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New Moon in Scorpio 2020

The Scorpio new moon November 15th is all about pursuing your passion, developing your intuition, trusting your inner knowing, cutting things out of your life you no longer need, and letting go of situations you can’t control.

The intensity of a normal New moon in Scorpio… is vamped up with Pluto and Mars, the modern and traditional ruler of Scorpio in positions of strength.

Mars is very strong in Aries and just went direct from its retrograde station in September.


Venus is in her rulership in Libra, however she is exactly square (read stress time) with Pluto and opposite Mars (opposing positions and conflict).


What this indicates is the Scorpio cycle is directly connected to Venus, what we want, what brings happiness, and what we are attracted to.


Pluto is passion and Mars is Action


Taking action on what you love, what brings happiness, what you care about that delivers a sense of purpose is part of the message this cycle.


Scorpio new moon passion 2020The caution is not to get caught up in obsessive emotions, thoughts or dialogs over situations you have no control over. Mercury in Scorpio is opposite the maverick uncontrollable planet Uranus. Thoughts out of the blue erupt at the strangest times. Some worth pursuing others interesting side notes.


The Goddess energy is alive and loud. Venus, Eris, and Pallas Athene are all interconnected with Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn and Lilith is connected with Uranus.  Eris does not go away quietly just because the old guard or clan thinks she doesn’t belong or fit in. Pallas Athene stands up for equal rights and justice, Lilith refuses to play small or pander to society constructs of where one fits in. The feminine principles takes a stand for what is right and just against power and bullying.


Questions to consider for the Scorpio New Moon.

  • What is my passion?
  • What do I want to do before I die?
  • What is a healthy obsession for me to have?
  • What do I worry about that I have no control over?
  • What am I hanging onto that no longer serves me?
  • How much do I trust my inner intuition?
  • What can I do to develop my intuitive side?
  • What am I willing to stand up against?
  • What actions can I take for pursue my passion?
  • What do I want to recycle or clear out?

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