September Astrology Forecast 2022

As we move towards the last quarter of 2022 the there is much support from the universe to bolster our lives towards accomplishing.

September begins with Venus in the last days of Leo. In the US she shines her light for the Labor Day weekend holiday.  Since Venus in Leo wants us to have fun without too much regards for tomorrow, a bit of splurge for the holiday weekend will feel splendid. Your splurge might be a simple as foregoing laundry in order to capture sunshine rays.

Venus moves into Virgo on Monday the 5th and will spend the next 24 days helping us create function and order in our world. Venus in Virgo will also be a soft whisper in the back of your mind asking if you enjoy the work you are doing. Since Virgo is a work oriented sign, with Venus, the planet that wants us to have a life we love, if you are not happy at work then feelings of discontent rumble around and the Virgo Venus will find a multitude of little (and big) reasons why your job isn’t the right fit for you.

If circumstances have it that your daily grind is the best option at this time, then do your best to channel the Virgo vibe into taking great care of your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Find a way to put the little things into your daily routine, such as 10 minutes of meditation or 30 minute yoga class. You get the idea; this is the month that small steps make a huge impact.

Mercury Retrograde September 2022

Mercury is retrograde September 9th until October 2nd. From September 5th until September 23 Mercury and  Venus will be in each other’s sign, (Mercury in Libra, and Venus in Virgo). What this implies is when we use Mercury, our ideas and thinking process, to help Venus achieve what she wants, we accomplish more.

We can now use our intellect (Mercury) to figure out how to have more “Venus” (joy and happiness) without the usual obstacles.

The full moon in Pisces is Saturday the 10th, although the energy of the full moon will be felt all day Friday. This Pisces full moon is close to Neptune, a time to sit back and dream. What is your dream life? If you could do anything you wanted what would you do? This full moon is a perfect time to stir the muse within, sit with your journal and write down what your fantasy life would be like. To add more energy to the full moon the planet Uranus is in a harmonious connection. Uranus is the freedom seeker, the liberator, the awakener. There is an urge to break away from repressive, restrictive, obligations that no longer server you.

We are also reentering a time when the planet Uranus and Saturn are getting prepared to square off again. This is a pattern that was extremely tight during the pandemic that symbolized the rift between following Saturn, such as CDC guidelines, and Uranus, which does life its own way and doesn’t like restriction or rules. An internal dialog begins to rumble again between our own rules or obligations versus the desire to be unencumbered and free to live moment to moment.

Libra New Moon 2022

The Sun enters Libra the 22nd of September, marking the equinox with the Libra new moon on the 25th. The Sabian Symbol for the 2 degree Libra new moon is “The Dawn Of A New Day Reveals Everything Changed”. The new moon in Libra vibrates with Jupiter, super expansion vibe for creating partnerships and relationships that are equal and fair. If you are in any type of partnerships, romantic or otherwise that is out of balance or one that has a significant difference of opinions or likes and dislikes then this time frame can rattle relationships to either change or break-up. Venus and Mercury are together in the new moon which suggests that the key to the lunar month ahead is communication and consciously working together towards a common intention. If the common intention is, (for example) wanting the best for each other, but each of your view of what is best is polar opposites then negotiating compromise in a peaceful Libra manner is the key. Not that the process is simple as the powerful position of Jupiter holds one steady to their personal values and ideas.

September finishes its last two days with Venus entering Libra, time to let go of the small stuff and fill your spare time with artsy events with people that share your interest.

Wishing you a fabulous September.

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When you reflect back on previous years you see how the planets and cosmos dances with you as you walked through time.

Virgo September 2021

September 2021

Whispers from the universe are asking us to check in with our Body, Mind, and Spirit. Are all sides of who we are acknowledged and given time and energy to be happy and centered?  Mars is in Virgo for the first half of September giving an extra push to the core Virgo desire to have order in daily life. Since the new moon in Virgo is on the USA holiday of Labor Day Monday the 6th it is quite the representation to take a pause and honor the workers of the world.

New Moon in Virgo September 2021

Feelings of getting life in order and new beginnings in education and work resonate at this time. The Virgo new moon on the 6th is at 14 degrees which is the symbol according to Rudhyar: “A Fine Lace Handkerchief, Heirloom From Valorous Ancestors”.

