2016 September New Moon Solar Eclipse

peaceful water mountain yoga 2September arrives with a powerful solar eclipse and Mercury retrograde offering an important time to set forth your intentions to shift anything in your life that you feel is not in order.

Astrology has two main purposes, one is to give us a heads up of what to expect and the second is how best to dance with what is before us, or in other words how to make the best out of the planetary energies that are swirling around us.

We step into September the day of the solar eclipse. This eclipse is quite powerful as it is combined with the Neptune Saturn square. (A conflict between giving up or keep on keeping on.)  On a personal level this can contribute to feelings of being overwhelmed or scattered if you have made too many promises at your work or to other people in your life that you want to help.

The new moon closely connected to Neptune and Saturn on a global scale suggests there is something fishy going on with the oil industry, water, and medicine. Since the new moon is opposite Neptune the exact nature of the misgivings is hard to decipher since the nature of Neptune hides and obfuscates. Issues that come to mind are the fracking problems, graver water concerns happening that authorities don’t want us to know about and problems with the health industry and medical field. Events regarding these issues will float across the news channels.

Another major influence that greets us is Mercury retrograde in Virgo. Mercury is with Jupiter giving a helping hand to the generic retro checklist. September promises to be a very active month, it will be easy to have a pile of missed emails, bills, and general to do items over looked. In a perfect world if we could take the three weeks Mercury is retrograde in September it would be a great time to reorganize your home, car, and office surroundings along with stepping back into a healthy routine.

Mercury was retrograde at the first of this year, when ideals of new starts and accomplishments were fresh in the heart and mind. September brings back to the forefront some of the good intentions that you had at the first of the year.

New moons are always a good day for manifestation and visualization. The new moon in Virgo is exceptionally powerful for setting forth your intentions for what you want in your career and health.

New Moon Manifestation

How to work with the energies of this Solar Eclipse

  • Visualize a work that is inviting, challenging, something you love to do and that it provides an avenue to give your gifts and talents to the world.
  • Imagine your body is perfect health and condition.
  • Send healing thoughts and vibrations to those who are in need.
  • Take your car in for routine maintenance.
  • Find a health practitioner that resonates with your belief system.
  • Return to a health routine that you enjoy.
  • Find time to finish a book you set aside.
  • Enjoy friendship, share your wisdom is ways that is supportive and helpful.
  • Seek answers to perplexing problems through actively calming the mind such as with yoga, nature, music, or other ways that speak to you.

virgo moon in virgo venus virgoThe following is what was happening in September 2015 

September rushes in with the moon in Sagittarius and Mercury at the last degree of Virgo, suggesting much to do and little time to think about it.

Venus leaves fun loving Leo and enters the more serious practical Virgo on the 5th.

Jupiter and Pluto are connected in such a way that demands making adjustments to big dreams that go back to late 2007.  Dreams and desires have been challenged and now it a time to look at the road map you have for your life’s path and see if you are still heading towards where you want to be.

The full moon on the 8th will be felt building throughout the weekend. The last few months the universe has been asking us to acknowledge and move beyond where we have been excluded in life. The need to get over the hurt and anger of being marginalized or dismissed has been highlighted with Eris, the goddess of discord, having prominent placement in the recent charts. This is not to condone the actions of others who in their prejudice have been mean or cruel, but to leave the rage behind to focus your energy on moving your life forward in purpose.

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The new moon in Virgo, (August 25th) culminating with the full moon in Pisces highlights Chiron, the aspect of your life of moving beyond the wounds. First is the inner awareness and intellectual understanding of the wound. Contemplate where in your life you feel stuck, that no matter what you do something does not change or get better. It can be around your career, relationships, education, or finances. Herein lies the clue that buried deep within somewhere along the way in life there was an event that happened and you made a decision that is still holding you back from what you say you want different. This is seen by Mercury, the messenger, in the new moon chart opposite Chiron; at the full moon the Moon is conjunct, (with) Chiron, opposite the sun. The emotional cost of what happened comes to the surface to be released. The Libra ingress chart has the moon at the same degree that the sun was

When we are working with the energy of Chiron, the important aspect is to find the gift

from the trials and tribulations of life. Such as where you have been hurt or disadvantaged from situations that were inherent in your upbringing, from another person, or occurrences that were beyond your control.


Mars enters Sagittarius on the 13th lending enthusiastic and hopeful thoughts to what we are wanting to do. Mars is traditionally called the warrior planet, yet mars is our will and determination and motivation. As Mars moves into Sagittarius motivation can begin with much enthusiasm then be thwarted when obstacles or hard work gets in the way of the goal.


The sun enters Libra on the 22nd, the same day that Pluto is stationed direct. The Libra ingress chart therefore is infused with the intensity of Pluto, deep passion will be stirred over issues that are in the realm of justice, fairness, and relationships. The Libra new moon on the 24th at 1 degree lends to the urgency to move forward quickly with bringing into balance fairness and peace whether in your personal life, inner life, work arena, or in the world at large.


The month conclude with Venus leaving Virgo and entering into Libra, the sign it rules. Venus in Libra ruling the new moon and the north node suggest it is in our interest to look at our personal relationships and determine if they align with our core values.


Have a great September, it promises to be busy and full.


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