The solar eclipse on August 21

Getting back to laughter and fun

solar eclipse purple blue skyWhen the sun becomes hidden behind the moon the lights of thousands of stars begin to sparkle.

Metaphorically speaking it is a time of getting in touch with what has been left in the dark, hidden in the recesses of our consciousness yet are potentially life giving gifts that have the possibility of creating new life.

The eclipse in Leo is about getting back in touch with the inner child that knows how to laugh, play, and be real. It is a reminder to appreciate the little things in life, such as gazing at the wonder of the sky. It might take a rare event to kick our reasoning mind into that mode to take a day off of work and travel to a place to observe this special phenomenon, but it is a message to keep it going.

The further away you feel from living your life as a true expression of your gifts and talents the more this eclipse may rattle you into thinking about changing. Whether it is to get another job, say goodbye to a relationship that isn’t working, get motivated to take the dance classes, muster up the courage to try out for the Broadway show, or chuck it all and go on an adventure to rediscover yourself,

What is the esoteric meaning of this eclipse for everyone?  Follow you heart, open your heart to love, not just romantically but also what you love to do. Be alive. Check out the stars in your life. What thing, place, person, activity sparkles and brings a smile to your heart? Where in your life are you not listening to your heart and what can you do about it?

There are times during eclipse season that something in your life is eclipsed and the old saying “You don’t know what you got until it’s gone” comes to mind. The eclipse will impact Leos and Aquarians more so than others as a general rule and if something in your life is unexpectedly eclipsed, your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to go into the shadows of your consciousness and adjust your eyes to the star light. From there see what has been hiding, what excites you, especially if you get that feeling when you were a child of unbridled enthusiasm to embrace what is possible even if there are no instructions of how to play the game, make up the rules and modify as you go. Common events that happen when the eclipse is intimately connected to you are about change. You may change jobs, break-up with your SO, or have a surprise I’m pregnant moment.

Wondering what to expect for the week? A pull between the child within us who wants to be free to do what she wants when she want to and the obligations of work or getting ready for school is super strong.  The heart wants one thing and the mind can be saying something different.  You may also be an observer in the fall out that happens in your friends’ life; and be their support for seeing change as an opening of something better.