This is a message of gracefulness, (M.E. Jones) and I would add gratefulness. Seek the grace and gracefulness in your life and it fills your heart with deep gratitude. There are six of the ten traditional planets connecting together by harmonious aspects of the trine (120 degrees) and two by the harmonious aspect of the sextile (60 degrees.) When the planets are in this configuration the flow of energy is very strong.

The new moon is exactly trine Uranus in Taurus. Uranus in Taurus has the reputation of being the great disrupter and the great awakener. The soft connection with the Virgo new moon will allow you to set forth your vision of health and wellbeing in your work life, and your physical wellbeing to take hold. Venus in Libra, where she is strong and able to produce results, is trine life giving and expanding Jupiter. Mars in dutiful Virgo is in harmony with Pluto giving determination to get things done.

Mercury, the ruler of the Virgo new moon, is in Libra conjunct the fixed star Vindemiatrix, the gatherer (B Brady.) It is a time to collect information that supports you for a balanced life.

This is definitely a New moon to set your intentions by for a better life in the down to earth practical aspects.

September 9th Venus meets with the moon at 29 Libra at the 5th gate; the throat chakra of communication as she is traveling in the return journey of her 584 day journey. The next new Venus cycle 584 day cycle is in January 2022.

Venus moves into watery deep secretive Scorpio on the 10th. The urge to merge is palpable. Take a look at your finances and renegotiate rates and obligations to get better deals. On the relationship side the renegotiation is about mutual trust and give and take.

Pisces Full Moon September 2021

Compassion, empathy, and imagination run deep with the full moon. The Pisces full moon on the 20th is at 28 degrees, symbol by Rudhyar is: Light Breaking Into Many Colors As It Passes Through A Prism. The Pisces full moon is a time of compassion and service to a higher purpose. This is something that you claim, what is important to you beyond the day in and day out of life yet is still grounded in usefulness?

Gut intuition and critical thinking clarify what is truth what is fiction. Jupiter is at the midpoint between Neptune and Pluto. Watch the news and see fanatical thinking shows up. Jupiter expands, and with Neptune/Pluto it tends towards delusional or misguided ideas. The shadow of Neptune /Pluto is a controlling person who hides behind the image of helping or is very charismatic. The positive side is the expanding knowledge of esoteric wisdom.

The Pisces full moon has its ruling planet Jupiter at the same degree that the Aquarius new moon was February 11th. This full moon will reveal what was hidden and swept under by chatter and distraction. Jupiter is conjunct a fixed star Deneb Algedi which is called the ancient law giver. With Jupiter is seeks to help though education which in turns improves the, spiritual and physical lives of people (Bernadette Brady). Seek out a course, class, or center that resonates with you that is connected to the spiritual growth which in turn helps your practical life for physical comfort and security.

Life gets busy with options for events, which ones to choose?  The sun enters Libra on the 22nd heralding in the fall equinox in the northern hemisphere. The energy quickly shifts to filling our spare time with friends and enjoyable social activities. Take out your calendar, search the web, meetups, happenings local and far, and set the plans in motion.

September 25 Saturn and Neptune are in a tension aspect to each other. This is a keep the faith and keep on keeping on to stay emotionally healthy and not fall into the oh so easy place of hurt and frustration over situations out of your ability to change.

Once again Mercury shifts retrograde enabling us to take a breath and evaluate just how much you can do and get done. The 27th Mercury shifts retrograde in Libra, the 3rd and last Mercury retrograde of the year. All which have been in air signs emphasizing the need to examine our thoughts and whether or not just b/c we think it is it true? In Libra words fly back and forth for peace and justice. Harsh criticism is met with the call for kindness.

The eve of October Venus is with Jupiter through a square aspect- really pushing to bring into October what one is passionate about in a big way.

The what’s happening in September Astrology

The Main Stage

New moon in Virgo the 6th

Venus into Scorpio the 10th

Mars into Libra the 14th

Full moon in Pisces the 20th

Fall Equinox the 22nd

Mercury retrograde the 27th



September Astrology 2020



September begins with the full moon lighting up the night sky from the sign of Pisces. The sun and moon are in a harmonious aspect with Uranus, the planet of change. The time or help that we give to others, family, friends, perhaps neighbors or even an organization we belong to is shown to us more clearly. If we have felt that we are sacrificing too much or being taken advantage of then subtle changes can be made without too much strife.

The tension of this full moon lies within a complicated pattern between Venus, what we love and value, Mars in Aries; determination to accomplish, and Saturn, obstacles and restrictions. This combination leads to frustration when the differences are not willing to work together.


