Solar Eclipse Astrology March 20 2015

solar eclipse purple blue sky

How to know if a solar eclipse will be something positive or negative in your life.

A solar eclipse can come and go and you may not experience any changes in your  life. However if the solar eclipse is at the same degree as a personal planet in your chart then you can expect some changes.

Solar eclipse to your sun: Career change- new job possibilities. Getting in touch with staying healthy.

Solar eclipse to your Moon: Feeling more emotional. Change in your home or family life. Change in the life in an important woman in your life.

Solar eclipse to your Mercury: Surprise news. Sudden communication. Shift in the life of your brother or sister.

Solar eclipse to your Venus: Relationship and love life heats up.

Solar eclipse to your Mars: Activation of motivation- time to take action.

Solar eclipse to your Jupiter: Changes in luck, up or down. Unexpected trip or travel. New learning.

Solar eclipse to your  Saturn: Authority issues arise. Difficulties with boss or job- or sudden change in job.

Solar eclipse to your Uranus: Not a personal planet- generational for all born in a years time frame- sudden need for freedom.

Solar eclipse to your Neptune: Not a personal planet- generational for a couple of years- feelings descend of desire for the life once imagined.

Solar eclipse to your Pluto: Not a personal planet- generational: Going to the depths of soul to retrieve once again true passion and purpose for ones life.



We have a very interesting solar eclipse upon us. It occurs the same day as the sun moving into Aries heralding the equinox. The feeling of teeter tottering between uncertainty and head strong gusto is embodied with this energy.

It will be visible in England and Scotland, astrologers of old would predict that when an eclipse is visible over a country it foretells a significant change within the empire.

This new moon in Pisces solar eclipse is connected to the last new moon in Aquarius. Think back to the middle of February, was there anything in your life where you felt confined or frustrated over? This solar eclipse can shatter the wall of confinement to move you to take action.

Yet this Solar Eclipse is connected to a fixed star Scheat, symbolic of sorrow and suffering. It is time to let go of whatever you might be hanging onto that you feel sad or sorrowful over.

Shatter the hold that the sorrow and disappointment of the past so you can step into the Aries equinox with courage and charge forth with new hope and excitement.
As you let go and release these old wounds the sheaths of old emotional debris fall away you can allow for the Pisces creative muse and compassionate empathy to fill your aura and vibration.
During this next moon cycle you may see quite a bit of chaos and confusion in the world, the martyr element is amplified in Pisces. Individuals who are willing to sacrifice their life for a cause will hook into this vibration. Pain and suffering of innocent victims can whisk across the news media screen.
Understanding the importance of being willing to stand up for what is right and just in spite of what it might cost you is the higher level of Pisces martyr. Getting caught in the pain of the unfairness of life will only bring more hurt.

If  you have the solar eclipse or lunar eclipse on your birthday, then it is an extra significant new year for you. More info for a solar return reading here

Solar Eclipses are powerful new moons.
When the solar eclipse is the same degree as your Sun, Moon or Venus you can expect something significant to happen, depending on what house that planet rules. In general for your Sun, your job, if it is conjunct or opposite your Moon, your body, or home life, if the solar eclipse (or Lunar) is conjunct or opposite your Venus, your love life. If you want to understand the solar eclipse astrology predictions for you chart look to see if the eclipse is square your Planets as that will have an impact for you too. The eclipses are activated for 6 months, from eclipse cycle to eclipse cycle. Depending on what else is going on in your personal chart and transits the timing can happen the week of the eclipse or in the months before or after.

Solar Eclipse Mar 20 29° Pisces 34′
Lunar Eclipse Apr 4 14° Libra 21′
Solar Eclipse Sept 12 20° Virgo 17′
Lunar Eclipse Sept 27 4° Aries 38′

Lunar Eclipse Jan 31 11° Leo 39′
Solar Eclipse Feb 15 27° Aquarius 1′
Solar Eclipse Jul 12 20° Cancer 50′
Lunar Eclipse Jul 27 4° Aquarius 46′
Solar Eclipse Aug 11 18° Leo 34′

Solar Eclipse Mar 8 18° Pisces 57′
Lunar Eclipse Mar 23 3° Libra 10′
Solar Eclipse Sept 1 9° Virgo 23′
Lunar Eclipse Sept 16 24° Pisces 13′

Solar Eclipse Jan 5 15° Cap 32′
Lunar Eclipse Jan 20 00° Leo 49′
Solar Eclipse Jul 2 10° Can 42′
Lunar Eclipse Jul 16 24° Cap 1′
Solar Eclipse Dec 25 4° Cap 10′

Lunar Eclipse Feb 10 22° Leo 35′
Solar Eclipse Feb 26 8° Pisces 10′
Lunar Eclipse Aug 7 15° Aquarius 31′
Solar Eclipse Aug 21 28° Leo 51′

Lunar Eclipse Jan10 19° Can 54′
Lunar Eclipse Jun 5 15° Sag 42′
Solar Eclipse Jun 20 00° Can 21′
Lunar Eclipse Jul 4 13° Can 30′
Lunar Eclipse Nov 30 8° Gem 45′
Solar Eclipse Dec 14 23° Sag 07′