. You will get success because of your positive attitude. You might have to travel to other countries as well. People who are doing a job might have transferred to other location all of sudden and therefore you might stay a bit stressed.If you feel a bit blah lately 2020 will light the spark that flames passion and purpose. Mars, your traditional ruling planet will be retrograde for 6 months in Aries, the sign that competes with you as Mars is also the ruler of Aries. Furthermore your modern ruler Pluto, is making a conjunction with Saturn in January, the first since 1983, and Jupiter passes over Pluto three times, thus creating three conjunctions that represent new starts for important projects that have huge significance. All of these happen in a sector of your chart that is connected to communication and ideas, so big new ideas are bound to be expressed.

Career and Life Desires:

If you aren’t getting the recognition you deserve you will feel annoyed. 2020 begins with your ruling planet Mars in Scorpio therefore starting the year asking for what you want is all in. By the time July rolls around Mars enters one of the houses for work, and stays there until January as the retrograde path takes its time. This happens in your solar 6th house of everyday work therefore frustration around working a job that doesn’t utilize your full talents can boil over. Might as well get really good at what you do, and take time to develop a new skill that you can get paid for later.

Love and Romance:

With two slow moving outer planets, Neptune in your house of romance and Uranus in your house of partnerships, finding the ideal love who is steady and dependable with the qualities of being different and exciting will be a challenge. You are up to it, if things aren’t going your way, look to see what is under the surface and you see a huge shift in how to communicate your needs to have what you desire.

Friendships and Connections:

Mercury is the generic planet for communication and for connecting. The three Mercury retrogrades of 2020 happen in waters signs, your natal element. They will retrograde in your solar 1st, 5th, and 9th houses. Finding connections and developing friendships take the journey with sharing a mutual interest in a hobby, love of learning and like-minded belief systems, and with those threads it leads back to relationships that you are willing to trust the relationships and let them into your personal inner circle of intimate details about your life.

Travel and Education:

With Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter in your house of learning and trips this is a great year for new ideas and getting away. Granted, time and or money may be limited and the trips aren’t meant to be ultimate on your bucket list, however long weekends do the trick. You may find more of an urge to take little bites out of your vacation days to tack on a day or 2 here and there and find it more rewarding to have several mini vacay than to use up all your time in one vacation with not another one on the horizon for who knows how long. Being able to look forward to getting away from the demands of life in the near future is quite desirable.

Passion, Drive, and Health:

Your traditional ruling planet is Mars, the warrior archetype and the motivator to take action will be spending six months, July through December, in your solar house of health, routines and work. This is a no brainer vibe to make the effort to increase your energy to ramp up your passion factor and get motivated to be at your top shape.

Finances and Fortune:

Jupiter spent the year 2019 dancing through your solar second house of finances, perhaps expanding your spending habits and giving you confidence that sooner or later someday fortune and abundance is meant to be. Now in 2020 the south node of the moon and the eclipse patterns are awakening that area of life. Use the gifts and talents that you have to share with the world and you will create a more abundant life.

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