Solar Eclipse February 2017

moon over water star shiningEvery new moon brings a chance to create something powerful in our lives that is important to us, more so when the new moon also happens to be a solar eclipse.

The solar eclipse Pisces new moon is Sunday February 26th at 10am EST. As with all new moons the new phase is 2 ½ days. This is the time to break out your journal book, vision board and send out to the universe what you want to manifest.

This Solar eclipse is quite intense, if you can imagine 5 of your friends all Pisces, and 4 of your buddies total Aries, you get the picture of what this eclipse has in store for us. A deep longing for union and spiritual illumination through inner work and peaceful contemplation versus the desire for action and deliberate intention for challenge and change.

The solar eclipse is at 8 degrees of Pisces, if you have a planet at this degree then you can expect change around that area of life. Further the new moon is connected to Neptune demanding to step into our spiritual side and use the inner eye to perceive truth, as the reality of the world is clouded and shrouded in lies and complexities. Mars, the natural trouble maker and aggressor is with Uranus who delivers surprise together they are igniting an explosive time. In addition this fireball is opposite Jupiter that loves to make everything bigger than it is. In your world over doing it is very seductive, whether it is in exercise, taking on a new lover, or going shopping.

Pisces Solar Eclipse

The Pisces solar eclipse is caught up in the mix with Mars, Uranus and Jupiter adding to the intensity of the day. The key to stay grounded is through the release points, Virgo and Cancer. Keep grounded in your daily life with healthy food and moderate exercise. The Cancer release is understanding your feelings and being able to let go of negative emotions and all that is attached to them. Healing ancestral karma is more accessible this solar eclipse.

Our world is confronting this very thing. Except perhaps the Pisces elements includes those who are at a disadvantage, stuck in a situation and feeling as the underdog or victim of circumstances. And others who want to help those that can’t help themselves. There is an aggressiveness at this time, a spark of outrage that will be hard to put back into the bottle once it is out.

Solar Eclipse February 2017

In our individual world careful consideration of intent and action is important. Clarify the intent behind your words otherwise you may find that you burn a few bridges. That said, sometimes burning the bridge is what is needed, to continue to move forward in your life and not be tempted to go back to a situation, whether job, relationship or emotional state of being that you have moved beyond.

If you follow the path of the new moons and concentrate on what each new moon represents then you will be able to bring into your world your visions sooner. This is what it means to work with the energy of the universe and go with the flow. Think of this as a yearly journey where you visit 12 different countries, each sign being a country where you will find what that country is known for. Another way of thinking of this is you don’t go to Whole Foods to buy tires for your car, when the sun is traveling through the different signs, each one has its own products, talents and culture for us to take away. When the new moon happens in the signs that is when you can gather to you the gifts of that sign.

For this Pisces solar eclipse concentrate on your spiritual growth, meditation, yoga, art, music, film, cameras, movies, psychic development, water, and all that is related to water. Visiting the ocean, lake, rivers, aquariums, giving time to charity, spiritual involvement, feet, (foot massage anyone?) retreats, time to reflect, lucid dreaming and more.

Find what feels right for you, do you want to contribute to a cause you believe in? Take a course in music, make plans to go to concerts and movies? Schedule a foot massage or pedicure? Plan a trip to the ocean? Take a course in psychic development? Or get a new camera? Now is the time to set down your Pisces intentions.