cancer solare clipse 2020

Solar Eclipse in Cancer New Moon

Sunday June 21st we have the Solar Eclipse at 0 Cancer, which is one of the four world points (0 degrees of the signs for solstices and equinoxes) is a major wake up call. Several planets are in retrograde motion and Venus is about to move direct which is a three steps forward and two steps back patter. Are we moving forward towards our visions or reminiscing about the past?  Most likely a little of both; our collective time out pushed us to review what is important and now that Venus is stationing to move forward and Neptune is preparing to go retrograde our vision is both fuzzy and clearer.


The closest aspect (planets talking to each other) with the Cancer new moon eclipse is with Saturn at 1 Aquarius (150 degrees). This configuration is demanding adjustment to situations in life. The question will be whether the rules and limitations you are confronting are self or outer imposed.


Cancer is a nurturing sign, this solar eclipse is pointing to our emotions, how we feel, and whether we feel protected, loved, and taken care of. This is not necessarily about others that you are in a relationship with; it is how well are you taking care of your own emotional needs and includes whether or not  there are healthy boundaries and understanding with people in your life.


Every year the cancer new moon cycle is a time to release trauma and clear out the negative vibrations in your emotional body. Whenever you have an uncomfortable emotional charge when you remember a difficult time that is a clue to release and let go. One of the life lessons of cancer (and we all have cancer somewhere in our chart) is learning when enough is enough and it is time to let go.


The asteroid Hygeia (hygiene) is with the solar new moon eclipse. This is a signature we have been tracking for a couple of months pointing to some remedy or relief to help us with covid-19.


There are interesting vibration patterns set up with this solar eclipse. Venus, Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron are all interconnected with the Aries point, or the world axis point. Collectively we are seeking a more optimistic, loving, and ideal world that will heal the wounds in our collective humanity.


Another vibrational pattern is with Mars Neptune and the world point. This unfortunately is symbolic of the virus spreading unnoticed. Mold behind walls type of a situation, growing but can’t see it but it sure can cause problems when left unchecked. The other image of Mars Neptune at the Aries point is religious martyrs that are living in their own make imaginary world of illusion/disillusion. Shifting this energy to a positive side is putting action into Neptune, visionary, art, meditation, yoga, and music.


The third vibration pattern is between Venus, the Sun, and Uranus. This unique pattern perhaps is the most telling of the message of this Cancer solar eclipse new moon. Love your unique self. Revel in who you are and taking care of your needs becomes second nature.


If mastering the self-care and releasing emotional hurts and baggage seems too overwhelming to do all in one shot no worries. The universe is sending us a second Cancer new moon at the very end of the Cancer cycle (28 degrees of Cancer) to give us a second go around.