September Astrology Forecast 2022

As we move towards the last quarter of 2022 the there is much support from the universe to bolster our lives towards accomplishing.

September begins with Venus in the last days of Leo. In the US she shines her light for the Labor Day weekend holiday.  Since Venus in Leo wants us to have fun without too much regards for tomorrow, a bit of splurge for the holiday weekend will feel splendid. Your splurge might be a simple as foregoing laundry in order to capture sunshine rays.

Venus moves into Virgo on Monday the 5th and will spend the next 24 days helping us create function and order in our world. Venus in Virgo will also be a soft whisper in the back of your mind asking if you enjoy the work you are doing. Since Virgo is a work oriented sign, with Venus, the planet that wants us to have a life we love, if you are not happy at work then feelings of discontent rumble around and the Virgo Venus will find a multitude of little (and big) reasons why your job isn’t the right fit for you.

If circumstances have it that your daily grind is the best option at this time, then do your best to channel the Virgo vibe into taking great care of your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Find a way to put the little things into your daily routine, such as 10 minutes of meditation or 30 minute yoga class. You get the idea; this is the month that small steps make a huge impact.

Mercury Retrograde September 2022

Mercury is retrograde September 9th until October 2nd. From September 5th until September 23 Mercury and  Venus will be in each other’s sign, (Mercury in Libra, and Venus in Virgo). What this implies is when we use Mercury, our ideas and thinking process, to help Venus achieve what she wants, we accomplish more.

We can now use our intellect (Mercury) to figure out how to have more “Venus” (joy and happiness) without the usual obstacles.

The full moon in Pisces is Saturday the 10th, although the energy of the full moon will be felt all day Friday. This Pisces full moon is close to Neptune, a time to sit back and dream. What is your dream life? If you could do anything you wanted what would you do? This full moon is a perfect time to stir the muse within, sit with your journal and write down what your fantasy life would be like. To add more energy to the full moon the planet Uranus is in a harmonious connection. Uranus is the freedom seeker, the liberator, the awakener. There is an urge to break away from repressive, restrictive, obligations that no longer server you.

We are also reentering a time when the planet Uranus and Saturn are getting prepared to square off again. This is a pattern that was extremely tight during the pandemic that symbolized the rift between following Saturn, such as CDC guidelines, and Uranus, which does life its own way and doesn’t like restriction or rules. An internal dialog begins to rumble again between our own rules or obligations versus the desire to be unencumbered and free to live moment to moment.

Libra New Moon 2022

The Sun enters Libra the 22nd of September, marking the equinox with the Libra new moon on the 25th. The Sabian Symbol for the 2 degree Libra new moon is “The Dawn Of A New Day Reveals Everything Changed”. The new moon in Libra vibrates with Jupiter, super expansion vibe for creating partnerships and relationships that are equal and fair. If you are in any type of partnerships, romantic or otherwise that is out of balance or one that has a significant difference of opinions or likes and dislikes then this time frame can rattle relationships to either change or break-up. Venus and Mercury are together in the new moon which suggests that the key to the lunar month ahead is communication and consciously working together towards a common intention. If the common intention is, (for example) wanting the best for each other, but each of your view of what is best is polar opposites then negotiating compromise in a peaceful Libra manner is the key. Not that the process is simple as the powerful position of Jupiter holds one steady to their personal values and ideas.

September finishes its last two days with Venus entering Libra, time to let go of the small stuff and fill your spare time with artsy events with people that share your interest.

Wishing you a fabulous September.

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September Astrology




Virgo New Moon Manifestation


  • Visualize a work that is inviting, challenging, something you love to do and that it provides an avenue to give your gifts and talents to the world.
  • Imagine your body is perfect health and condition.
  • Send healing thoughts and vibrations to those who are in need.
  • Take your car in for routine maintenance.
  • Find a health practitioner that resonates with your belief system.
  • Return to a health routine that you enjoy.
  • Find time to finish a book you set aside.
  • Enjoy friendship, share your wisdom is ways that is supportive and helpful.
  • Seek answers to perplexing problems through actively calming the mind such as with yoga, nature, music, or other ways that speak to you.