Venus in Cancer knows what she wants; being safe and secure whatever that means individually. Mars wants decisive action and speed. Saturn sets high standards and demands patience and to know that action today even if delayed gratification rewards with success in the future. There is a cross roads happening this month being kicked off with the full moon to make decisions that lead to feeling secure in what you love and want most. Mars in Aries will help with motivation and Saturn will help with planning and patience.

Mars retrograde is September 9th at 28 degrees of Aries. Look in your chart to find where the sign Aries occupies. That house will tell you what area of your life Mars is activating for you to take initiative to do more in that sector of your life. The Sun is opposite Neptune at the Mars station; use your intuition to know what to do and how much effort to put into the areas of your life that are being called forth for more action.


Mars station (standing still) is once again complicated with a square (conflict) to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. Frustration over what began in January boils over. The pandemic of 2020 is a major part of this frustration with anger over what could have been done. The race to find a remedy and vaccine takes a pause as researchers will be going over the findings with a detailed discerning Virgo eye. Throwing out what didn’t work and perfecting what does.


The asteroid Eris, the goddess of discord, is with Mars and Square Saturn, a backlash to any government rules and regulations overstepping personal choice


Three days after the Mars retrograde station Jupiter is stations retrograde on Saturday the 12th. The pulsations of the planets are palpable three days before and three days after when they change direction. The overlap of Mars and Jupiter between the days of September 9th – 12th contributes to a herculean belief that you can do it all, even beyond what seems possible.

Jupiter moves direct at 17 degrees of Capricorn exactly trine (harmonious) the Sun. Having faith and belief in your path is paramount to success now. Whichever sign Jupiter is in the job of Jupiter is to bestow confidence, expectation and to expand. In Capricorn it wants to expand time, effort, dedication, boundaries, (social distancing anyone?) goals, accomplishment. The weekend that Jupiter stations is an excellent time to journal, (a good Virgo thing) what is important to you and to ponder what you want not only for this month or year, but for years to come.september astrology Jupiter


The Virgo new moon on the 17th is exactly trine, a harmonious aspect, with Saturn and Pluto. There are complications with this new moon, it is square the nodes of the moon generally considered a time to being stuck between a rock and a hard place.  Uranus is shaking up carefully planned routines, while Mars is at a quincunx demanding action but in a way that is not comfortable and requires constant adjusting to the schedule. Gratefully with the harmonious aspect to Saturn and Pluto with dedication and focus all the desires of Virgo new moon can come to fruition.

Virgo New Moon

Virgo new moon time is excellent to getting all the little things finished in life that have been set aside. It is a favorable time to learn new skills and to take up a healthy lifestyle. Virgo desires order in life. Wherever you feel your life is or has become chaotic now is the time to take action to have more clarity. If it is something that is not physical, chaos in relationships for example, then write down the facts of the relationship. That helps clarify and puts it in order. If it is a mess in the closets or drawers, that is obvious. Virgo new moon suggests that when your physical world is in order, the rest of your life will follow.

Libra Equinox

The Sun moves into Libra on the 22nd marking the fall (spring down under) equinox. There will be continued tension and disagreement among the fracture that exists in the world especially in political spectrums. This is shown through Mercury, the planet of speaking and the mind opposite the conjunction of Mars and Eris, assertive self-righteousness, all square Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn the symbol of the transformation happening on the planet and protest against authoritarian measures.

In the USA we are in the midst of leading up to the November election and all the verbal guns will be out in attacking the opponents. Mercury is also the symbol for the youth of the nation and the moon is the symbol for all of the people. Mercury is with a favorable fixed star suggesting that the youth of the world will voice their anger and discord and be heard.

The moon is in the sign of Sagittarius, the people also conjunct a fixed star called Antares; one of the four royal stars connected with ArchAngel Uriel. Uriel is the watcher of the west, and has been called the angel of light. The word Antares comes from the Greek Ant, = against and Ares (Mars). Uriel was also known as the archangel of wisdom and light.

On a personal level this entrance into the next quarter of the year is find peace and balance (Libra) through prayer, wisdom, and seeking (moon in Sagittarius with archangel Uriel) to speak ones truth with fairness, certainty and conviction. (Mercury in Libra opposed Mars in Aries square Pluto/Saturn).

