New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aquarius

Earth Together

Connecting, belonging, and making changes that support your future are all part of the message from the Solar eclipse in Aquarius. This is a time of allowing each person to be who they are while acknowledging that we are all interconnected in some way. Speaking up for the future and the changes needed for the survival and benefit of all is apparent in this message.

The USA is reeling from yet another senseless tragedy in a school shooting. An eclipse brings light out of the darkness. The purpose is to shine a light on issues and concerns. This eclipse is pointing to the health of the youth, as the asteroid Hygeia is with the planet Mercury, one symbol for Mercury is youth, and they both are with the solar eclipse. In addition to conversations that will ensue to the health, especially mental health, as Aquarius is an air sign which is about ideas, thoughts, and thinking.

Still more news may pop up across the globe, that concerns health concerns for youth and new breakthroughs to cope with mental stress and the power that the mind has, for good or bad, over ones health.

Mars is square Neptune, the positive side of this energy is to put into action a creative and spiritual process. Walk your talk as the saying goes. The difficult aspect of this aspect is that it represents delusional aggression based upon false beliefs and opinions. We may never know why the shooter of the Miami high school did what he did, the astrology is certainly pointing to mental health issues and delusional actions that followed.

Also this message is a reminder to take extra care of your physical as well as your mental well-being as Neptune/Mars aspects are known for viruses and infections.

On a lighter note what this New Moon Is suggesting:

  • Connect with friends that let you be you even when there are differences in ideas and lifestyles.
  • Take time to breathe, try a few pranayama postures and experience your chakras flowing with energy.
  • Break free from old habits, jobs, negative people, places, or anything that you know you have outgrown and are holding you back.
  • Try a martial art, yoga class, or simply walking a new path with a Zen mind.
  • Do something different, try out a restaurant that specializes in food from another culture.
  • Learn something new, let your mind awaken to ideas that excite you.
  • Update your gadgets, get information on new technology that will make your life easier.

When we listen to the messages from the universe and follow the new moon and full moons we are in rhythm with the cosmos. Think of what is above us, the sky, sun, moon, planets and stars as the natural environment that we are always in. Perhaps we can’t get to the forest, mountains, or ocean to rejuvenate our spirit as much as our inner self might crave, but the sky above us is always there. 

March 2018 Astrology