Solar Eclipse in Cancer July 2 2019

Cancer Astrology The new moon solar eclipse in Cancer is at 10 degrees of Cancer and this is a very special degree because it is at the planetary node of Jupiter. Therefore, the Eclipse energy is infused with this Jupiterian concept of expansion, of protection, of confidence, of being able to go beyond the comfort level.

What does Cancer want? Cancer wants to know it’s going to be safe and secure, and on this node of Jupiter, says- yes you can get it, chakra throatyou can have that safety, you can have that security but don’t be afraid to take a risk. There is something about taking an emotional risk that is part of the solar eclipse. There’s a lot of other characters, the planetary energies that are imbued with this eclipse. The new moon in Cancer is always about taking care of your emotions and how they impact you. It is about getting in touch with your emotional body and clearing out emotional baggage, clearing your chakras. Chakra cleansing work around the New Moon is very helpful.

Yet the other very intense energy with this solar eclipse is Mars in Leo and Mars will be in Leo all month. Mercury is in Leo and it will go retrograde on July 7th.  Mars and Mercury have been traveling together for awhile because Mercury has been slowing down and Mars is catching up. This is about direct communication yet the conjunction with Mars and Mercury in Cancer is on a deep emotional level that can erupt at any given moment. Mars in Leo is about expressing yourself in a way that’s not bombastic, that’s not from a need to prove yourself or say something where you feel you are keeping up or your life is as good as the next person. It is about being very clear with your words and what are the most important words? They are how you are speaking to yourself and is it with the element of encouragement? So, the element of encouragement from the Leo side is yes you can do this. Part of the inner dialog can be about moving. Get off the couch! Go do something! There’s a very strong enthusiastic energy with the solar eclipse.

cute geminiVenus is in Gemini and she’s conjunct two fixed stars, one is Polaris and the other one is Betelgeuse, they are both positive energy. Venus conjunct Polaris, which is the Polar North Star. There is something about having what you value, what’s most important to you, what you love, being the star that guides you. What is it that you know you truly enjoy, you love, what brings you a sense of pleasure, a sense of joy into your life? Have that be your guiding star as you’re going through the weeks ahead and since she is also in Gemini, she does not want to be confined, she does not want to be told who she can talk to, who she cannot talk to, so give your relationships a little bit of freedom and give yourself some space also.

However there’s this freedom closeness energy because the Cancer energy wants to merge and feel very safe and Venus in Gemini wants to make lots of connections with a variety of people and places. This adds up to having an inner security especially around relationships, do you feel secure in your relationships? Can you give them time and distance to do their own thing where you don’t have to eagle-eye them and what they are doing? (Applies to motherhood too.)  Because Mars and Mercury and Juno are all square Uranus, the appropriate amount of balance and space is required to keep the peace. Uranus is the great disrupter always after the big breakthrough in life and if you’re not willing to have a breakthrough, sometimes, you’re going to have a breakdown in order for you to have a breakthrough. The solar eclipse on July 2nd and here in the states we have a long holiday weekend coming up with July 4th. The eclipse vibe can be a little bit problematic with travel which is a standard interpretation when you’re looking at a Mercury, Mars, Uranus combination.

Direction road choicesGive yourself some extra time and be patient if you are on the road. What does the eclipse energy want to express? How best to channel the solar eclipse energy? Shake up your routine if you are working the week of the new moon eclipse. How can you mix it up and do something in a different that’s outside of the ordinary? Go someplace different for lunch, go to work at a different route, just create things that break up the routine of life and bring more excitement and also very good for the mind, it’s a breakthrough and thinking aha moments is very strong. Yes, the solar eclipse is opposite Saturn, Saturn’s conjunct the south node of the Moon, there is this element, what does that mean? There’s an element of letting go of old structures in your life, old I should do this, I’m supposed to do that, old rules, old regulations you might have put on yourself, sometimes it’s guilt, sometimes it is resentment. It’s time to let it go and fly free because that solar eclipse in Cancer normally is vibrating with Jupiter and we have such that strong Jupiter on and off this year with the square with Neptune.Cancer new moon Solar eclipse

Yes, this eclipse can bring a few problems to solve but if you have done some of the processing, this can be a time of jumping off and really being able to see the vision. Mercury will go retrograde on the 7th but that can be a time when you’re taking all these great insights, these aha moments with the Uranus and Mars sudden realizations. Mercury is going to retrograde back into Cancer, which is a time to sit with the insights and question “how do I really feel about doing all these great ideas that I have? How does it make me feel? Does it keep me on that path of that joy for me?” Use that inner knowing as your guiding star. Have a wonderful, beautiful, intentional solar eclipse time.