Venus is the ruler of Libra, the ingress, and she is in Leo with Vesta the sacred keeper of the flame.  Holding true to your hearts wisdom and keeping the sacred flame that inspires alive is key to traveling through these trying times. In keeping your inner sacred flame alive you will feel the protection around you, know what to believe and what is left to seek more truth as you stay above the fray of discord as the transformation continues on the earth plane towards a fairer more just world.

The month ends with Saturn moving direct from 25 degrees of Capricorn. This is finishing a cycle that began early February 2020. Perhaps it has to do with a remedy for the Covid-19 that the general population in the world became aware of. In your personal life if you have been grappling with a difficult choice or decision since earlier in the year the wisdom and confidence to make a choice now is clearer. Mars is exactly square Saturn during these days suggesting that you may know what you want to do yet feel cautious in taking the step forward.

For the last months the relatively newly found transneptunian planet Charliklo has been together with Saturn. This began in January and again is culminating in September. This can be a time when we feel frozen, such as not know what to do or stuck. Certainly the being stuck or frozen in place rippled across the globe beginning in January 2020. The key to understanding and being comfortable with this energy is going to a deep place of stillness. The stillness within allows for peace and acceptance and an inner knowing of the divine path being revealed for you.

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Astrology Forecast for September 2019

fall smoky mountainsSeptember kicks off with a dynamic combination of planetary vibes boosting our energy. First the Sun is conjunct Mars in Virgo on Monday the 2nd which is also the USA Labor Day. If ever there was a cycle to help with work and health projects this is it. The new phase between the Sun and Mars is good to set your intentions to have a healthy routine and to begin or finish all of the do it yourself projects you have in mind. In addition Venus in Virgo is square Jupiter in Sagittarius creating a huge push and pull between focusing on a few things that have the most meaning to put your time and effort in, and the desire to see which path deems the easiest with fewer obstacles to achieve results.

This is the last quarter phase of the Jupiter Venus cycle that began in January of 2019 at 15 degrees of Sagittarius running with Neptune throughout the year. Our vision is called to expand beyond our old limitations yet with it comes the possibility of deception from people or items that promise easy rewards with no effort. The key is meditation or taking time to download info from the cosmic encyclopedia where all wisdom and knowledge exists.

The whole month of September will feel a bit unsettling as we experience the last of the three Jupiter Neptune square dynamic that has been the prominent planetary focus of 2019. This duo inflates the sense that everything will always work out no matter what the risk which is not always the truth. However Jupiter Neptune also pulls us in a direction to seek out our personal truth and spiritual path.  

Pisces Full Moon September 2019

September Full Moon in Pisces

The Pisces full moon on the 14th is entrenched with the call for spiritual wisdom to bring forth compassion. The friendship signature is in this full moon; the compassion required to maintain the friendship could be accepting where they are in their personal belief system or a more pragmatic need of helping others out due to an illness or other personal crises.

Saturn Direct September 2019

Saturn moves direct on the 18th of September at 13 degrees 55’ of Capricorn which is conjunct the south node of the moon. Memories of past regrets, unfulfilled dreams, difficult people or experiences will float to the surface. This is a day to process what happened in order to let go, acknowledge what you learned from it, and move on. On a mundane level, getting moving and more demands at work are prevalent.

The equinox happens when the Sun enters Libra on the 23rd of September at 3:50 am EDT. As we feel the ending of summer and begin to hear the rustle of the fall leaves the internal feeling that it is time to prepare to the colder darker days ahead is felt deep within. (Of course for OZ country the equinox brings excitement of the inner thrill of summer ahead.) Looking at the chart from a political or mundane interpretation the financial sector is shaky as are governments and institutions that are not taking care of the people. Their actions are still being hidden and we will not discover the extent of their doing for several years. On a personal level the universe is reminding us to remember what truly makes us feel safe and secure. In doing so there is a development of community of friends and family.

The new moon in Libra is Saturday the 28th at 2:26 pm EDT at 5 degrees of Libra exactly quincunx Uranus in Taurus at 5 degrees. Both Libra and Taurus are ruled by Venus, who is in Libra, her rulership. A few adjustments in your life to create more harmony and peace are important now. With Venus being exactly sextile Jupiter, it will be less difficult than you anticipate. Choosing to be kind, not sweating the small stuff, and knowing what arguments are not worth the fight will be easier than usual. Making an effort to do your part to make the world a more loving, beautiful and peaceful place resides in close proximity now. Even the small acts of kindness and gratitude will reverberate across the solar system.

