Visioning Your Future Creating a Plan for Action

Mystic Manifestation Capricorn Solstice

Fate, Free Will and Personal Destiny

This time of the year is traditionally a time to reinvent oneself and prepare for new beginnings. There is a fine line between your fate, free will, and your personal destiny to create the life you want. Many people seek the support and help of a life coach to give structure to their time lines and help clarify their vision.

The Capricorn solstice is arguably the most potent focal point for creative visualization. 12 minutes before midnight of the 22nd the Sun entered Capricorn, marking the suns return in the northern hemisphere. Each pivotal cross points, (the solstices and equinoxes) are incredibly powerful times and have been part of ceremonies for many centuries.

Yet this Capricorn solstice in the earth element has more power to help us create what we desire in our world and this year the energy is exceptional. With a grand trine in earth being grounded and centered will come easier. Giving thanks for everything around you in your life will multiply your efforts to manifest even more. Whether it is a new job, place to live, or anything that contributes to a fulfilled life. As we move towards the year ahead reflect upon what was done, undone, and still to be done. Know that the whispers from the planetary helpers are present. Do not fall into the unwelcome nostalgia of regret or loss. The New Year is filled with tremendous possibilities for happiness on all levels.

The full moon in Cancer on Christmas day longs for the comfort to be surrounded by those that love you, nurture you, and feed your soul. If that is not possible then the desire to be unencumbered and in your personal comfortable cocoon doing your favorite thing and eating your favorite foods is next in line. Uranus moving direct will jolt you out of the ordinary and support you in shaking off unwanted moods and remind you of your ability to consider another way of looking at any circumstance.

The last days of the year are remarkable in that all of the planets are moving in a direct motion. There can be a deep desire to move into next year with purpose and focused intention. As the year closes and the mind is excited for the next go around the sun; take time to reflect on your passion and purpose so that in 2016 your will is aligned with your heart.

The year was marked with the Uranus Pluto squares, creating opportunity to make significant changes in your life in areas that were no longer useful ways of being or thinking. Has there been any place in your life that your consciousness shifted? How have you changed? What have you let go of? Is there anything left that you can complete between now and January 1st?

Unclutter Your Life, Get Support and Encouragement

Jupiter shifted from Leo to Virgo, revisit what brings you joy and what allows your life to be free of clutter and unhealthy patterns. What do you want to promise yourself to incorporate into your New Year?

Saturn made its exit from Scorpio and entered into Sagittarius where it will stay until December 2017. Saturn brings to us the virtue of discipline: in Sagittarius the disciplined mind will be the prize. Anyone who has gone to a beginning meditation class and listened to the teacher give simple instructions of watching your breath, perhaps while repeating a mantra, will recall how the mind loves to be busy with thoughts, whether you want them or not. The ability to be conscious of and quiet incessant chatter of the mind is part of the role that Saturn in Sagittarius will play out. Do your thoughts and beliefs support you or pull you down?

As the year comes to a close we are showered with the opportunity to consciously release what is no longer and open our hearts to travel the path that is the life that you want.