Solar Eclipse Pisces March 8th 2016

What to expect from the super new moon solar eclipse at 19 degrees of Pisces.

Healing, releasing, strength, confidence, and thinking beyond the boundaries of contemporary thought are the gifts combined within this Solar Eclipse.

The influence of this Pisces solar eclipse will continue for the next several month until the next one in September 2016. The major impact will be for the next 2 weeks, therefore pay attention to what the universe is presenting you, these can be issues to be dealt with and come up periodically over the following months.

Solar eclipses are always grab your attention scenarios. Something can come up in your world that demands focus. In Pisces scenes can play out in the world that involve scape goats, individuals that get axed from a position due to nefarious maneuvers from others, delusional thoughts, spouting of ideas that have no substance, crises in suffering from marginalized people through political or weather problems.

Yet in spite of the problematic issues that will be splayed across the news media, there is great hope and comfort in rising ones vibrational rate higher.

How to navigate this Pisces new moon eclipse:

  • Once again Chiron is front and center, releasing wounds from the past, forgiving self and others. I guess the universe knows we need more than one attempt at this since this has been a reoccurring theme lately. (Chiron conjunct the new moon.)
  • Examine our daily work and life, doing the best we can to be true to ourselves that the path we are on is taking us to the future we want. Be confident in the work you do, be willing to always do better, and make sure the routines and rituals you have in your life are supportive and healthy. (Jupiter in Virgo opposite the new moon- Jupiter in Virgo struggles- representing that it might not be easy- but that doesn’t mean it isn’t important.)
  • Think creatively, Mercury in Pisces is the day dreamer. The key to accessing the power of the eclipse is to master going beyond what everyone says can and cannot happen or be done. Allow the mind to have no limits so it can access information from the other side that has answers. Something of the genius, creative, why didn’t I think of that mode. (Jupiter, the ruling planet for the solar eclipse, in Virgo is ruled by Mercury who is in Pisces.)

The video will bring you more in-depth interpretation of this powerful super new moon Pisces solar eclipse happening March 8th.


Mechanics of a solar eclipse