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Happy Birthday sunThe solar return:

No matter how many times you have traveled on this planet, our earth, around the sun, every year when your birthday arrives it brings with it promises of another chance and fresh starts. Your solar return birthday reading is all about your year ahead.

Perhaps your last birthday year was a disappointment, perhaps it was great. Knowing what planetary vibrations are around you gives you an advantage to be able to use the energy around you to forward your life in the direction that is important to you.

One way to think about the ever changing flow of the different planetary positions and why it is so terribly important to know what they are is to become aware of each attribute the different planets carry. Your birthday reading gives you this knowledge.

Solar Return Reading

Imagine that you are on a reality TV show, and to win the prize you have to create something with the ingredients given. If you have a specific idea in mind of what you want to do or make, and the ingredients aren’t the ones you are given to work with, and you spend all your time looking for what you know, you miss that a wealth of material that is before you but not in the form expected and you don’t get the prize. But instead, if you find out the how to use the material at hand- you win.

That is something like what your solar return reading is about, giving you the knowledge of the material, (planetary vibrations and themes) that will be around you in your birthday year.

Why struggle pushing in one direction when a little tweaking in another can open up the door to greater happiness? So many times we really, really, really want one thing to happen and focus all our hopes and wishes on that one thing coming to pass. It could be a relationship, a career move, a baby, financial abundance, more friendships, more recognition, the list can be endless. Yet the universe has a plan in mind for you. So many times I see that a person gets what they have been longing for, many times hoping for years in vain, only after they get in sync with the fate in the chart and get in rhythm with the flow of how their life is meant to be. Sometimes it is career first, love next, or visa versa.

A solar return chart reflects what will transpire in your upcoming year. Every year when the sun returns to the exact degree it was the moment you were born is your official beginning of your new birthday year.

Know the theme of your birthday year, (could be love, career, finances, friendships, travel, home, family or any combination) and put your effort and energy into areas of life where you see change and movement. Discover how the planets will affect the year ahead for you.

Solar Return Birthday Reading

This is a great reading to treat yourself for your birthday. Knowing where the planets are in relationship to your natal chart and understanding your Solar return chart gives you a preview of what to pay most attention to in order to fulfill your wishes.

Looking at your upcoming year will support your intentions of what you want to create for your life. Some years there is a strong push to focus on career, other years it might be about love life, and yet other years a major influence to develop your spiritual self and focus more on the creative side.

Give the birthday present to yourself of your solar return birthday reading and know what the gifts and ingredients of the different astrological vibrations will be for you.

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Please send what is important for you to know about and any questions if you have them.Happy Birthday sweet girl eating chocolate cake frosting
You don’t have to have questions, as your Solar Return reading will have much to say; however your reading will be more personal and you will get more specifics if you let me know what is on your mind and what is most important to you to know.


Your choice is for either a phone consultation, zoom meeting or a MP3 recording. (Phone consult can be recorded also if you wish.)

If logistics of timing for a phone consult are not convenient (I am available Mon- Fri 9- 4pm Eastern time zone) choose the recorded reading- you will receive a MP3 60 minute recording packed with information for your upcoming year with all of the important turning points and events.

What is a Solar Return?

A solar return chart is the exact moment the sun returns to the same degree and minute it was at the moment of your birth. A solar return reading will reveal a theme for your year ahead.

It provides you with insight of how the universe will support you and in what areas for your year ahead. This is a powerful gift you can give to yourself. A solar return consultation for your birthday explains the trends for your year ahead. With this knowledge from the planetary influences you can focus on manifesting your vision by tapping into the wisdom of the planets and the wave of energy around you. 

Please email before or after your purchase to send your birth data and info; it is required for your astrology consultation. Thanks donnazpage @ gmail. com

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Does the place you are at on your birthday make a difference in your solar return? Many people say yes, absolutely.

How to make the best of your new birthday year.

Travel to a favorable place on your birthday for a great solar return!

There are 3 ways to calculate your Solar return chart, the traditional way is to use your place of birth. This is a tried and true method.

The Second way is to use your place of residence. This method is currently very popular and is good to use. It correlates with your relocated chart and is important to look at

when you have moved any reasonable distance away from where you were born.

And the third option is to choose a place to be on your birthday that creates a chart that symbolizes what you want to experience in your new solar return birthday year.

This option is a lot of fun if you have the time and means to travel to a place to be on your birthday. However the theme or experiences of what you want to create in your year

ahead need a conscious awareness to make it happen. Otherwise the energy will revert back to the solar return for your birth place and where you are currently living.

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