September Astrology 2018



September begins on a Saturday with 6 planets in earth signs. It is a holiday weekend in the USA, and having time to get grounded is what it is all about. The moon floating through Taurus with Uranus in Taurus, trine Saturn in Capricorn brings to the forefront the joy of spending time outdoors connecting with the earth.  The north node of the moon (and the planet that is ruling it) represents where we can cultivate the most growth. Every month for the last 17 months spirit has been nudging us to listen and follow our heart about different areas of life. This will shift in November and be quite different. However for the next 2 months the hearts wisdom is ready to be heard. This month it is around work that has meaning, purpose and serves a higher purpose. Sometimes that higher purpose is to have a paycheck in order to be able to do something else that is meaningful such as pursuing a hobby you are passionate about or taking care of family.

September AstrologySaturn moves direct September 6th ready to retrace its path since it went retrograde in April. This is good news for anyone seeking new employment or is seeking clarity and resolution of a situation that began as early as January 2018. We continue to have the harmonious aspect between Saturn and Uranus helping to change situations with ease. Not all of the planets are in total agreement however, Sun is opposite Neptune and Venus is square Mars. What situation in your life are you not seeing clearly or uncertain about? Is there conflict between what you want to have or do and your will or motivation to do it?





The new moon in Virgo on September 9th is a message to see the divine in everyday life. The image from the Virgo new moon is of four people stretching to complete a circle holding hands, yet there are two missing links to compete the circle. The Virgo new moon is holding hands with Scorpio, which is connected to Pluto, which is connect to Neptune. The outer planet Neptune is opposite the new moon. Neptune is passing its wisdom of universal oneness and consciousness to Pluto, who is passing its knowing that there is no death only change to Jupiter which is passing its wisdom of having faith to the Virgo new moon.



You will be able to manifest incredible miracles in your life with this Virgo new moon through allowing the wisdom of the planetary archetypes to come into your sacred circle as you meditate. Mars is at the very last degree of industrious Capricorn, the will and motivation to carry through your intentions can be helped with concentrated effort. 






The sun enters Libra on the 22nd of September marking the equinox across the globe. An undercurrent of rumbling and stirring that is the precursor announcing change is on the way. The realization that fairness, harmony and right relationships are a non-negotiable requirement for peace and harmony is the cosmic message for the next four weeks.

Monday the 24th is the day of the Aries full moon, yet you will feel the energy building from the Libra equinox on Saturday through the weekend.  Saturn in Capricorn is  creating tension with the full moon as it is at the 90 degree angle to the full moon.  This is a stress aspect that pushes us to evaluate with a serious look to know whether or not the relationships in our life support the essential part of who we are or if there is a pull that takes us off the path that is leading to our highest good.







The centaurs, (Chiron, Phollus, Nessus) have the task of gathering wisdom from outside of Saturn, the boundary of our material world, and delivering higher consciousness back to humanity. Chiron is activated in the Aries full moon with Chiron at 0 degrees of Aries conjunct the moon at 2 degrees and opposite the sun at 2 degrees Libra.  For centuries the astrologers regarded the ruling planet of the full moon as the planet that would have the most importance for the two weeks following the new moon. Which would then revert to whatever planet would be ruling the new moon. The Aries full moon is ruled by Mars in Aquarius which is conjunct the south node applying to a square to Venus who is slowing down before she moves retrograde. What all this means is trouble in paradise if your relationships have cracks in the foundation. Mars in Aquarius conjunct the south node can imply that friends from the past reenter your life. Since Chiron is activated, old lovers from past relationships that didn’t end so well could creep back into your life to release the negative feelings and finally feel healed. If you know your chart, and know the houses that Mars rules that part of your life will have something come up. For example if Mars rules your 10th house of career, then a job or position that you applied for in the past but didn’t get can open up again. The tension or conflict would surface as whether or not you want to make the effort of updating your resume and interviewing or just let it go by and stay where you are.



september astrologySeptember ends with Pluto moving direct at 18 degrees of Capricorn. When a planet is stationed to move direct it is at its most powerful day of the year. You can capture the essence of the gifts of Pluto now. Pluto gives us the ability to concentrate completely and fully until the desired result is achieved. It enables us to go deep into a subject to reveal truths that had been hidden. Great composers, artists, writers, scientists, athletes, and inventors have strong Pluto’s or were under strong Pluto influences when some of their best accomplishments were achieved. This can be a day that you discover a secret from your family’s history, or have a profound meditation experience.  The last weekend of September with the moon in Gemini and Pluto stationed direct is truly a transformative weekend where information from the cosmos is downloaded to create shifts in thinking. Weekend seminars, meditation retreats, shamanic workshops will all have the cosmic support to allow for major shifts in consciousness. For an everyday ordinary weekend it is a time of insightful communications with friends and/or weekend trips that let your mind get away from the routine of life.



Virgo New Moon Manifestation


  • Visualize a work that is inviting, challenging, something you love to do and that it provides an avenue to give your gifts and talents to the world.
  • Imagine your body is perfect health and condition.
  • Send healing thoughts and vibrations to those who are in need.
  • Take your car in for routine maintenance.
  • Find a health practitioner that resonates with your belief system.
  • Return to a health routine that you enjoy.
  • Find time to finish a book you set aside.
  • Enjoy friendship, share your wisdom is ways that is supportive and helpful.
  • Seek answers to perplexing problems through actively calming the mind such as with yoga, nature, music, or other ways that speak to you.

September 2017 Astrology

Mercury direct with the Pisces Full Moon and Neptune Flooding our Emotions




When you were a child, did you ever spin in a circle and whirl around and around until you you’re your balance and fell down in a dizzy state giggling and uncertain of which direction you are facing? September is a whirling dervish time and what you thought was up is down and what was east is west.


The month begins with a burning intensity to get to the core of meaning and activate a plan that will empower you to have the life you want. It may include a tough conversation with a person that wants to relate to you as who you used to be rather than in supporting you in your personal growth and transformation. No fear; mars conjunct Mercury at the degree of the August solar eclipse will provide the needed encouragement to speak your mind.



Mercury moves direct on the 5th at the same degree as the powerful solar eclipse of August, hours after Mars entered hard working, get to it Virgo.  Work, school, projects left to the side are now picking up steam to get things accomplished. However Venus is still lingering in fun loving let’s play Leo clinging on the last days of summer (or anticipating spring) and the full moon in Pisces is wrapped in a cloud of Neptune confusion and idealism.


The full moon in Pisces is a very special day…. The connection of the archetype of Virgo as selfless service and Pisces surrender  to a deeper purpose and meaning is the strongest time of the year for us to go deeply within to the chamber of ones heart to realize the illusion of separateness we have that has created suffering and pain. This is a time of doing deep shadow work to once again reorient your life where the practical side of your everyday life eliminates fear and allows you to be in the moment of what is required in everyday experiences.  Those impacted by the hurricane in Texas are directly experiencing the Virgo/Pisces axis, helping and being helped.


The Virgo new moon is connected to the planet Uranus nudging us to take a step towards whatever was revealed at the full moon.  What will support you to have a life that is more of a reflection of who you are now and what you want to contribute to the world? Mercury is now at the same place the sun was on the day of the full moon and exactly opposite Neptune.  This combination can manifest as the chatter of societies restrictions and norms appear in many places, do this, you must do that, you will be a failure if you don’t, in order to succeed the latest model of this is required and on and on it goes weaving a story filled with deception and lies.


Chiron and Jupiter are also configured with the new moon along with the obvious Uranus aspect. The position of these planets in relationship to the sun and moon are signifying that through the pain of situations or the past is the avenue that leads you to freedom. It is an alchemical mixture from which acknowledging the untruths that surround you, either represented in big or little things that we say to ourselves about why not to change can keep you glued to your old life or free you to move on.

A few days later the equinox is upon us with Mars now under the rays of Neptune. The ancients paid close attention to the planetary alignment of the eclipses, solstices, and equinoxes to glean insight for what the astrological weather would be for the next months. Mars with Neptune suggests it is a good time for active meditation practices; whether it is hatha yoga, martial arts, tai chi, or simply being mindful that your actions are in alignment with your spiritual principles.

The month completes with Pluto stationed direct, (read strong time of empowerment and intuitive knowledge) the same day that Jupiter is opposite Uranus opening the door to our self-imposed cage.



The Jupiter Uranus opposition reflects back to the conjunction in 2010. We are now at the full phase reflecting on how well we as an individual or a society have integrated the ability to follow ones unique path that moves us to be more compassionate towards others. 








2016 September New Moon Solar Eclipse

September arrives with a powerful solar eclipse and Mercury retrograde offering an important time to set forth your intentions to shift anything in your life that you feel is not in order.

Astrology has two main purposes, one is to give us a heads up of what to expect and the second is how best to dance with what is before us, or in other words how to make the best out of the planetary energies that are swirling around us.

We step into September the day of the solar eclipse. This eclipse is quite powerful as it is combined with the Neptune Saturn square. (A conflict between giving up or keep on keeping on.)  On a personal level this can contribute to feelings of being overwhelmed or scattered if you have made too many promises at your work or to other people in your life that you want to help.

The new moon closely connected to Neptune and Saturn on a global scale suggests there is something fishy going on with the oil industry, water, and medicine. Since the new moon is opposite Neptune the exact nature of the misgivings is hard to decipher since the nature of Neptune hides and obfuscates. Issues that come to mind are the fracking problems, graver water concerns happening that authorities don’t want us to know about and problems with the health industry and medical field. Events regarding these issues will float across the news channels.

Another major influence that greets us is Mercury retrograde in Virgo. Mercury is with Jupiter giving a helping hand to the generic retro checklist. September promises to be a very active month, it will be easy to have a pile of missed emails, bills, and general to do items over looked. In a perfect world if we could take the three weeks Mercury is retrograde in September it would be a great time to reorganize your home, car, and office surroundings along with stepping back into a healthy routine.

Mercury was retrograde at the first of this year, when ideals of new starts and accomplishments were fresh in the heart and mind. September brings back to the forefront some of the good intentions that you had at the first of the year.

New moons are always a good day for manifestation and visualization. The new moon in Virgo is exceptionally powerful for setting forth your intentions for what you want in your career and health.

virgo moon in virgo venus virgoThe following is what was happening in September 2015 

September rushes in with the moon in Sagittarius and Mercury at the last degree of Virgo, suggesting much to do and little time to think about it.

Venus leaves fun loving Leo and enters the more serious practical Virgo on the 5th.

Jupiter and Pluto are connected in such a way that demands making adjustments to big dreams that go back to late 2007.  Dreams and desires have been challenged and now it a time to look at the road map you have for your life’s path and see if you are still heading towards where you want to be.

The full moon on the 8th will be felt building throughout the weekend. The last few months the universe has been asking us to acknowledge and move beyond where we have been excluded in life. The need to get over the hurt and anger of being marginalized or dismissed has been highlighted with Eris, the goddess of discord, having prominent placement in the recent charts. This is not to condone the actions of others who in their prejudice have been mean or cruel, but to leave the rage behind to focus your energy on moving your life forward in purpose.

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The new moon in Virgo, (August 25th) culminating with the full moon in Pisces highlights Chiron, the aspect of your life of moving beyond the wounds. First is the inner awareness and intellectual understanding of the wound. Contemplate where in your life you feel stuck, that no matter what you do something does not change or get better. It can be around your career, relationships, education, or finances. Herein lies the clue that buried deep within somewhere along the way in life there was an event that happened and you made a decision that is still holding you back from what you say you want different. This is seen by Mercury, the messenger, in the new moon chart opposite Chiron; at the full moon the Moon is conjunct, (with) Chiron, opposite the sun. The emotional cost of what happened comes to the surface to be released. The Libra ingress chart has the moon at the same degree that the sun was

When we are working with the energy of Chiron, the important aspect is to find the gift

from the trials and tribulations of life. Such as where you have been hurt or disadvantaged from situations that were inherent in your upbringing, from another person, or occurrences that were beyond your control.


Mars enters Sagittarius on the 13th lending enthusiastic and hopeful thoughts to what we are wanting to do. Mars is traditionally called the warrior planet, yet mars is our will and determination and motivation. As Mars moves into Sagittarius motivation can begin with much enthusiasm then be thwarted when obstacles or hard work gets in the way of the goal.


The sun enters Libra on the 22nd, the same day that Pluto is stationed direct. The Libra ingress chart therefore is infused with the intensity of Pluto, deep passion will be stirred over issues that are in the realm of justice, fairness, and relationships. The Libra new moon on the 24th at 1 degree lends to the urgency to move forward quickly with bringing into balance fairness and peace whether in your personal life, inner life, work arena, or in the world at large.


The month conclude with Venus leaving Virgo and entering into Libra, the sign it rules. Venus in Libra ruling the new moon and the north node suggest it is in our interest to look at our personal relationships and determine if they align with our core values.


Have a great September, it promises to be busy and full.


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